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Name That Book cont. Part II

Abr 26, 2018, 1:02 am

Looking for book where guy named will takes woman and two dogs on trip after womans ex cheats on her night before wedding I'm check, dog's name is Toby or maybe, they get married in vegas

Abr 27, 2018, 8:04 pm

I need some help. I have no idea if this is an actual book, but i could've sworn that this book exists and even became a movie. I believe it was this young girl who had suddenly ran away from home and ended up being lost in the forest. Then another family had found her and kinda "took her in". I know there were two young boys there and one of them falls in love with the girl, I believe. But the townspeople hear that the girl was "kidnapped" and they found the other family and were going to kill them, but that is sadly all I remember. Please try to help me find this novel soon.

Abr 27, 2018, 11:56 pm

Looking for a historical romance, I think it was set in England. The herorine was a widow whose husband was abusive and he wrote letters to a friend (the hero)lying about her. When the hero shows up he is convinced she is cold and possibly had something to do with her husbands death.

Abr 28, 2018, 9:25 pm

Please help... I have been trying to find a book that I read years ago - I can’t remember the title but the synopsis is this... old west setting - young woman becomes a prostitute to survive but wants a new life so she becomes a mail order bride to a rich lumber man who is adamant that his wife be a well respected lady - she pretends to be a virgin and play the role - they both fall in love - but the man who owned her comes looking for her and the truth comes out - does this sound like anything u have heard of before ? 😩

Maio 28, 2018, 4:52 am

Hi everyone, I read this contemporary romance a while back but I can’t remember much about it other than I loved it and want to find it again.
-woman is in an accident and suffers from amnesia
-she gives birth to a baby girl
-community gets together to find her accommodation
-she ends up sort of working for this guy looking after his baby son and living with him
-but the baby isn’t biologically his but his ex wife’s (who was into drugs) love child
-the end up together with both children

I think maybe the people who find her a place to live might be family of the doctor who treats her or something. Please help, not knowing is driving me crazy.

Jun 5, 2018, 11:02 am

I am looking for a book that I read a really long time ago. The only thing that I really remember about it was that they explained that when you “misplaced” something, were looking all over the place for it, and then it ended up being in a place you KNOW you looked multiple times that fairies had actually borrowed it and just put it back.

Jun 5, 2018, 9:11 pm

I am looking for a book. I think it's contemporary romance. It's within a family series. The series begins when this girl finds out who her father is, and he turns out to have been this really wealthy man who had an affair with her mom. She finds out that she has like 2 half brothers and a half sister. They end up growing up together or going to school together or something. But her best friend was in love with her, she was in love with someone else. The guy who is in love with her ends up hooking up with her half sister, who apparently was mean to her, so no one likes her. The 'mean' sister falls in love with him, but she thinks he still loves her sister.

I've been searching my itunes account for this book for over two hours now :(

Jun 10, 2018, 2:12 am

Looking for a historical romance.

- set in the late 1800s (1880s maybe?)
- h is named Kate (like 95% sure)
- has a fraught relationship with her younger sister (possibly also with a name starting with 'K')
- the younger sister is small and very pretty and blonde
- Kate is tall and thin and brunette
- younger sister is a bit flighty and kind of mean/manipulative, plays on her sister's insecurities
- younger sister answers an ad for a mail order bride
- younger sister sends a photo to the groom that has both her & Kate
- something happens and younger sister has to back out of the mail order bride thing, so she convinces Kate to take her place
- Kate travels by train to the lumber mill / logging camp owned by the H, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon? Washington?)
- H is disappointed that he ended up with the 'plain' sister in the photo and is pretty mean to Kate for a while, blames her for not being her sister, whom he was crushing on because of the photo, which is a big trigger for Kate who has spent her whole life being overshadowed by her prettier sister
- H's younger brother tries to temper H's meanness, he low-key likes Kate but Kate only has eyes for the H
- finally H starts to realize that maybe he does like Kate after all and should marry her
- and Boom! stupid little sister shows up and starts being terrible and manipulative but the H can't see it
- Kate is heartbroken that the H flips on a dime once little sister arrives
- H's brother tries to run interference to help Kate but isn't too successful
- I think the brothers might have names that start with J?
- can't remember much past that point

- subplots about the employees at the logging camp that Kate befriends (maybe she takes over the cooking duties in camp??)

- written in/before 1998
- has a yellow 3/4 cover, with the four main characters in little cameo frames down the right side (seriously, how can i remember this much but not the title or author!?!?!), possibly with red lettering on the cover

Jun 13, 2018, 10:25 am

Looking for a book that I think may be a Harlequin Superromance but not positive. The books starts with the H & h about to get married. The now teenage daughter h gave up for adoption when she was a teenager shows up and completely rips into the h for being a terrible person for giving her up. She does this in front of the entire town who are all there for the wedding. The h never told the H she gave a child up for adoption and he's pretty upset. The wedding gets called off and later in the book the h finds out she is pregnant and when she tells the H he wants them to get married but h says no. They do end up with a HEA in the end. Anyone know the title/author of this book?

Jun 24, 2018, 4:30 pm

Looking for a book I read about 10 years ago. It's a historical romance. The book came out between 2000 and 2010.

- Hero is an earl or duke or some sort of title.
- Heroine makes dresses for a lady or friend and no one knows it is her.
- Hero hires the dressmaker to make dresses for his fiancee or sister and has her go to his house
- She has a room on the second floor that the hero sneaks into at night
- the heroine makes friends with two ladies helping her with the dresses. One of which is a young lady who finds out she is pregnant later.
- There is a ball or something like that near the end where she runs out into the garden? I think.

I'm sorry if I can't give you more. I will add more if I can recall anythi mg else.

Editado: Jun 24, 2018, 7:27 pm

This sounds familiar. Did the wife run away? Or did the guy show up for horses? I feel like I have read something like this. I will try to remember!


Edit: Could it be Falling for the Highlander by Lynsay Sands

Jul 1, 2018, 8:02 am

I have posted this as separate post by mistake, so hopefully this is the right place to post this.

I have been searching online for months for this book. I read this book a year ago, but think that is published before many years. My post is maybe too long, but I try to write anything can remember. I forgot title and author of novel, forgot the name of the main characters… Any help is much appreciated!

The book begins with a description of a girl who meets with her adored father. Father says that his wife left him. The girl remembers how this woman was not a good mother to her, and that's why she was always loved her father more.
Then the story flashbacks into the past and follows the life of the father who as a young man worked for the mob. As a young man, he met a young girl who is a dancer in Las Vegas. They spent a night together. After that, she is pregnant and gave birth to a son. She does not even know name of his child’s father whom she fell in love with. She does not know where she can find him to tell about his son. She continues to deal with the dance in Las Vegas.

The main character continues to work with the mafia boss, and forgets about the girl he met in Vegas. He got a daughter with another woman who is soon killed. The story continues for several years, and the main character again meets with his first girl from Vegas. They got another two children. But, they live separately: she is in Las Vegas, while he continued to live with the daughter of his murdered wife ( maybe NY or Chicago, I can’t remember)
He wants his daughter to have a mother and therefore he married a woman ( not the one from Vegas, this is the woman from the beginning of the novel which left him).

His daughter does not know anything about father’s past and his other family(from Vegas). One day somebody delivered a press cuttings to daughter alleging her father’s connection with the Mafia, even states that he is responsible for the murder of his first wife. Then he seeks help from his son he has with the dancer from Vegas…

I hope somebody knows which novel is it! Thanks!

Jul 5, 2018, 1:47 am

Ok so I have a supernatural book I hope one of you have read??
It’s about a girl on the run from a crazed vampire who wants her blood to fulfill a triad prophecy that would make him the king of the vampires. I know he gets to her at one point in the first chapter and kills her shifter friend, but she escapes to a shifter safe haven and meets her first mate for the triad then later on the prince of the vampires comes and explained to the two they are all mates, but the girl is scared of vampire because of the one after her??

Jul 31, 2018, 11:02 am

Hey I'm new this. I'm looking for a series I can't remember the name or author read in the last year or 2. Here are the details I remember.

A) her mom dies so she has to get married so she can stay on the ranch because she's underage.
B) she goes off to college at some point and the husband doesn't even come to her graduation or acknowledge her for holidays (secretly he got her gifts but didn't want to act on his feelings)
C) before she leaves for school she is in charge of meals and cleaning the house while she's gone he hires a house keeper. She comes home and finds them cuddled on the couch.
D) she starts hanging out with a farm hand who turns out to be a cop.
E) there is an oil company trying to build pumps on their land and one of the other farm hands are cutting the fence and other doing other things to sabotage them so they will sell.
F) come to find out she doesn't own the land and hasn't since before she got married her husband does.
G) they end up together.

I know it sounds like the bride by s.doyle but it's not any help would be great.

Ago 24, 2018, 4:19 am

Hi All,

I'm looking for three books.

1. Regency/historical romance where the hero an earl ends up stopping at a farm only to discover his former first love 9-months pregnant from another man and working in disgrace on a farm. She tries to run away from him and ends up falling which induces labor. He helps her through labor and marries her and passes the baby off as his to his grandfather the duke.

2. This was a time travel book set in the US written before 2001. A woman is an art historian (I think) and when she is at a museum she is transported back into time. She arrives house where she is discovered by the owner. She starts to fall in love with him but he is betrothed to someone else (I think). He also has a half brother who is a Native American who she starts to fall for.

3. This book I read a really long time ago and don't remember a lot of details. It's set in the USA right when the railroad systems are being built and the west was still wild. A very beautiful but spoiled girl is the heroine. She ends up married to a man she doesn't care for but who loves her deeply. She treats him badly, is wild in society, maybe has affairs (?). Eventually, she realizes she loves him, he doesn't want her anymore. I think the book ends with him asking for a divorce or maybe sending divorce papers or rejecting her. I'm not sure. I think there also be an older sister but I don't remember much.

Ago 28, 2018, 3:54 pm

I have been searching for a historical romance novel based on 1800 aristocratic era of England Male character name is Miles Victory or Miles something like that.

Story line will be along like heroine desperately wants to get married to save her family from poverty and to lead a respectable life but hero offers her to become his mistress.

Please help me to find the title

Set 11, 2018, 11:16 pm

Im looking for a book where the girl sleeps in a gothic bedroom where the fireplace is a secret passage to the house next door.
The house she is living in used to belong to the mistress of the old earl (or some title) and he had a secret passage built in the fireplace between houses. The mistress was killed and everyone blamed the son of the old earl so he left the country for a while.

The girl finds the secret passage and sneaks next door where the young earl (the son) is back. He finds her and kisses her and she pretends to be the maid.

It reminds me of a candace camp book but I don't see anything she wrote thst matches this

Set 15, 2018, 10:17 am

Not sure if I’m right but it sounds like The dangers of deceiving a Viscount by Julia London. Hope this helps.

