Group Read, April and May 2021: Nominations

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Group Read, April and May 2021: Nominations

Mar 13, 3:26pm

Time to think about our group reads for April and May. Please nominate up to two books, and second as many of the nominations as you like. We’ll have a poll of seconded books in around a week.

Editado: Mar 14, 10:23am

I'd like to nominate Heartbreak Tango and The Circle.

Forgive me if they've been done before but I can't seem to find the list of all the books we've covered in Group Reads. Can anyone link us to that? Or maybe I'm thinking of another group?

Mar 14, 11:19am

>2 arukiyomi: It is the first pinned topic on the group home page

Editado: Mar 14, 5:19pm

I'd like to nominate Group Portrait with Lady and Man's Fate

I second Heartbreak Tango

Mar 15, 12:36pm

I would like to nominate The House in Paris by Elizabeth Bowen and Hideous Kinky by Esther Freud.

I second The Circle.

Editado: Mar 16, 6:53pm

I would like to nominate A Promise at Dawn by Romain Gary. We read his The Roots of Heaven as a group years ago and I recall it being a good read.

Mar 16, 10:23am

I second A Promise at Dawn as well.

Mar 18, 5:38pm

Thanks Eliz_M... It's not there for me.

Mar 18, 6:02pm

>9 arukiyomi: It is a pinned topic on the Talk list rather than a "useful link" - for me anyway.

Mar 18, 6:09pm

There were six books seconded for the group reads so we will have a poll.

Please vote only once, but you can vote for as many books as you like:

The results are here:

The poll will close in around a week

Mar 25, 12:39am

As so often happens our poll was inconclusive. Three books had equal votes so I have set up a new poll to pick one of these as our April group read. Please vote for one book only, and vote only once. The remaining two books will go in a separate poll for our May group read.

Results are here:

I'll close the poll in a few days.

Mar 28, 4:12pm

Heartbreak Tango was the winner of the poll for our April read and I will set up a thread for this group read in a few days.

One of the remaining two books will be our group read for May. Please vote for one book on the poll below:

Results are here:

I'll close this poll in about a week.

Abr 5, 3:03pm

Hideous Kinky will be the May group read.