Group Read, April 2021: Heartbreak Tango

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Group Read, April 2021: Heartbreak Tango

Mar 31, 2:01pm

Our April group read is Heartbreak Tango by Manuel Puig. Please join us in the read and post any comments on this thread.

Abr 8, 3:31pm

I have the book and look forward to starting soon. Anybody else?

Abr 8, 4:18pm

I’m waiting for my copy from the library, so I expect to take part as well.

Abr 8, 6:54pm

Yes, I have an electronic copy and will start in a week or so.

Abr 9, 5:25am

Finished reading it. Liked the style but as for the content I didn't feel moved by it.

Abr 14, 6:32am

finished this a month or so ago and really enjoyed it... loved the way that Puig built the story gradually from a really wide range of viewpoints using different styles of writing. The story is one where everyone comes of age... sometimes brutally. It's got a couple of twists and is a great illustration of what happens when we hold back and don't pursue our dreams when we can. Unfortunately, three foster boys are preventing me from writing much more than this but I will get round to a full review eventually.

Abr 17, 10:01am

This book is wild! So many wonderful voices. I especially liked Nene’s letters at the beginning, the way she writes and thinks, such a great mixture of naive and manipulative.

Maio 9, 4:24pm

A bit late to the party. I thought the book was well done, and there were some interesting characters. I especially enjoyed Nene and I really liked the way she and her husband decided to make the best of it at the end.

Jun 19, 6:10pm