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Myspace for music

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Jan 13, 2008, 2:30pm

Believe it or not, I've found myspace to be one of the best places to find music of ANY genre.

Years ago I missed a concert that I really wanted to see. Had I been watching the band's website, I may have seen that they would be an hour away from me on a certain night. I would've gladly driven that to see them.

But I follow hundreds of bands, and when I sit down at the computer, I really can't think of every band I want to keep an eye on, so I created a website to remind me. The whole website is basically links to thinks that interest me, or things that at least I want to remind myself to look at once in a while. It's just a big online "favorites" folder.

After some time I realized that many of these bands were not updating their websites. Then I discovered that everyone had moved to Myspace and had up to the minute information. "Oh Crap!" I said, "I don't want to go to Myspace. Isn't that for teenage girls and pedophiles?"

Turns out, no.
Now, most of the musicians I'm most interested in are "small time". I can Email them personally and get an answer within 24 hours. These people run their own Myspace pages. They now don't have to pay some dude to code out a website page. (Also most of the musicians I'm interested in don't make a whole lot of money).

So I set up an account and connected with any of my bands that had a good page. The point of myspace is to Network, after all. Soon many, many bands that were also associated with the bands I chose came knocking at my (Myspace) door.

This has been tremendously cool, as I am always looking for new music. I can give credit to Myspace to introducing to many awesome artists. Along the way I've come into contact with many old friends from as far back as grades school. Great new music and great old friends. They didn't tell me that Myspace has positive features.

Now, Mypsace is kind of like Tivo. You know how sometimes Tivo may think that you are a homosexual Nazi because of two shows you watched? (and sometimes you aren't a homosexual Nazi?). If you look at my musician links, you'd not likely get an accurate view of my tastes, but I generally accept just about all bands that show up in my Friend requests.

All in all it has been a terribly positive experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who is also seeking out new music.

It works especially well if you seek to avoid the crap commercial radio and TV is cramming down your throat.
There's a lot of true art looking to compete properly in the marketplace. No backing from Sony Payola putting them in your face 24/7.

I invite you to peruse my friends list if you are a usic lover and unfamiliar with myspace.

and if you want to scope my original site links, there are 8 pages that start here