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Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #86

Mar 31, 9:13 am

I would have liked to clean up the authors under the name Wei Zhang.

Unfortunately, I cannot separate the three authors at

I have read two books by one author:
- Satellit über Tiananmen
- Eine Mango für Mao

In my opinion, both books are written by the same author.
About him I have the following information:
- Born in 1964
- in China, in the city of Chongqing.

Who can help?

Editado: Mar 31, 10:11 am

I have added Satellit über Tiananmen to split 2 and added that information to the English CK. I also deleted the CK listed under Combination Issues.

Mar 31, 10:37 am

Dear >3 MarthaJeanne:

Thank you very much. That was a very fast fix.
I have put some mor information in CK.

Mar 31, 12:42 pm

Unsure why we've jumped to a new thread, or why it's #85, Part II. But, that being the case ...

THIS THREAD is for LibraryThing Members, and especially for “beginners,” to ask help and learn about combining and separating specific LibraryThing Works.
-- If a book is combined with other, very different books.
-- If a book won’t combine with others just like it.
-- If problems with any Work are overwhelming, or maybe you just don’t have time.


-- Please give Titles, Authors, hyperlinks, and other information that will help.
-- If you post multiple requests at once, please number each group. Examples:

“Please combine:
#1: The Story of the Life of You
#2: The Story of the Life of Everyone Else

-- Ask about sets of Works or Series pages, ask for opinions, or ask for help with specific languages, subjects, etc.; but please be brief.
-- Please do not give Search pages, Author pages, or groups of “possibles,” unless you have a specific question.
-- “Someone will be with you shortly.” Most requests are handled by our fellow LibraryThing Members, not by staff.
-- If you add to a post, please use “ETA:” or “EDIT:” to show what’s new.
-- Please note when a request is “DONE.”


-- If two works have more than 200 records each, LibraryThing staff may need to do the combining. Please post these requests to:
-- For information and discussion, but not problems, please see the Combiner’s Group Information, FAQ & Discussion Thread: .
-- For the related wiki page, please see: .
-- Please note Tim’s Guidelines for Proper Etiquette for Contacting Members about Book Records at ; if you contact another Member, please use Private Comment.
-- When this thread reaches 200 posts, please do not post here but start a new Thread. Threads under 200 posts load faster and are easier to navigate. Please copy these notes as post #1 of the new thread. Thank you.

Editado: Mar 31, 1:02 pm

>5 jasbro: >1 birder4106: continued the thread instead of posting in the old one for some reason (most likely not understanding the UI of LT's Talk or a language issue). Unfortunately, once continued, if we discard this thread and instead start a new one, we will lose the links between threads so... we will stay here.

I've fixed the title to this one at least say #86.

Mar 31, 5:20 pm

Mar 31, 5:20 pm

>7 birder4106: No worries :) It happens - there are sometimes too many possible places to click on. All sorted now.

Abr 1, 1:41 pm

>6 AnnieMod: Thanks! I thought only LT staff could do that. Mind you though, I always expected you're magical. :D

>7 birder4106: Like AnnieMod said, no worries. We've traditionally aimed for 200 posts, maybe for by-now-archaic reasons, and I was beginning to focus on that approaching threshold. I've apparently staked out something of a cottage industry monopoly on closing prior threads and stating guidelines, as at #5 above, but maybe we no longer need to trot them out every time. Not that I mind; whatever advances best interests of the group. Thanks for your help.

Abr 1, 1:53 pm

>9 jasbro: Staff and the group admin(s) of the group the thread is in :) I usually play the admin just to pin our important topics so new users can see them when they open the group but this called for using my powers to reduce confusion so I did. :)

Abr 2, 12:11 am

>9 jasbro: I think it's worth re-posting the guidelines each time.

Is there a way to pin or highlight >5 jasbro: since it isn't the first post on this thread?

Abr 2, 12:18 am

>11 humouress: Nope. Short of the poster of >1 birder4106: copying it up there, there isn’t much we can do.

Abr 2, 4:04 am

>12 AnnieMod: Ah. I had higher expectations of the admin superpowers given to you :0)

Editado: Abr 2, 3:26 pm

>11 humouress: Thanks for your vote of confidence. As long as I get the first crack at a continuation tread, #5 should be the first post; but since I'm ever-so-slightly short of being a certified (certifiable?) diva, if somebody else gets to the first position ahead of me, they can have it. Which is convenient, 'cause I can't do nothing 'bout it regardless. And if anybody cares enough to take the full html text of that post for their own continuation, they can have that too - please lemme know!

Editado: Abr 2, 8:11 pm

I'm trying to sort out the Tintin series because I noticed that a lot of the editions seem to have some of the titles mixed up, especially in the combined editions. However, I'm finding that many of the ISBNs seem to cross titles and I'm getting confused. Any advice on how to separate / combine them properly or work out which titles and ISBN go together properly?

ETA: And this doesn't help:


Editado: Abr 2, 7:29 pm

>15 superboy: You can’t - people have mixed up books where they added one book and then changed to another but never fixed the ISBNs. The basic rule is to use the title when the ISBNs and titles disagree - people are more likely to change a title than isbn when either is wrong so the title we have is more likely to belong with the title work and not the isbn work.

So this kind of series are always fun. :)

Editado: Abr 2, 8:20 pm

>16 AnnieMod:

Thanks. I'll see if I can work some of it out anyway :0)

Abr 2, 8:37 pm

>17 superboy: We keep chipping at these messes when we can. So have fun. If you need a second eye on something, feel free to post back - but don’t expect to be able to solve the whole mess. :)

Abr 2, 8:47 pm

Do publishers use an ISBN for more than one book sometimes? I notice on Litsy, for example, that if I enter an ISBN to search, the results come back with a few books, often by the same author/ in the same series.

