Not Scanning Bar Codes

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Not Scanning Bar Codes

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Jun 11, 2016, 5:45pm

My cue cat is scanning all the code 39 and ISBN barcodes. When I try and scan them in the check out in tiny cat it does not recognize all the bar codes. I have more than one cue cat and have tried using a different one and get the same results.

When I scan a code in I get the letter and number sequence in the box. i then save it. When i try and scan the item for check out it says "No item found"

It also sometimes cannot tell what an existing ISBN code is.

Dez 14, 2016, 2:07am

I'm not sure TinyCat can handle an unmodified CueCat (that outputs the letter-and-number stuff). It should work for entering books into LT, and for searching for them in your catalog - but I'm not sure the translation software got put into TinyCat.

It might be worth modifying your Cat. It's a quick and not too difficult procedure, and afterward the Cat will output exactly what it scans rather than the scramble. The instructions are in the wiki, at - basically you unscrew the bottom of the Cat, find one particular chip, and cut one particular leg of the chip (nail scissors, the ones with curved sharp tips, work well). The most difficult part is determining which leg of the chip to cut - and it's not all that difficult. It makes the Cat a lot more useful.