Call for raw CueCat testers

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Call for raw CueCat testers

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Set 24, 2007, 7:16pm

I'm trying to build a database of all the different type codes that the :CueCat can return. You can help by going to my test page and scanning a few barcodes with your 'Cat.

Daniel Hill's JavaScript :CueCat Decoder is often referenced here to decode raw, obfuscated, "clawed" ‘Cats. However, this decoder is based on early reverse engineered hacks of the Cat which only decodes numbers and cannot decode alphanumeric portions of the string. A Cat obfuscated string contains three sections every time you scan a barcode: The ID number, a barcode type, and the barcode value itself. Using more recent and complete documentation I was able to decode the middle type section of the Cat string. This turns out to be a three-letter code like one of the following:

Code My guess at the meaning

IBN ISBN 10 digit
UPA UPC 12 digit product code
E13 EAN 13 digit product code
IB5 ISBN + 5 digit price code
UA5 UPC + 5 digits of ISBN
UA2 14 digit UPC? UPC 12 + 2?

Abr 30, 2008, 2:23am