Gawd Hope I'm doing this

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Gawd Hope I'm doing this

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Abr 20, 2008, 4:00pm

Hi there , thought this might be a great place to vent , rant and I'm Terri , and I have 9 kids, some of who never leave home , some who keep re-appearing and some who actually moved out!, They range in age from 31 to 12. There are 3 boys , 6 Girls , at 16 they all got ladders and suitcases! I have 3 wonderful grandkids who I spoil rotten to get my mothers revenge!. I read books , with print, pretty much anything. I tend to go in spurts of diff types. At one time I had the largest collection of romances but haven't read one in years, and just recently donated over 2500 to local charities and such( no I don't want any more!!) If I count all the kids books( I read everything my kids read) I read I probably read close to 500 books a year.Most of them mindless pleasure reads. I'm a collector of things, Ty's , Harrod Bears, Plates, Dolls , Charms , Polar Bears, Movies, and Books. The local school loves using my place for scavengar hunts! I live in Alberta Canada and am a die hard TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS fan! I also support the Leyton Orient Football(soccer). I live on 320 acres of Horse Ranch. We have Arabians and Morgans. I recently retired due to medical, darn M.S. , from Search and Rescue in the Canadian North , Inuvik. I tend to live from crisis to crisis , from "omg moments" to "this is not happening moments"!..(might be because of all the kids?). Feel free to vent along with me , sanity is

Maio 23, 2008, 1:02pm

Sanity is always optional!

Maio 23, 2008, 1:21pm

Especially around here...

Welcome and yes, you're doing this right...8^}

Ago 6, 2008, 5:33pm

Terri (1) wrote: "at 16 they all got ladders and suitcases!"

When my Dad found out how much my cousin's wedding cost (and this was 25 years or so ago), he offered me $1,000 and a ladder. It then went to $5,000, and finally $10,000.

I never took him up on it.

Interesting to know someone else made a similar offer. If you want to get them out of the house quicker, up the offer--but do set a minimum age. You don't want the 12-year-old eloping!

BTW, I'm a New Yorker and cannot imagine one family (even with 9 kids) have 320 acres!

Out 25, 2009, 6:24pm

Wow, 320 acres and 9 kids. GEEES, I have 20 acres and 2 kids....almost the same ratio......both my girls left home....700 miles away. I sure could use some noise....too quiet.....

I get collecting things.... I do to....books, rocks, pets (dogs and cats not horses), bells...crazy huh? Oh that's right your said sanity optional....

Welcome to is a good place to vent.....