Boundaries in interpersonal relationships--recommendations?


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Boundaries in interpersonal relationships--recommendations?

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Dez 7, 2007, 10:21am

I'm new to this group so please pardon me if someone has already asked this question (I didn't see the topic in the list), but can anyone suggest a no-nonsense, non-gender specific, i.e., not written specifically for women, book that discusses establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in interpersonal relationships? It need not be a professional text (although I'm thinking that a professional one might be better).

FYI, I've looked through Jane Adams' "Boundary Issues" and Anne Katherine's "Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin" but neither is the type of book I'm seeking.

Many thanks in advance.

Editado: Dez 13, 2007, 5:38pm

Without a doubt, my hands down favorite is David Richo's How to Be an Adult in Relationships. Be forewarned that the book may seem too intellectual or impractical to some. For my taste, the book struck a nice balance between the practical (e.g., He suggests that we not look for more than 25% of our personal fulfillment from our primary relationship) and the intellectual. Some critics lament that David Richo fails in original thinking suggesting he simply cuts and pastes, with flourish, from the wisdom of others. Perhaps so, but he is no Deepak Chopra.

I contend that David Richo's purpose would pale in the hands of a theorist. With a facility showing his mastery of the concepts, Richo pitches for the reasonable mean in relationships, acknowledging the "highly charged spiritual state" associated with being "in love," while also warning those entering into romance to do so mindfully as every romance ends. In this book you will find relationship boundaries treated within a larger relationship philosophy.

Dez 16, 2007, 11:25pm

Many thanks. I'm going to check my local library for that one.

Ago 30, 2013, 12:56pm

Boundaries may be the overriding psychological issue of the current age, just as anger (and before that, sex) were for previous generations.

If you want a no-holds-barred approach, include books for the general public on borderline personality. See also the current issue of Psychology Today magazine (October 2013). Here are some examples:

I hate you -- don't leave me: understanding the borderline personality

Stop walking on eggshells: taking your life back when someone you care about has borderline personality

The Essential family guide to borderline personality disorder: new tools and techniques to stop walking on eggshells