Problem Accessing LC Catalogue

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Problem Accessing LC Catalogue

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1Edward_Gibbon Primeira Mensagem
Out 2, 2007, 12:38pm

I received my CueCat today and it works well with any of the Amazon sites, but not with LC. When using the CueCat on Library of Congress, I get the following message:
Sorry, but the page you requested can't be found.

Please check the url. You can also look for help in Groups, or contact us.

When I entered the ISBN manually, the book popped up. I received the same message with ILCSO and the UBC catalogue, although I did not bother to enter the ISBN manually.

I tried it with two books: From dawn to decadence by Jacques Barzun and Historians I have known by A.L. Rowse.

Does CueCat work only with Amazon?

Out 29, 2007, 6:25pm

Note to sinaitemple: you seem to have your comments disabled.

I never did figure out why the cuecat doesn't work for the LOC. It did start to work on some days but not on other days. For example, I just now tried it for the hardcover edition of Europe: a history by Norman Davies and it didn't work. I have no explanation.

Sorry I could be of no help.