2023*3 LizzieD: Still here. Still reading.

É uma continuação do tópico 2023*2 LizzieD: Still here. Still reading..

Este tópico foi continuado por 2023*4 LizzieD: Still here. Still reading..

Discussão75 Books Challenge for 2023

Aderi ao LibraryThing para poder publicar.

2023*3 LizzieD: Still here. Still reading.

Editado: Ago 14, 9:52 am

School is starting in a lot of places, so I thought this might be appropriate. Here's some of my 4-year kindergarten class. I think I'm the almost completely hidden one in the last row with friend Pat behind me. My DH is sits at the far end of the third row. Miss Olivia Cooper was from Charleston. She taught us to sing, "Give 3 chairs as the flag goes by." I found that very puzzling. Now I wish that I had ever held a class so enthralled when I was teaching. I also see again that the story is the thing!

Editado: Out 9, 10:16 am


29. This Fallen Prey
30. By Darkness Forged (reread)
31. School Days
32. Working Class
33. Emergence
34. Watcher in the Woods

Into the House in July

49. Reaching Tin River - PBS
50. Working Class ✔ - Kindle
51. An Elegant Madness - AMP
52. The Ship Beneath the Ice - Kindle deal through BookBub
53. The Outsider - Kindle deal through BookBub
54. The Blood Is Still - Kindle deal
55. Fortress of Owls - PBS
56. Fortress in the Eye of Time ✔ - AMP
57. Fortress of Ice - AMP
58. Alone in the Wild
59. Winter's Orbit

35. Hard Knocks
36. Winter's Orbit
37. The Sway of the Grand Saloon
38. Fortress in the Eye of Time

Into the House in August
60. Fortress of Dragons - AMP
61. Fortress of Eagles - PBS
62. Hard Knocks ✔ - Kindle
63. The Lost Bookshop - Kindle
64. Ghosts: Being the Experiences of Flaxman Low - Kindle
65. The Ghostly Lover - From my down-sizing book sister
66. Keynotes & Discords - Ditto
67. Ordinary Families - Another
68. Mothering Sunday - PBS
69. Ocean's Echo - AMP
70. Midnight News - Kindle
71. The Bedlam Stacks - PBS
72. I Will Not Serve - Back to the down-sized
73. The Grain of Truth - Same
74. The Last of Summer - The end
75. The Lost City of Z - PBS
76. The Dark Flood Rises - AMP
77. A Winter Grave - Kindle deal through BookBub

39. Quarter Share (again)
40. Half Share (you know)
41. Full Share (I won't even say.)
42. Alone in the Wild
43. The Road to Roswell
44. London Rules

Into the House in September
78. The Warburgs - PBS
79. A Tale of Love and Darkness - PBS
80. The Complete Harvard Classics - Kindle DEAL
81. Something to Hide - AMP
82. When Blood Lies - Kindle daily deal
93. The Road to Roswell ✔ - early birthday gift - GREAT THANKS, friend!
94. Sister Queens
95. Enough

45. Double Share

Editado: Nov 2, 12:26 am



(Just because they're open doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to get to them this month.)(I'm also silly to include the first two since I haven't looked at either of them this year, but I live in hope.)

Editado: Jul 6, 12:01 am

Best-to-Me or Most Memorable in First Quarter

What a black and gold group of covers!

Second Quarter - not stellar

(For the Casey Duncan series)

Jul 6, 12:02 am

Hi Peggy.
I'm here for a moment while the pandemonium in my household has subsided with early bedtimes!

I had to mostly skip June and so far this much of July ~ missing my reading buddies. 💗

Jul 6, 12:10 am

THIS FALLEN PREY by Kelley Armstrong

We're in Rockton in the Yukon, a village hidden away for people who need to disappear. When an unscheduled plane arrives with a bound and gagged serial killer, Eric and Casey (sheriff and detective) say that they don't have the facilities to keep him or their people safe for the six months the managing council says they must keep him. They get him anyway. He immediately begins to protest his innocence. As action mounts, Casey and Eric begin to doubt his guilt.

This is my favorite of the three I've read. The action is non-stop, but we still get some good character development. I couldn't turn pages fast enough, so I really don't care whether it's all believable. The body count climbs, and we're left with something of a cliff-hanger. Even so, I think I'll take a break if I can. 5 stars from me though for sheer entertainment.

Jul 6, 12:12 am

>5 SandyAMcPherson: Welcome, Sandy!!!! I'm happy to see you here anytime you can make it. I do miss your comments when you are not around, but I do understand the demands of RL!

Jul 6, 12:33 am

Happy New Thread, Peggy!

Jul 6, 1:08 am

Happy new thread Peggy!

Jul 6, 1:30 am

Happy new thread, Peggy!

Jul 6, 2:57 am

Lovely to see you starting a new thread, dear Peggy!

Jul 6, 6:38 am

Happy new thread, Peggy!

Usually lurking at your thread, a new thread is a good time to let you know I still follow yours :-)

Jul 6, 7:04 am

Happy new thread, my dear!

>4 LizzieD: I finally bought Slow Horses. I should read it, right?

Stay cool in this nasty heat. Wordle took me 5 today, and I’m going to jinx it, but it’s been 72 days since I got skunked.

Gentle hugs for your dear mama and kind regards for your DH. Always lots of hugs for you, of course!

Jul 6, 9:25 am

>6 LizzieD: I’ve requested the first book in the Casey Duncan series, City of the Lost. The series looks interesting! Thanks!

Karen O

Jul 6, 9:30 am

>14 klobrien2: Me too! Should be great train reading this weekend.

Jul 6, 10:01 am

The best thing about a new thread is visitors!!!! Thank you all for coming where not much is going to go on. *sigh*

Yay, Judy and Karen! I very much hope that you are both as intrigued with Casey and Co. as I have been. I think that this is one of her earlier series, so I hope you won't find too much that you have to forgive.
Yay, Karen! I will be VERY surprised if you don't love Slow Horses. I'm eager to get back to them. I'll also note that Lucy has become a fan and is now ahead of me in the series.
Anita, Paul, Arlie, and Deborah, you are such good friends to show up! I have all your threads starred and rarely get to them even to lurk. I hope everything is going well with you.

Wordle 747 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, nippy, windy I'll take it.

Jul 6, 10:02 am

New 🧵 orisons, Peggy! *smooch*

Jul 6, 12:37 pm

Happy new thread, Peggy!

As you said at the end of the previous thread, it is miserably hot here. I've been staying in as much as possible since we got back. Since I'm still somewhat tired from all of last week's activities, maybe it's just as well for me that it's not really nice out--I can just stay in and rest.

Here's hoping you and yours have a great rest of the week in spite of the heat!

Jul 6, 4:16 pm

Happy new thread, Peggy! 😁

Jul 6, 6:58 pm

Hi Peggy! Yes, Midnight News is written by the same author as Longbourn, as you surmised on my thread. If you enjoyed Longbourn, I'm sure you will enjoy The Midnight News. I'm looking forward to your comments on The Covenant of Water. I purchased it for 40 % off, but so far, the length of the book is a bit intimidating!Sorry it is so hot in your area. We have a bit of heat wave here, but it's around 80 F, but that is hot for us. I did head out for a walk yesterday, but today I may stay inside and head out again on Friday and Saturday for my walks. It is supposed to cool off a little over the next few days.

Editado: Jul 6, 7:52 pm

>3 LizzieD: I survived A Memory of Light but haven't felt any need to re-read it, though I've re-read all the others, sometimes quite a bit.

>4 LizzieD: I feel sort of dull and stupid for not catching on to who Fitzroy had to be before this book...

Jul 7, 7:24 am

Happy new thread, Peggy.

Jul 7, 9:54 am

Hi Peggy! Happy Friday.

I've got errands and reading and puttering to do today. I'm always grateful for lots and lots of things, but retirement is usually at the top of the list.

Stay cool in what looks like 96F for you today. I'll be much cooler at 93F. *smile*

Jul 7, 10:03 am

I do love visitors, especially you particular ones!

Thank you, Beth. I miss you, and it's my fault. You always have such good books in hand and interesting things to say about them!

You came back, Susan and Deborah! Thank you!
Susan, I've restarted the series many, many times, but I just can't bring myself to finish *Memory*. At this point, I'll hope that I can get through it this year. I kind of knew about Fitzroy, mostly because of ??? (names escape me) Kip's kinswoman in the village saying to him, "But you are FA, aren't you?" Brilliant stroke on VG's part, I think. I'm eager to see what you have to say about my two nominees for your list on your thread.
Deborah, I have put *Covenant* aside to read some easier stuff - not that *Covenant* is hard, but it has to be appreciated. I'm on the third section, and it obviously hasn't enthralled me as *CfStone* did. It may yet; as you say, it's very long, and it is good too.
80°! We are keeping Mama's house at 80 because we're fine just sitting, and her old AC is puny. We don't replace it because the heating unit is still very good.

Wow! Welcome, Lavinia! I'm happy to see you here.

Welcome back, Irene. We're doing what we do in SE NC in July, but I feel the heat in ways I didn't as a younger woman.

My new thread and I thank you and welcome you as always, Richard! *smooch*

Wordle 748 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, mount, donut

Jul 7, 3:44 pm

Friday orisons, Peggy, may the weekend ahead be a lovely mix of Good Things!

Jul 7, 6:25 pm

>24 LizzieD: With an entirely different starting word, I got Wordle in 4 today as well, and we had the same last 2 words.

Stay cool today!

Jul 8, 12:38 am

Great minds, Irene!
The weekend is starting well, Richard......

I saw my doc today and now feel free to relax our isolation at last! Mama is still 101, going on 102, so I will be very conservative in my going out and having visitors in, but we can do it! We'll start looking for some part-time help soon. Happy Day!

Jul 8, 1:05 am

>27 LizzieD: Great news!

>24 LizzieD: You are too kind.

Jul 8, 10:17 am


Jul 8, 10:51 am

*smooch* for Richard as ever!

Beth, I'm not at all kind, and I thank you for celebrating with me!!

Wordle 749 6/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, voter, joker, boner, coder, cower Let me just say that I don't play Warcraft, and the Bot's 2nd guess sent me ducking. Good grief! Phew! indeed!

Jul 8, 11:00 am

Hi Peggy and happy Saturday to you.

>27 LizzieD: Great news, and lovely that you'll start getting some help in.

Wordle in 5 today for me.

Jul 8, 1:32 pm

>27 LizzieD: What wonderful news! I'm so happy for you!

>30 LizzieD: Those Wordles with the pattern _O_ER are killers. The first time I got one of those, the answer was foyer and I got skunked. I guessed just about everything there was and used most of the letters available, but still ran out of room to get the answer. Today it took me 6, and I had thought of the one they were looking for, but guessed something else first.

Wishing you a great Saturday!

Jul 8, 3:29 pm

Irene, good for us both today! (BETTER for Karen!) Those are killers. When I get one with an infinite number of possibilities, I generally try a guess that eliminates as many remaining consonants as I can. I didn't do it today because I had neither time nor inclination to think. Bot's suggestion of pwned confounded me.

Thank you both for good wishes. I'll TRY to get somebody in, but that may take some time. We'll see.

Jul 8, 4:09 pm

>33 LizzieD: I have seen pwned before, but would never have thought of it as an acceptable word to try in Wordle. Since I can't see Wordlebot any more, I no longer know what it thinks of my attempts.

Jul 8, 7:09 pm

Happy new thread!

Jul 9, 10:09 am

Good morning, Irene and Jim!

The bot never thinks much of my second choice word, but it paid off this time, and I Beat the Bot. It judges by how many words each guess eliminates, and I judge by how many letters I've found.

Thank you for the visit, Jim!

Wordle 750 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, enter

Jul 9, 11:34 am

'Morning, Peggy! Happy Sunday to you.

Wordle took me 5 today. Brava on your 3.

Jul 9, 12:14 pm

I'm here to say hellooooo. I have put K. Armstrong on the WL.

Jul 9, 2:24 pm

There we go, Karen. Up and down as we've predicted!

Yay, Lucy. Hope you'll get to her and like her. I am, of course, reading #4 in spite of everything. I'm also rereading the last old Ishmael before tackling the brand new one. Roni says to wait until Lowell finishes this trilogy, but I can't do that.

Enjoy your Sunday, folks!

Jul 10, 1:32 pm


I came, I saw, I shopped............ Lucy nailed it. First time in our Wal-Mart Express in 3 years & 4 months, and it was weird and banal. I felt as though I had been there last week and was happy and unsettled to be around unmasked strangers. I, of course, wore my mask, and I also saw 3 store employees masked. As my doc says, everybody is not trying to protect a 101 year-old mother. I was a bit appalled by the prices, but I found everything on my list. Score!!!

Wordle 751 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, lobby, folly Good enough for me!

Jul 10, 11:43 pm


I had forgotten a lot of this one; I don't remember how long since I first read it. I liked older Ishmael more this reading, and now I'm ready to start the first of the next trilogy. I guess I should finish the Natalya/Zoya books first, but that's not going to happen. I did get back to Casey Duncan4. I figured I wouldn't be able to help myself.


Jul 11, 7:41 am

'Morning, Peggy!

