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Maggie Downer

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In my quest to review all of the illustrators of The Wind in the Willows, I came across Maggie Downer, but only scattered images on the web, mostly on Pinterest. I finally found a shop in England which carries a good collection of her books. She's Scottish, and appears to have a low profile.

So, yay! I finally have some of her work in hand. Some of what she does isn't exciting, but I do find all of her WITW material to be very pleasing.

And it might be worthwhile to find some of her other books too:

She does a lot of work for Parragon Publishers, who crank out the classics in series after series.

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hey..when i was doing a small picture book report, i came across more Maggie Downer's works..enjoy

also, here are some other illustrations from The Wind in the Willows various editions