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Jan 26, 2:54pm

Hi Everyone!
Recently joined this group as an admin, wanted to use the opportunity to welcome everyone, including the 8 new members who joined since the beginning of the year.
Keep the lively conversations going, and let me know if there's anything I can help with.

Jan 26, 4:48pm

Can you please add the link to update the progress list to the group information? Otherwise it is hidden half way down a long thread and it takes me an age to find it each time.

Jan 26, 6:48pm

>1 elik82: I've never noticed you in this group before. Do you read from the 1001 books list? I didn't realize we were getting a new admin.

Jan 27, 5:22am

>2 Helenliz: Help me here, which link are you referring to?

Jan 27, 5:25am

>3 japaul22: Nice to meet you japaul22! I joined the group recently myself and responded to a call by LibraryThing looking for admins for adminless groups. I'm going to start by figuring out which of the 1001 books I already read.

Jan 27, 7:01am

>2 Helenliz: The link in the first post of the thread works. I know it was broken for a while, but it was fixed. :)

>5 elik82: The link to the wiki for the Progress index:
thread: https://www.librarything.com/topic/159951#
wiki: https://wiki.librarything.com/index.php/1001_Progress_Index

Jan 27, 7:21am

And if anyone else is interested in being an admin for this group, please apply. :) On the group home page, in the right sidebar just above the red "Search Members Books" there is a link "this group is looking for an admin".

More info here: https://www.librarything.com/topic/328882

Jan 27, 7:51am

>5 elik82: It might be nice if you'd let us know what skills and experience you bring to the role. What drew you to volunteer to administer this group?

Jan 27, 8:10am

>6 ELiz_M: Excellent, thanks ELiz_M! Now added the link to the group information.

Jan 27, 8:12am

>1 elik82: Hi Eli, welcome to the group. If you are updating the progress index, could you please add me in? As of today I am at 678 books read. Thank you.

Jan 27, 8:13am

>7 ELiz_M: ah, I never even saw that “apply to be an admin” because on my phone it’s way at the bottom - an area I never scroll to. I’m sure others are the same.

Jan 27, 8:14am

>8 Helenliz: Sure!
My skills are in the field of IT, I mainly work with business databases but gathered, mainly through trial and error, competence in a variety of IT systems and environments.
My experience is enthousiasm for books. I love reading and have been using LibraryThing for years.

Jan 27, 8:18am

>10 BentleyMay: No problem! Going forward you can go ahead and update your progress there.

Jan 27, 8:22am

>12 elik82: thanks. With you not being a previously active member of the group, it's good to understand a little about who you are.

Jan 27, 9:20am

Popping in to say that this was a group that I thought a) should get a new admin soon and b) should probably have two admins given its size. elik82 was very enthusiastic about the role and the application expressed a desire to be more involved on the site and in this group. I do hope someone else will step forward so there can be co-admins. Application box is still there and awaiting volunteers.

Jan 27, 1:17pm

>13 elik82: Wow, thanks!

Jan 27, 3:23pm

>15 megbmore: Thanks! :)

Editado: Jan 27, 3:34pm

I forgot to do the polite thing and say hello and welcome to the group.

>5 elik82: I look forward to seeing your thread and posts about what you're reading. :)

ETA: Eli, when you have a moment, can you add a link to this wiki page in the description? https://wiki.librarything.com/index.php/1001_Books:_Finding_Aid

The topic got buried when the primary person behind creating the wiki (for lack of finding a better word) disappeared.

Jan 27, 4:33pm

>18 ELiz_M: Thanks, going to add my thread soon!
I've updated the description with the link.

Jan 27, 5:45pm

>15 megbmore: Hi. It probably would have helped if LT had let us know that they were looking for admin for this group and what the role of the admin is. I've followed through the links and understand better now. It was a bit of a surprise to get the first post on this thread without any notice - at first I assumed it was spam!