I'm glad you're out and about. I do not have a 101-year-old mother to protect and so have finally, finally stopped wearing a mask. I still have 'em in my SUV in case I feel insecure, and I see quite a few folks in town wearing 'em.

Wordle was 4 today for me.

Jul 11, 10:10 am

Good morning, Karen! Even masked, I feel free! I'm not ready to eat in a restaurant yet, but I won't mind going in and taking out.

Wordle 752 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, later, caret, earth Not my best attempt. I repeated a letter in the wrong place at guess 3, and I considered the correct beginning letter sequence at 2 and then discarded it. Oh well.

Jul 11, 3:23 pm

Peggy! *smooch*

Editado: Jul 11, 3:43 pm

I'm so happy for you, being able to get out and about again Peggy. You've been a rock these past few years. Maybe pillar of strength is a better phrase? Something like that.

Jul 11, 5:42 pm

>42 karenmarie: I'm selfishly protecting my 74 year old self by wearing a mask when I go out. Though Kaiser doesn't seem to require them anymore and they are increasingly rare.

Jul 11, 6:27 pm

I'm glad you're able to get out and about, Peggy! I started going without a mask most of the time, sometime back in the spring, and so far so good. We still don't eat out at restaurants very often, except on our last trip, when we had to eat out. I don't see very many people wearing masks now, except sometimes the employees in a store are wearing them. I've been keeping one in my car, in case. I'm still waiting to see what the fall brings.

Jul 11, 11:34 pm

Thank you for celebrating new freedom with me, Irene, Susan, and Laura! My California cousin (brother to she who won't be vaccinated because it will change her DNA) called this afternoon. He's through with the vaccine because he's heard that it can cause heart problems. I told him to check Mayo or Johns Hopkins, which he won't do. *sigh* (I did: risk of myocarditis 1 in 20,000 to 100,000, mostly in young men.)
Susan, why is wearing a mask to protect yourself selfish? I'm pretty sure I'd be wearing it just for my DH and myself.

*smooch* Richard!

Off to bed with Ish and Pip in School Days!!!

Jul 11, 11:46 pm

>48 LizzieD: I'm not one who thinks selfishness is bad. Though it can easily be overdone.

Jul 12, 1:08 am

>48 LizzieD: It's hard to reason with conspiracy theorists, isn't it?

Jul 12, 10:15 am

>50 vancouverdeb: Oh, Deborah. There's no reason; it's religion in the very worst sense of the word.

>49 quondame: Susan, we must be operating on 2 definitions of "selfish." Mine says that protecting oneself is a basic obligation which becomes selfish when it begins to hurt other people.

Wordle 753 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, chirp, whirl Bot says that my second word narrowed the solution to 2 choices, and I chose the wrong one first.

Jul 12, 11:04 am

Hooray for getting out, Peggy. >50 vancouverdeb: There is no reasoning.

Jul 12, 11:07 am

>51 LizzieD: But what a nice “Christmas tree shape” to your solution!

Karen O

Jul 12, 1:30 pm

>48 LizzieD: *Sigh* I don't understand the people who believe all the crazy stuff on the internet instead of checking the facts for themselves. But once they get this in their heads, there's no convincing them otherwise.

Jul 12, 1:46 pm

Peggy me lurve, you're dealing with the conspiracist mindset precisely on its terms...you Believe or you don't and there's no point engaging with the belief. The believer is often also iffy as hell, as well. *unhappy sigh*

Jul 13, 10:18 am

I could swear that I thanked you and responded to you last night, Richard, Irene, Karen, and Beth! Did I write it and not enter it???
Ah, Richard. *unhappy sigh* indeed! Genuine *smooch* though!

Irene, my people go to the Internet to reinforce what they've agreed to in conversation among themselves. They check "facts" ........... they just check them in weird places.

*grin* to Karen. Looks like I'm the one who tried to put the star on that tree!

Beth, you're very nice to visit!

I'm reading a little. School Days is my current concentration. It's another Ishmael Wang space opera, but the crew is docked, working out details for taking a contingent of second year academy cadets into Toe-Hold space for a year. Nothing happens but personal interaction and planning, but it's such a comfortable book for me! I continue to Sway the Saloon 10 pages or so at a time but not every day.

Wordle 754 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unite, blare, barge Alpha order was a help today.

Jul 14, 10:16 am

Wordle 755 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, linen, fiend I'd begin to feel a bit mediocre except that I know how warmly I welcome 4s after a succession of 5s or 6s or a fail.

Jul 14, 10:18 am

Happy weekend-ahead's reads! *smooch*

Jul 14, 5:12 pm

>57 LizzieD: Fours are always good! To me, that's the standard, and if I beat it, it makes me very happy, but I'm always still happy with a 4.

Editado: Jul 15, 10:04 am

Many thanks for good wishes, Richard, as always!
You're smart, Irene. I certainly have more 4s than any other number. so I should be happy with them.

SCHOOL DAYS by Nathan Lowell

Oh happy day! A new Ishmael Horatio Wang trilogy released to my Kindle - at least the first 2/3 of it!
I am pleased beyond saying to have Ish and Crew back again, this time planning to take a stanyer to sail a group of academy cadets to the Toe-Holds as quarter shares. This book is all about the planning, and some of it goes on way too long. That's typical for Lowell. A reader interested in the subject is thrilled. Somebody like me, who is not all that concerned with corporate finances, gets restless. Never mind. I'm into the next book when they are finally getting underway.

Jul 15, 8:52 am

>60 LizzieD: I have *got* to bookhorn those Ish Wang books into my reading schedule somehow. Your joyous warbling has had its effect. *smooch*

Editado: Jul 15, 9:52 am

'Morning, Peggy!

Did you get some of that rain yesterday? It rained so hard it spooked Wash, who didn't come in for 6 hours and we couldn't find him. Scared us to death. I did get some actual walking in yesterday, though, as both Jenna and I walked around the house and property and I even walked up to the street and walked down it a bit. This will definitely put me in better shape to come visit you when you're ready for a visitor!

Today's Wordle was 3. Pure lucky guess after getting the 2nd and 4th letters correct on my second guess.

Jul 15, 10:18 am

>61 richardderus: Richard, Lowell is so easy. I suspect there's no middle ground with him: it's love or meh. Roni and I love him. Lucy doesn't. If you make room for Quarter Share, I hope you're a lover. It won't take you very long. The Lois McKendrick Omnibus: Trader's Tales 1-3 is free with KindleUnlimited, as is the first one at least. *smooch*

Good morning, Karen! We did get some rain, but I don't know how much. We walked this morning before I came to Mama, and I think I'm willing to do that from now on, especially if I can get to bed a half hour earlier.
Oh my. I'm sorry that Wash was MIA. You have my complete sympathy. I spent uncounted hours looking for Phoebe in the yard. She was always right there watching me. You are welcome when you can come!!!

Wordle 756 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Me too! Me too! I potentially had it in 2 as this would have been my first guess from the list of 5 that I had. If it had been wrong, it wouldn't have eliminated as many as my second guess did, so I'm satisfied. arose, pudge, crone

Jul 16, 1:02 pm

Wordle 757 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 No concentration today, not any of the 4 times I sat down to it. I'm feeling lucky to have gotten it in 5. arose, unity, modal, tokay, topaz

Jul 16, 1:17 pm

Your guess #4 is inspired!


Jul 16, 1:40 pm

Well, Richard, we see what inspires me....
I was interested that the Bot said I had only one real choice left after the 3rd word but nothing in my other guesses that would have led me to it.


Jul 16, 2:29 pm

>64 LizzieD: I was considering your 4th try, but decided it was most likely a proper noun. I only had one row left, and the answer finally came to me. Whew!

Jul 17, 12:02 am

Judy, I've been surprised by how many proper nouns they accept. I don't know that one like my #4 is ever the target, but they can certainly help place letters correctly or add a letter. It wasn't really a valid guess for me because I had already eliminated its last letter, but I didn't have time to think of anything else.

Jul 17, 12:42 am

>4 LizzieD: Hi Peggy

I'm up again late tonight, so I decided to visit threads. I note you listed by Emily Griffiths in the first quarter memorable books. Interestingly, yesterday one of the local librarians recommend this author. I'm heading to the library tomorrow to see if I can obtain The Last Remains.

I'm adding four out of five of the books you listed.

All good wishes and lots of love sent your way!

Jul 17, 7:03 am

'Morning, Peggy! Happy Monday to you.

I got Wordle in 2 today. Complete lucky guess, with one letter from my first word. As I wrote on my thread, I must have unintentionally mind melded with whoever chose the word.

>68 LizzieD: Wordle will accept any 5-letter word in the English Language, proper nouns included, but tokay isn't in the list of 2,309 words, neither is Paris. My starting word, adieu, isn't even a valid choice so I can never get it in one, but I use it for the vowels.

Lots of errands today, alas. But I will make some reading and puttering time.

Give your mama some gentle hugs, give your DH my kindest regards, and give yourself lots of hugs.

Jul 17, 9:36 am

Hi, Linda and Karen! I'll be visiting you both today...... Thanks for being here!

Wordle 758 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, prowl, droop No mind meld for me!

Jul 17, 10:15 am

Happy New Sunday, Peggy! *smooch*

Jul 17, 11:34 am

Thank you for being here too, Richard! New Sunday??? I don't know. I'm retired. Every day is Saturday except Sunday, and we had that yesterday.

Jul 18, 10:19 am

Wordle 759 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 slate, clerk, elder, plier, flyer Not my favorite day. I tried the Bot's favorite opener, and I didn't find it kind. My chosen 2 would have given me 3 letters after the second guess too, and Mary's troublesome letter might have been more help. Tomorrow I'll do what I prefer, but this approach did shake my brain a bit.

Jul 18, 10:31 am

>74 LizzieD: The bot's favorite opener has no special utility that I can see...you still got it, though, so it's all good. *smooch*

Jul 18, 1:04 pm

I agree, Richard. Analysis says that their word tends to eliminate the most possible choices from its list. Since I don't use a list, I'm really looking for more correct letters. I think our choice openers work together more times than not. I trade you an *r* for an *n* on the first try, but we make them up on our second choice. I like having the other vowels on my second word; you prefer the handy diphthong-maker and that other useful consonant. I suspect we both go for *l* if we're still fumbling on the third choice.

Jul 18, 6:00 pm

>76 LizzieD: Hi, Peggy! I hope you're having a good day!

I started using the bot's "favorite word" well before I ever noticed the bot and started looking at its analysis. Most of the time it works pretty well for me. But I'm like you, I'm looking for more correct letters most of the time. The only time I've used a word to eliminate letters is when I have one of those letter patterns that have multiple possible solutions. I don't use a list either. It feels like cheating.

Jul 18, 8:10 pm

Just stopping by to say hi, Peggy . I do enjoy Wordle Bot's analysis. It took me 4 tries today.

Jul 19, 9:22 am

'Morning, Peggy! Happy Wednesday to you.

We just had a few brief rain storms, enough to send our landscape guy away with promises of returning tomorrow.

Wordle was 4 for me today.

Jul 19, 9:54 am

Good morning, Karen, Deborah, and Irene. No rain for us yet although it's overcast again this morning; humid too! We walked, and now I have chicken cooking to make salad. I intended to grocery shop today, but the DH convinced me that it will be too hot by the time I can go, so we'll do this week's order as a pick-up tomorrow morning.

Wordle 760 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, joint, tonic I felt very comfy using MY words again, and the second one was lucky. Third guess was just stupid. I try hard not to put a letter into a spot I know is wrong. Oh well.

Jul 19, 10:39 am

Howdy do, Miss Peggy, Ma'am. Humid, no rain, is my fate too. The overcast at least keeps my glare-sensitive eyes from smarting quite so much. Wishing you a day full of today's Wordle-word!

Jul 19, 12:57 pm

Thank you kindly, Mister Richard, Sir. I more than feel your glare-sensitive eye plaint. I never, ever go out without shades until dusk and maybe not even then. My eyes don't smart; they just close....not good for seeing.

Jul 20, 7:17 am

Hi Peggy!

Yum to chicken salad. Congrats on Wordle in 4 although you did what I occasionally do, too – keep a yellow letter in the same wrong position!

Wordle again in 4 today for me.

Jul 20, 9:50 am

Good morning, Karen! Good for you for not going beyond 4. As you see, I went from delight to resignation in 3 easy steps!

Wordle 761 6/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, plank, blank, clank, flank

Jul 20, 10:13 am

>84 LizzieD: Oh, but you got it! I just dislike-so-much! those guessy-guessy Wordles. It’s like they are little whirlpools that you can’t get out of, until phew! you do. I did your third word and hadn’t stopped to think about all those other possibilities! But you made it!

Karen O

Jul 20, 11:07 am

>85 klobrien2: ^^what she said

Thursday *smooch*

Jul 20, 3:02 pm

Thanks for sympathy, Richard and Karen! As always, I live in hope for tomorrow.

