50 up! Summer 2016 issue

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50 up! Summer 2016 issue

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Editado: Maio 28, 2016, 10:44 am

Good to see this excellent publication thriving. Books reviewed in this issue are:

Island Going, Quest for the Griffon and Shillay and the Seals by Robert Atkinson
Round the World in Eighty Dishes by Lesley Blanch
Cold Stone Jug by Herman Charles Bosman
An Indian Summer by James Cameron
The Seige of Krishnapur by J G Farrell
Man's Search for Meaning by Victor E Frankl
The Voyage of the Evelyn Hope by Charles Gibson-Cowan
Life and Death among the Somalis by Gerald Hanley
Brensham Village by John Moore
Close Range: Wyoming Stories by Annie Proulx
Anthropology: And a Hundred other Stories and several other works by Dan Rhodes
And so to Bath by Cecil Roberts
The Authorised Guide to Grunty Fen and Who's Who in Grunty Fen by Christopher South
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
The Morville Hours by Katherine Swift

There is also an appreciation of the Royal Society of Literature.

On LT, lots of Gulliver's Travels and Man's Search for Meaning and plenty of Annie Proulx and J G Farrell. Most of the rest are numbered in tens rather than hundreds with no LT copies of Quest for the Griffon and Who's Who in Grunty Fen. There is a single copy of the other Grunty Fen book and only one real copy of The Voyage of the Evelyn Hope with a second copy in Arthur Ransome's Legacy Library.

This last work is one I would like to get hold of - the story of the author and writer/cook Elizabeth David sailing together in the Mediterranean while World War II blows up around them - but no copies to be found on AbeBooks or Amazon.