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rikki tikki tavi

Mar 7, 6:07 pm


the cover uses an adapted cover - but it names original author.

there is a version adapted by pinkney- and i think i separated those out;

but when i click to add this version from above link- it wants to add the pinkney version. I cannot seem to find how they are connected.

Mar 8, 1:12 am

Although I am very familiar with the story, I don't know the edition shown. Is Jerry Pinkney the illustrator or has the text been altered from Kipling's original. The Kipling story is a short story from The Jungle Book (first volume, 1894). I think it was first published in a magazine but I don't see mention of that in the Wikipedia article for the story.

It was not often published separately. This cover may be the most popular. That is the unfortunate nature of LT work covers. They show the most "popular" or common covers. But you can upload your own cover for your copy to be shown in your catalog.


Mar 8, 6:19 am

>2 Keeline: pinkney is an adaptation. it shouldn't be combined with original.