Interesting Stats on Myers-Briggs Members

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Interesting Stats on Myers-Briggs Members

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Editado: Dez 7, 2007, 10:07 am

I thought I would take a look and see what commonality exists in this group.

I can see that being an INxx is a major thing, (although I am an ENTP). There are spin-off groups for INTP, INTJ, INFJ, & INFP.

Looking at tags that people put on their books (61 memebers in the group), the most common tags that people in our group use are: (This is from the Group Zeitgeist page)

history - 45
fantasy - 41
poetry - 40
biography; fiction; reference; - 36
philosophy; psychology; religion; - 35
science - 34
art - 29
humor; travel; science fiction; writing; - 28
mythology; politics; - 27
short stories - 25
mystery - 24
language - 23
essays; historical fiction; spirituality - 22

Comparing this to LTers as a whole, the "non-fiction tag comes in #4, but MBTI people obviously like to be a more specific in their tagging.

Fiction is the top LT tag, but is ~4th here; both have fantasy in 2nd place.

The big difference is that "pyschology" is 7th here and 45th among LTers as a whole.

Another difference is that the MBTI group doesn't usually mark their books as read, unread, or tbr as LTers as a whole do. I keep a "want to read" list on paper in my shirt pocket, so I can add to it at any time, and then after a two year backlog I work my way down the lists (I'm working now on books jotted down in 2005 - LT hasn't helped - people here come up with great ideas and I subvert my list and read their suggestions).

Dez 7, 2007, 1:58 pm

Interesting. I wonder why the not marking of books as read or unread. For me, if it's been read it's usually been rated. My 4 different tbr lists (tbr1, tbr2, tbr3, tbr) help me figure out what to pick up next. Actually that has been a huge way that LT has helped me. I never had a book classification system before and I'm still figuring out the tags. This probably takes awhile. And some of us may have unusual tagging systems. I like to be kinda funny with it, e.g. Strategery instead of Strategy.

Yeah, obviously we like psychology. What would be interesting, too, is the different groups that we belong to.

Dez 8, 2007, 5:21 pm

Read vs. Unread

I tend not to list a book if I haven't read it, so items in my library I have not yet gotten to don't make it into my Library Thing account. Then again, I have stacks of books that I HAVE read that haven't made it into my Library Thing account yet. Oh time, why art thou so faithless to me?

Dez 8, 2007, 11:48 pm

I hope you get inspired to put all your stacks of books into LT. When I first joined, I was going to try to figure out what was going to go in and what wasn't. I then figured out that everything should go in, because I was getting confused, which is a problem when you have over 4,000 books. I did put aside slender pamphlet like books without discernible ISBN #, because of the time it takes to do a manual entry. I'm still working on these.

Dez 9, 2007, 7:03 pm

I'm like citygirl - if a book is rated, that means I've read it. If I want to sort by unread books, I sort by ratings and look at all the ones that have no stars.

(Of course it's possible that one would loathe a book so much that it would be awarded a "no-star" rating, but I don't have shelf space for books I hate, so... that's not the case with me. Anyhow, it's more insulting to tip a nickel than to leave no tip at all, so I'd probably label such books with half a star :-)

Dez 9, 2007, 8:46 pm

There's one book I've read I'd give half a star, but I refuse to list it in my catalog because the title of the book is offensive itself. But, boy would I love to blast it in a review!

Dez 9, 2007, 10:55 pm

I don't rate unread books, but I haven't put in ratings books my wife has read, so there's lots of non-rated books in our catalog. I'm not sure that she wants to be quizzed on a thousand books.

Dez 14, 2007, 2:15 pm

Interesting! I love things like this.

I'm not at all surprised by "psychology" being one of the top tags.

I don't tag my books as "fiction" or "nonfiction" - nearly all my books are fiction, so it would be ridiculous to tag each one as "fiction," but if I used the "nonfiction" tag without a corresponding "fiction" tag, my tag cloud would make it look like my reading is heavily biased towards nonfiction, which is untrue. Besides, would one tag a memoir as "nonfiction"? Technically they are, but I read them for the same reason I read novels, so they don't fit into the same category for me as a typical nonfiction book. So I just leave the whole issue alone.

I don't list books that I haven't read, so there wouldn't be much point in tagging books as "read."

Dez 14, 2007, 6:24 pm

One thing I do that most people don't is to put a few library books in that I have read from the library. But I only put them inif I'm going to rate it 4, 4 1/2 or 5. With 5's I make a note that I need to buy it. If I read a second rate novel and only finish 1/3 of it, I not only return it to the library, but I am embarassed to rate it, as I didn't really 'read' it.

Dez 14, 2007, 6:38 pm

I thought I'd put in the most common tags from my library:

travel (329), novel (268), history (229), illustrated (209), guide (178), fiction (177), children (172), fantasy (162), Episcopal (162), Christian (143), pictorial (141), railroads (130), dictionary (125), Catholic (123), public transport (123)

I can see that psychology doesn't rank high, perhaps because I put in 'Jungian' or some other subcategory rather than psychology.

I have a 'collection' of old travel guides, which is why that tag is so high.

For me 'fiction' is either more literary, or has a postmodern flavor, or the word 'fiction' is used someplace in the cover's descritpion. Novels, are mostly non-genre with discernible plot, etc.

Illustrated means lots of pictures with the text. Pictorial means that there are captions or some text with the picture, but the pictures are more important.

'Children' is is a book for children.

I am Episcopalian, and at one point thought of the ministry.

My field of employment is public transport and I am a rail buff.

I have 20,000 + tags, so these are just a drop in the bucket.