Abr 2, 8:55 pm

>19 superboy: Yes, they do. They aren't supposed to, but they do.

Abr 2, 9:12 pm

>19 superboy: They do. And sometimes they issue a boxset with a single isbn but people (and even booksellers) use that for the single books from the boxset and all kinds of other scenarios like that. And sometimes sources mess up. So yeah - an isbn is supposed to be unique but…

Abr 3, 4:57 am

My first time here. I think this book profile needs to be repaired
When I look at editions, it seems somehow one of David Baldacci's books got combined and in the process replaced author name Graham Lawton. I see the very last book had the same ISBN as DB's Memory Man, & the person entering it probably realized their error & deleted their listing (since there are currently no copies) but didn't realize this didn't fix the merge.

Editado: Abr 3, 6:55 am

>22 juniperSun: Separated and Memory Man combined into correct work.

Abr 3, 6:54 am

Este utilizador foi removido como sendo spam.

Editado: Abr 3, 7:02 am

>24 AndrewHarriet: We flag spammers. We don't join them.

Oh, that was fast!

Abr 3, 11:00 am

>25 MarthaJeanne: Oh, that was fast!

It would have been even faster if I hadn't hadn't needed a while to figure out how to mark a post as spam :-) -- I was on it within minutes of it going up, and obviously others were, too.

The flip side is, we probably don't want to make it too easy to mark things as spam.

Abr 3, 7:26 pm has the following disambiguation notice: Features the following stories by Miyazawa: The Bears of Mt. Nametoko The Spider, The Slug, and The Racoon The Restaurant of Many Orders The Ungrateful Rat The Nighthawk Star Tokkobe Torako The Man of the Hills The Police Chief

This is the Restaurant of Many Orders by itself, not to be combined with any collection of short stories.

Obviously someone ignore the disambiguation notices on the works that were combined. I've cleared out my copy, an entirely different collection, but someone might be able to split the old editions, including Japanese editions.

Abr 4, 9:44 am

>20 MarthaJeanne: >21 AnnieMod: Thanks. So helpful of them *sigh*

Abr 5, 2:53 am

Not sure where to start with this one.

I have a copy of Black Books The Complete First Series on DVD

scanning gives me
(owned by 55 members)
source: books (although it doesn't come up if I search the EAN manually and select that source but there is a match on all media)

typing in the EAN (5014138069117) gives me
(owned by 1 member - me)
source: Amazon UK all Media (nothing from Overcat)

The scanned entry has a work title and canonical title of "Black Books 2", which is obviously wrong.

I'd like to help "correct" the data but I'm not sure of the order of steps. Is it a case of changing or removing the common knowledge title, separating all the editions that are titled Black Books 2, second series, etc.?

Is there a general approach to sorting such tangles out cognizant of the guidelines here about canonical title -

This is one example of several that I've found now that I've moved on from cataloguing my books to cataloguing my video recording collection.

Any help appreciated

Abr 5, 5:38 am

Things like this often get messed up because the autocombiner ignores everything after :. So if you have
Black Books
Black Books : Series 1
Black Books : Series 2
the titles all look the same to the computer. This kind of thing has to be cleared out regularly. It would make sense to take out the non-series 2 ones, as that has the most editions, the series entry ... I took out the Canonical Title, because it makes it much harder to see what is going on, and it is not the right title for many of the editions in the work.

Abr 5, 6:41 am

>31 supersidvicious: That's a case for

(Sorry, but somehow I was never able to make their "trick" work myself).

Abr 5, 6:57 am

>30 MarthaJeanne: I've done some work, hope it looks better. I put back the canonical title, as there were some editions that have a ASIN for series 2, but it's not reflected in their title.

Abr 5, 1:54 pm

Abr 5, 3:08 pm

>33 SimoneA: Thanks both - I think I'm a bit clearer on the process now - I was focussed on the work being "wrong" rather than the item being assigned to the wrong work - appreciate the fix - my library looks much cleaner now!

Abr 20, 5:31 pm

Ugh. Given the talk about Hitler's birthday today, I went to look at Mein Kampf, which is split into two works: (the main work) (a single-ISBN copy of 800 books, which leaves many books with that ISBN combined into the above)
It's too big to combine without magic.
(There are of course other editions in various languages and stuff, but they can be combined without magic.)

Abr 21, 9:35 pm

>36 prosfilaes: Done; magic! But I'm not (yet) doing more.

Abr 22, 8:29 pm

Please combine

The former is zero edition, and I haven't worked out the super secret combination method.

Editado: Abr 23, 8:00 am

>38 kleh: Hmm. I tried it because usually zero editions still appear on the workbench for me (in fact, I have some sitting on my workbench at the moment) but it doesn't show when I try to combine them, although it does show on the pop-up list when I open the workbench.

I'm afraid someone else will have to take this.

ETA: Ah; usually even for zero editions *copies, there is a work listed under 'copies and editions' but this one doesn't have any.

Editado: Abr 23, 5:38 am

Exactly, this is not just 0 copies, but also 0 editions. There is a difference.

Recently discussed at That remains as an open bug report.

Abr 23, 8:00 am

>40 MarthaJeanne: Oh, I see.

* my mistake

Abr 23, 7:32 pm

>39 humouress:
>40 MarthaJeanne:

Yes, I guess I'm missing the correct heirloom tomato!
I'd happily do this myself if I knew the method.

Abr 28, 4:47 pm

>38 kleh: Ta-Da! Done.

Abr 29, 12:49 am

>43 jasbro: Thank you!

