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Anyone Here have a Blog?

Mar 25, 2023, 11:27 am

So, do you have a blog? Where is it? What is it about?

If you are an author, is there a connection between your blog and your book?

Editado: Abr 17, 2023, 2:16 pm

Yes, I do. It's about Slow travel in Italy and Spain and I started it in 2018 when I went on an extended trip by car to Spain. There's no connection between the blog and my book. Indeed, I'm not sure the blog is very well written, I probably wouldn't use it as an example of my writing skills! But it is, hopefully, informative and my husband provides the photos and he's good at that.
I used to take part in a lot of travel forums and got quite a lot of visits. After I started writing I didn't have time any more and now it's levelled off to about 600 visits per month, which I'm pleased about. I write about my trips.

Editado: Abr 19, 2023, 3:33 pm

I have 2 blogs. One's for my day job, and I occasionally post educational cases there. The other's for my author stuff. There, I post around monthly with a roundup of my book reviews (ones I've written, I mean!), any news about my writing and a few microfiction pieces with illustrations.

Writing blog:

Teaching blog:

Mar 26, 2023, 3:19 am

I do have a blog, and I love posting on it! It has the usual pages for each of my books, and buy buttons, but I also post all my newsletters there for those who haven't yet subscribed, plus posts on the historical research I'm doing (I write historical mysteries). So yes, the blog is intimately tied to my books and their setting (Victorian England).

Mar 26, 2023, 6:23 pm

I have a blog on my website (and on Substack), with mainly humorous articles addressing various aspects of writing, with some directly referencing my novels.

I'm a bit of a contrarian so a lot of the pieces argue against 'conventional wisdom' from my point of view conviction that all writing advice is opinion. They are a lot of fun to write.

Editado: Abr 18, 2023, 11:18 am

Just created one on Substack, but to be honest I doubt I'll devote much time to it.

Edit, here's the link

Editado: Abr 10, 2023, 6:35 pm

My blog has several themed days , along with something I want to talk about. I don't always post everyday, but it is close.
Music Monday: I share a band or artist I enjoy.
Tuesday Tirade: I bitch about something, usually Amazon
Weird Wednesday: I post my two cartoons, The Miniscules and The Untitled, and write about something odd.
Thursday Thoughts: Just what it sounds like
Free Book Friday: I post the book promos I am in and author features and/or interviews
Weekend Wrap-up: I link to my pervious posts.
Sunday: and on the 7th day ...

I find blogging is a good way to expand my writing topics and styles. Usually it is either humorous, satirical, or cynical. Usually all three.

Abr 16, 2023, 10:51 am

My blog is a humorous account of what inspired the writing of my trilogy, The Antunite Chronicles, and interpretations of the poems therein. Check it out at:

Abr 17, 2023, 1:46 pm

Could everyone that didn't include a link to their blog please go back and edit one in?

...Unless you don't want anyone here checking out your blog.
I guess that might be reasonable if its aimed at a specific audience.

Abr 18, 2023, 11:18 am

Abr 19, 2023, 3:34 pm

>9 LShelby: I suspect we all felt a bit coy about not wanting to self-promote!

Editado: Ago 20, 2023, 8:41 am

Hello all,
I am new here and this is my first post. I am about to release my 3rd book, entitled Music Head, and I do have a blog. My blog pertains to news about music and musicians from the golden era of Rock - now dubbed 'Classic Rock' for better or worse. My book is a memoir styled history of Rock 'n' Roll and I am seeking someone to review the book in exchange for a finalized copy. I have put a small excerpt of the book on the blog today (April 24, 2023). I look forward to hearing from you and having some nice conversations here on LibraryThing. Cheers, Michael
Update Aug. 20, 2023. Launched the book at a neighboring winery to huge success and will be updating my blog today. I haven't heard from anybody, but not surprised. How do you start a following?

Abr 30, 2023, 6:39 pm

I'm beginning to rethink the blog thing. Right now, mine is on my website. I don't go there enough. But I'm not good at 'sharing' thoughts unless I'm asked something. More of a listener and thinker than a speaker, I guess. My blog consists mostly of articles I've done for the Sherlockian journal.

Jul 9, 2023, 8:39 am

Sure do! I've been writing a blog about figure skating history since 2013:

Ago 1, 2023, 4:01 pm

I have a blog but it's mostly book promo, book reviews, short fiction, and writing tips. The home page is static since I don't post all the time so that way the website doesn't look out of date. (Does that make sense?)
I do enjoy themed blogs like the travel ones but haven't sorted out if I have anything like that in me.