WORKING CLASS by Nathan Lowell

I'm very happy to be aboard with Ish and Crew, but this isn't my favorite. I love the relationships as they develop, but I'm less happy to spend a lot of time in conversation about the history of Toe-Hold space and finances. My comfort is in day-to-day with the characters, but other people may find the management and business just the thing.
That said, I can't wait to get into the next book, *Hard Knocks*, and it's still in Lowell's editor's hands. Hurry! Hurry!

Jul 20, 8:36 pm

>80 LizzieD: & >83 karenmarie: Chicken salad IS tasty. Do either of you like curry? My favorite chicken salad recipe is a curried chicken salad with raisins and honey - happy to share if you're interested (although not everyone likes curry, so no pressure!).

Jul 21, 7:00 am

>88 PlatinumWarlock: mmm ... I've had chicken salad that way and it is delish. I know it as Coronation Chicken, a recipe created for the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It's hugely popular in the UK, in fact I don't think they "do" chicken salad any other way. Fun fact: King Charles' official coronation recipe was a quiche with spinach, cheddar, and broad beans.

I don't know why this takes up space in my brain, nor why I feel compelled to share it, but there you are.

Have a great day, Peggy!

Jul 21, 7:46 am

'Morning, Peggy! Happy Friday to you.

>88 PlatinumWarlock: Curry isn't my cuppa, but raisins sound like a good addition. I had a chicken salad plate last Tuesday after book club sorting - chicken salad served on lettuce with sliced tomatoes and dill pickle slices, crackers too. I love dill pickles but can't eat too many because of the sodium. I did have 3, though...

Wordle in 5 today, alas.

Jul 21, 9:53 am

Visitors! Thank you for coming, Lavinia, Laura, and Karen!!

I'm intrigued by curry in chicken salad, so I'd love the recipe, Lavinia. I do like curry. Laura, I love people who know things and are willing to spread the knowledge.

Karen, I could have gotten the Wordle in 4 today, but I deleted the correct first letter in order to try a more common one. That's 2 days running that Apha order bit me. Oh well. I'm doing my Katy Scarlett thing.

Wordle 762 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, hurry, curly, burly

I was at an AP training session with a fellow teacher I didn't care for very much. She introduced herself first and referred to me as her "today's word" colleague. I was a bit offended and embarrassed for us because at that point I was still a rather slender person.

Jul 21, 10:26 am

Coronation chicken is The Nuts! I love a good curried egg salad, too. I prefer tart, spicy, and sharp flavors to bland, sweet, uninteresting ones.


Jul 21, 12:28 pm

>91 LizzieD: aw, thanks Peggy.

>92 richardderus: Ooh curried egg salad. That sounds like a winner, RD.

Jul 21, 5:14 pm

For those of you who wanted the curried chicken salad recipe, here you go:

5 cups chicken, shredded into bite-sized pieces
2 medium scallions, white and green parts, minced
2 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro or parsley
¾-1 cup mayonnaise
1 ½ - 2 tablespoons juice from 1 small lemon
6 tablespoons golden raisins
2 teaspoons curry powder
1 tablespoon honey
salt and pepper

Mix all together and serve.

Super easy! And of course you can adjust any of the ingredients to your taste. I almost always add slivered almonds as well, which adds a nice crunch. I think the combination would work well with eggs also. Enjoy!!

Jul 21, 5:25 pm

Hello, Peggy! Just stopping by to say hi.

>91 LizzieD: My first two words were good to me today and I was able to get Wordle in 3.

>94 PlatinumWarlock: That recipe sounds interesting! I'll have to give it a try. Thanks!

Editado: Jul 22, 12:28 am

Yum! Thank you, Lavinia. That sounds quite doable, and I'll look forward to it. I'm thinking I might get some fresh curry powder and add it and the raisins and a bit of honey to my existing salad, which has only celery, pecans, and sweet pickles in it.

Hi, Irene! GOOD for you for Wordling in 3. If I remember correctly, you like the bot's first word, so you beat it today.
Very nice!!

Always lovely to see you, Richard and Laura! Curried egg salad definitely deserves consideration. Thanks for the hint!

We had an ordinary day, and I dipped in and out of the following books, a favorite way to read......
Emergence, Watcher in the Woods, Covenant of Water, Sway of the Grand Saloon.
That works fine for somebody who has time to read, but I don't. Nevertheless, it was a fun day.

Jul 22, 8:26 am

Peggy me lurve, have you gone to get yourself a copy of Fen, Bog, Swamp yet? Annie Proulx's very old now and her perspective on the world's wetlands is both beautiful, nostalgic, and bracing. I think you'd really like it.

Weekend-ahead's *smooches*

Jul 22, 9:58 am

Many thanks for the tip, Richard. I don't have much Annie Proulx and definitely not *F,B,S*. I'll keep a look out with thanks. *smooch* right back for your weekend.

Meanwhile, I keep my streak going, but I'm impatient with Wordle these days and just put something in to finish one way or the other.

Wordle 763 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, print (Bot wants me to use pwned again. Why?), broke, grove, froze Another one of those too many words/too few tries days.

Jul 22, 10:11 am

‘Morning, Peggy, and happy Saturday to you!

>94 PlatinumWarlock: Thanks Lavinia – I snagged it.

I got it in 3 today.

Editado: Jul 22, 11:47 am

>97 richardderus: that's the second rec I've seen here for Fen, Bog, Swamp (the other being Bill aka weird_o). I'm awaiting the Kindle version from my library as we speak write.

>98 LizzieD: Peggy, I Wordled in 5 today and so did my other Wordling family members. I think it's just one of those tricky words.

>99 karenmarie: Oh, but then someone goes and gets it in 3. Harrumph.

Jul 22, 12:37 pm

Hi, Laura! I've wish-listed *F,B,S* and will be happy when I can get it.
We're agreed about today's word. I thought of it, and also thought "Nah" until it was my only choice.

Jul 22, 2:05 pm

>100 lauralkeet: Excellent news, Laura...her talent deserves our attention and her perspective our respect, both of which I hope the read will evoke from you.

>101 LizzieD: *smooch*

Jul 22, 6:26 pm

>96 LizzieD: Yes, indeed, but I started using that word as my first guess before I ever discovered the bot. It didn't help me much today, as it took me 5 tries to get the answer this time. At least it sounds like I was in good company with that today! :-P

>97 richardderus: Oh good grief, now here's another one to add to mount TBR! And not even from Peggy! How will I ever find the time to get to them all!

Jul 22, 7:29 pm

>103 atozgrl: *evil laughter*

I live to cause the TBRs of all readers to bloat, Irene.

Jul 22, 10:31 pm

>104 richardderus: Indeed you do! I have noticed that since I became active on LT in January. You will certainly be keeping me busy trying to keep up!

Jul 23, 1:03 am

>105 atozgrl: Keep up with Richard's BB's?????? WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Certainly not happening for me, but I wish you the best, Irene.
I'm interested that you and the bot chose that word. It must work.....

To bed!

Jul 23, 9:45 am

At last! It's been a whole week since I saw a 3. Way to start my Sunday!

Wordle 764 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, whale

Jul 23, 10:33 am

‘Morning, Peggy! Happy Sunday to you, your dear mama, and your DH.

The weather is verra nice. I might even read in the hammock this afternoon.

>105 atozgrl: and >106 LizzieD: No keeping up with RD, Irene. Just since January of 2021, when I created a new user on LT to track my wish list, kairfa, Richard has given me 65 BBs. That doesn’t count the ones I immediately bought or acquired for my Kindle… My wish list will outlive me, as will the books on my shelves tagged ‘tbr’.

>107 LizzieD: Congrats on your 3. It took me the full 6.

>108 richardderus: Yes, yes, yes, RDear, preen away. Amazon, book stores, thrift stores, and other online book sellers all thank you, too.

Jul 23, 5:42 pm

>106 LizzieD: >108 richardderus: >109 karenmarie: You're right, it looks like there's no way to keep up with RD. Sigh. I'll just have to keep adding to the TBR pile.

>106 LizzieD: I used to start Wordle with TRAIN. Then I read some article where they were recommending SLOTE. SLOTE?!? I decided to try SLATE instead, and it's worked pretty well for me. Today it was very good; I got Wordle in 2.

Jul 24, 8:29 am

>110 atozgrl: Hi Peggy. Couldn't resist delurking to comment on this post by atozgrl (Irene):
'slote' is no one's favorite word yet, has no comments yet (on wordnik), and is not a valid Scrabble word. (under 'stats', at https://www.wordnik.com/words/slote).
Wordle uses many slang words and Americanized spelling. Once I found that 'humor' and shortened words like 'condo' were acceptable, my success at playing the game improved dramatically.

I've had very little brainspace for mooching around LT this past few months, even though I got off to a good start on this Talk group in the beginning of the year. I'm usually behind on the threads now, to the point I have no idea how people are doing and / or if calamities have come and gone.

I have managed to keep my reading list mostly up to date, so that's where you'll see what I've read and if you like, the reviews are on the book's review page.

Jul 24, 10:07 am

Sandy and Irene, I'm really happy to see you here!

SLOTE???? Sheesh. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS on Wordle in 2! I had the word on my list for 4, but you see what happened.....

Sandy, I just took a look at your thread and your list and find them very impressive. Good for you! We love to see you when you come....

And now ...............
Wordle 765 6/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, jocky, holly, howdy, hobby Oh well. It's done.

Jul 24, 12:34 pm

>112 LizzieD: Guessing-game day on Wordle always made me nutso. Still, not skunked is not skunked!

*smooch* My latest mystery reads might appeal to you, Peggy...reviews coming later in the week.

Editado: Jul 24, 1:21 pm

>111 SandyAMcPherson: I got skunked on Wordle the day that 'condo' was the solution. Live and learn.

But the article was claiming that they got the right answer fastest most often by using SLOTE as the starting word. I had never even heard the word before.

>112 LizzieD: SLATE was useless for Wordle today, but my normal second guess (which I use whenever I don't get enough from SLATE) was enough for me to get it in 3. I was quite surprised when my third guess was right.

Hope you're having a great day today, Peggy!

Editado: Jul 24, 10:01 pm

>112 LizzieD: Peggy, thanks so much for visiting my thread.

The petition to sign, (at https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-back-the-kate-greenaway-medal) worked fine on both Safari and Firefox browsers, with no problem of a warning that the site was suspect.
I'm wondering if you put "carnegies@cilip.org.uk" into the web browser's address bar? That would definitely give you the 'suspect' message response.

To reassure you, carnegies@cilip.org.uk is an e-mail address and was simply added in my post to let people know they could contact CILIP directly to say something along the lines of "what a bald-faced disgrace their decision is". I felt I don't carry any weight in the librarian or author world, so I didn't use the e-mail to address CILIP directly.

Jul 25, 10:10 am

>115 SandyAMcPherson: Oh, Sandy, that's exactly what I did - pressed for time and dimmed for cognition. I'll try again with the url given here as soon as I can. Meanwhile, thank you for coming back to let me know what I did.

Hi, Irene! You are a Wordling Monster. Good for you!!!!!

Good morning, Richard. I'm back to my normal 4 today, and I feel better.

I wish you all a day when you can be cool and as productive as you care to be. I think reading a lot is very productive!!! We have to squeeze in a shower/shampoo, vacuuming and other minimal cleaning, food and clean-up, but otherwise I hope to read. I'm very happy with Emergence and a bit panicked that I have only two more left in the series. Write, Carolyn Janice, Write!

Wordle 766 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, cheep, wheel

Jul 25, 6:30 pm

>116 LizzieD: Thanks, Peggy, but I'm actually not a "Wordling Monster." I think I just got lucky yesterday. Of course, my second word gave me letters 2 & 3 in place, which was a big help. I was back to the usual 4 today.

I've had my share of Wordling struggles, but I seem to be getting better lately. Of course, now I've probably jinxed myself just by saying that.

I hope you're having a great day today!

Jul 26, 10:32 am

I don't know, Irene. I'm remembering a 2 and several 3s.... Good for you!

Today I flummoxed myself by not using my second word, which would have been a mistake, and then not trying the most common letter from it. I'm happy with 4 but not as happy as I might be.

Wordle 767 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, layer, perch, heart

I'm excited. Lucy has pointed me to a fantasy series by that scifi goddess C.J. Cherryh. PBS had a couple, and the rest were available in good used copies from AMP. I'll be all set for the *Fortress*!

Jul 26, 10:35 am

Happy Wednesday, Peggy me lurve. *smooch*

Jul 26, 8:08 pm

>118 LizzieD: I like the Fortress/Tristen Sihhë books quite a lot.

Jul 26, 8:18 pm

Hi Peggy!

I've been remiss in visiting recently, sorry for it. I hope you're doing well. Give your mama gentle hugs and your DH my kindest regards.

And the fiercest hugs for you, of course. (((((Peggy)))))

Jul 26, 9:05 pm

Happiness is finding a message from Richard, Susan, and Karen! Thank you all.

Good night! Good night!

(Susan, I'm glad to know that you think the *Fortress* series is a good one, but then, it's Cherryh.)

Jul 27, 8:52 am

Happy THursday's Wordleing, Peggy, and may the Weather Goddess grant you a visit from the Norther Elf.


Jul 27, 9:48 am

'Morning, Peggy!

Another hot'un, stay cool.

I got Wordle in 4 today.