Abr 29, 10:58 pm

Good Evening -

I'm working on the 10-11th century Indian author Atisa (or Atiśa Dīpankara Śrījñāna). I've pulled some stray works for my this into #2

Working on the Atīśa (disambiguation) page I notice that it changes the author name to ATA, which as it turns out is the author name of several corp. authors on that page: American Translation Association, American Tapestry Alliance ...

this member has ATA (American Teachers Association) as their author on two works

but when you look at the work page it shows Atisa as the author (I did recalculate teh author thinking that would help, but no)


this member has ATA (American Tapestry Alliance) as their author

but again the work has Atisa as the author, when you click into other authors (did not recalculate the author so someone could see it as is)

Seems like it's the accent marks are the problem and somehow the name is distilling down to ATA, but don't understand what to do about it.

Thanks in advance for detailed explanation of what to do, or an assist.

Editado: Abr 30, 2:25 am

I'm not sure what to do about it either. The problem is that while URL rules now allow at least some diacriticals, they didn't when the site was founded, so by the general internet rules of the time, most diacriticals are just left out. This leaves some rather peculiar pages such as when Müller, Möller, Mäller, and others all end up as mller.

The only way to really separate would be to change the work authors from Atīśa to Atisa, which is not as correct, but would allow the ATA page to show as ATA. You could even then put Atīśa in as canonical author name.

Maio 5, 2:31 am

Maio 13, 3:44 pm

I think I'm supposed to be posting here. Need help with another work, this one appears to have two authors. Not sure, would this make it separate work?

My book -

Or do I just need to add the author (Izaskun Arretxe) to the existing work?

Editado: Maio 13, 5:26 pm

>48 chocorua: I'm unsure how to answer because I'm not familiar with the Work, whether it's Spanish Phrasebook or Spanish Phrasebook with Two-Way Dictionary. From their titles, they appear to be different works (that is, ... with Two-Way Dictionary may have more content and actually include Spanish Phrasebook); but at present, they're combined as though they're the same work. Looking at the URLs you posted, both are ""; your particular copy adds "" to distinguish it from other LT member records of the same work. Either way, I would encourage you to add any other authors to your own record, completing your catalogue and adding to the LT database at large. If it's later determined that these are different works, there'll be opportunities to clarify additional authors as applicable to the respective editions.

Maio 13, 7:34 pm

>49 jasbro: I did just pull it off the shelf to make sure I included all the authors. Added the cover artist which I missed, though I know that's not much help in this situation. Thank you for trying and I'll just make note to check back on this one later, hopefully available information will improve over time. Appreciate that you took the time to take look!

Editado: Maio 14, 2:38 am

This seems to be one of those cases where a book has gone through multiple editions over the years with various authors/editors. It can be practically impossible to track down how different the editions are and what copies belong where. (How careful do you think people have been in checking their import against their specific copy?)

Many textbooks have this problem as well as iconic cookbooks. Joy of Cooking was really well sorted a few years ago. Textbooks should really have edition numbers in the title.

In this case, the covers seem to indicate that most of them really are in the same line, and your easiest path is to add the other authors, perhaps as main author/ some copies.

Maio 14, 10:52 am

>51 MarthaJeanne: Thank you, and I understand what you mean. I was splitting hairs yesterday on this one. :) Considering how sloppy I was with imports for a long time (until I realized what it affected and how to fix it) I can imagine there is a great number of those who also do the same, especially when getting started. I will however, follow your advice about adding other authors. The fun thing about fixing and cleaning up your collection is finding all the mistakes. Such satisfaction making them right!

I like your idea of edition numbers in the title, you think we can convince the authors / publishers? ;)

Maio 14, 1:48 pm

>52 chocorua: Textbooks usually have the edition number prominent on the cover, but if sources don't include it in the title, which they usually don't, they put it in with publication data, then LT will combine them and it is difficult to even manually separate, unfortunately.

Maio 15, 5:03 pm

Not a combining request, per se, but I'd welcome insight: LT proposes potential work combinations between and among Audrey Schulman's The Cage, Diana Paxson's The Book of the Spear, Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish's Siblings Without Rivalry, and Geeta Kothari's Did My Mama Like to Dance? Normally, I can discern a pattern or reason why an inapplicable combination is proposed (often a stray ISBN), which frequently leads to a few, quick (or sometimes protracted) clean-up opportunities; but I don't see any such clues here. Does anyone else see something connecting these works that I'm overlooking? TIA ...

Maio 26, 3:25 pm

>54 jasbro: No idea.

Not a combining request but a bad data source question: for Year of the unicorn kidz, one source misspells the author name as Craford, not Crawford.

Searching by ISBN, Add books/Overcat brings up this spelling from the Library of Congress (LoC), but looking at the LoC catalog shows the correct spelling. Does that mean the LoC data is fixed?

Also, how does the misspelled author name show up at the work level? Three of the four copies use the correct author spelling.


Maio 26, 3:41 pm

>55 karenb: Not a combining request but a bad data source question: for Year of the unicorn kidz, one source misspells the author name as Craford, not Crawford.

That can be changed using the Add other Authors link on the work page (which can also be used to edit authors). I didn't change it, because I'm not absolutely sure which is right -- the Author link currently has "Craford," not "Crawford."

Note that users can set their own author names -- if you want your copy of Hamlet to say that it's by Christopher Marlowe, you can do it. It affects only that user's copy of the work, unless they go to the Other Authors link.

Maio 26, 3:45 pm

>55 karenb: They sometimes get stuck that way - something in the middle of the combination just does not complete properly so it leaves the author wrong (in other cases it may leave members out from the list of users with the book). It almost feels like a work which was combined into another still keeps some of its information for itself. The only way to solve that I had found (if a few recalculate author/title clicks do not cure it) is to pull the offending record and recombine it.

Maio 26, 3:47 pm

>56 waltzmn: You can but in this case it should not have been calculated as the wrong one as it was a single copy out of 4 for that name - and one of the other editions has 2 copies. I generally dislike people overwriting the calculated main author when there is a different option... it should be a last resort IMO.