Editado: Set 15, 2018, 10:25 am

Hlove1 this sounds like A scandalous marriage by Cathy Maxwell. Sorry I don’t know what the other 2 are

Set 15, 2018, 10:24 am

Please help, I’ve been looking for this book for awhile now and cannot remember the title or author. It’s set in England during the crusades. The lady gets married and her husband has to go with the king on crusade. She begs to go with him as they are newly married and he reluctantly allows it. Well there he gets sick and she decides to go on a raid and gets captured and her husband thinks (I think) she dies. He goes back to England and remarries and gets his new wife pregnant. His wife the one he thought died returns and finds him remarried. He of course gets angry but from what I can remember she eventually remarries someone I think is her first husbands cousin. I hope this makes some kind of sense and that someone knows what I’m talking about and can help. Thanks.

Set 27, 2018, 9:53 pm

I am looking for a harlequin romance novel.
The leading lady is name Lara or Laura i think. She has teenage daughter she got divorced. Dates and marries her ex from college who was into hockey in high school. They later learn that her ex husband is not the father of the child but the new man the ex from college. Help me find the author or name of the book

Out 3, 2018, 10:10 am

I'm looking for a book. Here's what I remember. It's PNR. The heroine is the youngest daughter of a family of some kind of paranormal creatures. I can't remember what exactly, but she has no powers. And I think they hired a Djinn to watch over and protect her. Her sister is in trouble with a group of dragons, and she tricks the heroine into taking her place by sending her to a book store where she's supposed to meet the dragon sent to collect her so she can face a council of some kind. Of course the hero is the dragon and he thinks she's the sister. At some point, I think she gets injured and can't heal which is a surprise to him. And she's worried about them mating since he would lose his immortality. Oh, and I could swear at some point he's watching her from a tree or something, pining over her, after she's back with her family.

Out 4, 2018, 3:07 pm

Okay I have 2 books I have been trying to remember the name to!

1. A young girl is rescued by a reporter from a crazy hospital; she has amnesia but it turns out that she is really the daughter of a wealthy man and either her father or he betrothed had her committed.

2. A woman travels to become a teacher for a small town but on the way there she is captured by Indians and a man from the town comes to negotiate her release and they have to preform a marriage ceremony. The man in question is a widower with two children.

Out 9, 2018, 3:03 am

I have a historical romance novel I've been trying to find for many years.

A young Russian woman (maybe named Sonia?) moves to Alaska with her father. She falls in love with an American soldier (maybe named Logan?) and they have an affair. However, the soldier needs to leave with his unit, her father dies, and she is left by herself. She ends up needing to marry a nasty Russian man who abuses her and ultimately rapes her. She tries to get help from the church, but the priest also tries to assault her sexually. She eventually gets passage to New York on a ship by bartering sex with a traveling merchant. He turns out to be a decent guy and their affair is consensual (and the sexiest part of the book...). She eventually finds her true love American soldier in New York and after some to-do they marry and the book ends with her pregnant with his kid.

The names may be wrong, but I think the plot is quite distinctive...

Any help would be appreciated!

Out 20, 2018, 6:47 pm


I'm looking for a medical romance.

The book was set in Australia. The heroine's family lived in a vineyard. She was a nurse and had to move back home to help with her dying father who had terminal cancer.
The hero was a family friend who returned to Australia after a few years in England. He was the heroine's brother's friend. She had a crush on him once. He is now a doctor.

Unfortunately, that's all I can remember. Hope someone recognizes the book.

Thanks in advance!

Out 21, 2018, 2:33 pm

Can somebody help me find this book title? it's about a woman who has dreams or visions about a little girl being kidnapped and looks into it and finds out that 10 to 15 years earlier the same little girl that she sees was kidnapped out of her front yard and she continues to have visions or dreams about the girl growing up. She ends up helping the little girls father find his daughter. The woman and the father end up falling for each other. The little girl was kidnapped by a man who has kidnapped multiple girls and keeps them and Marries/plans to marry them when they turn a certain age. I think this is romantic suspense . I think I read it 10-11 yrs ago. Pls help me?!?

Dez 7, 2018, 9:24 am

This was the second novella in one of those 2-book anthologies. Pretty sure the first one was unrelated.

The heroine is getting married via proxy to the younger son of this family her family has known all her life. The elder son and heir to the title etc has poor eyesight but wont wear spectacles, so signs on the line for the groom rather than the proxy, so they married. Their fathers notice this mistake before the wedding, but decide those two would make a better pair.

While the annulment is getting organized, both are sent to a remote property so there’s less talk, but are accidentally on purpose sent to the same property where they both try to get the other to leave.

They end up coming together when it becomes clear something is afoot (and the guy gets attacked). The two servants are part of a smuggling operation that uses the property to bring in and store stuff like brandy. Our heroes fix this problem by placing an order for some brandy and calling it a day.

Also as kids, the hero locked the heroine in a shed or something so she’s wildly afraid of the dark (or was it spiders?) and there’s a thing where his friends bring around a dancer he was going to make his mistress while delivering the annulment papers at the end.

I would’ve read this late 90s, early aughts.

Dez 11, 2018, 7:51 pm

3 book series paranormal bear shifters. Shifters known in world. Humans can live in primarily human zones (not fenced off). Humans can be tested to see if carry dna to be a shifter or mate. If raised in the foster system testing mandatory.
3 bear brothers. 1 owns bar 1 maybe a cop?
4 female friends. 1 maybe cook or bartender comes to work at bar I believe. 1 at least raised in foster system.
Anti-shifter group injecting shifter via dart to make them feral to give bad press to shifters. 1 H gets injected but h is able to calm him enough the cops can load him in back of suv and get him home

Dez 12, 2018, 3:04 am

Looking for a book I read back in 1997-98, but I'm sure it was published before 98.
It's historical, not quite sure the era....
I know the main female is a warrior of type. The man that can best her in battle gets to bed her. She is finally defeated and he takes her to a cabin in the mountains. At one point she runs away and is attacked by a pack of wolves. The man rescues her but is injured in the process. She Carries him back to the cabin and takes care of him.

Dez 27, 2018, 6:04 pm

I'm looking for a historical romance but I don't remember much so there may be some mistakes. I remember she was a lady and he was a tradesman. He might have become a noble but I'm not sure. He's been in love with her for years and there's this one scene where he takes her to watch a cricket game. I think he plays with his workers. She needs to marry for some reason and because she's desperate or even ruined she can choose him now so he offers for her. She might also have been a bit of a tomboy.

Also I'd like to know which books #262 polliana in the original (part II) thread is looking for. Does anyone know?

Fev 1, 2019, 5:03 pm

I've looked everywhere for this book, now here.

The heroine is either the sister or nanny to a pretty awful woman and her little daughter. They are I think Italy (someplace in Europe) to see the woman's fiancée or bf. He seems to live in a castle or something large that has catacombs. While there, there is a mystery of a far ago murder and the ghost of the angry murdered woman hangs around, invading the body of people around and leaving behind the perfume that the dead woman used to wear.

Fev 5, 2019, 8:49 pm

Ok, I’m looking for an older I believe the book was from the early 80’s. I think it would be referred to as a “bodice ripper”.

It was about ship captain. There is a girl who was a stowaway on a ship.

They find her. I believe there is a scene where someone carries her to the captain to figure out what they should do with her. Maybe they thought it was a boy at first but I’m not sure about that. I remember her being feisty. They fall in love.

A scene from the book I do remember is that the captain is actually watching another man and a woman having sex. He admits afterwards to the man that it is more exciting to watch.

I think I remember that scene is that I was an impressionable teenager who probably should not read this book. Lol

Don’t really remember much else.

Thanks to anyone that can help direct me the right way.

Fev 14, 2019, 9:58 am

hi-looking for a book-posted in another part-but adding it here too-i am new to the site, and not quite sure if this is ok or not...

Editado: Fev 28, 2019, 11:43 pm

#32: possibly a Johanna Lindsey? I seem to remember a whole series that feature a family of sea captain/pirate types...

Mar 11, 2019, 4:24 pm


I’m looking for a historical romance.

All I remember that for a part in the first chapters the herione was a captive in the captain’s cabin in a ship where she was tied to something so she can’t escape. Eventually they can’t resist each other and they fall in love.

- note: the main characters were english or american. (And not viking)

Abr 6, 2019, 6:07 am


I am very much new in this site and hoping you could help me.

It is a historical romance book where the heroine is forced to become a courtesan due to poverty. the hero is a duke, I think I am not that sure. the hero is the first customer of the heroine, so yes the heroine is a virgin.

There is a scene in the book where the heroine doesn't want the hero to discover that she is a virgin and with the advice of some courtesan she poked her, you know what(haha). but the hero still notices and knew that she is a virgin.

As I remember the other courtesan was friendly to her.

I really hope you can help me thank you in advance.

*sorry in advance for my wrong grammar, English is not my first language

Abr 9, 2019, 4:17 pm

Book talk
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1kiadegamoToday, 4:08pm Top
So i've been searching for this book. I'm not sure when was this published. This was one of Aunt's books. I was not able to read the ending part because the book lacked pages. So here are the things I remember from that book:

Character names:
Chloris/cloris- unladylike, black hair and green eyes, can ride a horse, in love with her friend who impregnated another friend. Her mother died in a horseback accident.

Quentin-a squire who was once in love with chloris/cloris' mother who has now shown affection to chloris who is her friend also.

Georgina Davenport-Quentin's possible wife?

Estelle-chloris' mother

The plot implied that quentin is a suspect for estelle's death. Chloris married her friend who impregnated another friend who is also a smuggler.

Please help me find this book. It was set in an era where people wear dresses and has harvest party something.

Maio 3, 2019, 12:36 am

Hello, I read a book about a year ago that I am dying to find again but I can't find it anywhere.

It's a BDSM erotic romance novel and I only remember the basic gist of the book.

There's this girl, she is trying to get to know this man, so she starts working as a housekeeper for him, and eventually, she becomes an escort with a fake name and fake ID and she has no limits so he will take interest in her when he sees her on this website. They start to get together and fool around and stuff but he eventually finds out the truth. I remember at the end he punishes her by choking her with his belt because he's angry that she lied to him.

please help me find this book I want to read it again so badly. I remember crying at the end because it was so good.

Maio 6, 2019, 8:33 am

Hello, trying to find the name of a book I read years ago.

Think it is either a Mills & Boon or a Harlequin novel, read somewhere between 2001 and 2007, the synopsis is something like this... (but I could be wrong on some details as I read it years ago...)

Female (Main point of view) goes home for brother's wedding and finds that brother's best friend who is going to be the photographer for the wedding staying in her parent's guest house/room. Think she has always had a small crush on him, he is older than her by a couple of years and always teases her so there is an antagonistic relationship in the beginning. For some reason they have to pretend to be in a relationship for a while but she thinks he is still in love with someone else... only at the end does she find that he had taken one of the photos that he took of her and framed it for next to his bed and he actually likes her (she finds that out when she snoops through his room). There is also a scene where feeding doves is involved... I think that is the moment that he takes a photo of.

That is all I can remember. Appreciate any help in trying to find the name and author.

Thank you

Maio 24, 2019, 11:30 pm

Hi I am new here and I would like help finding the title of a book I read about 16 years ago. The book cover has a man and woman dancing in front of a mansion. It is set in England and the first chapter starts off with the hero finding the heroine walking alone on a highway in the middle of a storm (think the woman escaped from an attempted rape from her stepdad/someone close to her). The guy picks her up and offers her a deal where she takes care of his mansion he is restoring since she has no place to live (Think the guy might have been an architect). Think it's a silhouette house book don't really remember. The title has mansion/towers in it. I really appreciate the help as the suspense as been bugging me for a long time. Thanks.