Jul 27, 10:01 am

Good morning, Karen and Richard. It will be hot. I hope to stay in!

Wordle 768 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, solid, disco I'm happy with this because I think I was logical.

Jul 28, 9:58 am

Wordle 769 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, inlet, doest, ethos I'm not especially happy with this. I didn't expect it to accept my 3rd word, but I was curious enough to try. (Just work on solving the puzzle, Lizzie.)

Jul 28, 5:17 pm

Happy Friday, Peggy! Just stopping by. It's been a hot week! I hope you and family are all well.

Editado: Jul 29, 12:21 am

Hi, Irene! We got a break today with overcast skies most of the time even if we haven't had actual rain yet. Hope you're staying cool!

EMERGENCE by C.J. Cherryh

I do love *Foreigner*, and I am a tiny bit bummed that I will have caught Cherryh in two more books. Convergence was a wrapping up and laying out of all the forces at play on the planet of the Atevi, on the space station, and with the Kyo, the highly advanced and very alien people whose space they had blundered into. I'm glad to have Bren and Cajeiri back on earth and meeting new characters who will have their parts in the near future.

Bren is on Mospheira, preparing the human island for the first of the Reunion Station contingent who will make their home on earth. I was glad to have a bit more of Banichi and Jago than I've seen in the last few books. Cajeiri is visiting his great uncle Tatigeini at his great estate. My preference is always to have these two together, preferably in the Bujavid, but this was still a happy entry in the series.

Now I'm going to check my spelling.

Jul 28, 6:02 pm

>128 LizzieD: Interesting that you had overcast skies today. It's been sunny all day here. We've been mostly staying inside today to avoid the heat, although we had to get up early and move stuff in the garage this morning because the pest control guys were coming today for the quarterly treatment. We wanted to get that work done as early as possible due to the heat. We also had to run out for one errand this morning. Otherwise, we're staying in.

I'll have to look into the Cherryh books, but I've got lots of stuff on my shelves that I've got to make a dent in first. I used to read so much sci fi and fantasy when I was young. At some point I've got to get back to it.

Jul 29, 9:04 am

'Morning, Peggy! Happy Saturday.

Wordle took me 4 today, so I'm happy.

Overcast skies again, a Goldfinch on the sunflower seed feeder, and Inara on the dresser in the Sunroom relaxing on an old baby fleece.

Jul 29, 9:46 am

Good morning, Karen! We enjoyed our walk with overcast skies. I had forgotten to take my sunglasses home, so I was able to keep my eyes open without them. I'm glad that Ms. Inara is relaxing. Fleas! Yuck. My 2 words of choice gave me Wordle in 3, so I'm very happy. Stay cool!

Wordle 770 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, curly

Jul 29, 9:48 am

Peggy! *smooch*

Jul 29, 9:55 am

I think we sort of cross-smooched, Richard!

Jul 30, 9:19 am

Hi Peggy! Happy Sunday to you and yours.

Wordle in 4 again, R&R&R on the schedule for today.

Jul 30, 9:32 am

>133 LizzieD: We did indeed...great minds, etc.

*smooch* again

Jul 30, 10:01 am

Good morning, Richard and Karen, with a *smooch* and a hug!

Wordle 771 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unite, tache (again, I didn't expect Wordle to accept this), lathe, bathe I miss my mind.

Jul 30, 11:00 am

"I miss my mind." That's what one of my MiL's used to say. *smile*

Jul 30, 1:06 pm

Checking in on you today, Peggy. I hope the heat leaves you alone. For that matter, I hope it leaves us alone too!

Jul 31, 8:42 am

Monday orisons, Peggy! *smooch*

Jul 31, 9:43 am

Karen, your MiL knew whereof she spoke. See today's Wordle for proof that most of mine has gone. *sigh*
Oh, Stasia, yesterday was HOT. Today is better after rain through the night with a mild front. It's too weak to call it a cold front. Hope you're getting some relief.
Back to you, Richard, with an extra *smooch* in case you need it.

Wordle 772 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, stile, stele, style I almost give up. Really.

Jul 31, 9:52 am

Good Morning Dear Peggy!!!

Jul 31, 2:18 pm

Good afternoon, dear Linda!!!

WATCHER IN THE WOODS by Kelley Armstrong

I am taken with this series. This fourth installment finds a stranger in the wilderness that surrounds Rockton, who claims to be a US marshal and who is totally unequipped to survive in the Yukon even in the summer. He says that he has a warrant to arrest a Rockton resident, a killer, but the next day he is dead. Sheriff Dalton and Casey, his lover and detective, must identify the killer of the marshal and the object of his search. Add to this the presence of Casey's older and problematic sister April, a formidable surgeon who has come to dig a bullet from near the spine of one of their militia members.
This is a bit of relief from book 3 that was almost too full of action. We get a couple of new characters, who add interest: April the surgeon, whom a couple of people recognize as being on the Autism spectrum, and a pure sociopath.
I guess I'll be forced to go on to the next book!

Jul 31, 3:07 pm

>142 LizzieD: Why would a US Marshall be on Canadian territory, alone, investigating anything? OK, just asking...

Good for you managing full on action. I think I'm still pandemic-ridden and hence indulging in YA reading. Some is really excellent and others kinda meh, even for the YA audience.

Hope your heating event has faded with the rain, though I guess the humidity is right outta sight!

Jul 31, 9:36 pm

>143 SandyAMcPherson: That's the question, isn't it, Sandy?!?!!!! Believe me, they ask. You should know that Rockton is a completely hidden, off-the-grid settlement for people who need to disappear. A council researches each resident carefully, but Rockton ends up with some very unsavory characters mostly from the US.

This is very much pandemic-ridden reading for me. I can't/won't read YA for the most part, but I'm still going for comfort. Lots of us are.....

Ago 1, 8:21 am

‘Morning, Peggy! Happy Tuesday.

>140 LizzieD: I, E, I (phonetically). *smile*

>142 LizzieD: My, my. Gritty mystery plus autism. I always love books with sociopaths and psychopaths. I’m reading one right now, one of my romances of course, in which one of the lovers is an assassin for the Mafia and a psychopath, but a lovable psychopath for Liam and the Family.

Book sorting fondling today, meal out, then pie making and soccer watching – replay of the 3 a.m. EDT US-Portugal match.

Ago 1, 10:05 am

Good morning, Karen, and Happy Tuesday to you too! Shower day for us and no inspiration for meals. I took a blob of ground beef out of the freezer last night, but I doubt that it will have thawed, and I know I don't want to mess with it. I do see a meatloaf in our future. I'm thinking Philly Cheese Steak..........You enjoy the books and the soccer and the pie.

I really think that you'd like the Rockton series.

Wordle 773 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 stear, noise, tenth That was a complete and welcome surprise.

Ago 1, 2:36 pm

Hiya Peggy. Drunk day here, so off to get the necessary cleaning supplies lined up.

Ago 2, 10:23 am

Good morning, Richard. I wish you a better day today. Clean up is better than living with it until somebody whose job it might be gets around to it, I guess. So sorry.

Wordle 774 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, teeth, beget I can't complain.

I'm enjoying *Winter's Orbit*, btw. The prince is forced to marry his cousin's widower, and they have an immediate physical attraction. The best will in the world fosters huge misunderstanding on both sides. Meanwhile, politics is coming into play. Good summer reading! I also like the narrative voice.

Ago 2, 11:58 am

>148 LizzieD: That's why I do it, Peggy. I don't like the reality of that, but I know it's pointless to complain.

Ago 3, 9:58 am

Good morning, Richard. I'm wishing better days in a row for you!

Wordle 775 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, party Yippee! I forget that I'm supposed to be trying to second guess a human's choice. I ignore that part because I don't like it.

Ago 4, 10:04 am

Wordle 776 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, bract, chart Less brain power than usual; I'll accept my normal 4 and move on.

Ago 4, 10:19 am

I'm amazed your brain's still inside instead of melted all over the sidewalk, TBH. 4 is fine given the atmospheric conditions.

*smooch* for a fun weekend!

Ago 5, 9:56 am

Good morning, Richard. Brain grew up accustomed to the heat and humidity. OH well. *smooch*

Wordle 777 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, alone, anode Make it that easy every day!

Ago 5, 10:10 am

'Morning, Peggy! Happy Saturday to you.

Yuck to the weather, yay for AC. Glad you got your walk in as reported on RD's thread.

I got there differently, but also got Wordle in 3 today.

Ago 5, 12:54 pm

>153 LizzieD: Happy Saturday, Peggy! Your first word was great today! Good Wordling! I also got it in 3, but I struggled with it and had to write some options down before I saw it.

The heat and humidity are coming back. Stay cool today!

Ago 6, 9:22 am

'Morning, Peggy!

Wordle in 4 for me.

Ago 6, 12:08 pm

Good morning, Karen and Irene. Mama was ready to get up when I got over here, so I Wordled quickly and pretty successfully for me.

Wordle 778 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, pylon, polyp If the woman choosing these words is getting them from her life, I'm sorry.

Ago 7, 10:03 am

Wordle 779 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, droop, broom, brook I think I'm satisfied with this.

Ago 7, 10:46 am

Morning, dear one. *smooch*

Ago 7, 11:20 am

Happy Monday Dear Peggy. Where did the weekend go?

Editado: Ago 8, 10:25 am

Good Tuesday morning to you both, Linda and Richard!!! I have no idea where time goes around here. It's moving a l lot faster than I am.

Wordle 780 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, lucky, pully, bully I'm not so pleased with this one, but 5 is better than 6 or skunk. I keep looking at WordleBot and keep not understanding its choices. Bot didn't like my #3, but it gave me the letter I needed to solve, and its choice didn't. Never mind.

I'll have to reload my opener when I get home.

Ago 8, 11:18 pm

>161 LizzieD: Happy late Tuesday, Peggy! Sorry to be so late stopping by.

I really don't understand some of WordleBot's choices--or at least I didn't when I was still able to look at WordleBot. I'm sure your choice was probably better.

Editado: Ago 9, 10:13 am

Love to see you here any time at all, Lavinia! I'm pretty sure that the bot has a program to eliminate words from its possibilities list, but I can't see a human able to do that. I don't know. Anyway, I live in hope for a better result tomorrow!

Hard Knocks by Nathan Lowell

Oh no! This is the end of the latest Ishmael trilogy, and now I have to wait and hope that Lowell isn't tired of him. I'm not.

In this one the Marva Collins, a solar clipper given to the merchant marine academy by a major ship-building firm, begins to show problems and Ish and crew have to get her from Toe-Hold space back to the High Line. We also see romantic relationships develop between characters we care about and learn what that means for their future. I was happy to have less of the curriculum developer and more day-to-day and crisis minute-to-minute life.

I want more!

Ago 9, 12:18 am

Hi Peggy. It appears that we are both late night LT people. I smile when I open the computer, go to the LT site, and see your name! You always make me happy.

Much Love

Ago 10, 10:09 am

Linda, I know that I wrote to you here yesterday, but that message isn't here now. ????
I'm always happy to see your name too - you are a GOOD WOMAN!!!!!
I have nothing going on except Mama getting up without calling me, but all is fine. Now I'm off to get our breakfast.

Wordle 782 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, lefty, empty Can't complain.

Ago 10, 10:14 am

'Morning, Peggy!

Yay for 4, it took me 5.

Yikes to your mama getting up without calling you. Glad all is fine. Give her a gentle hug from me. Kind regards to your DH, and ((((hugs)))) to your own dear self.

Ago 10, 12:26 pm

>165 LizzieD: *smooch*

That's all.

Editado: Ago 11, 12:14 pm

A *smooch* is a very good reason for a visit, Richard. Thank you and one back!

Good morning, Karen! We're fine this morning, Mama is up and settled, and I'm ready for breakfast.

I have to comment first on a sign of our times from Fayetteville, the large town up I-95 from us. An 11 year-old boy has been arrested for stealing a gun and shooting and killing an 8 year-old girl. How do you deal with that? My DH does it with gallows humor. 2nd Amendment rights should extend to all age groups. Then the boy wouldn't have had to steal the gun and the girl could have used hers to defend herself. Lord have mercy.

Wordle 783 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, hovel, hello

Ago 11, 10:22 am

>168 LizzieD: Words fail me. I can not even bring myself to imagine those families' intensity of agony.

Ago 11, 12:15 pm

It is truly beyond thought, Richard. I neglected to say explicitly that he killed her.

Ago 11, 1:34 pm

>163 LizzieD: I really to get to Nathan Lowell one of these days. Is there a good starting point that you can recommend, Peggy?

Happy Friday!

Ago 11, 5:29 pm

>168 LizzieD: Sad times indeed when such things happen. Idolatry of guns is out of control in this country. I have to think that when the children going to school these days and living through what they have to deal with, when they get old enough to get political power, maybe then something will change. It sure doesn't seem likely before then, unfortunately.

Wordle took me 5 today. Another one of those days when I had most of the word, but kept guessing the wrong one.

Wishing you a good rest of Friday, and the weekend!

Editado: Ago 13, 1:23 pm

Hi, Stasia and Irene!