Editado: Maio 26, 4:18 pm

LoC data can be wrong, but they try to correct it if it is pointed out to them. They send very nice replies to emails about their mistakes, usually agreeing with the issue and fixing it. Once they agreed that my suggestion was probably more accurate, but that they preferred to stick with the wrong form printed in the book.

Editado: Maio 26, 6:39 pm

I can't seem to combine : The Extra body by Havelin, Michael
Can you help me.

edited: added author name

Maio 26, 6:40 pm

There was nothing to combine.
241083998 is the book ID of your book which was already in the work

However - the combination was stuck in between so the book was both in and not in the work. So I kicked the tires a bit and got it to behave - it may sort itself out on its own in such cases but I was inpatient.

PS: Please post links and not just IDs - took me a bit to sort out what is a book ID and what is a work ID in your post. :)

Maio 26, 7:04 pm

>61 AnnieMod: Next time I will post links and thanks for kicking the tires..

Maio 30, 7:16 pm

This particular issue is complex enough that I thought I'd better turn this over to real experts.

This starts with The Epic of Gilgamesh.

One of the May giveaways, which arrived today, is The Epic of Gilgamesh: A Poetic Version by Robert W. Watson, Paperback, Gatekeeper Press, 2023, ISBN 9781662939679.

Other ISBNs listed with this version are

As implied by the authorship indication, it is not a version of The Epic of Gilgamesh. It is not a translation from the original. It is, confessedly, a poetic adaption, apparently shortened, based on another English version. It should be separated from the regular Epic of Gilgamesh, and then had an ADAPTED FROM relationship created.

That's not just me saying that; the Apology at the beginning explicitly says "This work is not a translation of the original ancient epic."

But there are so many editions and translations of the actual Gilgamesh story that I'm afraid to try to separate it off.

Can any of the true experts here separate them?

Maio 31, 2:17 am

>63 waltzmn: I think I got them all, let me know if you still see any wrong editions in the big Gilgamesh work.

Maio 31, 4:01 am

>64 SimoneA:

Thank you!

Jun 12, 1:26 pm

Both Autobiography of Mark Twain and Mark Twain's Autobiography need lots of love from anybody who's audacious enough to tackle them.

Jul 3, 4:09 pm

I'm reading Murder in the Marais and noticed a few copies with problems around the author.
I added author's name Cara Black to them but one copy keeps going to C.R. Black, so I've separated the book but not sure how to get it to the actual author's page.

Jul 3, 5:40 pm

>67 avatiakh: I think it's straightened out now. Please let us know if you see something more.

Jul 3, 11:18 pm

>68 jasbro: Thanks for that.

Jul 8, 11:12 pm

I have this copy of this book but I'm not listed as owning the work
Both my copy and the work are part of the series, but there's not two entries for the title on the series page, so I am confused, so I am confused as to whether they are combined or not?

Editado: Jul 9, 2:13 am

>70 loremistress: Yes, it is combined.

A) The work numbers you give match.

B) You are listed near the bottom of 'all members'. You are also the first name in 'recently added by'.

You don't say, but I assume you get a mark on the series page.

Jul 9, 5:53 am

>71 MarthaJeanne: Strange, everything is fine now!
Before I was listed as having my copy, but the work had a green 'add book' button and I did not have a mark on the series page, but now everything is as it should be.

Editado: Jul 9, 6:14 am

If you just added it, sometimes the servers get out of sync. It's always worth giving them at least an hour or two to settle down. The most important places to check are the work number and the book information box on the main page.

In my experience, if you start panicking, trying to fix it, maybe even deleting and reentering, you will only make it worse. (In that case you would need to leave it alone at least overnight.)

Jul 12, 11:07 pm (George E. Martin) has a canonical name of George Edward Martin and a birth date of 1932. The problem is, there seems to be multiple authors here, and I don't know which one, if any, that corresponds to. One author is/was a professor at the University at Albany, SUNY; his webpage is (not updated since 1998), which lists some math books as his. Amazon seems to think his middle name is Edward and that he also wrote Counting: The Art of Enumerative Combinatorics (2001, which is after the webpage was last updated.)

I doubt he wrote the other books; George E. Martin is not an uncommon name. There is another author George E. Martin I can find, author of 1881's Breezy Blackpool: Including Lytham and St. Annes, but nobody on LT has a copy of that.

Editado: Jul 13, 2:27 am

>74 prosfilaes: According to LoC, the four math books are by George Edward Martin 1932-. They did not have onfo on the other three books.

Nowhere else either.

Jul 18, 3:19 pm

I've just added this map to my catalogue, Operational Navigation Chart, ONC K-6, with Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center as the author - but LibraryThing lists the author as as being Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Ce (not enough characters for Center) on LibraryThing, despite the author link being author/defensemappingagency. Other ONC maps on Librarything are listed as authored by Defense Mapping Agency - but are again linked to Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Ce

I've had a few attempts to try to fix the problem but have failed so far.

The Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center is a valid author for some books so my last attempt was to split the author to try to get them assigned correctly. It has not really worked well though - and they're all still listed as being authored by Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Ce.

Split 1 - Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Ce (1) : Defense Mapping Agency but these items are actually all authored by the Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center.

Split 2 - Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Ce (2) : Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center and these items are all authored by the Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center.

Split 3 - The map listed with the author Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Ce (3) : Washington D.C The Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center is actually an incorrect author assignment by the cataloger - the Pedasi map, sheet 4138, was produced by the IGNTG - Instituto Geográfico Nacional Tommy Guardia.

What can be done to fix this? If the items authored by the Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center can't be assigned a completely separate author then it would be better if the split author was named Defense Mapping Agency and the works were split between Hydrographic/Topographic Center and Aerospace Center.

Jul 20, 2:49 am

>76 newcrossbooks: Splitting seems the right thing to me, since due to the character limit on author names they all get lumped into "defensemappingagency". To properly define the splits it seems reasonable to me to use the Canonical Name fields in "defensemappingagency-1" and "defensemappingagency-2".

