looking for some suggestions, please?

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looking for some suggestions, please?

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Set 21, 2007, 7:51pm

Hi all,
I have two kid sisters (13 & 16) who both love fantasy (and, to a somewhat lesser degree, science fiction).
I would love to get them both some fantasy books by new authors, but as I'm not into the genre myself, I am concerned I might accidently pick up some rather "inappropriate" adult fantasy/scifi by mistake.
Would anyone be able to offer up some suggestions for adult fantasy books which have zero sexual content (their mom would kill me), but are pro-woman and otherwise suitable for very advanced teen readers (they have really outgrown the young adult genre).
Thanks so much!

Editado: Set 21, 2007, 11:12pm

Margo Lanagan's Black Juice should be fine for teen readers; in fact, I think much of her work is technically classed as YA both in her native Australia and, to a certain extent, here in the states (although many bookstores and online discount outlets categorize her books solely as fantasy with no reference to age), but it is all so beautifully written, so nuanced and so thoughtful, that I just think of it as superb genre fiction.

Your 13 year-old sister might still enjoy (heck, I still enjoy!) the work of Justine Larbalestier. Her Magic trilogy features some terrific teenage heroines and is a very good read for all ages. You can read a little about her books here. Meredith Ann Pierce is another writer she may like.

There are others I'd recommend (Kelly Link immediately comes to mind, as does Hiromi Goto, maybe even Kit Reed) but, unfortunately, their "permissible" stories are often bundled with what would surely be "prohibited" by your sisters' mother.

I am sure LT member avaland will be able to give you better and fresher suggestions once she signs on again.

P.S. Your sisters are lucky to have such a caring big sister!

Set 22, 2007, 4:14am

Maybe Graham Joyce's The Limits OF Enchantment.

It is a book about a young girl growing up in the 60s but who belongs to a older tradition as she is the adopted daughter of a herbal healer/abortionist.

It is a story that is strongly driven by sex, although no actual sex appears in the book as far as I can remember. There is a lot about the consequences though and a pretty funny seduction scene.

There is also a little drug use in the novel if that makes a difference.

Also it isn't an epic fantasy, but very much a present day fantastical tale.

Editado: Set 22, 2007, 4:39am

Thinking some more.

There is Coraline by Neil Gaiman which is a YA novel but certainly suitable for adult readers. It certainly doesn't talk down to its readers. It is not really a feminist story but it is a good scary fantasy with a young resourceful girl as the principal character.

Set 22, 2007, 10:01am

Fantasy wise, I'd suggest Tamora Pierce who wrote many YA fantasy stories with strong female characters.
Also there's a host of mentions of different books and authors in this (strong females) thread in the Fantasy group ... some books will not be suitable for 13 years olds but the thread is worth reading... http://www.librarything.com/talktopic.php?topic=10665#111906

Set 25, 2007, 5:54pm

I recently finished Siberia by Gwyneth Jones (under the name Ann Halam) and found it a nice mix of action/adventure and thought-provoking ideas. It sounds like it could be fantasy at the beginning but it is eventually revealed to be science fiction. Great feisy female main character also. I have added her other two YA novels to my extensive TBR pile.

The Scott Westerfeld trilogy Uglies, Pretties and Specials are pretty good. The concept of "New Pretty Town" is pretty gaggy but the ideas behind the books are interesting. Again, all mixed well with action/adventure.

Much depends on what kind of fantasy they like. Big worlds? Talking animals? Magic powers? If you can tell us some of the books they've read and enjoyed we can extrapolate from there...

Ago 2, 2011, 5:43pm

My daughter really enjoyed The two Princesses of Bamarre, and I liked The Golden Compass.