How does "Vous et nul autre" generate its counts?

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How does "Vous et nul autre" generate its counts?

Ago 13, 2020, 11:05am

I started looking around, found the "Vous et nul autre" entry and ran it. I set the Shared by count to 0 and let it rip. I estimated the number of entries per screen by pasting a couple into Excel and let it count. It was rather consistently coming up with 383/full screen. It said I had 23 screens. I counted the last screen because it was less lines (351). The grand total was 8777. The total count of items I have indexed is 8205.

So what is going on? Just curious more than anything else.

I browsed through the subjects in the group and didn't find anything to explain HOW it counts stuff. I know I have plenty of books that multiple people have. I do have a lot of stuff I know nobody else has. . . old letters, ads, brochures, etc. So when someone gets bored, let me know how the thing figures out its numbers.


Ago 22, 2020, 3:49pm

I'm seeing 193 per page on your Vous et nul autre page, then 180 on the last page. 193 x 22 + 180 = 4326, compared to 4361 items showing as 1 member on your books list.