As for the Split 3, if that's a just plain wrong author listing (not a matter of which "Defense Mapping Agency" it is) then it seems reasonable to change the primary author by hand on that work page.

Generally using these fields is frowned upon as a first approach, but if they're not auto-populating (which may take a day sometimes for the system to catch up) with the correct information then I think it's appropriate to use these Canonical Names and primary authors to explicitly set them.

Jul 21, 6:02 am

>77 scott_beeler: Thanks. The general title of the split author has changed from Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Ce to Defence Mapping Agency - I guess this just took some time to work through the system.

I've now moved all of the Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center items to defensemappingagency-3, so they are listed under the intended author. There are now no books assigned to defensemappingagency-1 (author - Defense Mapping Agency).

I can't work out how to change the primary author for the Pedasi map, sheet 4138 so I've now listed it as 'unknown'.

Jul 22, 2:41 am

>78 newcrossbooks: For the Pedasi map, I meant you could go into the page for that work, go down to "Add Other Authors" and edit the "Primary Author". I have done that now, here:

Having done that, it looks like a similar situation where a long author name gets limited, as the author code is "institutogeogrficona" -- the other entries there are just be "Instituto Geográfico Nacional" (of Spain for most or all of them). It seems like maybe that's different from Tommy Guardia, which is in Panama? If not the same as the others, you could do the same thing again and split the author, or instead use "IGRTG" as the author rather than the full spelled-out name.

Jul 25, 12:11 pm

Looks like there are at least two, possibly three series called Livewire, all together on the same page... not sure how to fix it and don't want to mess things up. Thanks in advance to whoever helps.

Jul 25, 2:15 pm

>80 I-_-I: A Site Search actually looks more convoluted than you suggest! Not sure I have time to play in that briarpatch just now ... maybe not for a long time to come either.

Jul 25, 2:24 pm

>81 jasbro: Yeah, I just split out the Vita Ayala series here, which was clear:

But beyond that it seems like there's a group of related series(?) for teaching special needs readers, way more than just the 3 works remaining here. There are "Livewire Chillers" and "Livewire Investigates" series in LT that look like they're part of this.

I may take some time to see if can help sort these out, add works that should be in there.

Jul 28, 3:56 pm

>83 Katya0133: Done.

In case you want to try on your own next time - look at the bottom right side of any work page. There is a link that says "Add work to workbench". Click on it in each work page and then click on "Open workbench" to see the list of the works you have in the bench. That will put all of them in a page that can be used to combine them -- and you can select at this point which ones you want (if you are working on multiple sets at the same time).

You are also always welcome to post here of course :)

Jul 28, 6:23 pm

>84 AnnieMod: Oh, thanks!

Ago 3, 5:59 am

>86 supersidvicious: I think I got them all!

Ago 3, 6:06 am

I added a book which was added to a wrong work, but is not listed under editions. So I can't seperate it and combine it to the right work. I tried deleting an adding it again, but this didn't help.
I tried adding it again, searching by title instead of ISBN. Same result.

Editado: Ago 3, 7:39 am

Deleting and reentering almost always makes things worse.

Ich habe ein Paar Sachen probiert, die auch nicht geholfen haben. Am Besten ist, wir lassen es einigen Stunden in Ruhe. Sollte es am Nachmittag noch immer besser ist, wird wahrscheinlich Dein Konto ein 'Reindex' brauchen.

Let's leave it alone for a few hours. If that doesn't help, you'll probably need to request a reindex.

Ago 4, 2:39 am

>88 Cairlinn: >89 MarthaJeanne: Looking at it now I see in this work what looks like a couple copies of the "Dr. Quinn" work mistakenly included in the "NYPD Blue" work. If that's the issue, it looks like they're visible there now and are able to be removed and merged with other entries for the correct work (I see in the Potential Work Combinations on the Editions page).

I'll leave it for Cairlinn to do, just in case I don't properly understand the situation.

Editado: Ago 4, 3:41 am

>90 scott_beeler: Good, that's what I hoped for. They sure weren't visible there yesterday. Seems to be totally sorted now. Sometimes time is the real fixer.

Ago 4, 12:45 pm

Can someone combine Mother Bruce (book 1 of series) by Ryan T. Higgins? There are two records, but I can't combine because it's over 1000 books. Thanks!

Editado: Ago 4, 2:54 pm

>92 labfs39kids: There is a separate topic for those:

Ago 5, 5:07 pm

Ago 11, 3:03 pm

Hi, I'm having trouble adding Gleanings: Stories from the Arc of a Scythe by Neal Shusterman to my library. When I search for the book in the Add Books tab it comes up correctly (correct cover and bibliographic information, as far as I can tell), but when I select it I am linked to a Spy Camp book by Stuart Gibbs. So strange! Thanks for any help in clearing up this problem.

Ago 11, 3:24 pm

Use Overcat as your source, searching on the full title, and you can choose between the paper book, the ebook and the audiobook.

Ago 11, 3:30 pm

>95 framberg: Add it anyway - and if it misconnect again, post again and we will separate it. Use whatever source you prefer - we can sort it out once it is added. :)

Ago 11, 6:41 pm

>97 AnnieMod: I just added it using Overcat as my source and it was misconnected in the same way. I originally had Amazon as my source and it was misconnected there as well.
Thanks for the advice and the help!

Ago 11, 7:07 pm

>98 framberg:! No it's in the Gleanings work, just has the wrong cover. You cab change your cover.

Ago 11, 7:12 pm

>98 framberg: Here is your book:

If you look in the Book Information box on that page, you will see that it says "Work Information: Gleanings: Stories from the Arc of a Scythe by Neal Shusterman".