Stasia, by all means start at the beginning with Quarter Share or read The Wizard's Butler. The first is space opera, and the second an urban fantasy.
Irene, that's been my pattern most days for the past week or so, and I kind of hate it. I agree that gun worship makes us a sorry people.

WINTER'S ORBIT by Everina Maxwell
Perfect summer reading - a scifi/fantasy with a murder mystery, political shenanigans, and adventure story wrapped in a yummy romance. I thought that Maxwell handled plot development very well and loved and adored the characters. I was also pleased with the world building although I would have been happy with even more details. My second book, Ocean's Echo is coming soon, and I'll hope for more even though I'll miss Kiem and Jainan.

The Emperor of Iskat is pressed for time. The Auditor from the Galactic Resolution is on-planet to examine the updating of her treaties with her six or seven vassal planets, which will hold good for the next twenty years. Sadly, her grandson Taam, the linchpin of her treaty with Thea through his marriage with Count Jainan, has been killed in a flybug accident. The only young royal available to marry Jainan in the month before everything has to be settled is Kiem, her least favorite grandchild. Kiem is feckless and charming and has no choice but to accede to the marriage and do the best he can with it. Jainan is a brilliant engineer and serious diplomat. They marry and are immediately attracted to each other.

It's also immediately evident that Taam abused Jainan at least verbally and emotionally. He is sensitive to Kiem's every mood inflection, expecting the same treatment since Kiem is also a prince royal. Kiem is sensitive to Jainan's every mood inflection, believing that he is grieving for his dead partner. With less than a month to go, the Auditor declines to instate their partnership because it appears that Taam was murdered, and Jainan is the prime suspect.

As they dig deeper, they find that the murder of an individual is just the surface of political and military complications that put the small Empire at risk. There's no explicit sex, but Kiem and Jainan are such appealing characters that even the touch of a hand on hair is romantically satisfying, at least to my sentimental heart. Look for HEA!

Ago 12, 2:21 am

>173 LizzieD: Thanks for the recommendations, Peggy. I would probably prefer space opera to urban fantasy, so I will see if can get a copy of Quarter Share.

I am going to see if I can find Winter's Orbit too! Sounds fun.

Ago 12, 7:41 am

'Morning, Peggy!

>168 LizzieD: Oh, how awful.

Wordle in 3 for me today. Good luck to you.

Ago 12, 10:10 am

Good morning, Stasia and Karen!!!

Stasia, *Butler* was the first Lowell that I read, and I'm not sure that urban fantasy really describes it. I'm impatiently waiting for the sequel, *The Wizard's Cat*, which is promised someday.
Karen, my mind is repelled by it. There's nothing else on the news or in the paper to say whether the killing was intentional or accidental. I hope for the latter.

Wordle 784 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 aeons, mirth, quill, quick Richard's first word was no more helpful than mine would have been. I thought I was very lucky, but Bot rated my luck fairly low. I always have to try my best letter in try #3.

Ago 12, 10:13 am

>176 LizzieD: I got Wordle in four today, also. I LOVE it when we get to use qu! Happy day!

Karen O

Ago 12, 2:28 pm

Ago 12, 3:24 pm

>173 LizzieD: *popcorn bowl*

Take your time...no need to rush...not like we're runnin' outta books to read...

Ago 13, 8:25 am

'Morning, Peggy! Ugh to the heat today, thank goodness for the AC.

I got Wordle in my usual 4.

Book club at 2, glad to have it, glad to have read the book, glad when it will be done.

Editado: Ago 13, 1:24 pm

Amen to gratitude for AC, Karen! Enjoy the book club and ENJOY having it over!!!

Aw, Richard. >173 LizzieD: I'd love you to read the book. *smooch*

Wordle 785 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, wrath I'm happy with this! So the Bot and the columnist got it in 2 --- so what!

Ago 13, 3:05 pm

>181 LizzieD: Ir sounds like a book I'll enjoy! Lovely review of a fun read, Peggy.

Ago 13, 5:15 pm

Thank you, Richard. I wish you may love it!

I also see that in my scrolling up and down I missed speaking to Karen, who was happy with Saturday's word. Hope today's pleased you too.

I also missed replying to Arlie. If the Fayetteville Observer reported the shooting, I missed it, and I looked for it Friday and today. I heard it mentioned once on the localish TV station. The report was that the boy was charged with stealing the firearm and manslaughter, so I assumed it wasn't an accident.

Ago 14, 9:54 am

Wordle 786 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, snaky Yippee! Praise again for my two starter words!

Ago 14, 10:18 am

Morning, Peggy. It's cloudy and threatening here today, looks like storms are gonna roll. Being summer, I don't really object, but the changes in barometric pressure add a bit of pain to my days.

Ago 14, 1:19 pm

Hi Peggy.

Congrats on 3... mine was another 4.

It is ugh out. I had to do bird feeder stuff and am glad to be back in the AC.

Ago 15, 8:28 am

'Morning, my dear.

Today was 3 for Wordle. I'm heading off soon to book sorting then a book sale planning meeting, perhaps lunch after.

Ago 15, 8:50 am

Tuesday orisons, Peggy me lurve. *smooch*

Ago 15, 10:11 am

Good morning, Richard and Karen! Again, it was hot when we walked but not impossible. Y'all take care!

Wordle 787 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, index Hooray for 3 Sisters!

Ago 15, 2:24 pm

It is only going to be 90 here today. A cool front compared to yesterday's 105, but still not walking weather for me! I do not tolerate heat well at all!

Ago 16, 12:11 am

Ago 16, 5:16 am

Happy Wednesday, Peggy.

>190 alcottacre: 105, Stasia? That definitely makes 90 seem reasonable. *eye roll*

Congrats on 3 yesterday, my dear. Took me 4 today - my usual.

Ago 16, 9:23 am

Another *smooch* from me, Peggy. My latest reviewed book is one you should stay far away from. There's a nihilism in Korean culture that would not sit well with what I know of your personality.

Ago 16, 10:15 am

I love visitors - especially when they're Richard, Karen, Susan, and Stasia!!!!!

*smooch* Richard. I was one of the few who wasn't over the moon with Pachinko. I liked it but didn't love it. Thanks for the warning.

Karen, 5 for me today. I tried the Bot's first word and scrambled. I don't know that my normal choices would have been more helpful.

Yay, Susan! I hope you'll be quickly in love with *W'sO* too.

Stasia, we are today where you were yesterday. High right around 90. I don't think we've topped 100 this year, but the heat index yesterday was 111. That's hot enough.

Wordle 788 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 slate, round, syrup, shrub, scrub

Right now I'm mostly reading Cherryh's Fortress in the Eye of Time. She takes her time revealing backstory and foundations. I don't mind because she's establishing the basis for four books in the series. My only quibble is that the map provided has locations in such small, decorative print that I can't read them. When I'm settled, I'm too lazy to get up and find Mama's magnifying glass.
I note that I read a bit over 50 pp a day when I count the other things that I pick up for 5 or 10 minutes. That's half what I used to read. *sigh*

Ago 16, 1:53 pm

I had lost this and just found it, so I'm putting it here for my own benefit as much as yours!!!

Jitterbug and Boogie Woogie

Ago 16, 2:18 pm

Incredible. I wish I could dance like that!

Ago 16, 11:02 pm

>195 LizzieD: Impressive! It's interesting to me how still their top halves stay. It's different from the swing dancing I learned back when I took some ballroom dancing. Even though it's less than 3 minutes, I would be absolutely exhausted after that.

>194 LizzieD: Wordle in 4 for me today, and my last two words were the same as yours.

Ago 17, 12:16 am

Me too, Linda!

I agree, Irene. I'm also contrasting her straight back and legs with his. *sigh* I'd have loved to do this and the Argentine tango and the samba.............. I do so miss So You Think You Can Dance One more then --- Look at those heels!!!!!

Danny & Lacy: "Hip Hip Chin Chin"

Ago 17, 9:58 am

Wordle 789 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, apish, amiss Boo. Hiss.

Is anybody trying their Beta *Connections*? I would have hoped to be better at it.

Ago 17, 10:07 am

>199 LizzieD: I keep seeing "Connections" being promoted but, since I can't even Wordle anymore, I'm not likely to try it. Though I must say I think the idea is a good one.

Thursday *smooch*

Ago 17, 10:51 am

'Morning, Peggy!

>198 LizzieD: Oh my, aren't they good! I loved that video.

>199 LizzieD: But... but... 4 is a Boo. Hiss. ? I do admit, with a bit of glee, that I got it in 3.

I'm going out to lunch with Rita the Librarian today, then treadmilling. I might even go to the Habitat for Humanity store just for the heck of it. Living the high life, I am...

Ago 17, 10:54 pm

>198 LizzieD: So You Think You Can Dance was good, wasn't it? My husband and I went to see one of their tours in Durham.

Wordle took me 5 today, so your 4 was good. I threw one word in that I knew was wrong just to try to find some more letters, but it only ruled out 5 more letters. Not a good day for me.

I haven't heard of Connections. Maybe because I can't see the Wordlebot anymore? In any case, I have not tried it.

Editado: Ago 18, 9:45 am

Good night, Richard, Karen, and Irene! I do so envy Irene's seeing the SYTYCD tour. Any year would have been a treat!

I hiss because Bot said I should have gotten today's Wordle in 3 --- "only one choice remaining" --- but I had another one.

Connections is interesting. They give you 16 words for you to put into 4 categories in a limited number of tries, and depending on how you think about them, some words fit in more than one category. Some of the words I remember from today - and I guess I could look - are Smith, Fudge, Cobble, Miller, Doctor.. Sorry. It's too late for me to do this; I'll try again tomorrow. Those 2 categories are "Last Names derived from Occupations" and "Altering Facts." (That's not what they called it.) I don't know, Irene. I guess you could search for it, and it might show up since it's Beta.

Good Night!!!!!

Ago 18, 9:47 am

Wordle 790 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, teach, exact There. A 4 I can be happy with.

It's eye shot day, so I'm off and away.

Ago 18, 9:51 am

>204 LizzieD: Thank goodness for the shots keeping your vision going, so YAY...but I am inwardly screaming at the thought. Your matter-of-fact acceptance seems so incredibly out of my reach that I sit here slack-jawed.


Ago 18, 10:17 am

'Morning, Peggy.

Sad/glad it's shot day. (((hugs)))

Ago 18, 7:31 pm

>202 atozgrl: My son LOVED SYTYCD when he was about middle-school age. He was obsessed with Cyrus in season 9. We went to see one or even two (maybe?) of their tour shows also... super-fun!

Ago 19, 12:19 am

Good night, Lavinia, Karen, and Richard. Shots are done, eyes are rested, and I am ready for bed! Big WHEW!!!!

I had to look for Cyrus, Lavinia, but I see how compelling he was.

Ago 19, 9:38 am

'Morning, Peggy.

Took me 5 for Wordle today. I'm still trying to wake up with my first cup of coffee.

Editado: Ago 19, 10:02 am

Wordle demanded 5 of me too, Karen. I haven't had coffee yet, but I've been up long enough to be awake, having walked earlier.

Wordle 791 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, clamp, mama, magma First 2 guesses weren't lucky at all! Otoh, Connections was really easy.

Ago 20, 9:42 am

Wordle 792 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, quest I chose the right one at the end. *sigh*

Connections is available by searching for *Connections Beta*. Not my best day.

Ago 20, 9:48 am

Wow, you're more efficient than I am today. I just now posted on my thread and have come a'calling.

Brava for your 3 - it took me 5.

I hope you have a good day with your family. Give your ma some gentle hugs from me. Kind regards to your DH, and ((((hugs)))) to your wonderful self.

Editado: Ago 20, 9:50 am

Este utilizador foi removido como sendo spam.

Ago 20, 10:13 am

Sunday *smooch* for you and all yours, Peggy.

Ago 21, 10:02 am

Moday *smooch* right back to you, Richard.

Wordle 793 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, leach, beach I have to use that first letter of the third word in the third word. If I hadn't, I doubt I'd have thought of the rest of the pattern, but looking at the word, it's so logical for August that I think I should have thought of it first.

Ago 21, 10:10 am

Yay for getting the seasonal Wordle! May that be an omen fo good things to come the rest of the week.

Ago 22, 10:02 am

Good morning, Richard!

Wordle 794 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unite, slime, whack, spice I didn't mind 5 and was happy with my elimination of possible second letters at #4 until I thought of slice, which should have been my #3 and would have given me Wordle in 4. Never mind. I leave content.

Ago 22, 11:12 pm

>211 LizzieD: Thanks! I found "Connections." Today's puzzle was pretty straightforward.

Shots? Do you have macular degeneration? My mom had that problem. She told me the shots didn't hurt.

I hope you're having a good week!

Ago 22, 11:51 pm

Hi, Irene. Yes, I have macular degeneration, and no, the shots don't hurt. I'm very grateful for them and hope that your mom was able to maintain functional vision all her life.
Today's Connections was pretty straightforward. I normally don't get them all. Stay tuned. It's often harder!

We are having a good week while we stay in to stay cool. Hope you're able to do the same.

Ago 23, 9:40 am

>219 LizzieD: Midweek *smooch* you puzzle-master you!

