Cue cat stops working? Or is it Library Thing?

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Cue cat stops working? Or is it Library Thing?

Maio 20, 2019, 9:39pm

Hello all, I am having a problem scanning books into Library Thing with Cue Cat. The same thing has happened multiple times.

I start scanning and the first 20-30 books scan fine. They are found in Library Thing and added to my collection. Then I hit a wall, and the scans start failing. No result is found and a 'SignatureDoesNotMatch' message is shown. From that point on, it's 100% failure, unless I manually enter search terms like title or author. No more bar code scanning.

But here's the weird thing- when this happens, I can take some of those early, successfully scanned books, rescan them, and they too fail. So something catastrophic happens and then I am out of luck.

It's either:

a) Cue Cat stops scanning correctly

b) There is some sort of API failure in Library Thing(but only for Cue Cat output- I can still search and add manually)

c) There is some sort of limit imposed by Library Thing for scan searches. This does not seem likely.

I have about 400-500 books to go and am going crazy, so and help is appreciated.


Jan 14, 2020, 10:00am

Just bought 2 scannesr and absolutely not working. If it is Library Thing, I would love to know. It is making me crazy reading all the tech stuff.


Mar 10, 2020, 6:22am

I also am having trouble scanning LT's own barcodes. Trying to see if a new batch of barcodes is giving me the same problems. Other barcodes are scanning okay.

Editado: Out 15, 2020, 11:54pm

Hello World - I am encountering same obstacle as Chris_Lira. First 18 scans wonderful.....then no workee......

Cuecat sensor light looks good.....but no output from it flushed into search field......i'll come back tomorrow maybe .....I was on a roll too.

Can still add obstinate items by entering ISBN. Just a bit tedious.

Further to the above I went away from LT - signed off, came back 30 mins or so later, reinserted the cuecat (gently stroking same) and load tested by continuously scanning several books - I hit 25-30 items no problem - this time.

Have a large batch to do next week - will report back afterwards.