So the book itself is where it is supposed to. For some reason it pulled the wring cover (based on ISBN I suspect). So go to Change cover and pick the correct cover for you book and you will be all set :)

Ago 14, 12:03 pm


I tried to add Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia to my collection. When it added, it had the correct title and author but the wrong cover. I went in to fix the cover and found that the reviews, descriptions, and tags seem to be for A Little Book About ABCs by Leo Lionni. In the Leo Lionni author page, it has a green check by A Little Book About ABCs for me. I feel that I should note that I have never heard of A Little Book About ABCs and do not own a copy of it.

Here is the link for the work page:

I removed the book and tried re-adding it, but the problem persisted. Reading through the thread, that may have caused more problems, in which case, oops, my apologies. Is there a way to separate these two books?


Editado: Ago 14, 12:16 pm

>101 owlgirlvaughan: Your book seems to share an ISBN with the kids book. If you go to the Editions page of the ABC book you can clearly see your work in the list of editions and the opportunity to separate it from the false herd. What was the source you used to add the record? Perhaps you might double check the ISBN of your book.

Ago 14, 3:59 pm

>101 owlgirlvaughan: Looks like its straightened out ... ?

Ago 14, 4:11 pm

>103 jasbro:
All fixed now, thank you!

Ago 14, 4:13 pm

>102 bernsad:
I used the mobile app and scanned the barcode on the back of the book. I don't think it's an issue with the scanner (or at least not a common one) because at more or less the same time I scanned about a dozen other books in and none of them had the same issue.

Ago 14, 4:34 pm

>103 jasbro: Oops, the "Fixed" was sitting unsent :)

>105 owlgirlvaughan: But it may be an issue with the printed barcode. Although it picked up the correct title - which may also be Amazon actually being helpful by accounting for the badly printed barcode. Who knows - I'd still check if the numbers match properly if I were you :)

Ago 14, 4:50 pm

>106 AnnieMod: Oh, I see! It looks like yes, that's what must've happened. I added the book with the ISBN inside instead of the barcode, and it added the right book but with the children's book cover. Easy switch from there to the right cover though.

Thank you!

Ago 17, 3:04 pm

Can someone help? I wanted to add a book which contains all 4 books as a relationship. I labeled "contains" instead of "contained in".

Ago 17, 3:11 pm

Editado: Ago 17, 4:22 pm

That doesn't look right. "Bartleby and James: Edwardian Steampunk Chronicle" is also listed as an alternative title for And They Called Her Spider. Is it an alternative title for the same thing, or a different work which is contained in And They Called Her Spider? And how does it relate to Bartleby and James which also claims to be Galvanic Century Book 1?

(The Omnibus looks fine.)

Ago 23, 6:33 am

Could a LT staff member please combine these as they are both over the magic threshold

Thank you!

Ago 23, 9:34 am

>111 loremistress: I'm a member, not LT staff, but it's done.

Editado: Ago 23, 10:39 am

No more and no less than all the other versions separated by illustrator. Look at the disambiguation notice and Potential work combinations for your second link.

Persoally, I am tempted to move my copy to that work. Isn't it cool to see all the very different covers?

Ago 23, 5:56 pm

>114 MarthaJeanne: Umm ... OK ... yeah, no thanks ...

Set 7, 5:49 pm

It looks like I might have found a book that needs separating. I went to add The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of Ages to my collection, and it pulled up with this link: which also seems to contain the CatStronauts: Slapdash Science. I changed the ISBN of the book I had, and it corrected the title but not the series, nor did it switch to the Riddle of Ages reviews instead of the CatStronauts reviews.

In looking up the CatStronauts book, it says that I recently added it in the description, despite not having that book. I then looked up the Riddle of Ages book and found this link: which does list it as its own book, but not one I recently added (despite it showing up in my library and not the CatStronauts book).

Can someone help please?

Set 7, 6:03 pm

You're right; there was a copy of The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of Ages attached to CatStronauts: Slapdash Science. I've split it off. If your copy is still says it's CatStronauts, delete it and try adding it again, perhaps by name rather than ISBN.

Set 7, 6:12 pm

>117 waltzmn: Thank you!

Set 21, 9:16 am

There's an undivided page for Steven James but, as you might guess, multiple authors use that name. The vast majority of the works seem to be by the author of the Bowers Files series but there's also a work on cannabinoids, another on jewelry... and there's something called "Little Red Riding Snack" that i'm hesitant to look up at the moment in case it's NSFW!

Set 21, 10:20 am

>119 I-_-I: I've done some, but need to charge my iPad.

Proably most if not all of the Christian nonfiction is 1).

Editado: Set 21, 1:18 pm

>119 I-_-I: FWIW, Little Red Riding Snack appears to be a legitimate children’s audiobook CD available on Amazon{dot}com.

Set 26, 3:19 pm

>121 jasbro: Ah good to know, lol
Thanks jasbro and MarthaJeanne :)

Set 26, 8:12 pm

Calling on higher authorities here. Talk about a mess....

Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture (DIY Science), with the editions page here:

Two books completely combined one the guide to home chemistry experiments, one the guide to biology experiments. I could split off one or the other, but it's frankly not clear to me which is the dominant book. So I thought I'd let the true experts figure this out.

Note that this has already produced a huge collection of flagged covers, apparently of people getting the chemistry cover on the biology book or vice versa -- somebody evidently added the book and didn't realize they were mixed.

Set 26, 9:46 pm

>123 waltzmn: It looks like some kind soul has straightened it out. Thanks to whomever!

Set 27, 5:09 am

>124 jasbro: It looks like some kind soul has straightened it out. Thanks to whomever!

Kind -- and skilled. :-) Yes, thanks. I can usually straighten out simple problems (and most of the ones I encounter are simple, because my books are so obscure), but this was an absolute mess. And I didn't own the book -- I only noticed it because someone was mass-flagging covers. Experience usually shows that that means false combinations, so I checked -- and I was far more right than I was ready to deal with. :-)

Out 10, 2:05 pm

Can someone please combine these two works?

