Review of Golden Monkey from Adagio


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Review of Golden Monkey from Adagio

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Editado: Abr 25, 2016, 7:09 pm

I'm new to this forum but have been a tea enthusiast for nigh-onto 20 years, now. I just bought an IngenuiTea pot (based on the several recommendations in this group) and a Golden Monkey sampler from Adagio. I don't see many reviews of specific teas here, but here's mine on that sample:

I brewed two infusions of Golden Monkey each day over the course of three days. The first infusion was for two cups / two teaspoons at 212° F. The second was a re-steeping of the first infusion's leaves, but two to three minutes longer, again, at 212°. The resultant brews were all a dark amber color and had a very light scent of apples and cedar. The steepings for the first day's infusions were for five minutes and eight minutes. The resultant brews tasted tannic and had very few additional tones when hot, but as the tea cooled, a savory, malty, full-mouthed, roasted flavor developed, with a hint of smoke. It brought up a memory sensation of a fire going in the fireplace on a cold, wet afternoon - a very comforting feeling.

The second day's infusions were steeped for four minutes and six minutes; the third day's were three and five, respectively. At each of these, the brew initially (hot) was astringent and without further character, but developed the above characteristics as the brew cooled. However, the intensity of the characteristics diminished significantly as the steep times diminished. The final day's infusions were mostly just tannic.

I like the malty taste with just a hint of smoke. I found the best formulation, for me, was two cups/teaspoons steeped for five minutes at 212° F with a dollop of milk and a half teaspoon of honey added, then left to cool a few minutes. Then all the taste tones came through without any astringency.