Editado: Maio 28, 2019, 12:38 pm

Hey! I read a book as a "bonus" in another book I got on Amazon from a deal in 2016... It was a "buy this book, but it ends at 50% of the content and the rest is an additional book for free" type deal... It's a longshot, but have any of you heard of this story?

She gets lost in a snow storm on a mountain
Retired SEAL in woods saves her
They have sex (I think)
He takes her back to town where she’s working with a resort chain to build a new resort.
She gets attacked and Seal beats the guy to death.
His lawyer friend pulls strings to marry them in the jail to get them off the hook from the judge trying to make an example out of him?
They go to her family’s place for thanksgiving/Xmas to convince the judge and her family
The family plays baseball in the backyard
Sisters fiance is a total douche and everyone turns on him.
They’re looking for a new cabin and ex fiancé runs them off the road
I believe there was a shootout, but everything winds up okay. She’s bad at listening when he told her to stay back. He got shot in the leg.

Maio 30, 2019, 6:51 pm

Hi!! New entry to the group :)
I really wanted help in finding this romance novel. I do not remember the name at all but plot I do somewhat. So the heroine come s to attend her father's funeral along with her other siblings and relatives. She didn't have good a relationship with her father and he was known to be rude.
So all the relatives have decided to sell the ranch and split the money, something that the heroine had agreed to do but after coming back home she starts to have second thoughts. So at the reading of the will she refuses to sell and the vote has to be unanimous. But a clause in her father's will is that only a male relative can inherit the ranch. So inorder to keep the ranch from getting sold she enters a marriage of convenience with the foreman ( i think) and her father's friend.
As the story progresses the heroine finds out that her father did lover her but just didn't know how to show it. And how her mother kept letters from him which increased the distance between them.
Her cousin comes to prove that the heroine's marriage is a sham and if she got married just to stall the sale they can go to court and continue with the sale. So she starts to flirt with hero.
Heroine starts to get jealous and insecurity creeps in and misunderstanding builds.
The story ends with clearing or all doubts and the fake marriage becomes the real thing.

Thanks, that is all I can remember, will love if someone can tell me the name and author of the book. :)

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Jun 10, 2019, 2:10 pm

Hey so this is a book i read recently. I don’t remeber much. Just that hero takes heroine to some veteran club or something like that for their first date . I remember it has this really funny server who keeps them entertained. Also the girl is quite witty so whoever tries to flirt with the hero she has quick and witty replies to it. I am sorry for such a vague description i can’t remember much .

Jun 12, 2019, 12:45 am

Hello ,

First time poster.

I have read this book a few times, but it was a long time ago and I have forgotten the title/author.

-woman is single with an extremely smart son

-som steals letterhead paper from a ceo for some purpose but gets caught

-ceo takes boy under his wing

-boy convinces ceo to surprise his mother with a gift (money?) on a white horse? (With the intention of getting them to fall in love)

- they might get snowed in? Can’t remember

-she ends up pregnant but doesn’t tell him (he son ends up
Telling the ceo I think)

It was part of a collection of novellas. Maybe something to do with holidays or Christmas?

Your help would be appreciated.

Jul 15, 2019, 8:33 am

Hey everyone, there's a romance book i read a few years ago and I've been dying to know what it was. All i remember is the hero could not sleep without the heroine. He would usually curl on top of her to sleep and she would basically cradle him. does this ring any bells? Thanks!

Jul 16, 2019, 8:36 am

Hi! I’m looking for an ebook I read about 3 or so years ago. Here are some of the details I can recall;

• starts off with teen (high school girl) living in house with mom, stepdad and their children.
• The stepdad is I believe sexually abusive or at least comes onto her multiple times, but she doesn’t tell anyone
• I think her mom finds out or something and the girl moves to live with her uncle or another family member
• After awhile she falls in love with a hot guy and her self confidence goes way up. She’s happy yay!
• then he becomes I think physically abusive, starting with pushing and stuff, but she stays with him
• eventually she realizes she doesn’t want to stay with him and she doesn’t need him to be happy or hold her down
• they have sex one more time, and she feels no more connection to him
• and then I think she leaves him, moves away, or disappears. I don’t remember but she just doesn’t stay with him.

I would greatly appreciate any questions, comments or potential books. No matter if it seems insignificant, put it down below. I’d really like to find this book, it helped me within abusive relationship in high school and would love to find and read it again. Thanks so much.

Jul 17, 2019, 3:36 pm

Lady’s father dies (or is killed) and she is heiress. Man wants to marry her for inheritance then kill her and marry another. She is ordered by the king to marry a different man. The other woman finds another man and encourages him to kidnap the lady. He falls in love with her, but realizes she is in love with her husband. He demands a ransom. The ransom “isn’t paid” but the husband did pay it. The other woman stole the ransom money and ran off to start a brothel. The kidnapper eventually finds her and kills for for stealing the money from him. This is set long ago. Medieval times possibly. The bride is like 14 years old I think. Definitely a romance novel. Please help me. I’m losing my mind trying to remember the title.

Editado: Jul 19, 2019, 2:26 pm

Hey guys! I'm new to this site, and sorry if this book has been asked about/found, but I tried scrolling through everything starting November 2006 before asking, haha!

Its a romance novel set during the Civil War, and the heroines name is Beth (I THINK.). She's fleeing with her niece from her brother in law, Peter (that I'm fairly certain is the correct name). Her niece isnt actually his daughter, she's the black farmhands daughter, and she's mixed but very light skinned so Peter doesnt know she isnt his. The farmhands name was Rodney (another I THINK). Anywho, the daughter is partially deaf because Peter kicked her in the head, so Beth takes her and flees (the mother is dead due to sickness I think). She finds a wealthy doctor (cannot remember where) who specializes in ear problems, ends up working for him as a housekeeper while her and her niece stay at a local brothel where they were taken in by the house Mother because Beth was being attacked out in the street, and the house Mother thought it was one of her girls being attacked. Also turns out the Doctor she works for is helping slaves to freedom by hiding them in a false bottom of his carriage, and he then drives them across the line to freedom.

I distinctly remember a part of the book where Beth talks about how her Father was abusive, and killed an orange kitten she and her sister had snuck into their room.
I remember a part where the Doctor gets shot during a trip delivering slaves, and she hides him in his attic to take care of the bullet wound, and she feeds him milk/bread, and he complains.
He comes from the slums, his sister died while they were on the streets, and he vowed to never be poor again, so he turned himself into a wealthy doctor, although he's a bachelor.
I distinctly remember a scene where another aristocratic woman continually hits on him, and tries to show him her breasts haha.
And I remember the end scene where Peter and his friend kidnap Beth to be held ransom and paid for by the Doctor, and she pretends to seduce him while trying to get away.

I have Googled ALL of this info to death, and I cannot find this book. I thought its name was The Northern Star, or maybe something to do with the North Star... But I just cant find it, and its driving me bonkers! I'd love to read it again!

Thank you for any help with this!!

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Jul 23, 2019, 4:17 pm

Oh my gosh yes, so I'm not crazy! Maybe I was mistyping it, haha thank you so so much! I was honestly beginning to think I imagined it all!

Jul 23, 2019, 10:02 pm

This is my first time using this site so here goes. I have been trying to find the name of this book for weeks, if anyone could help if greatly appreciate it. It's a romance takes place in Victorian england I think. There is a girl whose stepmother is trying to get her to marry her stepbrother to inherit her fortune. She refused. The stepbrother tries to rape her and she gets away from him, dresses like a boy and runs away to London. On the way a carriage hits her and the Duke, Earl, viscount I can't remember which finds her knocked out and takes her home. Thinking she is a boy he hired her into his household as a valet. She takes a bullet for him and that is how he finds out she's a girl. It is an older book. Maybe late 80s early 90s.please help.

Jul 28, 2019, 10:18 pm

This is my first time here. I've been looking for a book for several years and cannot find the book nor the author. I know I checked it out from my local library many, many years ago. The plot is about a female that has been possessed by the evil spirit of another female. It starts with a plane crash and both women are on the plane. The evil woman is in the custody of either a US Marshall or the FBI. She realizes she is going to die so she shouts, "Master! Save!" Her spirit then goes into the other woman's body. The other woman is badly injured in the crash and requires plastic surgery to rebuild her face. Just before they put her under the anesthesia, the evil spirit comes forward and asks, "While you are fixing my face, will you give me some big boobs?" When she awakens from the anesthesia, the good woman does not know why she has had a breast augmentation. The good woman and the doctor end up dating and falling in love. I can't remember much else. I do remember that the dust cover of the book was black had a red profile view of the devil and the name of the book was stylized into that drawing. I believe I read this book in the mid-to-late 80s. Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

Editado: Set 8, 2019, 11:41 am

This has been driving me crazy. It's a historical romance, this guy goes to a hunting party at some important aristocrat's home, and falls in lust with this woman, who is important aristocrat's mistress. On the side we find out she is just a cover for said aristocrat's impotence. He eventually finds out because she picks a plant that helps with impotence and he basically steals her away. Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: I FOUND IT. It's Forever My Love Lisa Kleypas in case anyone else needs help.

Editado: Set 9, 2019, 11:35 am

Hi, I purposely joined this group to search for the one book that started my love for historical romance and pirates. I remember finding a copy of the book owned by my mother and secretly reading it under the covers as a teenager. The book is quite old, I remember having read it about 20+ years ago (please do not try to calculate my age! :).

Things I remember about the book:
1) The heroine was kidnapped by a pirate
2) She was a virgin and tried to escape from the pirate ship several times
3) She got pregnant and the hero was horribly jealous and thought that the baby wasn't his (this was one of my favorite angsty parts that hooked me on romance)
4) Heroine miscarriages
5) They eventually land on some tropical island (Caribbean perhaps??) where they have a whole community of his crew and their wives.
6) He brings her to his beautiful home on the island and she becomes friends with some of the locals
7) His second mate has a wife on the island and kids if I recall correctly

Probably printed in the 1970's - 80's. Any help would be greatly appreciated if anyone remembers this plot. I seem to have lost my mother's copy when we moved decades ago and have no hope of finding it.

Set 12, 2019, 8:04 am

Western historical romance - From what I remember the rancher has a 10-12 year old son who doesn't get along with the woman the rancher married a second time for the sake of his ranch and son. The heroine assumes that the first wife died and we notice the hero and his son don't mention her at all. They hero finds a wild horse and puts him in the corral and asks the son not to go near him. The son in a moment of rebellion goes to ride him. The heroine rushes after him to save him but gets caught up in the barbed wire fence and falls to the ground in pain. The son rushed to get his father who cuts off the barbed wire and takes her home. The son is remorseful. Towards the end a lady comes visiting wearing a fancy outfit. She tells the heroine that she's the wife. The hero doesn't explain anything so the heroine packs and runs out to town to stay with her friends who own the boarding house I think. The hero then comes for her and explains that his wife ran out on them. The first wife demands money and he gives her everything he has so that she'll never come visiting again

Set 23, 2019, 11:48 pm

Hi all I’m new here!:) I would really love to have some help finding a historical romance novel that I’ve read on Wattpad which was deleted, and also which I assumed that user had copyrighted from the original author!