>1 elik82: Welcome to the group! As you are new to the group I thought I'd give you an overview of what the group does in case you haven't worked it out.

The primary focus of the group is Peter Boxall's 1001 Books You Must Read Read Before You Die which was first published in 2006. There was a major revision in 2008 which added a lot of international authors at the expense of the original English language focused list, and then further minor revisions in 2010, 2012 and 2018. The combined total of books in the various editions is 1315. There is a spreadsheet developed by arukiyomi which is used by many members, and there was an iphone app which is very useful but no longer available.

The members of the group read a selection of these books and post their list of books read and usually a short review/comment on their own threads.

We have three monthly group threads - a Group Read (which I organise), a Group Challenge run by JayneCM and a "What are you reading?" thread started by Eliz_M.

There are international versions of the book which bring in other books, and 1001 Children's Books you must Read before you grow up. A few members use these lists for their thread.

As others have mentioned there are some wikis that would be good to have posted/pinned for easy access - the Progress Index and 1001 Book Finding Aid have been mentioned. At some point it would be useful to have the complete 1315 books listed - I have this at the start of my thread but having a complete list pinned somewhere with tags/touchstones would be helpful for new and old members alike.

Welcome again and I look forward to seeing both your list and your admin improvements.

Jan 27, 9:51pm

>1 elik82: Welcome!

Jan 28, 3:42am

>20 puckers: Cheers, this is very helpful.
I started putting a few useful links at the group description, shall link your post with the complete list. What an admirable achievement!

Jan 28, 3:44am

>21 DeltaQueen50: thank you :D

Jan 28, 6:44am

Welcome, and thanks for all your help already!

Jan 29, 9:41am

>24 annamorphic: My pleasure!

Jan 31, 11:25pm

>20 puckers: The main page has had an announcement that this group is looking for an admin for some weeks....I don't come here often but I saw it the last time I was here, maybe 2 weeks ago? It's still there! (I read they are looking for a 2nd admin)

Fev 4, 4:25pm

I'm gong to turn off the call for an admin on this group, mostly so it will go off of my list of groups that need an admin. elik82 can add a second or third admin at any time, so again, if anyone wants to volunteer, please do so in this thread.

Fev 9, 3:18pm

Random: I just came across this.
It lists all the books and shows the cover of each, you can also mark which ones you've read.
I'll add the link to the group description as a useful resource.

Fev 9, 7:46pm

>28 elik82: That list seems to have an extra: 1316 books are listed and I believe the list is only 1315 books.

Fev 9, 8:07pm

>29 ELiz_M: sounds like a task for a dull weekend! The numbering is very different from the app so no easy solution there. Nice to have all the book covers together though, even at the risk of reading one you didn’t have to 😱

Fev 10, 9:20am

I use ListChallenge's lists all the time. Other lists that might be of interest to the group include The 100 most popular Boxall picks, The 1001 Children's books you must read before you grow up, The 1001 Comics to read before you die, and, for the real completists, the Guardian and 1001 books you must read before you die combined lists. All of those can be found using the search feature of the site.

Fev 10, 10:28am

ListChallenge also has the Dutch version of the 1001 list, so I use that one too.

Fev 10, 1:35pm

>31 paruline: That's really cool! Will go to explore now :)

Fev 11, 3:47pm

an admin... hilarious. After nearly 15 years! Ha! We seemed to have got on fine so far.

But I am truly fascinated to see what having admins will do.... oooohh... a new era at last!

Anyway... seeing as I'm here... here's a shameless plug to the (almost) mandatory spreadsheet!

Fev 12, 9:31pm

>1 elik82: one additional thread that might be worth tagging to the top of the group description is the list of all Group Reads since 2010. Not only helpful for deciding which books to nominate, but provides links to group discussions on over 100 books on the list.

I've bumped the thread to the top of the group discussion list so you can find it.

Fev 13, 3:44am

>35 puckers: Excellent, thanks!