Any interest in a "mysticism" group?


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Any interest in a "mysticism" group?

Maio 3, 2020, 5:34pm

if theres sufficient interest across related groups, id like to start a "mysticism" group to discuss comparative-historical training, practices, texts, philosophy, and history. plz post below if u might b interested!

by "mysticism" i mean those traditions generally found within religious movements that emphasize the attainment of altered states of consciousness and perception of hidden truth

-taoist internal alchemy
-hindu/buddhist yoga & tantra
-sufi art
-jewish kabbalah
-gnostic & stoic discipline
-christian ecstasies & visions
-jungian depth psychology
-wicca ritual
-new age psychedelia
-new/emergent digital folk practices, like tulpamancy
-various magical/shamanistic/dream traditions
-and more!?

anyway, post below if interested or if u have any qs !!

Maio 3, 2020, 6:10pm

Sure. Post away. It might prompt me to read more into some of those topics. Jungian depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, altered states are all dear to my heart and mind.

By Sufi art, you mean Rumi, Hafiz etc?

Maio 3, 2020, 11:58pm

ya; i dont necessarily think all sufi philosophers were engaged in "mystical" practices, but sufi music dancing and poetry all had extremely transcendental aims