No Two Persons by Erica Bauermeister

No Two Persons by Erica Bauermeister

I apologize for not doing it myself. I know I USED to know how, but I'm getting too old to figure it all out again.

Thank you for your help!

Out 10, 2:26 pm

>126 countrylife: Can someone please combine these two works?... No Two Persons by Erica Bauermeister


Out 10, 7:00 pm

> Thank you.

Out 12, 1:36 pm

This isn't a book but hopefully it's okay to post here anyway. I've done some work combining and separating works as part of my cataloging process but I started on my movies/tv shows and ran into something new that I don't know how to deal with.

Angel: Seasons 1-5 and Angel, The Collector's Set: Seasons 1-5 (30 Discs) are the same work but I can't figure out how to combine them since they're showing as "authored" by different people.

Out 12, 1:45 pm

you can add them both to your workbench, and then combine them from there.

Out 12, 2:24 pm

AHA, that did it! Thank you, I hadn't used the workbench before!

Out 12, 8:30 pm

If the collectors set contains substantial additional material then they shouldn't be combined

Out 12, 8:39 pm

>132 jjwilson61: The collectors set contains the additional material of a letter from Joss Whedon and a booklet with a synopsis of every episode. The contents on the discs themselves are identical to every previous collection of the show at a minimum. I haven't been a member for that long but I am following the guidelines set down for combining works.

Out 16, 4:13 pm

Could someone please have a look at Phil Ford - and - someone has messed up the author division.

Out 16, 7:08 pm

>134 rodneyvc: I think it should be fine now - although I have a suspicion that some of the favorites may be now on the wrong split (I suspect that is what caused the initial issue - someone not understanding how split authors work...). I will keep an eye on this one for a bit in case it gets messed up again.

Out 16, 7:11 pm

>134 rodneyvc: Thanks - I would have sorted it except I was in a rush to be elsewhere!

Editado: Out 17, 1:32 am

How do I combine the author above with Robert Jordan? I know they have no works, but they're the first name on the list when you search for 'Robert Jordan' so I just wanted to tidy up. All the tags seem to relate to The Wheel of Time. I can't find a combination link button thingy on that page.

ETA: oops; I just tried recalculating the author name and now it has no name. Help! Okay, I renamed it 'Robert Jordan' via common knowledge but I still don't see how to combine authors. I'm sure I've done it before but I can't see it now.

Out 17, 1:50 am

And while I'm having a look at The Wheel of Time, I need some odd advice, please.

The user UMSFS has added several books that have similar names to books in the series (The Tellers of Midnight instead of The Towers of Midnight) under Robert Jordan. Is it safe to assume they were just badly scanned in or would anyone know if they are spoof books? Should I combine them or not?

Out 17, 2:28 am

>137 humouress: You cannot combine a split part - you need to alias it. Look at the top of the screen where you assign works to a split part. There is a tab there that allows aliasing.

Editado: Out 17, 7:27 am

>137 humouress: is one of the splits of Robert Jordan. You can't combine or alias it. I don't know why there are tags showing up there, since there are no works.

Out 17, 12:51 pm

>139 AnnieMod: Thanks, but I don't see it.

>140 r.orrison: Oh, is it? I don't see where it says that. Why doesn't it indicate it in the list when you search for 'Robert Jordan'? The other names say 'combined with'. Colour me confused.

Out 17, 1:03 pm

>141 humouress: It is a known UI thing - if there are no books, it won't have the link to the parent page. The -44 at the end of the URL tells you it is part of a split.

Are you saying that #44 is the same as #1 in the split of Robert Jordan? If so, what needs to happen is all books assigned to #44 need to be reassigned to #1 (if any left). Keep in mind that the URL you have above will always show you what you see now - LT does dynamic pages in some ways so a non-existing author page shows the same way :)

Out 17, 1:06 pm

>142 AnnieMod: Yes, it looks like (from the tags) that #44 was related to the Wheel of Time books, which were written by #1 but it has no books linked to it, currently.

I suppose it got to number 44 before combinations since now there are only about 8 Robert Jordans?

Editado: Out 17, 1:35 pm

My guess is that it was showing up first in search because #44 was the only "Robert Jordan" that had a canonical name. I removed the canonical name and recalculated the name, hopefully that will make it stop showing up in search in a few days.

Out 17, 2:12 pm

>144 norabelle414: Thanks. Although I think that may have been me today (see >137 humouress:) but it was already first on the list before I changed things.

I think I’m going to give up on this one.

Out 17, 4:39 pm

>140 r.orrison: >143 humouress: Regarding the tags, the way the page handles it is a bit misleading.

You can see this in action if you deliberately go to a split that doesn't exist:
Eg. Robert Jordan split "184":

Even though the split has never been assigned, and doesn't have any books, the tags section still shows on the page. I believe it displays the summation of all the tags across all the splits (in other words all the tags of all the Robert Jordans combined).

Editado: Out 17, 10:07 pm

>146 Nevov: *my head hurts*

Out 18, 8:55 am

Seems like this is a long-standing problem:

Editado: Out 22, 2:36 pm

As far as I can see, these two works are the same but they haven't been combined and I don't want to tangle them if they shouldn't be (I'm too sleepy to work it out). - British Kings & Queens: The Complete Biographical Encyclopedia of the Kings & Queens of Great Britain - A Brief History of British Kings and Queens: British Royal History from Alfred the Great to the Present

Advice please?

Out 22, 3:53 pm

>149 humouress:

The two aren't the same. Note that the description of A Brief History of British Kings and Queens: British Royal History from Alfred the Great to the Present says that it is a "revised and shortened edition of The Mammoth Book of British Kings & Queens," which is an alternate title for British Kings & Queens: The Complete Biographical Encyclopedia of the Kings & Queens of Great Britain. (I have the the latter and can testify to this. :-)

Probably there should be a disambiguation notice on both.

