Help Please: Don't Know How to Fix This ...


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Help Please: Don't Know How to Fix This ...

Editado: Abr 13, 2:40 pm

This book:
is incorrectly associated with this work:

It should be associated with this work:

I know how to combine works, and do so routinely, but I don't know how to fix what appears to me to be a mis-combination.

The two I want linked are author: Mercedes Lackey, title: Boundaries: all-new tales of Valdemar.
The work that doesn't match these is author: Patrick Rothfuss, title: The Kingkiller Chronicle.

It might also be worthwhile figuring out how they got connected, and when. If this was a bot ("automatic"), there is or was a bug. If they were connected by a human, the human may need some remedial instruction.

Abr 13, 2:45 pm

>1 ArlieS:

Should be okay now. It looks like some copies of Boundaries were improperly combined with The Name of the Wind. I separated them (you can do this by looking at "Editions"), re-combined them with the correct work.

Abr 13, 2:48 pm

>2 lilithcat: Thank you

Abr 13, 3:03 pm

>1 ArlieS: It could have been automatic, it could have been a human making a mistake :)

Sometimes a user adds one book and then changes it to another (because they added the same book twice and instead of deleting and re-adding the correct one, they just edit their record for example - the parts they care about anyway). There is no automatic mechanism for now the different book to get disconnected from the work it started inside of - and if the user does not know that they need to uncombine, it gets fixed when someone spots it.

There are also the honest mistakes - you think you are combining something and you click on the wrong thing and do not realize it. Or people not understanding what combine means.

And then the auto-combiner occasionally misfires - and then every other book which matches the one that ended up in the wrong place will come as well keeping it company.

What happened here is anyone's guess.

Abr 13, 3:08 pm

BTW Note that the first link goes to a weird page, that tries to be both the book and the work, even though that book is no longer in that work.

Abr 13, 4:31 pm

Separating can also be done on the workbench. If there's more than one to be separated, that's a better option since you can separate all at once, rather than one by one on the editions page.

Abr 14, 12:58 pm

>6 SandraArdnas: That's what I expected to be the method, but it was very much non-obvious how to do it. To me at least.

Abr 14, 6:09 pm

>7 ArlieS: Add the work to the workbench and proceed as if combining, only when you come to a point when you see editions, click separate on the right of those that do not belong. After you've selected all, you confirm separation at the top of the page and two works are created, one with all separated ones and the original work.

If only a single separation is needed, going through editions page is faster, but for several it's a pain because you can only do one at a time. In both cases 'separate' link is on the right of each edition