Context of the book:
- Main characters are John and Jane/Mary (I think) who are best friends
- Jane was always in love with John despite him regularly boasting about his sex/love life to her, which really hurt her feelings
- One day, John came to Jane and proposed to her in order to help him secure his inheritance and future as a Count/Duke/Earl(?)
- Jane reluctantly agreed to marry John while concealing her true feelings
- Later on in the book, Jane fell from a flight of stairs and miscarried while she listened in on John’s “confession” to his ex-lover at a bar/brothel
- In actual fact, John was guilt-tripped into “practicing” reading a pre-arranged script by his scheming ex-lover when he came to have a clean break with her
- Jane lost her trust in John, but it was slowly rebuilt over time in the book
- Eventually Jane, John, and his father successfully defeated John’s ex-lover and her plans to destroy Jane’s relationship with John
- The book ended with John’s father passing away due to cancer, which he hid from both Jane and John.
- Both of them also named their first-born son after John’s father to honor him

That’s all that I can remember for now!😅 I’ve been desperately searching this book for ages and I hope someone here has any idea which book I’m describing!😭 Thank you all who took their time to read my long message and are trying to help!:)

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I'm looking for two them a 5-7 years ago.

The first is a romance (maybe christian?) and it is not an urban setting. The pastor (hero) is traveling with some people -maybe other pastors- but they help out a group of prostitutes on the way. He falls in love with one of them but is very hesitant. The prostitute (heroine) is also very wary of him but she falls for him too. He finds out that she's a virgin on their first night together (in a tent) after marriage-still traveling through all this lol.

The second book is a crime thriller. I don't remember much but its about a group of doctors who committed murder by spreading some kind of drugs, not sure. In the end the last doctor injects himself with the drug and dies because the police had caught on. I remember the title is until we meet again or before we meet again but I cant find it anywhere.

Please help!

Thanks :-)

Edit: I found the second book it is We'll Meet Again by Mary Higgins Clark! I hope I have such luck with the first one.

Jan 11, 2020, 4:46 pm

Hi. Posting this again because I'm going crazy trying to find it. I'd appreeeeciate any help I could find

I’m looking for a historical romance.

All I remember that for a part in the first chapters the heroine was a captive in the captain’s cabin in a ship where she was tied to something so she can’t escape. Eventually they can’t resist each other and they fall in love.

- note: the main characters were english or american. (And not viking)

Editado: Jan 11, 2020, 7:02 pm

Trying to find a book and all I remember are some plot elements and tropes and despite my best efforts I've failed at google it up.

Here's what I do remember.

The story is about a guy (whose occupation is some kind of building contractor I think) who is married and parent to a daughter. Anyway the wife dies (cant remember how) and in the aftermath his former sister in law moves in to help and stays on as a long term roommate and helps raise the girl. Over time she becomes as much of a mother to the girl as her sister was and the two adults fall in love. For reasons I cant remember (though it sticks out) none of the other family is around to see this family unit develop and then I remember the end where the relationship is consummated with a non official wedding in some nature setting involving just the three of them. I also seem to recall the sister in law taking up the role of a swim coach for the daughter.

Yeah. Its all pretty vague tropey elements and not a whole lot to make it easy to find the book. Though you'd think elements such as widower + single dad + sister in law, I'd pretty easily be able to filter out a short list fairly easily. Apparently not though.

I know it is not Hot Single Dad by Claire Kingsley which has some but not all of the elements I remember this story having.

Jan 11, 2020, 11:00 pm

Hi group!

I’m looking for a romance novel that I read and cannot remember title or author. It’s historical. About a gentleman who is looking to marry (might even have a woman in mind) and he hires a lady to restore or redecorate his estate, hire and train staff - essentially to set up his home. He returns to London to conduct business. And then have a clever and charged exchange via post or telegram. Eventually he returns to his estate. And obviously they end up together. Anyone know this book? Would greatly appreciate help!

Editado: Jan 13, 2020, 1:23 pm

#61 hi avasierra!

Could it be Three Weeks With Lady X by Eloisa James?


Jan 27, 2020, 3:04 am

Hi I read a historical romance novels years ago about a woman who was at a social event and was raped by a man. Well after that she became pregnant and tricked that means brother into marrying her. He found out and sent her away from his home. Years later after his brother died from the war and after he was traveling around the world he comes home. Him and his wife reconnect and it turns out while he was away she became a thief to pay for her child. Does anyone know what this book is called?

Jan 30, 2020, 1:41 pm

I'm looking for a book set in England I believe in the 1800's. The heroine is a companion to a doctors daughter. The daughter kills people by poisoning them and even keeps one of the skeletons in her closet. The daughter ends up going to the nearby lord to try and marry him but the companion ends up getting his attention. The companion had been pregnant when she came to the doctors family but the child was stillborn. The daughter ends up poisoning the lords Spaniard friend and he tries warning them by scratching Bella into the floorboards of his room. But everyone mistakes it for him writing Belladonna and not referencing the daughter's beauty. The daughter ends up locking the companion in an outlying building and blaming the deaths on her.

Jan 31, 2020, 5:07 pm

Sounds like "A memory of Love" by Bertrice Small

Editado: Jan 31, 2020, 5:50 pm

Hey, I'm new. 😂 I'm here trying to find a book I read over 15 years ago. I belive the book is from the early to mid 90s. I was about 12 or 13 when I read it and likely it was a bit too steamy for my impressionable eyes.

It was a Harlequin Romance, Bianca I believe, 'cause it had a white cover with the classic couple picture in the front.
It was about a marriage of convenience between the guardians of a child.
The little kid, a boy I think, had his parents die in some kind of boating accident, they were young party animals and not too responsible with the kid or themselves. Anyhow, they die and the child was to be given into the custody of his remaining family, that would be the father's older brother and the mother's older sister. I think the H goes to the h house to tell her about the accident and the kid... so the H and h having to, and wanting to take care of the kid, decide to marry to avoid moving the child back and forth, give him a stable family and what not.
They are madly attracted to each other, (the H demonstrates, I think!) so she eventually says yes and leaves a bf, and marries the H, and the great sex and coexistence leads to love but not before some misunderstanding where the H (an intense sort) thinks the h cheated with the old bf.

The story, If I remember correctly, was set in Australia on a cattle station. A big one, the H was rich.
(could be NZ since Au and NZ were very popular in the 90s for that line of books, or Texas because cows, but I strongly feel it was an aussie book, by maybe an aussie writer).
There's a scene where the h is washing dishes in front of a window in her home, and realises that she loves the H.
She get a call from her old Beau, and she goes to meet him at some restaurant because she feels bad for leaving him or something, the guy holds her hand (and kisses her, again I think!), and she pushes him away but her husband was in the same place and sees them, and that why he thinks she cheated.
She chases after him when he leaves on a cattle drive angry about her alleged cheating and they reconcile and have sex in a sleeping bag while the others sleep near by. 😂
I'm sorry, I know it's long winded but I'm trying to put down everything I remember. Not remembering this is driving me bonkers.

Jan 31, 2020, 5:37 pm

Irresistible by Catherine Hart I think

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Fev 2, 2020, 12:10 am

nope not it, thanks though

Mar 20, 2020, 9:46 am

Hi, group. I'm new here and english is not my first language.
I'm searching for a historical romance book where the heroine is a financial columnist or financial advisor, she uses a false name and the english society believes that all the investments advices come from a man. I don't really remember how and why she married the hero, but she tries to help him with money, uses the false name and send him a letter with investments advices and, at the same time, tries to engage her husband in conversations about money and investments, but is always dismissed because he doesn't believe that women understand investments.
There is a scene when he compares the handwriting of the letter he received from the financial columnist and of the papers on his wife desk.
Thank you.

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#36: giesela_mae07, Rushed to the Altar by Jane Feather?

Abr 23, 2020, 9:51 am

Hi y'all,
I'm new here and have been trying to find this book for a while now. Its sooo frustrating.

Harlequin or Mills and boon romance
published on / before 2017
I may have read it anywhere between 2010-2017.
Cover was red with a hot picture
Don't remember hero's name but it may be Adam

1. Opening: heroine and hero are staying in places opp each other. heroine tempting hero through the window with a strip tease...

2. Heroine thinks he is a stranger. BUT HERO IS ACTUALLY SPYING ON HER AFTER HAVING HER INVESTIGATED, BECAUSE HE THINKS HIS BROTHER IS IN LOVE WITH HEROINE AND HE WANTS TO PREVENT HIS BROTHER FROM MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE. Hero despises heroine as he thinks she is upto no good. But the brother and the heroine are actually just friends.

3. So hero acts like a stranger and seduces the heroine after a lovely night in town. When they go out, one of them chokes on food and the other rescues. Anyway, they get back after a wonderful night and have sex.

4. Not sure if the affair continues. But heroine gets to know and hates hero for deception. But she is also pregnant with hero's child. He refuses to let her go and maintains her as a lover.

5. However one time when they have sex while she is pregnant, there is a complication. the heroine bleeds and has to be taken to the hospital.
There is not much more that I remember but obviously hero turns around and starts to love heroine. HEA.

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Abr 27, 2020, 3:52 pm

This might be The Tempest by Sandra Dubay.... did the husband beat the heroine with a riding crop?

Abr 27, 2020, 4:06 pm

this sound like a Pirate's love. Johanna Lindsey

Editado: Maio 27, 2020, 12:48 am

I'm quite new to this whole thing, but I've been searching for this book for quite some time now and I'm about to give up. It was a book I borrowed from my local library, but I never finished reading it. I wanted to take the chance to continue it during quarantine, but I can't recall the name of it.

I don't remember the name of the author either, but I do know (or at least I think I do) that the title has the word "letter" in it.

The cover is off-white with an image of a large red wax stamp in the middle. It kind of looks like a letter I think.

The plot (the parts that I've read up to at least) is about a girl (Girl A) in present-time who is trying to do her research on an Italian lady from the past except no one wants to listen to her ideas. Now, there's this more well-known guy who pops up who is also doing research on her topic, and she has to beat him to it. Otherwise, he would get all the fame for it. It could be her breakthrough. So when she's offered the chance at a free plane ride to Italy to further her research in exchange for babysitting a child (Girl B), she takes it. Then the POV jumps to the Italian lady (call her Lady A) in the past. She is being sent to a convent (I'm unsure if it's because she has lost her family, or if she's being sent by her father because he thinks it's what is best for her), but then the most famous courtesan (Lady B) in the city sees Lady A's potential and takes Lady A under her wing. Fast forward a bit and last thing I remember was Lady A seeing a dead body floating by a "mailbox" while she was riding a gondola through the canals of Venice.

Some more memorable parts of the book:
1. Lady A makes her debut as a courtesan in a party filled with important men in the city. She's introduced like Aphrodite, buck naked and on top of a giant seashell. (Lady B's idea, of course.)
2. Girl A thought she would be babysitting a toddler but Girl B turns out to be a moody teenage girl, and now she has to deal with Girl B while trying to finish her research.

That's as far as I've gotten in the book and I don't even think I got close to the middle. But the summary of the book that was provided on the cover said something about Girl A and Lady A's lives being connected. Past and present being intertwined.

