Combining-Problems with [Fiston Mwanza Mujila] and [Wilfried N'Sondé]


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Combining-Problems with [Fiston Mwanza Mujila] and [Wilfried N'Sondé]

Mar 29, 12:44 pm

While cleaning up the nationalities of my authors, I encountered three problems which I could not solve.
Two of these problems are probably combiner problems. I tried to split the authors. I did not succeed. I hope that I have not made things worse.
The two authors are:
- Fiston Mwanza Mujila
- Wilfried N'Sondé

The third problem is found at under "Not set" (14 entries).
Between the authors Gabriela Huber and Kai Laborenz there is an empty entry marked only by a dot.

Can you help me with the solution?


(Translated with free version)

Mar 29, 1:18 pm

I think the empty dot, may have been Rolf Käppeli who had two separate pages. I have now combined them.

Mar 29, 1:40 pm

>1 birder4106: Um, why are you splitting single authors? If all the books on the page are for that author, it doesn't need to be split.
If it is just to link it to another single author page, then the two pages should be combined, not aliased.

Also, if a data point is unknown, it's preferred to keep it blank than to fill it in with unknown.

Mar 30, 5:46 am

>3 gilroy:
Thank you for pointing this out.
I will avoid this in the future.

Mar 30, 6:26 am

The "." in the "Not Set" list was for the author Leo M. Kohl; his name was blank because there are no books on his page. I've recalculated the name on his page and it does now appear on your list.

There was some funny stuff going on there...

The work has as its main author "Verlag Daniel Funk" because that's what most users have entered as the author. You had changed the name on the author page from "Verlag Daniel Funk" to "Leo M. Kohl" which is most definitely not the right thing to do. If you want "Leo M. Kohl" to appear as an author of the work, you need to change that on the work's page.

You can do that from the work page by going into Other Authors, click Add Other Author, then Recalculate from members' books. You can then tick the green checkmark to confirm that Leo M. Kohl is an author.

Mar 30, 6:47 am

>5 r.orrison: That was bad Amazon data. I have submitted a correction to

Mar 30, 9:55 am

>5 r.orrison:, >6 MarthaJeanne:
Thank you.

As >5 r.orrison: said: it is ok now.

Mar 30, 10:06 am

I don't know who or what Verlag Daniel Funk is (a publisher? reseller?) but it's probably not the same author as Leo M. Kohl - so the two shouldn't be combined. I've separated them.

What I've done now to is fix it on the work page. As explained above I've changed the author of the work to be Leo M. Kohl, so that it appears on his page.

Mar 30, 11:16 am

Verlag is publisher.

Mar 31, 2:28 am

>8 r.orrison:
Thank you again.