It's the Glorious 25th of May!

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It's the Glorious 25th of May!

Maio 25, 2021, 10:27 am

The Glorious 25th of May (how they do rise up) - "Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably-Priced Love and a Hard-Boiled Egg!" Wear Lilac and Remember.

Night Watch is one of my favourites and I think I will start re-reading it today.

Also (and I know I'm mixing fandoms but I don't think Sir Terry would mind) Happy Towel Day!

Maio 25, 2021, 10:54 am

>1 tardis: Happy lilac towel day!

I read the 1996 historical novel Incomparable World recently and the chapter for 29 May 1786 had a surprise for me: "This was William's second spring in London, and already he knew the routine. At the lilacs' last blooming the suburban poor would take their demands to the city-centre streets. Draymen, cabbies, builders, clerks and tailors marched shirtless and cudgel-handed from Shoreditch, Ratcliffe, Dalston and Somers Town. William had witnessed riots before: food riots in Boston and Charlestown, but nothing could have prepared him for the spectacle of English urban disturbance."

Maio 30, 2021, 10:27 am

My lilacs were over in April. And I forgot my towel. Oh well, maybe next year.

Maio 6, 2022, 6:42 pm

Glad I was scrolling through old threads, this day is coming up! Sadly, lilacs are finished here, but I can wear a towel to work! I have a new job as of February, and as usual, none of them are scifi-fantasy fans, but I am introducing them. I wore a lovely brooch I inherited which bears a striking resemblance to a Star Trek communicator, and I greeted them on the 4th with May the 4th be with you.

I might have to search for a brooch of lilacs since they never seem to bloom at the right time here.

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