How was your thanksgiving? (Holidays with family)

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How was your thanksgiving? (Holidays with family)

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Editado: Nov 25, 2007, 10:04 am

Mine was very good. I get so much love from my family that I feel all stored up. It was fun to observe my relatives from the MB filter. I noticed that my 78 year old grandmother is a very strong S, extremely observant and alert. She doesn't miss a thing. Guessing, I think she is an ISFP. This explains why she and my mother are so very, very different. They are very cute. My mother (INTJ) is very bossy and my grandmother complains about it, "She thinks she's the boss of me. I told her she needs to talk to her children if she wants to boss somebody!" My mother doesn't cook, but she was hosting Thanksgiving for 40+ people, and was trying to keep us on schedule. She's almost neurotic about her kitchen and went behind my gmother and me putting things away as we used them. I (INTJ) do cook and consider myself the executive chef, "Please, lady, get out of my kitchen." I was so happy when she went to run pre-party errands. My father (INTP) (my parents are divorced) brought his father to Thanksgiving, whom I hadn't seen probably in 15 years, hard to say why. I noticed that he (Grandaddy) and I have quite a few similarities, but I haven't put my finger on his type. My 18-year-old sister boycotted the festivities b/c she and the madre aren't getting along. I think she might be an SP, but I'm still working on it. All I'm sure of is that she's the most stubborn person I've ever met, and that's saying something: most of my family is extremely stubborn. Sometimes it's hard to tell type at that age. My older (step)brother (INFP) came down from NYC and we talked for a long time. We've always gotten on like a house on fire. He's got lady problems, way too many of them. While we were talking he got calls from at least six different women. He wants something meaningful, but seems caught up in a lifestyle. Poor guy, can't even go to 7-11 without meeting women. I advised him to go on a chick diet. He seemed reluctant to do so. He's gotten hurt in the past and seems afraid to really connect. Suffering from NF disillusionment, I think. I'd love to hear how things go with your families.

Nov 29, 2007, 1:28 pm

Mine was much different, but still marvelous. My husband (INTP), son (ENFP) and myself (INFP) stopped at McDonalds (we did look for another place to eat, but of course nothing was open) then went to the beach. We played there for the day. I felt like we really bonded, and it was a special day for us. It was probably the most relaxing Thankgiving I have ever had. We usually get together with our extended family, but this year that didn't work out. I think being slightly reclusive contributes to our desire to do something similar next year.