March 2021 Group Challenge

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March 2021 Group Challenge

Fev 16, 9:29pm

You guessed it - we are heading to Ireland this month!

Read a book by an Irish author or set in Ireland.

There is a handy list here of books from the list by country setting. Not necessarily completely accurate but a great starting point.

Fev 16, 10:41pm

Judging by that list the Irish certainly love to tell a story. While Borstal Boy is written by an Irish author about an Irish prisoner it is set entirely in England so may not fit the bill for some. The rest though look to be fully Irish and I'll pick The Real Charlotte by Somerville and Ross as this is likely to be lighter fare than my remaining Beckett's and O'Briens.

Fev 17, 6:03pm

The group read in March is going to be The Book of Evidence by John Banville. So I'll be reading that and I'm not sure if I will be able to fit anything else in but there are lots of good choices.

Fev 17, 7:45pm

I'll also be reading The Book of Evidence for the March group read. March is Women's History Month, so I'll read a female Irish author for the group challenge. Not sure what yet.

Fev 17, 8:32pm

>3 DeltaQueen50: ah that’s lucky to have an Irish author for the other group read. I will plan to join in on that one and do both challenges with one book!

Fev 18, 5:09am

>3 DeltaQueen50: Oops, I didn't realise that! It is always good to have a double though!