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Group Announcement and Notes

Jan 26, 1:53pm

Hello! I'm the new administrator for Banned Books.

Please let me know if you would like to see any topic threads pinned to the top of the group's Talk or if you have any questions about what to post here (though the answer will likely be "whatever you think is appropriate, as long as it's not against LibraryThing's policies").

I'll be returning to this thread to share group-related links and miscellany soon.

Jan 27, 5:21am

Received so what do I do now?

Jan 27, 5:39am

I'm still here :)

Editado: Jan 27, 11:25am

>2 bergs47: Suggestions (numbering irrelevant):

1. Look over the Banned or Challenged Books list for books to add to your own list.

2. Read through old threads.

3. Share relevant news you've seen or heard.

4. Tell us about book bans, author arrests, library destruction, or anything similar that's described in a story you've read.

5. Answer one or all of the following polls about potential activities this year.

Would you like the group to do a tagging challenge?
(An existing tag of note: Banned or Challenged Books)

Would you like a group reading challenge?

edited to remove the voting code, as it wasn't working correctly

Jan 27, 11:22am