Ago 23, 10:04 am

'Morning, Peggy! Happy Wednesday to you.

Cooler day, yay.

Jenna and I will be going to get my knee brace, eating at Taziki's, then going to Wally World for pellets for the cat boxes, currently cheaper than Amazon. Look at me, comparison shopping. Almost, but not completely, unheard of.

Wordle took 5 today, darn it.

Editado: Ago 23, 10:27 am

Oh, Richard. No puzzle-master here as you see below. Midweek *smooch* back, however.

Morning, Karen! Sounds like a good day! I'll grocery shop, and that's still the least bit thrilling for me. Then I'll get something fast for lunch on the way home.

Wordle 795 6/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 noise, trace, where, puree, verge, verve Big WHEW! I had the solution at 5 but changed it for alpha order. I intend to go back to my useful starters tomorrow.

Meanwhile, *Fortress1* is picking up momentum.

Ago 24, 9:52 am

This is better if not great!

Wordle 796 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, worry, wordy

Ago 24, 10:12 am

'Morning, Peggy! Better is good. *smile*

I lucked into 3 today.

I hope the grocery shopping went well and yum to take out.

Ago 24, 10:44 am

>223 LizzieD: what ^^^ >224 karenmarie: said.


Ago 24, 2:10 pm

I am alive again, just so you know. I only slept 5 hours last night in contrast of the double figures I was in the previous 2 days.

It is only supposed to be up to 105 today :-)

Ago 24, 11:27 pm

>219 LizzieD: Hi Peggy. My mom wasn't doing a great job of keeping up with her health, and her condition had progressed before she started getting treatments. I don't know exactly how bad her vision had gotten at the end, but it wasn't great. I'm glad you are getting treatments to help maintain your vision. I hope they work well for you!

>222 LizzieD: >223 LizzieD: Our Wordle results the past two days were pretty similar. It took me 6 and 4, same as you. On Wednesday, I also used WHERE and ended with the same two words as you.

Yesterday was pleasant, but the big heat is back again tomorrow. I've got a few errands to run, but will try to stay inside as much as possible. I hope you can stay cool as well!

Ago 25, 10:13 am

Hi, Irene! I'm sorry that your mother let her health in general go as she aged. I was so lucky to catch my first transition to wet MD quickly. So far, so good. Thanks for the visit. Hope you can stay in today!
GOOD for you, Stasia!!!!! Hope you get to reading and commenting again. Yikes for the weather! We're going to be hot today and tomorrow, they say - close to 100 if not hitting it. Stay in and stay cool!
Hey, Richard and Karen! Y'all stay in and stay cool today too. That's my plan. We'll have shower and change sheets day today instead of tomorrow so that Mama will be fresh for a doc's visit on Tuesday. Her shower days are normally Tuesday and Saturday, but we're not making her shower and go out the same day.

Wordle 797 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, clean, ocean Would I have gotten it in 3 if I'd looked at it longer? Can't say. Hope Karen and Irene did better!

Ago 25, 10:19 am

>228 LizzieD: It's about 75° and rainy here, so a typical enough early fall day. "Cool" isn't the issue for me, it's cotton-cardigan-or-long-sleeved-T shirt. I opted for cardigan.

Enjoy the weekend-ahead's reads, me lurve.

Ago 25, 5:43 pm

>228 LizzieD: Nope! Four for me today as well.

It looks like we're going to avoid 100 today after all, though it still got up to the mid-90's, so I don't know if we could really tell the difference. One more hot one tomorrow, then maybe we'll cool down a bit. I hope so! I had to run out to the library, the credit union, and then hit Harris Teeter to pick up a couple of things. Otherwise, I'm staying in. I hope you and yours can stay cool this weekend!

Ago 26, 9:53 am

'Morning, Peggy!

Yesterday's Wordle was 4 and today's was 3 with a lot of help from the spreadsheets, sad to say. Arsenal v Fulham starts in 8 minutes, so off I go.

I hope you and yours have a good day. Stay cool in the yuck, read good books, say hi to your ma and DH from me. ((((hugs))))

Ago 26, 10:06 am

Richard! Typical FALL day????? Lucky you. I am seriously envious. Otoh, Mama's shower, shampoo, and all that that entails was yesterday, so I'm looking forward to a lazy one. *smooch*

Hi, Wordler Irene and Wordler Karen! I seem to be a Fourder. That's the best my brain will do these days.

Wordle 798 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, fiord, choir. Of course, I played around with the right pattern before I made my dumb third guess, but nothing came to me. Oh well.

Ago 26, 10:35 am

>232 LizzieD: But it *is* fall, Peggy...the equinox is the MIDDLE of the season, like all equinox and solstices were named in antiquity. That means six weeks before 21 September, fall starts...about the first week of August, in fact. We're just so far removed from natural cycles that we've set our calendars to suit other needs not Nature's cycles.

Ago 27, 12:32 am

>233 richardderus: ????? I never, ever heard that, Richard. I sort of see what you're saying, but since I know we'll have hot, hot weather well into September, it's counterintuitive. More research needed here.

THE SWAY OF THE GRAND SALOON by John Malcolm Brinnin

Although I took eight months to read this one, I did enjoy it. The book doesn't seem hurt by my reading no more than 20 pages a week for most weeks. I have no idea why things nautical fascinate me, but there it is. Stasia finished it in February or so. I'm going to see what she had to say about it, and that's what I suggest for anybody who might be interested. I'm done!

Ago 27, 2:15 am

Just stopping by to say Hi, Peggy!

Ago 27, 10:27 am

'Morning, Peggy, and happy Sunday to you.

Wordle in 4, my usual. Usual things for the day, most likely with the addition of grocery shopping.

Ago 27, 11:13 am

>234 LizzieD: There's about a three-week period around the winter solstic that has all the big holiday festivals in the Germanic and other North European paganisms. Wikipedia's article says it well: "The term midwinter is also used synonymously with the winter solstice, although it carries other meanings as well." Go look, there's a ton of good links to more information and lots of sources! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_solstice

Ago 27, 12:36 pm

Thank you, Richard, and *smooch* for the day!

Deborah, thank you for the visit. I think I missed your birthday, but I'll at least visit you in a minute.

Good for you, Karen! *sigh* for my Wordle.

Wordle 799 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unite, blame, chafe, peace

Ago 28, 9:29 am

'Morning, Peggy. Happy Monday to you.

>234 LizzieD: Slow and steady wins the race, right? I've got several books going like that, too.

Wordle was 4 for me today. I've got a chiropractic appointment - yay - and otherwise catching up on my reading spreadsheets and etc. today.

Ago 28, 10:08 am

Good morning, Karen! Happy relaxation and well-being after the chiropractor! We're showering today ahead of Mama's appointment with Brownie tomorrow. Otherwise, I'm back to my Cherryh fantasy.

Wordle 800 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unite, write I was beginning to think it would never happen again!

Editado: Ago 29, 1:27 am

Just stopping by to hi! No, you didn't miss my birthday, it is January. But our 40 th anniversary was in July, but you visited since then, so thanks. It's hard to believe we are so close to September. I do enjoy summer. Not the really hot days, but the the sunshine, the long days, family from out of town visiting etc. I do love summer, yes. We get so much rain here the rest of the year. But I am gearing up for fall. Purchased a new fall jacket today - actually our temps here are usually so mild I can wear that jacket fall, winter and spring, except for the few cold spells we get in winter. I bought a new pair of jeans. When you are 62, you don't really a new wardrobe, just a replacement or two.

Great picture of your kindergarten class!

Ago 29, 8:05 am

'Morning, Peggy, and happy Tuesday to you. I hope the appointment with Brownie goes well. Your Cherryh fantasy and my ... contemporary romances ... all good.

I got skunked today in Wordle. Sigh.

Looks like you're going to get some of Idalia. Depending on the track, we might get some, too.

Ago 29, 8:52 am

Happy New Books day, Peggy! Tuesday being the traditional day of the week publishers release their new wares, and this being the start of publishing's annual flood of The Best Stuff, I suggest we start unpacking the bunting and practicing the carols for weekly celebrations.

What say?


Ago 29, 10:01 am

I'm ready, Richard, and Happy New Books day to you too!!!!! I need some new books, as do you. *smooch* and *la la la la la*

Thank you, Karen. I'm hoping to read some fantasy in the office today. It's a whopper. I feared a skunk too (sorry for yours, doggone it), but I pulled it out in 5 thanks to a guess at 3 that the Bot didn't like. Yep. We're hopeful that Idalia will flit on by. That's what we hoped about Matthew too, so I tremble a bit.

Yay for a visit from Deborah who has a couple of new clothes. As I head toward 79, I am more and more satisfied with what I have.

Wordle 801 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, lamer, thank, pager, caper Whew.

Ago 29, 3:26 pm

>234 LizzieD: Woot! I am glad to see that you finished and enjoyed it!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Ago 30, 10:03 am

About time, eh Stasia??? I'm excited to finish *Fortress1* so that i can choose another nonfiction. I have several candidates!

Wordle 802 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, audio Sometimes I love my starter words!

Ago 30, 10:10 am

>246 LizzieD: Oo, anything in which I might be interested?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Ago 30, 11:02 am

Hi Peggy!

Today my starter word stood me in good stead, and I got Wordle in TWO.

I'll be heading out to treadmill and pick up a prescription in a bit. Bill says we might start getting rain/wind noonish.

You're going to be more in the thick of things, so stay safe!

Ago 30, 2:08 pm

Happy midweek, Peggy. *smooch*

Ago 30, 6:07 pm

>246 LizzieD: My starter words worked great for me today too, and I also got Wordle in 3. I hope the weather hasn't gotten too bad for you yet. It sounds like you're going to feel the impacts of Idalia a lot more than we will here. I'm hoping for a good rain, because our yard is getting crunchy.

Ago 31, 10:25 am

Hi, Irene. That was yesterday. *sigh* Today's shouldn't have been hard, but it took me 5 as you will see below. We got some rain, but not much in the way of wind. Today is absolutely gorgeous, but I slept in by a whole half hour (!) so we didn't walk. It would have been a great morning for it. Hope you got some rain too.

*smooch* right back with thanks, Richard.

TWO for KAREN!!!!! I was sure your word would be highly effective!

Hey, Stasia. I'll answer you here too in case anybody else is interested. I'm looking at The Only Way to Cross, Ladies of the Grand Tour, and The Debateable Land. I had started the last one in sneak-read fashion, and might choose it because it's completely different. Or I might be talked into something else...

Wordle 803 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, prime, drive, bride I don't know why this should have been so hard. Oh well. Tomorrow!

Ago 31, 11:11 pm

>251 LizzieD: I don't think the problem with your Wordle today was that it was hard (or not), the problem was that the letters you had left too many options. When that happens, the puzzle is dangerous! But you got it!

We did get rain, but I'm not sure how much, because our rain gauge was knocked sideways. Probably the squirrels running around sent it off kilter. It had just under an inch, but we probably got a little more than that. Whatever we got will help, but I was hoping for a little bit more.

Ago 31, 11:28 pm

I guess you're right about the Wordle, Irene. We got 4" of rain, which was just about perfect and not much wind. The river is up but not dangerously so. Low humidity, sunshine, and lower temps = beautiful, beautiful day!


I'm not the one for huge, epic fantasies that I used to be, but Cherryh's care repays time spent.

More tomorrow!

Ago 31, 11:30 pm

>253 LizzieD: It was a lovely day today, wasn't it? Maybe we'll have a few more of those before the heat comes back.

Set 1, 6:27 am

'Morning, Peggy!

>253 LizzieD: I'm glad Idalia didn't pound you guys, just gave you 4" of perfect rain.

Today's supposed to be another relatively low-temp day, which makes me happy. Enjoy your day.

Wordle in 4.

Set 1, 10:27 am

Morning, Karen and Irene! We did walk earlier, and it was even better than yesterday! I hope it's a portent of things to come soon!! I'm just finding out now that Whiteville, a bit east of us, got pounded with 9" of rain, sending floods from their overflowing swamps into their downtown. Now I'm really feeling relieved.

Wordle 804 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, slate, pinch, space I'll be happy. Of course, I thought of THE word at my 3rd try, but I thought of so many others that I wanted to eliminate some consonants. I got lucky. Bot says that I was more skillful than lucky, but I don't see it that way.

Set 1, 10:28 am

>253 LizzieD: I still need to get some of her books read, Peggy. I am not sure I have read even one although I own several.

Set 2, 7:39 am

Happy Saturday, dear Peggy!

>256 LizzieD: Yikes. 9”. I just looked at some pics and videos.

Another 3 in Wordle today.

Set 2, 9:30 am

>256 LizzieD: That was one great dodge of a bullet indeed, Peggy me lurve. Happy for you, sad for the flood sufferers.


Editado: Set 2, 10:27 am

Good morning, dear Richard, dear Karen, and dear Stasia!

We not only dodged a bullet, Richard, we got an amazing 3 days! It makes up for never, ever having snow but once every 5 or 6 years. *smooch* for your weekend!

