This one time I read...

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This one time I read...

Jan 27, 11:31am

What have you read (fiction or nonfiction) that's about book banning, government challenges of reading material, or related topics?

Jan 27, 11:56am

The first thing that comes to my mind is a Japanese book series that has been adapted for other media. The original The Library War books by Hiro Arikawa have not been officially released in English. However, the teen manga Library Wars: Love and War by Kiiro Yumi was released by the American publisher/distributer Viz Media.

These stories are fiction, but each manga volume starts with "The Library Freedom Act", inspired by the Japanese Statement on Intellectual Freedom in Libraries, which I think was based on the library section of the USA's Freedom of Information Act.

Library Wars' Freedom Act says,

Libraries have the freedom to acquire their collections.

Libraries have the freedom to circulate materials in their collections.

Libraries guarantee the privacy of their patrons.

Libraries oppose any type of censorship.

When libraries are imperiled, librarians will join together to secure their freedom.