March KiddyCAT YA Historical Fiction

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March KiddyCAT YA Historical Fiction

Fev 14, 1:07 pm

I'm going to read The Light in the Forest a tale of a child taken by the Lenni Lenapi and then returned 11 years later.

Fev 14, 3:34 pm

I think I'm going to read A Lantern in Her Hand by Bess Streeter Aldrich.

Fev 14, 3:58 pm

I'm considering A shadow in the north by Philip Pullman or A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly. Maybe both.

Fev 14, 6:10 pm

>4 VivienneR: - I just read A Northern Light last month and liked it.

Fev 14, 9:38 pm

The two that jump out at me (though I still need to check what's available at my library) are:

- Resistance / Jennifer A. Neilsen
- Beyond the Burning Time / Kathryn Lsky

Fev 15, 12:16 am

>5 dudes22: Great, thanks for the recommendation!

Fev 15, 4:43 am

I might follow up January's read of The eagle of the Ninth with the Lantern Bearers.

Fev 15, 10:30 pm

I think I own nearly all the books pictured above!
I love YA historical fiction, so it will be hard to narrow down a choice.

Fev 16, 1:55 pm

Mara, Daughter of the Nile would fulfill March's RandomKIT topic of water as well.
Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran is one of my favorites in this genre.

Fev 16, 3:54 pm

I will probably read one of the Aggie Morton series that I just downloaded.

Fev 16, 9:56 pm

>10 soelo: I'll second "Cleopatra's Daughter"! It's one of my favourites by Moran.

Fev 21, 5:35 pm

I haven't picked mine yet, but I would suggest So Many Beginnings which is about one of the Freedean's colonies in the American South during the 1860s.

Mar 1, 4:52 pm

I read The Austen Girls which also counted for both letters of the AlphaKIT challenge.

Mar 2, 8:12 pm

Editado: Mar 9, 9:05 pm

Just saw this come up on Goodreads - new YA historical fiction.

Mar 12, 6:21 pm

>16 JayneCM: Thanks. I've been struggling with what to read for this.

Mar 14, 7:04 pm

I read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak for this month's challenge.

Mar 16, 12:36 pm

And I figure out what to read. Well, accidentally. I read this in my quest to read as many of the GoodReads Best of 2022 titles (in my preferred categories) as I can this year.

Anatomy by Dana Schwartz

Mar 19, 6:06 am

>21 dreamweaver529: What did you think? I really enjoyed this one.

Mar 19, 6:10 am

I'm reading Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys and also have Out of Darkness by Ashley Hope Pérez lined up.

Editado: Mar 19, 3:07 pm

>22 JayneCM: It was good, and I wouldn't avoid the author in the future. I enjoyed the characters and the world-building, but the plot...I have questions If Dr. Beecham was the big baddy with the magic goo that no one else had to do all the Dr. Frankenstein surgeries, then how did Dr. Straine do the tooth thing in the beginning? Or did I miss something important later?

Mar 22, 11:40 pm

Curse of the Blue Tattoo / L. A. Meyer
4 stars

(Book 2 of the series.) It’s 1803 in Boston. Jacky is off her ship since they found out she’s a girl and is at a boarding school (I missed where the money came from to pay for it). The school is meant to teach this orphan and former homeless waif and sometimes thief to be a “lady”. Of course, she really doesn’t fit in and she learns how mean some girls can be. However, she still manages to make a friend in outcast Amy. Jacky misses beau Jaimy and writes plenty of letters, hoping to catch him on whatever ship he is now on. And she tries to stay out of the way of the Reverend(?) Mather.

I listened to the audio and really liked this! The narrator is very good, with Jacky’s cockney accent and any other accents thrown her way. Jacky’s fun, but can go a little too far, sometimes, for sure. But a very enjoyable book and enjoyable series.

Mar 23, 9:37 am

>25 LibraryCin:
I loved the high-spirited, clever and mischievous Jacky Faber I read them all!

Mar 23, 9:54 pm

>26 nrmay: I'm hoping my library continues to have the audios as I continue the series. :-)

Mar 25, 2:39 pm

>26 nrmay: New series for me, and definitely now on my TBR list.

Mar 26, 12:06 pm

>28 LadyoftheLodge:
Loved them enough to re-read some day! And I rarely re-read. Riotous adventure and laugh-out-loud funny.
I preferred the books; the audio voices didn't match my imagined ones.

Mar 27, 8:18 am

Finished The Lantern Bearers. This is really quite good. And thought provoking. Captures the darker side of war 9albveit implied in some cases) as well as the impact of divided loyalties.

Mar 29, 11:44 am

Just found this challenge, and realized I'd been reading as if already knew about it.

Crispin: The Cross of Lead was my first book by Avi, wow. I'll add it to the wiki.

For those of you who have read The Light in the Forest, I'd recommend the companion book A Country of Strangers.

I've also read and recommend these from the OP:

The Calico Captive
The Bronze Bow
The Sign of the Beaver
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
The Family Under the Bridge
Johnny Tremain


The Upstairs Room
Catherine Called Birdy (this one is funny)
The Moved-Outers
Adam of the Road
The Door in the Wall
Number the Stars
Blue Willow
Indian Captive
Caddie Woodlawn

and by Irene Hunt, the most excellent:

Across Five Aprils

Mar 31, 2:19 pm

I read Mara, Daughter of the Nile for this one and it was a lot more involved than I expected. Dueling plots and lots of characters. I will certainly read more from McGraw.

Abr 1, 5:52 pm

>31 fuzzi: Thanks for all the recommendations!

For this challenge, I finished the first Aggie Morton book, The Body Under the Piano, and enjoyed it very much. It's quite charming and I loved all the nods to Agatha Christie and her works.

Abr 3, 10:41 am

>33 mathgirl40: you're most welcome. I have been trying to read Newberys I'd missed over the years, and it's led me to read a LOT of YA.

Nov 21, 4:22 am

Just catching up CATs and KITs that I have done yet and FINALLY got to my read for this one!
I read We Are Not Free by Traci Chee, about Japanese Americans who were incarcerated during World War II.