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mystery author

Abr 25, 7:30 pm

So, I have a book, "Meditation Made Simple: Weekly Practices for Relieving Stress, Finding Balance, and Cultivating Joy". The cover of the book states the author is Paula Watkins, Ph.D. I was trying to figure out why my book does not have a green check mark on the author page at:

Seems as though it is attributed to author Paula Watson at:

There started the Internet search. Oddly, Amazon seems to have it listed as Paula Watson, but the author detail (text) on the page indicates Paula Watkins.

Even Microcosom Publishing indicates the same thing.

The further I looked, Paula Watson is all over the place (even though the pictures of the cover art show Paula Watkins). Maybe it was a name change (marriage)? However, I cannot find any indication of this anywhere. Yet everything official (from Dr. Paula herself) such as on her Facebook page:

And her LinkedIn page:

These all seem to indicate her name is Paula Watkins. So, what to do to make it correct in LibraryThing? I'm inclined to combine the two names, but thought I'd take it to the experts for advice.

Any thoughts, input, help greatly appreciated.

Editado: Abr 25, 10:03 pm

I combined with a duplicate work with the correct author. Check the Paula Watkins author page for the work again. Do not combine the authors as they are not the same.

ETA: The author is listed as Paula Watkins on the cover, title page and About the author section in the book, I borrowed the Kindle edition from my library just now to check. As far as I can tell, it is the only published book by this author. Paula Watkins is how it should be listed on LT. The wrong author name on the other editions came into LT because of bad source data.

Paula Watkins author page ->

Abr 25, 8:15 pm

Understood and thank you for the help and guidance. Much appreciated.