January 2021! What are you reading?

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January 2021! What are you reading?

Jan 1, 9:29am

Welcome to 2021! What 1001 books are you reading to start off the new year?

Jan 1, 9:31am

This year I will finally tackle Infinite Jest and read a few other books in between and around it.

Jan 2, 4:09pm

I am almost done with The Successor and I started the group read for this month, Martin Chuzzlewit.

I want to finish Pilgrimage this year (I read books 1 - 3 in 2019).

Happy 2021 everyone!

Jan 2, 5:51pm

I am participating in a year long group read of The Romance of Three Kingdoms over atthe Category Challenge. I enjoyed The Water Margin last so I am looking forward to this one a lot.

Jan 3, 5:26pm

I am listening to Zorba the Greek which I am enjoying quite a bit.

Jan 10, 7:44am

And apparently I am also reading The Three Kingdoms with the category challenge group.

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Jan 17, 9:06am

After long time no 1001 I started In Search of Lost Time on Jan 1.

Jan 21, 7:11am

I am reading The Princess of Cleves as translated by another 1001 author, Nancy Mitford. It's a bit confusing but, once you get into it, very enjoyable.

Jan 23, 6:03am

I have been away from the 1001 books for a long time - those I read over the last year and a half just happened to be on the list and were not chosen because they were - but I will try to get into the groove again. Hopefully Ivanhoe will not bring take away my will to continue!

Jan 23, 7:47am

I'm reading Americanah by Chmamanda Ngozi Adichie, which I didn't realize was on the list until just now, when I looked it up on a whim. I was reading it regardless, so it's a bonus that it's on the list. And I love Adichie's writing.