How to make a ticker

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How to make a ticker

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Editado: Jan 1, 2020, 1:16 pm

When you are on the ticker side, this are the steps you have to take
1. Choose Crafts/Hobbies
2. Choose objects and actions counter
3. where you have to choose a pin, you click on New ticker
4. Choose a pin you can remember
5. Enter the name of your ticker, for example: ROOTs 2020 or whatever you like
6. choose your target
7. click next--> choose a ruler
8. click next--> choose a slider
9. click next--> copy the middle code (HTML)
10. paste the code in your first post and in the ticker thread

Fev 15, 2020, 1:40 pm

A ticker is very easy to use.

1. Right-click on the ticker
2. Choose: Open in new window/tab (or something like that. I'm translating from Dutch)
3. Go to the new tab
4. You see your ticker and choose 'edit/update Data & Style'
5. Enter your pin
6. Enter the number of books you want to add to Your current cumulative value, for example 3 new ROOTS read
7. You can also up your total or decrease it
8. Click on 'Next'
9. You see the page where you choose your ruler. DON'T do anything. just close the