Lady A was based on a real person too if I remember correctly. I searched her up before while reading the book, but I've already gone so far down my history and I still haven't found it. I know she wrote a bunch of letters that help set off an event in Italy. As to what the event was called or what it was about, I can't remember either.

Editado: Jun 4, 2020, 11:13 am

Hello... Need your help in finding the below M&B books

1. A widow with a son meets a stranger in the neighborhood, he rings her bell on accident and comes in to freshen up as he is wet, that's how the romance begins. He falls sick and she takes care of him and realises he can't have children and they fall in love and marry. I love this book, I wish I knew the name. I think the character's name is Sarah and Zach (not sure).
2. A lady is called to Spain (I think) as she is to inherit an ancestral property from her grandfather who she hasn't been in touch with. her distant cousin does to take her to Spain (I think his name is Luis) and they fall in love. She hates him initially and falls in love at the end. The book has a green cover.
3. Book where hero is a ship's captain,his name is Troy and the heroine is a masseuse. This was a great book too.


Jun 8, 2020, 7:13 am

hi, i am really dying to remember the author of this book i read a while ago about a really talented doctor who lived on an island away from people. the townsfolk though he was crazy and he didn’t want people around him. a woman was betrayed by a man and she jumped into the sea to kill her self but a fisherman saw her and sent her to the doctor’s house. the doctor did not like touching people because anytime he did he could feel their fear or something like that, i think he was cursed i don’t really remember
but they fall in love and blah blah
can y’all help me pleaseeeeeeeeee

Ago 25, 2020, 10:06 pm

Sounds like Tuck everlasting ... I believe it's the same name for both

Set 5, 2020, 12:51 pm

Hi guys.
I am new here ..
Looking for a book where the heroin is a slave from west africa and she is of mixed race I think. She is young and beautiful and gains notoriety. The h is sold to sort of a harem I think. Can't remember much but she falls in love with a good guy and towards the end of the book they agree to meet up at a country house (maybe) but the hero (or heroine) looses his/her memory and doesnt show up. I dont remember much but the book spans the heroines life from a teenage slave to adulthood.
Its a very old historical novel that has a bluish cover I think.

Set 20, 2020, 7:34 pm

The book that I’m looking for is about a girl I can’t remember if she’s on college or high school pretty sure it’s college. She runs a lot, she uses running to deal with her problems. She meets a guy who she eventually falls for and he’s also concerned about how much she runs because she looses weight but he also gets her to join the cross country team. She has family issues which is what makes her so sad all the time which is why she runs a lot. She used to run with her dad before he died I remember the book said they used to split a sandwich every time after their run.
I read this book at the end of 2019-beginning of 2020

Out 9, 2020, 4:09 am

Hi guys i'am so glad to have found this place... I was wondering if you can help me figure out the title of this book I read back in 2007.
It was a historical romance novel with the typical Fabio-like muscly man (with long hair?) art cover, and a woman on his arm I think (set in the 1800 maybe-not too sure).
The story was about a poor boy who liked a girl from a well off family (Leah I think her name was). Her parents disapproved and married her off to someone else who had more money. A couple of years later, they bump into each other; she's widowed, heavily pregnant and close to labor (her husband gambled away their money i think, and died shortly after), and this once poor boy is now a well off man who made sound investments. He helps her deliver her baby (the baby didn't cry for the first few minutes and they thought he was dead, but the man in his desperation did everything he could until the baby started coughing and then cried). They get into a marriage of convenience because life would be hard for her on her own as a single mum during those times, and he claims her baby as his own. They fall in love down the line and much to his delight and surprise, she bore a son for him, which was a (delightful) surprise to them both because he was told by a doctor from the time he was young that he wouldn't be able to father children because of an accident he had. One of the 2 sons is called Benjamin.
Please help, I have been searching for this book for a while now.

Out 9, 2020, 2:06 pm

Hi everyone! This is just the place I was looking for! I read this book maybe 5-10 years ago. You must forgive me, I barely remember any of the details. The heroine, I believe, is in the wrong place at the wrong time in some South American country. The hero is some sort of agent type who rescues her. Towards the end of the book she is put on a helicopter which then crashes. She is thrown from the crash but the hero thinks she is dead. I believe there might have been something about religious artifacts or antiquities as well. It is possibly written by Cherry Adair, Kat Martin, Lora Leigh, Joan Johnston, or some other author. Sorry to be so vague!
I'm desperate to find it again! Thanks!!

Out 15, 2020, 12:24 pm

Hi, everyone! Hoping you can help me find this book, despite the fact that I don't remember much about it:
It's a romance novel, had a historical feel to it despite the more contemporary setting. Had to have been published no later than early 2005 because I read it back in high school (so I'm guessing it's actually from late 90s or early 2000s, say 2002?).
The main thing I remember is that the heroine falls in love with this reclusive guy that lives in something like a castle, and he is disfigured/scarred, I believe on his face? There's also an age difference, in that he is notably older than her. Some romance described, but I don't recall it being explicit. The main focus was on the emotional connection between the two of them, the fact that she didn't belong and he had been rejected by the town; idk if she had to go interact with him or chose to do so, but she keeps going back to talk with him. Somewhat Beauty and the Beast in feel, I suppose, because it takes a while for her feelings to develop toward a man others consider to be a monster...
Oh, and one other thing: pretty sure the book has a rose on the cover, or perhaps in the title? also might have a reference to vampires, because I was very into that back in HS, and I vaguely recall being initially disappointed that he wasn't a vampire, lol. But tbh it's been so long that I might be getting my details mixed up.
Thanks in advance to anyone who has an idea what book this might be!

Jan 20, 2021, 12:39 pm

Hey guys. I'm new here and I've been wracking my brain trying to remember a book I read a few years ago. Pls help!!
So I don't remember the title or any names but just the plot line. It's a regency romance about a man (I think he has a title) and a woman (I think she's American). The hero has a dark cloud over him I can't remember why but it had something to do with his family and everyone stays away from him. I don't remember how they met but for some reason he's intent on marrying her. I remember he made love to her in a couch and the girl's brother walks in when he's zipping her up (the horror). So later when they're arguing about her not wanting to get married he says something like "for all we know you could be carrying my child". Anyway there's a side story of a death. Some woman fell down the stairs but it was later revealed she was pushed down by the man with a "roaring voice" as the hero's ward describes him. Yh about his ward I think they're related and once she fainted and he got scared. She'd also been giving him a hard time. I also remember the heroine painted something and no one seemed to know but the hero said it was her because the colours matched her personality( or something like that). At the end they get engaged and sure enough she's pregnant

Jan 20, 2021, 12:39 pm

Hey guys. I'm new here and I've been wracking my brain trying to remember a book I read a few years ago. Pls help!!
So I don't remember the title or any names but just the plot line. It's a regency romance about a man (I think he has a title) and a woman (I think she's American). The hero has a dark cloud over him I can't remember why but it had something to do with his family and everyone stays away from him. I don't remember how they met but for some reason he's intent on marrying her. I remember he made love to her in a couch and the girl's brother walks in when he's zipping her up (the horror). So later when they're arguing about her not wanting to get married he says something like "for all we know you could be carrying my child". Anyway there's a side story of a death. Some woman fell down the stairs but it was later revealed she was pushed down by the man with a "roaring voice" as the hero's ward describes him. Yh about his ward I think they're related and once she fainted and he got scared. She'd also been giving him a hard time. I also remember the heroine painted something and no one seemed to know but the hero said it was her because the colours matched her personality( or something like that). At the end they get engaged and sure enough she's pregnant

Jan 26, 2021, 1:36 am

I am new here and would like a help finding an old romance novel i read long time ago. It was published before 2000. The hero is an architect who own construction company and . His name was Craig i think. The heroine came to work with him as a gardener/ landscaper, her name was April. It was American romance placed in California.
In the story there was an orphaned or abused young girl whome the heroine was taking care of.
The cover is brown and has the hero and heroine in a back ground of falling leaves/ fall

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I believe this book falls under the category of erotic literature - it isn’t a full length novel and can be read on Epub. The heroine has recently escaped from a cult and the hero is a nightclub owner. The heroine is nearly raped before the hero save her. Hero lets heroine live at his place and work at his club. I believe she is young at the beginning of the book (maybe 16), and she lives with him for a few years before they get together. She is in love with him but he pulls away from her. I believe this book was published around 2017-2018.

Jan 27, 2021, 7:15 pm

Trying to remember a series of regency books about three sisters. The youngest is portrayed as flighty and shallow but in her volume she turns out to be a spy..probably in France. I read it in the last 10 years I think. The first volume features the oldest sister who is trying to care for the other two...marries her guardian I think.

Jan 28, 2021, 11:11 am

Hi, I've been searching on and off for a book for the last 10 years and I remember so much about it (except of course for the Title and Author) that it's frustrating I can't find it. Here goes.

-Historical Romance set in America in the 1880's.
-Hero is a doctor.
-Heroine (name starts with an A, I think?) works for small-town (family-owned?) newspaper and keeps getting the print wrong due to her poor eyesight. The Hero and Heroine have an altercation over this in the first chapter.
-She is very positive and one minor character gives her a nickname because of it. I think it was 'Missy Smiles'
-The Heroine starts getting migraines and other symptoms that clue the Hero on that 'something is not right'.
-The heroine has a brain tumour and after the wedding the hero convinces the heroine to undergo one of the first surgeries to remove brain tumour (hence why I know it's set in the 1880's).
-Of course the heroine survives.

Can anyone help me? It's driving me batty.


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Hi, I have been looking for this book for a long time, I think it's a western historical romance about a marriage of convenience/arranged marriage where the hero only marries to have an heir/helpmate and is not interested in love and it is not long before they consummate their marriage.
(might have been the same day they married) they might have gone to an inn or something can't really remember. it might have involved a mining town. it might also have been labeled as a clean romance but was the opposite?

if you know of anything that is all similar please let me know as I don't know if I mixed up the details.

Thank you!

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I am a new member here. PLS HELP with the title. It was a regency novel I read some years back and I couldn't recall the title.
The h was 17yrs who lived with her mother. They needed housing or so. The mother was helped by the H father (who was a member of the ton, maybe an earl, couldn't remember) who made her their housekeeper. The H's mother hated them because she thought the H's mother was her husband's mistress. On one particular day when H parents were out, the H met with the heoine. I think the Hero's mother suspected something so sent her son to school or so. Unfortunately for the heroine, she became pregnant. When she discovered she was pregnant, she went to tell the H mother, but she chased her away and I think gave her a check for going away. Meanwhile heroine's mother was being secretive about h's father and being excited about it but keeping it a secret from the daughter cos she wanted it to be a surprise. The unknown father was a member of the to too. So the mother went on a secret journey.

Unfortunately on her way back home, she died. Years later, the h has become successful, a dancer/singer, couldn't be sure with her son in tow and a kind of big friend/bodyguard. She met with the H again, H installed them in his house when discovered he had a son. H was now the Earl since father died since.
They had to backdate marriage certificate so the h would not be mocked by the ton. Heroine later met with father at a party and they reunited. Heroine was named after the father. She became pregnant which (she was advised against cos she had problem delivering her first)for H again which turned out to be highly risky. H was scared and started employing qualified doctors from all over the world, but she later delivered safely.

