The Westing Game


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The Westing Game

Mar 13, 10:14 pm

Does anybody know what's going on with The Westing Game? There's a ton of separate works now, which definitely has not been the case until recently:

Is someone separating them off one by one? I don't see any reason they shouldn't be combined (though I will need help with the over-300-copies works.

Mar 13, 10:22 pm

>1 norabelle414: That’s weird.

The Helpers log seems to be down for me so not sure when that happened. Maybe someone not understanding how LT works or looking for a way to make the Add Books button add the specific edition(s)?

I can combine them in the morning if no one else does overnight and no one sees a reason for them to stay that way.

Mar 13, 10:41 pm

>2 AnnieMod: I figured out the helpers log problem. When you try to change the timeframe it adds the timeframe to the end of the URL instead of replacing the previous timeframe. You can fix it by fixing the URL by hand: (I'll make a bug report for that shortly.)

8 editions of The Westing Game were separated out on the 8th by a relatively new user, so I think it's safe to recombine them. The user (AmazighUrsa) has not made any other changes.

Mar 13, 10:57 pm

>3 norabelle414: Ah, awesome. I am on my phone for the night (thus the “I’ll combine them in the morning”) and looking at URLs from the phone is challenging. Was planning to chase that tomorrow as well.

Yeah - new users sometimes expect the site to work differently. :(

Editado: Mar 13, 11:34 pm

i was able to combine them into three groups- which i cannot combine farther because of too much love

Editado: Mar 14, 1:30 pm

Everyone is back together again now. They were feeling lonely all out in the wind on their own ;)

I will drop a note to Kristi in case she wants to talk to the editor who separated them and point them to how the site actually works.