Out 22, 4:04 pm

>150 waltzmn: Work relationship might also be good.

Out 22, 7:01 pm

>151 MarthaJeanne: Work relationship might also be good.

As you say. Since it would prevent accidental combination. I was in a hurry, trying to get something else done. But I've now created a relationship.

Editado: Out 24, 11:57 am

Another question; The Mammoth Book of Travel in Dangerous Places

I see that this has a disambiguation notice but I can also see that some editions on specific places (Arabia; Siberia & Alaska; Central & South Asia; North America) have been combined and I suspect they shouldn't have been. Can I go ahead and separate them?

Editado: Out 25, 11:45 am

>154 humouress: I'd say we separate them, particularly if other, similar, place-specific works are already separated.

Out 25, 12:15 pm

>155 jasbro: Will do, thanks.

Editado: Nov 7, 5:40 pm

Can someone please split these two? I've looked everywhere and don't see a way to do it myself! Thank you in advance.

The Book of Queer Saints (vol. 1) ISBN 9798404611731

The Book of Queer Saints Vol. 2, ISBN 9798989359110


Nov 7, 5:36 pm

>157 BananaSquirrel: It is under editions: in this case :) Although it is sometimes easier to add it to the workbench and do it from there - then you do not need to chase the strays one by one.


Nov 11, 1:19 am

Question about combined editions:

I borrowed Rivers of London from the library and reviewed it and then bought it later for my shelves. I entered both books in my catalogue (one in 'read but unowned' and one in 'your books') but the one in 'your books' doesn't show as having been reviewed although I can see my review when I click on it. Shouldn't the review show for both editions?

Editado: Nov 11, 1:42 am

Your review will be one of the 365 for the work. It will not show as on your copy unless you enter it in that copy. But please don't. It is horrible to see duplicates like that.

Nov 11, 6:55 pm

>160 MarthaJeanne: If reviews are tied to specific copies, is it possible to remove a review from one copy and add it to another, or does that also mess things up?

Nov 11, 7:21 pm

>161 jasbro:

I'd think the more logical thing to do in this case would simply be to take the copy that's in "read but unowned" and reclassify it as in "your books," then delete the second copy. Then the review and the ownership would be united. Unless I'm really missing something, like the desire to say that the original poster read it before owning it. Which could always be made into a comment or something.

Editado: Nov 12, 1:14 am

If I purchase a book after reading and reviewing it, I usually just update my entry to reflect date aquired and different collections unless the two editions are very different.

Nov 13, 1:21 am

>160 MarthaJeanne: et al

I was more curious than anything. So, is the review tied to that specific entry or that (ISBN) edition, do you know?

Nov 13, 1:32 am

Reviews are tied to individual books

Nov 13, 3:41 am

>165 jjwilson61: Got it, thanks.

Nov 13, 9:21 pm

The author Andrea Cremer / Andrea Robertson / A.D. Robertson has an orphaned name record. How do you combine this author name which is divided, with another author record? When I tried, both Andrea Robertson 1 and 2 were combined into Andrea Cremer.

Here is the main record:

and the orphaned author record:

And here is her official author homepage with proves all the works are hers:

Thanks for advising!

Nov 14, 5:23 pm

>167 labfs39:
Because there are multiple authors under the name Andrea Robertson, we want to "alias" the 1 division into Andrea Cremer.

This is done in the Helper Hub for Andrea Robertson (disambiguation):

Look for the section where it says:
Author division
"Andrea Robertson" is composed of at least 2 distinct authors, divided by their works. You can edit the division.

Follow the link to edit the division, and in that page at the top, look for the tab that says "Alias Divisions to Other Authors", and against the 1 division, add in the author code cremerandrea to the box and save the divisions.

Shout back if you hit any problems! Good luck.

Editado: Nov 19, 11:12 pm

I've separated out (a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Screenplay) from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and added it to my workbench but when I open the workbench to combine it, it doesn't appear. I know it's a zero copy work but that hasn't been a problem in the past. Help please?

Nov 20, 2:02 am

>169 humouress: It's a 0 edition work.

Nov 20, 11:24 am

>170 MarthaJeanne: Okay. I separated it, so now it's floating around; is there any way to corral it and combine it with the correct work?

Nov 20, 12:49 pm

>171 humouress: FWIW, I've poked around a bit (too long!) and don't find such a 0 edition work that's not yet combined.

Editado: Nov 21, 2:21 pm

>172 jasbro: Thanks. Did you click on the link in my post above? It still looks like it’s not combined, to me.

It’s not highly important, I suppose. I seem to be making a hobby of rounding up loose editions/ entries.

ETA: corrected autocorrect 🙄

Nov 21, 8:43 am

Good day. I think I may have really messed up. Was trying to separate authors, 'Ancient Order of Druids' from 'Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA)' because they are, in fact, two separate entities in two different countries. I was just starting to understand how/where to do this (I think). However, since the recent update to the LT interface, I'm finding myself confused again. I tried to remove the works incorrectly attributed to 'Ancient Order of Druids' so I could associate them with AODA, but now I cannot find the works nor can I find 'Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA)'. Would someone be able to take a look, help me fix it, and possibly tell me where I went wrong. My apologies in advance. :(

Nov 21, 9:12 am

>174 chocorua: The other one is here

Not familiar with this, but it seems lots of works by AODA are entered with AOD as author, which means the appear on that page then

Nov 21, 7:58 pm

>173 humouress: I have now! And the link in your post above (now) takes me to the combined work, so I think we're good. (And thanks to someone else if you remedied my oversight ... )

Nov 21, 11:55 pm

>176 jasbro: Great! Thanks all :0)