I will really appreciate it if someone can help me out.

Maio 7, 2021, 5:55 pm

Please help! I’m looking for a book I read probably in 2005/2006, but was probably written in the 90s. It was a historical romance and either a duology or two part book.

The first book starts off with the heroine being separated from her brother (maybe twin) because their family has rebelled against the rulers. While fleeing she is captured by a marquis/court magician who she thinks is the villain, but turns out is really the hero. He takes her back to his family estate, and she starts to fall for him. I remember a specific scene about them arriving back at his home soaking wet and muddy and she gets clean in a beautiful bathroom that’s the colors of a peacock. He helps her overthrow the rulers and at the end of the first book it turns out he had also found her brother and kept him hidden to keep him safe during the rebellion.

In the second book, the heroine has moved to court following the rebellion. She has struggles trying to learn proper court etiquette and who to trust. She doesn’t get to see the Marquis much since he’s helping sort things out after the rebellion and she isn’t sure about her feelings for him. I remember her receiving a sapphire ring and not knowing the significance of which finger it should go on. And then she lies to a courtier about her favorite color being lavender because she doesn’t want him to know the truth, and then has to have her maid sew lavender ribbons on her dress. In the end it turns out the ring was from the Marquis, and she realizes that she loves him.

Maio 8, 2021, 9:03 am

I have been looking for this story I read in the early 2000s so I believe it was written either in the 90s and most likely before 2008. The main plot was a woman goes back to her husband and daughters after being in witness protection for about 6 or seven year because she witness a Killing when she went shopping. I recall parts of the story like she found out she was pregnant and the husband meets the little boy. There is also this FBI agent that is in the book who helped protect her and she is still in danger. Also, her husband owned a farm if I recall correctly and they had two daughters before she left. The oldest daughter was angry with her if I recall and was about 12 or 13 I believe. I remember the picture of the book was an image of a woman and dark haired man and a little boy in the picture also if I recall correctly. I think his name was Mike maybe and her name might have been Annie

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I am trying to remember the titles of a series of books.
Unfortunately I don't remember much about the first book.
The second book is about a male cougar shifter that finds an unconscious pregnant woman on the beach and takes her home with him. She does not remember anything about herself. After a while she remembers that the father of her baby kidnapped her and held her captive on his yacht. Her kidnapper was a movie producer I believe.
The third book was about a wolf shifter that does private security who is hired to protect a young boy who witnessed his fathers murder. The lady that hired him was actually someone he know from the past. She is maybe a DCF or child advocacy worker.
Sorry, that's all I really remember about them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maio 30, 2021, 9:16 am

Ok I need some help. I actually might be putting a couple of books together in my brain but I am pretty sure it is just one.

Ok it is a historical romance where the girl is named Raven and she rides a horse. I belive she might be kidnapped by the Scots (or some other group). She says the prayer to Hecate "Goddess Hecate when I see the light of the new moon it becomes me to lift my eye, it becomes me to bend my knee, it becomes me to bow my head. Giving thee praise, oh moon of guidance give me the power to obtain my freedom. I have the power I know how to use it." At one point in time she burns her hands saving her horse for a burning stable. I think the guy might be part gypsy.

Any ideas?

Jun 1, 2021, 1:22 pm

Hey everyone,

I'm actually looking for two books I've read about 5 or 8 years ago, I think. I don't think they are necessarily old books, but I honestly am not sure.

First novel: Romance novel without supernatural elements. A chubby insecure virgin waitress (I think she's a waitress) and the hero is kind of in a criminal organization (not THE mob though, this is not an Italian mafia book). (I was so sure the heroine's name is Tess, but Google couldn't help me, so I'm not sure.) It takes place in the US. She is very insecure, he is very hot for her from the get-go (he's been noticing her for some time). They progress pretty quickly and the first time they have sex they do it spork style? (I think, but definitely not missionary style) After he had promised her not to have sex today, and then making a move on her after midnight. He eventually acts against his criminal organization, I think because one of the guys wants to forcefully make a move on the heroine, and he kills him (?). Then the hero takes the heroine away on a plane (she wakes up on the plane) and then they start living on a remote tropical island. Gee, I hope this makes sense for anyone...

Second novel: Not a full-length novel, but a novella or something like that, I believe. Historical romance book. The heroine was married and has at least one older son (maybe even more children, I don't remember). The hero has quite a past with the ladies. She gets widowed, they have a couple of days of sex, he proposes (I think), but she decides to marry another man because he's the safer choice, as she doesn't trust the hero to stay faithful. He takes out a gun to give her and says if she ever suspects him of cheating, she may shoot him. She eventually leaves the other guy at the altar.

I'd be very grateful if my jumbled notes ring a bell for anyone! Not remembering the titles or authors is so frustrating...

Jun 7, 2021, 11:18 am

I need help with this one, mentalpause strikes again! All I remember about the book is the heroine is a disaster waiting to happen. She is on a ship, keeps referring to the crew as her "staff" and leaves things laying all over the deck (like her parasol) which causes mishap after mishap. Anyone know the title and author?

Jun 8, 2021, 1:06 pm

>36 giesela_mae07: Are you perhaps referring to The Flame and The Flower by Katherine Sutcliffe?

Jun 21, 2021, 5:38 pm

This is driving me crazy. When I was younger, I read a book that I've never forgotten (apart from the title). It was a Mills and Boon/Harlequin/Silhouette. The cover was lilac or purple and it had a woman on the right-hand side wearing a thick jacket. She had plum coloured hair in a pageboy style.

What I remember of the story was that she was either working or visiting a ski lodge. While she is there, she begins to act and people suspect she's going mad. It turns out she is being drugged by her love interest ex-wife or girlfriend who was mad.

It would have been published before 1983, but I seem to remember that it was a new book so not before the 1970s. It may have been written for young adults as I would've been a teen when I read it and it was a Christmas present from my parents. Then again, I have always been a reader so they may have bought me something from the adult range of the above books.

I would be so grateful if someone could recognise this and tell me what it was called. Like the woman in the book, I'm beginning to think I've gone mad and I've imagined this book (in which case I may write it because it was a good story that has stuck in my mind for forty years)

Jun 23, 2021, 6:56 pm

ALIEN/SCIFI EROTIC ROMANCE -- I'm looking for a specific book that i read a while ago but cant seem to find now. Here's what I remember from the plot:
The alien hero and human heroine go to a (scandalous) party at the hero's enemy's compound/house - this is either to get information or find something. The heroine has to pretend to be the hero's pleasure pet/sex slave while they're there. The hero and heroine have public sex over a desk to "stay in character." The hero knew that he would have to touch the heroine in front of others, so he distracts her with pleasure while they are doing it over the desk so it's more believable that she's his. Then the hero and heroine then take a pleasure/ senses-heightening drug with some of the other guests (the hero is familiar with the drug, but i remember being surprised that he let the heroine take it). The hero leaves the heroine alone with a male he kind of trusts after they take the drug, and the heroine almost has sex with the trusted male while hero is gone. The heroine remembers the hero before doing anything, and she turns the situation around to save the day so all three leave the compound together without being caught. The trusted guy really likes the heroine, and makes sure the hero knows that the heroine is a catch that other males will want if hero doesn't get it together.

Editado: Jun 23, 2021, 11:42 pm

Hi, all. Really hoping someone can help me find this book. I don't remember names, but it's set in 1600's-1800's Scotland (I believe). The heroine lives with her Father and Step-mother, when the hero arrives with a few of his men, asking for shelter for the night. The Step-mother openly flirts with the hero, but he mainly seems interested in the heroine. The heroine fakes sick to leave supper early. Don't remember why but the step-mother and maids (I guess, all the ladies of the house) sleep in the same room, kind of in a huddle, and the heroine is on the out-skirts of the huddle because everyone thinks she's sick. She hears a noise and thinks the hero is sneaking in to get to the step-mother. She tries to peak without fully opening her eyes and when that doesn't work, she shifts "in her sleep" to get a better view, but when she opens her eyes, the hero is lying right in front of her. He bundles her up in the covers and sneaks out with her. He meets his men in the chapel (I think) where they woke up the priest and threaten to kill the man if he doesn't marry the hero and heroine. The priest refuses to marry them because the heroine is being forced, but she finally agrees to the marriage so that the priest won't be hurt. So they marry and the hero takes her to his keep/house/castle (whatever you want to call it)

Next thing I remember is the end. The Father and Step-mother visit them, then they're attacked by an enemy of the hero. It seems like the Father was injured, maybe lost an eye but everyone survives and the hero and heroine are happy and in love.

I appreciate any leads or guesses. Been trying to find this for the past couple of months and it's driving me crazy!!

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I’m trying to remember a historical romance I read not that long ago. The heroine is an oil painter and is hired to paint a portrait of a mans beautiful wife as he remembers her except the wife is very sick and doesn’t look that way. Their son is albino and lives in the attic. The hero and heroine were engaged but the hero broke it off before they ever met. The artist gets locked in the attic until she produces a painting. Help!

Edit: not a historical romance. Just remembered it’s Goldheart, a retelling of rumplestilsken. Really good!

Jun 26, 2021, 11:29 am

>99 LadyRipp: sounds like fun! I want to read that one.

Set 11, 2021, 12:44 am

>100 LadyRipp: I thought the book The Flame and the Flower was by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Set 13, 2021, 11:18 am

If you know this book i just remembered a scene. Its regency historical romance, marriage of convenience where the hero has mistress or in love with another then she slapped the heroine, then the heroine slapped her back.

Dez 14, 2021, 12:32 am

Hi! Looking for a book I can't seem to remember. Set somewhere in the 1900s.
Some scenes: (SPOILERS)
- Heroine pretends to be a guy to work under this very rich and influential man.
- Heroine has a friend group who protests and supports women's rights.
- Heroine was forced to read off a speech meant to go against the people protesting, and heroine's friend group led it, which led her to feel very bad.
- Heroine's sister and her neighbor confesses their undying love to each other, and plans to run away. She finds out because she came home late from work and had to hide under a bush.
- While going through papers in a safe, she got locked in with the hero, the male mc.
- Heroine has to change in her dad's (I think) clothes and hide where she's going to her friends, because in truth, she works as a guy, and women can't work yet.

Dez 17, 2021, 1:13 pm

>8 gallifreygirl17: I just joined so I don't know if you've found this book or not, but did their names have anything to do with a flower? There's a story I read similar to this. The cousins had the same name but one went by daisy and the other used the more formal name. Margarite or something. She mailed off to be a mail order bride, but when the guy she wanted actually proposed, she convinced Daisy to go in her place, but then when it didn't work out for her she went too and caused issues for daisy similar to what you're describing.

Dez 17, 2021, 1:23 pm

I hope you all can help me cause I'm really at a loss. I have been searching for this book for a while. It was written in either the 80s or 90s cause I read it in like 1999 or 2000. It's written by an author who's name starts with an O', like O'hara, but I can't remember what the rest of it was. The cover at the time was Gold. It was a time travel/ ghost story.
Plot: Woman has care of her two nephews. They are either visiting her or she now has custody of them. They are traveling in the winter time as there is snow. They have a wreck or get lost. Either way, they go to this house for help. it's the only house with lights in the window. They are welcomed inside and treated kindly.
Twist: The host is a ghost trapped in the house. But there's a portal somewhere in the house or on the land that the woman will eventually find where she rescues him...anyway, they fall in love, but he's dead but's was a lot of twists. I'd really love to read it again if anyone can think of a book it might be.

