Newbie question - series with different permutations of works


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Newbie question - series with different permutations of works

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General doubt:

There's a series (link bellow) of about 20~ works which were published in different combinations by different publishers. So, for example, if the books A, B, C, D and E are part of a series, in order of first publication, the Brasiliense publisher made different editions with, eg: FIRST EDITION (A+E), (C+B), (D) or SECOND EDITION (A+C), (E+B), (D vol.1) and (D vol.2). Were letters are titles and titles in parenthesis are the volumes in the series.

In this case, since it's a mess, how I could clean the entries? Not only that, but different editions are mixed (for example, book (A) and book (A+B) were combined at some point*) (there's many more works found in the search. these are only from my personal library)

*Not wanting to abuse your kindness, all the times when I manually added books with the name "Title 1 / Title 2" the system merged it with the works that mach only the "Title 1". Is this a bug?


The author, Monteiro Lobato, has 23 works in this series, as seen here:
Some publishers combined his works, others didn't. Here can be seen two Complete Sets with 12 or 16 volumes by Brasiliense:

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The autocombiner only looks at about twenty characters in the title. If it gets things wrong, the book can be separated and combined with the correct work.

I just separated

Works that include both A and A+B need to have separating done. As long as the works are wrong, there is no way to try to clean up the series.

After that the best bet is probably to use numbers on the original series and label other works by which of those original works are included.

It's a good idea to enter work relationships to avoid things being recombined. I've just added that for the work I separated.

See Darkover

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Thank you!