Erosion of Democracy

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Erosion of Democracy

Mar 25, 12:27 pm

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Right-wing populist and nationalist narratives are used by some political elites to rewrite history and give the "corporate state" the appearance of democratic legitimacy. When it comes to fostering public concerns about freedom, justice, equality, and social dialogue, they are scarcely effective. They urge "the people" to give additional undemocratic solutions to pressing issues despite widespread protests and opposition to their policies. Freedom is restricted, control is centralised, society is divided, the climate is destroyed, and they institutionalize their privilege in the process. The radical right is intolerant and aggressive, trying to capture the state for authoritarian ends and to nationalize capitalism. There is a polarising impact of capitalism on social life (inequality, insecurity, and poverty) and the failure of representative democracy to offer solutions to the problems. Such solutions are simpler for the radical right, which has no commitment to democracy or civil liberties. The radical right wants to impose order on society by any means, including violence and intimidation. As a result, violence, fear, propaganda, and other powerful anti-democratic tools are eschewed in favour of education and organising communities through dialogue and negotiation.

Mar 27, 3:03 am

Esta mensagem foi marcada como abusiva por vários utilizadores e por isso não é mostrada (mostre)
Excerpt from the book - EROSION OF DEMOCRACY – How to save a dying democracy?

This book is a first part of the Democracy, a series or trilogy of three non-fiction books written by - J. Dhopte.

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Mar 27, 9:50 am

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