Dez 17, 2021, 6:45 pm

Hello All!

I'm looking for a Regency romance. The heroine was either a jilted bride or had a suitor who left her. Maybe they got married, and the husband left. After she was abandoned, she cut her hair and changed her style. She were friends with two French aristocrats, one male and one female (young). I think the hero, I forgot if he's the the person who left her, went to Italy. Oh, I think the hero threw a cameo necklace in the river in Italy.

I read this book years ago and it's been stuck in my mind for the past few weeks, but I don't know if I'm blending stories together.

Jan 25, 2022, 1:23 pm

Im looking for romance novel, where heroine is in love with a guy (best friend? boss? cant remember), but he marries her sister. On their wedding day heroine (who's virgin) sleeps with a "bad boy" who haves a motorcycle (I think he was one of groomsmen). After one night stand she gets pregnant, she tells the hero and he wants to be involved. They have some issues about living situation?
Also, if I remember correctly, heroine works or owns a flower shop.
Maybe someone knows something like that? Thanks!

Jan 30, 2022, 8:46 pm

Name this book: Contemporary romance set in England

Hi! I’m new here! I didn’t know this platform existed! I’m having trouble remembering the name of this novel, and it has been bothering me for days. I do not remember the Author, but I remember most of the book with conditionally only two characters. The main character is Katherine- or Kat by her new husband, and her sister-in-law Julia. Katherine was engaged to marry Julia’s oldest brother, but he squandered her fortune away with gambling. Now, Julia and the oldest son have a half brother whom Julia adores- yet the older brother despises. He continually calls him a B (illegitimate child) with hatred in his soul for this man. The older brother strikes a bargain with the half brother about marrying his betrothed (Kat-Katherine) in exchange for a piece of property that can help the half brother find out who his father is. The half brother agrees, but did not inform the betrothed that he was using her for his own purposes. She ended up finding out, but the older brother tried to play it cool- whilst the half brother begged her to not leave him. Katherine made a deal with her husband (half brother) that she would remain married to him until he found what he was looking for then they could go separate ways (her words not verbatim though: I wish to stay here since my fortune/dowry was used/squandered/wasted and I love this house. Husband was not happy with that because he didn’t want her to take anyone except him into her bed. They ended up conceiving a child, and she ended up finding the love letters from the piano teacher to her husbands mother in a piano upstairs within the attic of the house. She left the letters on the bed, and had begun to pack when Julia- husbands half sister- came in and stopped her mid-packing. She questioned why she was leaving, and Katherine just wanted to be done. She left, Julia notified her brother and her betrothed that Katherine had fled. Husband found Katherine at an inn and convinced her to return home after saying everything that needed to be said. Katherine and husband welcomed a son and found husbands father who was ill but got to meet him before he passed. Husband found out he had another sister and I believe a brother (don’t quote me on that). That’s all. It’s pretty much the entire book, but for everything I cannot remember. Please help 😭😭😭😭

Editado: Fev 4, 2022, 2:53 pm

>113 chelseabarlow: I do believe that could be Scandalous by Jenna Petersen. I'm inserting the link instead of the touchstone because there are so many books titled "Scandalous" I couldn't locate it!

Katherine Fleming has picked her fiancé with care. She's not looking for love, just a match with friendship and respect. When she meets her future brother-in-law Dominic on a terrace during a party, the last thing she wants is the attraction she suddenly feels for him. However her world suddenly comes crashing down around her with the news that her fiancé's late wife, who had been presumed lost at sea, is alive after all.

Dominic has wanted Katherine from the moment he met her. His brother offers him Katherine's hand in marriage in order to protect both her and family from further scandal. With the added incentive of learning the secret of his parentage which has haunted him for years, he agrees. Neither expects to find love in this marriage of convenience, but the longer that they are together, the more they find themselves falling in love. Can they both let go of the demons of their pasts and take a chance in letting someone else into their heart?

Fev 6, 2022, 6:04 pm


Fev 6, 2022, 6:34 pm

>115 chelseabarlow: You're welcome! I liked that one quite a lot.

Fev 10, 2022, 10:24 pm

Looking for a book from the late 80’s or early 90’s, I know I read it in the early 90’s. I have only a very vague recollection as it was a romance book I took from my mom to read when I was young.

I think it was set in New Orleans or Louisiana. It may have had ghosts in it, or a haunting. Rogue was in the title and I think the main characters were married, but maybe it was arranged? From my recollection there wasn’t much of a relationship between them. It was a historical/period time setting.

I know, not a lot to go on. I’ve been thinking of this book, on and off, for years and wanting to read ot as an adult.

Fev 13, 2022, 4:54 am


New here.

Looking for a book. I only read the first chapter of the novel and I could have sworn it was by a popular author but after searching for it for years and going through the catalogue of the usual suspects, I still haven’t found it.

What I remember from the first chapter only.

There was a charity gala or event and the female character attends. She runs into a man she knew as a boy. I believe his father may have worked for hers and they grew up in a small town/ranch or something. They “dated” or kissed but her father must have threatened him or her and they never explored it further. There are obviously feelings between them.

That’s all i remember. Pls help.

Fev 27, 2022, 4:35 pm

Hi hope someone can help looking for a book think it was a mills and boon historical novel. All I remember is that the heroine at one point is kidnapped by her uncle who cuts off all her hair and at some point her cousin causes her to have a miscarriage. Sorry its so vague but hoping someone will remember. Thanks

Mar 15, 2022, 5:24 pm

This may help.... that sounds familiar to me too but I can't think of it off the top of my head...

Mar 17, 2022, 11:12 am

Hey I've been trying to find this book for years.
It's about a chubby heiress who doesn't know how to dress well. She moves to another town because she wants to make it on her own. But her father has hired an assistant for her. I don't really remember but she meets this guy he's a handyman or cowboy. They end up falling in love and having a baby.

Sorry I know it's vague I can't remember anymore details. Except at one point she leaves him and runs home and he comes after her.

Thank you for helping me

Mar 19, 2022, 4:40 pm

>101 DiLited: Hello I know this is a totally different book than the one you described but check out The Failed Marriage by Carole Mortimer

Mar 30, 2022, 7:05 pm

Ok so I read this book between 2016 and 2020. Her is what I remember about it:
- male lead is a warrior or mercenary
- has a sister who he brings to meet his wife
- marries woman and gains a rundown castle
- female lead lives a life of Luxuray and is forced to marry this guy by the king or something like that

The scenes that I remember is that in the beginning they get to this castle on the dowry land only to find out it is in shambles and needs a lot of work. The female lead has never done hard labor before but tries to help. Later she sees a mouse in the makeshift shelter and screams, husband comes in and rolls his eyes kind of attitude.
Sister of the male tells the female lead how growing up it was only the two of them, and they got into a bad situation (possibly living in a brothel for a little while) until the male lead got them out.
The castle also has an issue with bandits, who like to raid the castle supplies. The male warrior tells the bandits if they ever come back they will need to deal with him cause he is the protector of the townspeople (anyone who pledges loyalty to him) and the castle.

Editado: Maio 2, 2022, 9:55 am

Probably a long shot, but trying to find a teenage romance, contemporary, from either the late 80s or early 90s. Very clean plot.
Girl is named Joy, moves to somewhere in Washington near puget sound. Her name is a bit of a plot point and people joke about it. Meets a guy who she finds cocky and annoying. I remember specifically she wore a skirt and blouse to her first day of school, worried that kids might dress up more here and she had a tiny mustard stain on the blouse from trying to eat a hot dog while crying her eyes out. Think she got a flat tire on the way to school and showed up pretty messy because of it. Think the guy teased her on her appearance and her name. Fast-forward years later and they still don't like each other (he probably does but she finds him arrogant.) She has a generic jock boyfriend she finds comfortable but not particularly exciting. The original guy and her get voted for something for the yearbook I think and have to take photos together. They do it on an island in the sound, get left there, it storms, she hurts herself, he carries her, they get to know each other better, fall in love, get rescued. I remember she compared her boyfriend's kisses to toasting marshmallows and the original guy's kiss to a roaring bonfire or something like that.
Cover just had a picture of two generic cute teenagers--blond girl, brunet boy.
That's all I got and writing it out doesn't sound like the kind of book that'd make a huge impression but somehow it did on my very young teenage self.

Editado: Ago 20, 2022, 2:38 pm

I’m new and trying to find the title of this book. A young woman is new in a coastal town and not planning to stay very long. She starts working on a ship with a grumpy guy who steers it. They both have dogs and after she falls in the ocean his dog saves her. I vaguely remember that one of them was living in an old lighthouse.

Out 9, 2022, 12:56 am

I read this probably 15-17 years ago but it might have been older than that. I’d love if someone could help me out! I’ve been looking for this for years!

I don't remember many scenes from the book, but the main idea is that there's a woman who has a baby. Her husband has been missing since before she had the baby. You find out later, she wanted a divorce and I think she tells him that around the time he disappeared.

One of the only scenes I really remember, is that she was with her child, at her parents home. She miiight have a boyfriend. It also might've been during the holidays. There's a knock on the door and someone goes to answer it. It's her husband, who's been missing for a year. Turns out, he had gotten in an accident, or was attacked or something, and he had amnesia the whole time and he only recently regained his memories, and came home.

He wants to fix their relationship, she still wants a divorce. It's a romance novel, so obviously they get back together. There's a scene I think where he climbs up to her window and into her room and they get intimate. There’s a scene I remember where he sucks in her nipple through her nightgown.
In the morning, he goes downstairs and the baby is in a high chair.

I'm pretty sure his name was Michael, or maybe the baby was named michael? and I think her name started with an S. Maybe sarah or something.

Please help! I’m desperate. I’ve searched through all the amnesia romance I can, but it’s not any of the ones I’ve found. I think it’s because he had amnesia off script/screen and not in the whole book.

Out 9, 2022, 10:37 am

pls help me

I am looking for a billionaire romance book where a girl avg looking who was working at a ship port type island to save money for traveling / work meets a young hot guy sailing and resting there. She is very much aware about him and they end up having a one night stand which leads to her getting pregnant but the hero not aware about as he had left the place on his ship the next day. Skip forward to some years she barges in the hero's i.e her child's father's party as a caterer/waitress in an attempt to tell him about their child also at the same time wondering if he'll recognize her. The hero fails to remember who she is but later remembers she was the one night stand he had when he had left for a year trip sailing and had left a mark. Later they reconcile and the story is a happy ending .

I have been looking for this book for 2 years but still can't find it back pls pls pls help me.

Fev 25, 2023, 12:11 am

Hi All!

So happy to find this group! I've been looking for this book for a long time. It was published before 2009. It is a romance novel. I believe it had a red cover, but I'm not sure now. All I remember is a scene near the beginning of the book where the heroine is in a room at an inn (perhaps looking or trying to steal something?) and the hero is drunk and mistakes her for a maid or something. I think she knows who he is, but he has no idea who she is. He takes a hot bath. He might have asked her to get him a towel or wash his chest etc. And afterwards he advances on her and they end up making out (explicit, but no sex happens) and her clothes remain on, but it was still incredibly hot. As the book progresses they interact more and end up falling in love etc. Can anyone please help? Thanks!!