Stasia, do try some Cherryh. I think people either love her or don't get her at all. She is both overly detailed and prone to whatever the word is for implying meaning that the reader may not have the information to process. I'd suggest starting either Downbelow Station for harder scifi (I actually started with Cyteen, which is her best, I think), or Foreigner for the greatest aliens ever with humans on their planet, or The Pride of Chanur for a little less serious human/alien combo. Just be sure you don't start a mid-series book.

Wordle 805 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, onion Hooray! Hooray! Karen and I are 3 Sisters today!

Set 2, 1:06 pm

Yay for being 3 Sisters!

I just spent 20 minutes knocking down cobwebs and etc. from the back porch and off the Sunroom windows. As a reward to myself, I'm going to go upstairs, use my brace for 30 minutes, then take a nap.

Set 2, 3:47 pm

Sounds like a plan, Karen!!!

I am about to fix lunch.

Set 2, 10:32 pm

Have a lovely Sunday, Peggy!

Set 2, 10:33 pm

>260 LizzieD: I would have gotten it in 3 today, because I thought of the right one first, but I decided to try union instead. I'm mostly sorry I didn't make it as another Wordle sister.

I'm bookmarking your post so that whenever I get ready to start reading science fiction again, I'll know which Cherryh books to start with.

Set 3, 12:05 am

Irene, we are Wordle Sisters whatever we do! I know the sadness of second guessing myself almost as well as I know the sadness of not second guessing!!!!! Happy Cherryh when you get to her! I hope you turn into a fan.
Hmmm. I still owe some words about the first *Fortress*, but I can't do it tonight.

Thank you, Stasia. The same wish for you!

Set 3, 6:50 am

Hi Peggy- I am happy to report that I have met my WORDLE goal of getting as many 3s and 5s....mainly I get 4s though, which is OK too. :)

Here we have daffodils and other Spring things, and I am very pleased to see some sunshine at last! The kids winter sport has finished, so weekends are ours once more, and we are making the most of that this weekend with a walk in the hills, a trip to see my dad, and a neighbours birthday party.

Set 3, 10:05 am

Megan, it's a treat to see you here! Happy Spring!!!!! I wish our fall would come faster; we've had 3 wonderful days, but we go back to temps in the 90s for next week anyway. And congrats for balancing the 3s and 5s. I sort of lucked into a 3 for today. I'll take it!

Wordle 806 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, await

Set 4, 6:45 am

Hi Peggy!

I hope you and yours have a good day today. Wordle took me 5, and I finally checked since things started getting weird here on LT yesterday afternoon and see that it's under a DDoS attack, so things are slow and I can't upload photos or post them on my thread. Sigh.

Today's going to be another scorcher after the lovely fall-like weather after Idalia.

Set 4, 8:48 am

Morning, Peggy! Labor Day carols around the handcrafted-in-the-USA workers' statue all sung already? Did you make a special Labor Day dinner of hot dogs and watermelon to wish summer an unfond farewell yet?

Or is that just me? *smooch*

Set 4, 9:59 am

Good morning, Karen and Richard! I missed you both yesterday. I"m not sure what I was doing.
Yes, Richard, hot dogs for lunch but not farewell to summer yet. We'll have a very hot week. *sigh* but *smooch*

I wondered what was going on with LT, Karen, but didn't have wit or energy to check. This whole week is going to be bad, but our early walk was nice. I'm getting antsy about my Wordle streak. I even hate to mention if for fear of jinxing myself. I truly lucked out with this one, as you may see. You are building yours, so 5 is to be grateful for.

Wordle 807 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, milky, giddy

Set 4, 6:14 pm

>270 LizzieD: We had hot dogs, potato salad, and baked beans for lunch. No watermelon because my CSA screwed up last week (glitch on their end) and my order never arrived. And unfortunately mid-summer came back today and is staying for awhile.

Have a great week, Peggy, and stay cool!

Set 4, 6:31 pm

>270 LizzieD: Potato salad for lunch and a burger and fries for dinner! The kitchen clearly wanted to be done, clean, outta here ASAP or so it seemed to me.

Still, I got no kick with that kind of awful-for-me stuff one day a year.

Set 4, 11:55 pm

Hi, Irene and Richard! I wish I had made potato salad. I guess I'll do it once more before autumn falls. We did have hot dogs, and I did make the cole slaw for them and another meal or two. *Carolina Hot Dogs=dog on bun with mustard, onions, slaw, and chili* Also baked beans from a can with a little tarting up and a chip or two.
Nothing but potato salad for lunch, Richard? That's criminal.

QUARTER SHARE by Nathan Lowell

I have no excuse. I just relax right into these, and I guess I'll read the first 3 of the series before getting back to new stuff.

Set 5, 7:58 am

'Morning, Peggy!

I would have failed the Carolina Hot Dog Rule. Can't remember the last time I had one, but definitely before my heart attack Nov. 2021. (ketchup and sweet relish only. *shrug)

I've had the most miserable luck with watermelons and cantaloupe this summer. Our neighbor gave us one that he grew and it was the best of the lot. Food Lion has let me down.

No excuses needed - reading shouldn't be a chore in our retirement.

Today's Wordle is a 3. I surprised myself.

I've got book sorting, an errand or two, then my cleaning ladies are coming.

Gentle hugs for your mama, kind regards for your DH, and (((((hugs)))) for your own dear self.

Set 5, 9:11 am

>273 LizzieD: It had a tossed salad with it, Peggy, no worries. I just refuse to eat fish (terrible gastric consequences so it's a solid NO) so they doubled up on the salads for me. Your Carolina dog preparation sounds like my jam! I do love slaw.

Never apologize about your reading choices! I'm a bear about that kind of judgment so I'll rear up in outraged defense of freedom to read whatever, whenever, and however you damned well please at that moment.

Set 5, 10:44 am

Dear Richard and Karen - you are! Thanks for the reading affirmation. Hot dogs are so much to each his own. All beef franks for us, and we don't do them but a couple of times a month even though Mama will eat most of hers.
Richard, I'm relieved that they at least served other things and doubled up on what you could eat.
Karen, Bot says that I had narrowed my choices to 2 at trial 3, and I chose the wrong word.
HUGS and SMOOCHES all around!

Wordle 808 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, rigid, birch I was trying to see whether the vowel was used twice, and I didn't think of the right word at 3 anyway.

Editado: Set 5, 10:11 pm

>273 LizzieD: Finally got back on LT after another day of being blocked out. There is nothing too bad that can happen to those staging the DDoS attack!

Sorry to say, we had potato salad from the store. I didn't do homemade. Homemade is best, of course, but it's also a lot of work. Southern style hot dogs is one thing I've never gotten into. I don't get the cole slaw. I've got to have pickles on mine. If not dill pickles, then relish at least. We had them with mustard, pickles, onions, chili, and cheese. I also prefer to put mayo on my bun first; I just don't like my bread dry, and the mustard by itself isn't enough for me. But my DH doesn't do mayo. I'm with you on the beef franks.

>274 karenmarie: No excuses needed - reading shouldn't be a chore in our retirement. Oh, that's good! I'll have to remember that!

The heat continues. I stayed inside for most of the day today. Looks like we've got at least a couple more days of this. Stay cool!

Set 5, 11:53 pm

But, Irene ---- the cole slaw has pickles!!!! And, good heavens! It could be sauerkraut!

I'm off to bed, but I'm happy to see you and glad to be here so that I can see you!

Set 6, 1:16 am

This talk about potato salad is making me hungry, Peggy! I have not had potato salad in a long time - years, nor hotdogs. When I was reading your thread earlier, I was looking up potato salad recipes. But so labour intensive and I am not keen on the store bought stuff.

Editado: Set 6, 10:21 am

I'm always happy to see you, Deborah. I used the old Betty Crocker recipe, and I think it's great. The secret is to pour your oil & vinegar dressing over the diced potatoes and onions while the potatoes are still hot and let it soak in for a couple of hours minimum. It does break my back to cut up so many vegetables, but I make big batches, and it's worth the effort several times a summer.

Oh Wordle. The Bible reader should have gotten this one. Instead, I tried a letter combination that I didn't know was a word, and it kicked my brain into gear.

Wordle 809 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, snash, gnash And there was some of that going on when I finally got it.

Set 6, 11:11 am

'Morning, Peggy!

Whew. Another stinker of a day heat-wise, stay cool if you can.

I'll have to head out to pick up a prescription and use the treadmill at the Senior Center if I want to keep my 3x a week intact since it was closed Monday and I really can't do both book sorting/meal and treadmill in one day on top of the (new) 3x a day knee brace sessions. I've learned that pacing things is the key to being a senior.

In the meantime, it took me all 6 to get the Wordle word. I didn't realize that snash was even a word. Live and learn!

Set 6, 11:15 am

>273 LizzieD: I have no excuse. Do you need one? I do not think so!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Set 6, 12:55 pm

>280 LizzieD: The Bible reader should have gotten this one.
Ha! that made me laugh, Peggy. But at least you got it in 4 -- it was 6 for me today. I was seriously GNASH-ing.

Glad to see all is well in your neck of the woods!

Editado: Set 6, 4:21 pm

>277 atozgrl: I was reminded of dill sauerkraut which I loved with brown mustard as a hot dog topping. kimchi too, but only on occasion (hm, I've got kimchi in the fridge -- excuse me it's time for a snack...)

Of all the store bought potato salads, Trader Joe's is my favorite - not wet or sweet.

Editado: Set 7, 1:28 pm

I'm happy to have visitors, but Mama is up and I must fly. I'll come back to speak properly later. Thank you for stopping by, Susan, Laura, Stasia, and Karen!!!

Wordle 810 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, beech, dwell Fairly early on I thought of the past tense spelt with a t, but for some reason the present didn't register with me for a long, long time. I looked at word lists - no help.

Karen, I hope you're able to stay in during the heat of the day. That's exactly when I'll go out.
Stasia, I know. I know. I just have so many unread books around that are calling my name.
Laura, you know! Hope you are staying relatively cool.
Susan, we are of one mind with our potato salad. I can't imagine making it with Miracle Whip, for example. The talk of sauerkraut has motivated me to get the makings for a Reuben casserole (open cans and layer) when I shop today. I'll make it when I get home! I've never tasted kimchi. Fayetteville might have a Korean restaurant, but I never get over there.

Set 7, 3:17 pm

>285 LizzieD: Kerry has COVID. Catey and I have been exposed. Please cross all your crossables that we do not get it too!

Set 7, 11:10 pm

Hello! Glad to see everyone again after the DDoS attacks this week.

>278 LizzieD: I don't think I've ever had cole slaw with pickles! I know there are lots of different cole slaw recipes, but I don't remember ever seeing one with pickles.

>279 vancouverdeb: >284 quondame: Finding a good store bought potato salad isn't easy. I don't think I've tried Trader Joe's. I'll have to give it a go. I don't like sweet potato salad either. (Like tea, sweet potato salad seems to be the thing in the south.) But I've found a mustard potato salad that's acceptable. Not as good as mom's recipe, but it'll do.

It sounds like it will be slightly "cooler" tomorrow. I hope you've been staying cool in this awful heat.

Set 7, 11:21 pm

Oh, Stasia. I'm sorry all around and anxious for you, Catey, and your mother. I hope Kerry has a very light case.

Hi, Irene! It is a relief to be back, isn't it? I know that restaurants don't put pickles in their cole slaw, but I always have.

I don't think I've ever eaten sweet potato salad. Typing that gave me pause. I don't mean yam/sweet potato salad, but I don't think I've ever had that either. Meanwhile, I didn't find any ingredients of the Reuben casserole at our Aldi, so I guess I'll have to go out again tomorrow or forget it. Like the rest of us, I long for cooler weather.

Set 8, 12:58 am

>288 LizzieD: I find the standard side of potato salad at anything but the very best Jewish delis tastes sweet to me - >285 LizzieD: yes as if made with Miracle whip or with sweet pickle relish mixed in. I grew up with it made with a mixture of vinaigrette and Best Food/Hellman's may with onions and not much else.

Editado: Set 8, 10:23 am

Hmmm. I do use my own sweet pickles but not enough to make the whole thing sweet. I also use a moderate amount of Duke's mayo (again, the choice of the South and NOT sweet) because I dislike runny salads of any kind, and celery, green bell pepper, and pimientos. I wonder if you could eat mine.

LOOKEEE!! This happens rarely!!!!!
Wordle 811 2/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, rouse

HALF SHARE by Nathan Lowell

---in which Ish discovers his power as a handsome and fit young sexual being among slightly older women. (He is quick to point out that he is not a virgin.) He also begins to think about the future while he stands watch in the environmental section. The brand new character is a woman who escapes a life of abuse when she takes over Ish's quarter share lot in the galley.

Set 9, 8:23 am

Happy weekend-ahead's reads, Peggy! *smooch*

Set 9, 10:09 am

Good morning, Richard, and the same back to you! Your thread is now daunting, but I'll try to read at least the last few!!! *smooch*

Wordle 812 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, bully, lucky

Set 9, 10:38 am

Hi (((((Peggy)))))!

I didn’t realize I hadn’t visited in several days. *eye roll*

Potato salad is so personal. I like mine with half miracle whip/half mayonnaise, a wave of the mustard bottle over it, sliced black olives, hard boiled eggs in a roughly 2/3 potatoes 1/3 eggs ratio, S&P. Haven’t made it since my heart attack since I haven’t made the effort of figuring out how much salt is in all that. I'm also the only one who will eat potato salad of any sort, too. Store bought is always awful, IMO.

