Hello from a debut author, Journey To The Heartland

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Hello from a debut author, Journey To The Heartland

Ago 11, 2022, 2:30 am

Hello, everyone. I am a new author, Xiaolong Huang. I wrote my debut book, Journey to the Heartland. It just came out. Honestly, the story in the book is based on my real life, but toned down a lot, just so I can better deliver the message I wanted to deliver within my time.

Basically, my father is gay. Due to the oppressive social environment in 80s in China, he needs to have a covet operation for his desire. Since I was young, he started bring young men home one after another under the cover of private tutoring and often times occupy it for days, when my mom and I was home. It quickly became an abusive and depressing home condition. I survived with my mom's love and care. Then I came to United States, luckily due to my academic aptitude. My life experience in United States becomes very meaningful to me for my pursuit of intellect, love, justice, and humanity. Especially, I see everyday people's life struggle, be African American, be immigrant, be working class Americans in 2008 financial crisis, gay and women in 2008 prop 8 and pro 4 protest, everyday people in last two election cycles, and see that all people struggles from different cultures, different personal conditions and different continents share commonalities.

So I wrote this book in a hope of softening people's heart and hopefully enlightening them to be more kind and brave, together build a more just and vibrant future for mankind, especially in this upcoming turbulent time.

You can find my book, Journey To The Heartland, info from my author page. I told people that my engineer job supported me well. This is really not for money, as it will be quicker to go to a super market corner asking for it. However cheesy, or hopeless people may think, I really do it for all the everyday people out there who make an honest living.

SPR did give a good review to it. It gave me some confidence for the reading experience. I spent three years working on it, as I do have a grueling corporate engineering day job. It's long over due as friends and strangers have asked me to do it many years ago.

I'd be happy if readers read my story and see a good path to their own heartland, and hopefully, that is humanity and compassion, that is really my thesis. And hope you also help spread the words.

Thank you.

Xiaolong Huang