Mar 27, 2023, 11:15 am

I’m looking for a second chance romance book where the wife left the husband because she secretly had a miscarriage. He never knew it happend. But over the years they still hooked up

Abr 19, 2023, 10:31 am

Marriage of convenience book that starts with heroine on her way to the theater dressed garishly with evil uncle to meet a crony of his that he wants her to marry to gain control of her money or sell her. She manages to escape to run down a street where some drunken men try to grab her. The hero saves her and takes her to his home. The housekeeper puts her in hero’s sister’s nightgown. There is mystery and marriage to save her from the uncle, but I’m unable to remember the end as it is blending in my mind with other books I’ve read. I would love to read it again. Thanks for helping an old lady out!

Maio 11, 2023, 6:26 pm

Hi I am new to the group so hopefully I am doing this right😁. I am looking for a book, I think a Harlequin or Silhouette romance from 90s-2000. The main female lead is a surrogate for her sister I think. The male lead disagrees with this as he is a foster father and thinks they should be taking in kids. Randomly I remember that he gets another earring when his kids have perfect attendance. I know this isn’t much but I’m hoping someone will remember this story. Thanks 😊

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#99 LadyRipp - Maybe The Gift by Julie Garwood

Maio 11, 2023, 6:55 pm

>45 Ezzareno: - Ezzareni - That’s Change of Heart by Jude Deveraux

Out 14, 2023, 4:51 am

Please there was this romantic novel I read I can't remember their names but I can remember the story completely. A doctor wakes up in the body of another guy in the past. The doctor wakes up in Medieval Scotland, he finds out that his wife doesn't like him and the death of the man he's occupying his body is very strange and probably planned. He finds out that he is involved in a conflict between two families, I believe that his wife's name is Majorie, she is quite war like her father and mum and many of her household were killed by her husband's family and she was forced to marry her husband by the lairds of Scotland. Soon she discovers that the man who wakes up from the rockslide that ends her evil husbands life is not the same guy. They slowly fall in love, other characters are a brother and sister who are like her parents to her. The brother is a warrior who once choked on a piece of meat which the doctor had to perform emergency surgery on. The sister once tried to kill the doctor by setting him on a leaking boat. The doctor finds out that the man who's body he's occupying has a more eviler brother whose goal is to rape the dead man's wife!
There is also an old woman herbalist who's medical knowledge and invention is strange for a person of her century. At the end he finds out that this was his mom who died in a plane crash when he was only 8 an ambitious doctor of her time, though he loses her again. One thing leads to another and the man's brother tried to kill the doctor who then returns to the present world and finds out that the reason he got into an accident and transmigrated into a lairds body in medieval Scotland was because he's girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend which caused him to have an accident. Willing himself he returns to medieval Scotland to his true lover. The novel wraps up with the fact that the man's brother and father died. Also the sister who tried to drown the doctor and was responsible for the rockslide that killed the man whose body the doctor was occupying reveals before she killed the man's father and herself how she let the man's father in to take his revenge against Majorie's family.

Out 21, 2023, 4:06 am

Hi all, I have a white whale of a fantasy/romance novel that I cannot remember the title of.
This is a last resort to finding it until the librarian from my old high school gets back to me (which feels deeply unlikely at this point ugh).
Plot I can remember:
Beginning- A young orphan woman's village chooses her as a funeral sacrifice after their leader dies. They are to take her to his home, let the men of her village take her as is their custom and then burn the house down with her inside. She escapes (killing all the men inside? and burning the house down before the funeral was truly started/ended) to an "enemy" nation, and is eventually assigned to their princess (runaway? Princess? Maybe??) as a servant.
Middle- Princess is secretly pregnant, and heroine helps her give birth in the way of her own people, silently. The baby is the princesses' uncle's? Maybe?
She also strikes up a friendship with a prominent solider, that eventually turns into a romance, and helps this nation's army battle her own people's army.
Endish- She acts as a distraction by standing at the bow of a boat naked, as if she was a ghost coming from the fog of the water, during an ambush. The hope is that her old countrymen would recognize her and be terrfied she had come back from the dead to wreak revenge on them.
Book ends with her and solider getting together, but I can't remember if they're married or not?

Extra bits:
-I want to say the book title is the heroine's name? Or only one word? But I am genuinely unsure.
-The edition of the book I read used "The Girl With The Pearl Earring" as the cover.
-It Is Not The Tracy Chevalier Book, this book I am looking for is 100% fantasy/adventure/romance NOT historical fiction/romance.
- It was written sometime between the early 90's and early 2000's (I think)

I genuinely want to reread this book as an adult who isn't totally mentally checked out 80% of the time like I was as a teen, any help is appreciated.
Thank you!

Out 26, 2023, 1:36 pm

Hello!!! I need some help finding this Scottish romance book (I think it's set in the highlands). The female main character is an American woman with some sort of paranormal awareness (I specifically remember her sitting in the bathtub having this vision (?) of a missing girl, or it might have been a memory of her childhood when she saw a family member die before they did (?) not clear on that). There's a Scottish lord, I think his name is Bruce McNeal/McNail/McNeil, and he has been living in London for a few years. There's a missing girl, and her body is eventually found in the crypts of the castle, and the local sheriff (police dude who's known and secretly hated the lord dude for most of their lives) tried to frame the lord for her murder. The American woman has been renting (or maybe she bought it) the castle and preforming a local/historical tragedy related to the lord's family/clan. The two main characters meet because the woman is preforming, and the lights go out (I remember there's electricity and cars, but I don't think there was internet in this book), and the man bursts in on a black stallion (which is part of the play they put on but I think her cousin (?) is supposed to play the lord from the story).

I read this book like 15 years ago, and it's definitely an adult book because there's lots of sex/sexual thoughts/sexual tension. Very descriptive sexy times. My friend referred to it as lady porn.

I really want to read it again.

ps - no one goes back in time, and it's definitely after the 1950s, phones were a common place thing, and cars were everywhere

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You guys seem to be some real romance buffs, hopefully you can help and thanks in advance!

Not normally a romance novel reader but this was a gift because it detailed a lot of information about the london slums. I believe just from what i see here, it would be regency era ?

Homeless girl, orphan, mother was in a workhouse.
Grew up on the city streets, is a pickpocket
Friends with the local.madam who feeds her
Local pimp wants her to join his team so to speak.
She works for neither, prefers picking pockets.
Lives in a crawspace under a building, is friends with a rat, shares her crumbs with it.
Details living a life in london at that time, drunk children drinking gin, hangings, prostitutes etc.
Picks a guys pocket, gets thrown in jail.
goes to court. Guys friend convinces him to get her out.
Takes her home w him, he and the friend leave her to clean up, find shes a beautiful girl once cleaned off.
Details are fuzzy at this point, she lives with the guy, he doesnt touch her they become attracted. He buys her clothes, they go out to dinners and the nightly parade to show off.
He goes to jail for some kind of moral reason, she lives with a neighbor woman who continues to teach her to be a lady.
At some point, she finds a brother who lives in cornwall. Hes rich and owns a defunct plate factory.
They get it back on its feet. New respectable guy is courting her.
Old guy comes back that went to prison, hes going to run away to the new world to run a newspaper. Stormy night and romance ensues.
I read this in the late ninties, it was a used book and was already fairly yellowed so maybe an 80s book?
At some point in the story, the pimp from earlier kidnaps her and has her in a brothel. This is after shes found her brother and is a lady i believe. The old dangerous love interest rescues her.

Edit: digging on google, she was homeless in the st giles slum of london not sure if that regency or victorian era

Thanks so much!

Nov 14, 2023, 8:37 am

Please help. I read this fiction book over 20 years ago, and loved it. It was a keeper. A couple years later Someone talked me into borrowing it and I never got it back. But ive never forgotten this book. Unfortunately memories are getting vague of all the details and I’d love to read it again. It starts with a young girl in what I believe was earlier 1900’s peeking thru a window of a dance school , wishing her family could afford lessons and I believe she was practicing outside the window with made up tap shoes. She gets caught and manages somehow to be able to attend. I think the teacher takes a liking to her. Along the way she meets a boy named Bobby and the story goes on to entwine their whole lives. They both are dancers if I remember and they go on to lead famous lives within the musical, dance or movies industry. I believe they had a love affair but can’t really remember. I keep wanting to think the book was called Time Steps? But can’t find anything by that name. It had kind of a Ginger and Fred Estaire feel to it. Thanks for any help! Truly.

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Hello! New to the group but I am looking for two books that I've read a long time ago but forgot the author and title of the book.

The first book is set in the regency era I believe. The female and male lead met in the country when they were young and were interested in each other but she was forced to marry this older man. They meet again a couple years later and she used him to get a divorce by bringing him to a cottage and drugging him. She set up the whole plan and got her divorce but the male lead didn't remember anything from that day. He ends up remembering what she did after meeting each other again and spending time togethet. she confessed everything to him and they go back to the cottage by the sea to redo the whole situation and lived happily together.

The second book is also set in regency era as well I believe. I don't really remember some of the story. The part I remember is when the female lead saved the male lead and he leaves her after getting better and she gets physically abused by her family or people around her for saving the male lead. They meet up again years later and the male lead ends up finding out that the female lead paid for her actions of saving him. I believe they had a happy ending together as well.

If yall could help me find these three books that would be great!

Dez 20, 2023, 5:13 pm

Hi guys, I'm new to the group but been trying to recall the title of a book that I read many years ago. The male lead is an IT genius and pro-hacker, and was avoiding (iirc?) divulging his secret to his family as he was afraid for their safety. The female lead was a good family friend that got roped into holiday planning (I think?), and I just remember vividly that she loved wearing elaborate hairbands. It was essentially a contemporary romance with some steamy scenes. Any thoughts? I really appreciate any help, thank you so much!

Jan 9, 10:55 am

I’m trying to find a book that I read back in England between 2001 to 2003
I can not remember the title but I remember it was a purple ish cover .
The book was about a young couple not sure if from Colombia and it was based in Paris . They were poor but he always promised a better life but never happened he finally lives her so she can marry a wealthy man but then she commits suicide putting her head in the oven and she had bird (either a canary or parrot ) that also died because of the gas .
I have spent years trying to find it with not luck.

Jan 13, 9:29 pm

Hi, everyone! Here’s a challenge for the older members of the group: I was reading a blurb about the new movie “Argyll” and it brought to mind a book I must have read in the 1980s, because the Cold War was still on. It’s about an author (from the South?) who writes spy thrillers about a guy with a code name- can’t remember the code name. She’s a little heavy, because by the end of the book, after running through forests on little food, she’s lost a lot of weight. Anyway, the real spy with that code name hooks up with her because the Russians are targeting her to find him. They go on the run, with her cat, and end up falling in love. The big bad guy in the book is code named Bigfoot and is a senator or something. The good spy guy hides the microfilm with evidence against Bigfoot half in a false tooth and half in the cat’s collar, which is why he was willing to endanger himself to save the cat. I remember so many scenes but can’t remember the title or author and it’s making me crazy!

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