May 2021: What are you reading?

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May 2021: What are you reading?

Maio 1, 7:16am

Happy orthodox Easter and international workers' day. What 1001 boos are you laboring over this month?

Maio 1, 7:17am

I'm nearly done with volume one of The Three Kingdoms and will probably pick up Under the Yoke next.

Maio 1, 8:56am

I started The Virgin in the Garden last night. I will read The Waves for this month's group challenge.

Maio 1, 12:37pm

Reading The Tin Drum - I expected it to be heavy going but so far enjoying the hilarious characters.

Maio 10, 10:34am

I have started Women in love - 500 pages of minuscule paperback print - and expect to join the group read once the library elfs deliver a copy.

Maio 16, 2:45am

Waiting for my library to deliver Hideous Kinky.
Until then I am reading Stella Prize books, and the Miles Franklin longlist is announced tomorrow - this must be why I make so little progress on the 1001 list!

Maio 16, 5:31pm

A month of rereads. Reread THe Empire of the Sun for my book club, and also read Ballard's autobiography -- the combination was really fascinating.
Now rereading Pride and Prejudice for a Jane Austen project. Hadn't read this since high school. Quite fun!

Maio 20, 8:47pm

I’m finally reading something off the list! A really wonderful nonfiction book I recently read led me to pick up A Testament of Youth and Murder Must Advertise. I’m enjoying both.

Maio 27, 7:52pm

I recently finished The Garden Where the Brass Band Played and am almost done with By the Open Sea. I just might have enough time for one more book during the upcoming holiday weekend.

Maio 29, 1:13pm

I am finishing up my May Group challenge choice of The Waves and also Life and Times of Michael K.

Editado: Maio 29, 5:17pm

Just finished Invisible Cities which was intriguing.