snow white caldecott


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snow white caldecott

Editado: Jan 25, 11:44 pm

There are two snow white translations that received the caldecott honor

1. translated and illustrated by wanda gag - 1938

2. illustrated by-Nancy Ekholm Burkert; translated by jarrell. - 1972

given the differences in translation- however slight- and the different illustrators both having received the same award in different decades-

might it be preferable to separate out these edition; people reading the caldecotts will be looking for these editions and might find it confusing.

for instance, because they are all grouped together, it is the 1972 image that appears in the 1938 slot

Jan 26, 9:24 am

>1 EGBERTINA: Sure. I think they should be separate. Good winter project for someone.

Jan 26, 1:21 pm

>2 2wonderY: ok. i will make rudimentary efforts later, today.

Jan 26, 3:35 pm

ok I think I succeeded