Library Closures

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Library Closures

Set 19, 2020, 2:04pm

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Library closures limit exposure to books. Not everyone has access to books from bookstores or private collections that are comparable to what a typical public library offers. When a library closes without a replacement, its physical books are destroyed or rehomed in new areas that can restrictive to the former patrons of the closed library. For library patrons who can access ebooks and audiobooks, the titles the closed library might have provided aren't always available elsewhere.

In the USA, poor pandemic responses and other political concerns have been putting the future of library funding into question. Without funding, libraries close.

For example, Nashville Public Library in Nashville, Tennessee is concerned about a proposed shortfall that the director says could force closures of 90% of its 21 libraries. The city library network was named "best in the nation" in 2017 and has a service area covering 1.5 million people. However, it would be reduced to only one or two libraries if the proposed tax rollback went through.

I doubt the rollback in Nashville will happen. But the proposal and debate around it does highlight what can threaten public access to books.

Set 19, 2020, 2:09pm

Do we really need this twice?