I’m smiling about it having to be Duke’s mayo. My friend Michelle would only use Duke’s. I have no preference, although quite possibly if I had a taste test I might acquire a preference.

>290 LizzieD: Whee! Wordle in two. Congrats.

>292 LizzieD: Took me 4 today, too, my dear.

Set 10, 9:56 am

Hello again, hope today goes well. ((your mama)), kind regards for your DH, many hugs for you.

Wordle in 4 for me.

Set 10, 10:04 am

Good morning, Karen!!! Two visits in a row make two good days! Thank you! I return wishes for a good day for you, Jenna, and Bill also with hugs!

Wordle 813 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unite, quote A day when I love my starters!

Set 10, 12:58 pm

Holy. Moly. I just downloaded the whole collection of Harvard Classics to my Kindle for $1.99. Even if I read only one book from the set, that's amazing value. My uncle, a farmer/Harvard MBA, owned a set that I drooled over as a young teen. Now I'm glad that they didn't come to me.

Set 10, 1:01 pm

>296 LizzieD: Thanks for the heads-up! I did the same. No knowing when I'll get to read them, but dipping in to that collection will be a pleasure, I hope.

Set 10, 1:02 pm

Hi, Judy! I don't know how long that set has been offered, but it's hard to see how you could go wrong. Translations may be old ones, but I can live with that.

Editado: Set 10, 1:17 pm

>296 LizzieD: Wow! Where and how did you find that deal on Harvard Classics? I lusted over that set for decades! Now, owning the made-of-paper set is totally contrary to my thinking these days, but an ebook set? Very doable.

Karen O

P.s. I have a Nook, but Barnes&Noble had a set of the books for $0.99! So I’m a member of the club, too! Life is so funny.

Set 10, 1:41 pm

>296 LizzieD: What a bargain! The exitence of the ereader has made my reading life so much easier and better.

Editado: Set 10, 6:31 pm

>296 LizzieD: I wonder if and or how the $1.99 one is different from the $0.49 one.

Note: There doesn't seem to be a LT List for this.

Set 10, 11:29 pm

>226 alcottacre: I am jealous, Peggy. Any chance of a list? How many classics are we talking about?

Set 10, 11:39 pm

I'll copy the list to you right now in a message, Paul.
Susan, somebody pointed out that the 49¢ one has "Authors" misspelled on the cover. I'd say that's not a good sign.
I'm amazed, Richard! It was a quick download too although I took it off my Kindle for now in order to have more room.
Yay, Karen! And you even saved a dollar with the Nook!!!!

Hmmmm. I guess I need to start a new thread, huh?

Set 11, 12:04 am

>303 LizzieD: Thanks Peggy, I got it!

Set 11, 1:12 am

>303 LizzieD: I downloaded the 49¢ one and it seems to have coherent contents. Being dyslexish me the glaring error made no impact.

Set 11, 10:13 am

Good for you, Paul! Enjoy!!! I'll be interested to see whether you can navigate the 49¢ one easily, Susan. I experimented a little with the costly one just to see. As far as I can tell, everything is accessible and it contains what it claims to contain. What a brave new world!!!

Wordle 814 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, voter, ocher, oiler, older This wasn't my best effort, but I don't care. I have again maintained a streak of 100 days, my longest. If I can get it tomorrow, I'll be in new streak territory!

Set 11, 10:24 am

Hi ((((Peggy))))!

>296 LizzieD: I have the set, bought from the Chatham PTA Thrift for $8 years and years ago. Easier to read on your Kindle, for sure, but I admit that I love looking at them on my bookshelves. AND, I just bought the Kindle version, mostly because of the additional 20 volumes. Thank you.

>303 LizzieD: The $1.99 version has the additional 20 volumes. Don’t know other differences.

>306 LizzieD: ‘costly one’… you’re a pip.

Took me 5 today, too, Wordle sister!

Editado: Set 11, 6:35 pm

>306 LizzieD: I found the Cicero - not that I'm a Cicero fan, just that seemed semi random. The cover looks like Auhtors was slapped on as an after(-not-very-well-)though(-out).

>307 karenmarie: ‎ 54591 KB vs 84109 KB according to Amazon.

Set 11, 11:43 pm

Hi, Susan and Karen. Thanks for all the info about the Harvard Great Books. (I've read a fair amount of Cicero and thought I might be able to get a feeling for whether they had abridged their offerings or anything else weird. I think they're on the up-and-up.) If there's so much more included, I guess the costly one isn't.

Set 12, 7:00 am

'Morning, Peggy! Happy Tuesday to you and yours.

Wordle in 3 today! I'm chuffed.

Set 12, 10:31 am

Morning, Karen. I'm chuffing for your 3! See below........
Shower day and a little extra cleaning for cousins to visit tomorrow. Yay! (for the cousins not the cleaning)

Wordle 815 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, bliss, whisk I'm Wordle-happy anyway. At correct game 101, I have my longest streak!

Set 12, 10:45 am

Morning, Peggy... cataract check today revealed no need for surgery so I'm in a happy mood. Healthy eyes are a must for readers aren't they.

Set 12, 5:00 pm

>131 LizzieD: I finally have my Wordle stats looking as I wanted...more 3s than 5s (but, HEAPS of 4s).

I am on a 33 day streak, and am not really bothered any more about that seeing as I lost my 100+ one ages ago

Set 13, 10:17 am

Hi, Megan, and congrats on getting your 3s on the rise! I'm happy enough with my stats that way too although I have more 4s than anything else. I think I'm not going to mind about a streak any longer. Once I got to 99 and missed the next word, but now I've gotten there twice. No tee shirt though.
Hi, Our Richard. Congrats on beating the cataract devil for another term! *smooch* Read away!

Wordle 816 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, baker, clear Bot didn't like my second word, but I did.

Set 13, 10:31 am

>314 LizzieD: Happily the mood continues into Wednesday...I started my day a lot earlier than usul so Rob could spend some conscious time with me, he's been working sooo hard. It does mean the day feels weirdly off-kilter, but it was a good way to be put off-kilter (unlike last night's dreams).


Set 13, 11:25 am

Hi Peggy!

Once I got to 99 and missed the next word, but now I've gotten there twice. No tee shirt though. Made me laugh. How many more t-shirts do we need, anyway?

Took me 4 today.

Have fun with the cousins.

Set 14, 10:08 am

Good morning, Karen!!! I could always use a new tee; it's what I wear around the house, and that's where I almost always am.

The visit with the cousins was great! They even stopped by CostCo before leaving home and brought us chicken noodle soup, a rotisserie chicken, and a big batch of pumpkin bread. How kind is that!?! (I know it's all salty as the Dead Sea, which doesn't inspire confidence, but I also know that Mama will eat it.)

Wordle 817 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, roach, razor, rayon I'll note that if I had used my normal second word, I would have had all the letters and gotten it in 3. Never mind. Cousin Austin always does it the hard way, so I dedicate this one to him.

Set 14, 10:53 am


Set 15, 10:24 am

*smoochiesmoochsmooch* right back, Richard!

Wordle 818 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, meter, exert That was a bit funny. I create my pattern on the screen with an X for letters I don't have. When I looked at it, there was the word.

I'm reading two super-entertaining books right now: The Road to Roswell, which feels like a caper novel with alien, and Alone in the Wild, which is much less physically violent than its predecessors. I am still dithering about whether to commit to The Warburgs or The Debateable Land because I have to have something nonfiction. And, of course, I'm eager to get to my ER offer, Like the Appearance of Horses, which I started and which is very good. I wish I read faster.

Set 16, 9:52 am


Yay for the cousins and the Costco run. Sodium for an almost-102 year old? Pish. She’ll eat it, so all’s good.

Lots of good books to think about reading! Enjoy the one(s) you choose.

Wordle in 4 for me. Today’s a bit of last minute book sorting before next week’s book sale.

Set 16, 10:08 am

Good morning, Karen! Wordle in 4 for me too. If I had thought longer, I might have made it in 3, but no furries (to quote Lucy).

Have a good time with the book sorting. We have our regular Saturday, I hope, with shower/shampoo, and that's it.

Wordle 819 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, annex, angel Bot says my first 2 left me with only 2 choices, and I chose the wrong one first. Uh - The wrong one was the only one I thought of at guess 3.

Set 16, 6:02 pm

Hiya Peggy...nothing much going on, went to get pizza for dinner because the idea of another round of industrial egg salad was just too much for me to endure. A beautiful afternoon's walk, a pizza to eat, what could be better? *smooch*

Set 17, 8:31 am

Hi Peggy and happy Sunday.

Wordle in 4, off to help with book sale set up.

Set 17, 10:08 am

Good morning, Richard and Karen. I wish you both a happy day. I will get us something that is not chicken for lunch today, but I don't know what it will be. The CostCo stuff has been tasty, but I am chickened out.

Wordle 820 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, music

Set 17, 3:25 pm

Sunday *smooch* from my vaccine-aching arms to you.

Set 17, 11:48 pm

Good for you for getting the vaccines now, Richard! I'm waiting for our doc to get them in. His nurse will come out to the car and take care of Mama and me so that she doesn't have to go in.

ALONE IN THE WILD by Kelley Armstrong

I think this is my favorite of the Casey Duncan novels so far. It's late December, but Casey and Eric are camping when she hears a baby crying. She finds an infant under the snow, well-wrapped, and protected in the arms of a dead woman. Casey, the displaced big city detective, is just the person to find the baby's parents and bring a murderer to justice. We meet several new characters, and I hope that they will appear in the next novels. We learn more about the "hostiles" and the two settlements of people who have left Rockton. We also spend a lot of time in Casey's head as she works to determine what she and Eric should do about having children of their own.

On to the next, but not immediately. First, I NEED to finish The Road to Roswell!

Set 18, 10:02 am

Wordle 821 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, brand, crank, frank My streak is still alive, so I'm happy.

Editado: Set 18, 11:30 am

'Morning, Peggy!

Wordle took me 5 today too. instead of crank, I tried prank before the solution of frank.

The only thing on the agenda for today is the treadmill. And nothing besides the treadmill (and brace, of course) 'til Thursday's book sale. I'll be a customer the first however-long-I-feel-like-looking-for-books, then cashiering/Square Squad-ing.

Friend Jan is coming, as is our new friend Irene, atozgrl.

I'm debating whether to wear a mask - will probably wear one while being a customer first thing, then possibly not cashiering. I got a booster in May, knowing I would get the newest formulation in the fall, and wasn't expecting it quite so soon. I'll check with my doctor to see when I can get it.

In the meantime, a gentle hug for your dear mama, kind regards for your DH, and many fierce hugs for your own special and wonderful self.

Set 18, 1:34 pm

Thank goodness the vaccine aching is over, though I am a touch tireder than I'd expect to be at 1.30pm. Y'all might want to prepare Mama for the tireds before she gets this round...could cause some anxiety in an older person.

Happy New-Sunday *smooch*

Set 19, 10:05 am

Hope this morning has you back to 100%, Richard. Since Mama is now sleeping a lot, I'm not sure that she'll notice more tiredness. I might though, and I can't afford to be more lethargic than I am already! Thanks for the warning, and *smooch* for the day.

Well, Karen, you know what I think. If you haven't been vaccinated with the new stuff yet, wear the mask! All the time!!
I wore my mask for the drive-through blood drawing. The drawer didn't. I'm glad that Jan gets to come to your sale and tickled for you and Irene both that you get to meet in person and that she gets to buy at your wonderful sale!

Wordle 822 2/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, close

Set 19, 12:00 pm


Yay for you, Peggy!

Set 19, 2:36 pm

Wow, Richard! Thank you! It's been a long time....

THE ROAD TO ROSWELL by Connie Willis

This book is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! Stasia described it as a "On the Road to ... with alien." That's absolutely true. It felt like a madcap caper novel with alien to me. The fun never stops.
I was reading some of the reviews that complained about the little romance trope. I think they're wrong. Who cares about the basis of the relationship or the lack of increasing sexual urgency? Not me. I didn't mind it in Bringing Up Baby; I don't mind it here.
What I do mind a little is CW's fondness for repetition. I could do with less tentacle pointing and fewer SHOW _____s, but that's just me. What I'd say instead is that this is a nearly perfect summer read or good for anytime a body needs cheering up.

Set 19, 9:06 pm

>332 LizzieD: So funny that you mentioned Bringing Up Baby. I recently started watching it, thinking it would be a laugh riot, but couldn't stand it! I don't think I lasted 20 minutes. Of course, I may love The Road to Roswell. Who knows?

Set 19, 10:18 pm

Hi Peggy,
I better delurk since I'm chasing Talk threads all over to catch up after a Vay-Cay.

>332 LizzieD: I know that I read one Connie Willis ages ago (pre-Lt days) and it was really fun. Do you have a favourite? Is this one the best (THE ROAD TO ROSWELL)? I don't see a familiar title in the list.

I am heaping BBs on my WL in anticipation of needing comfort reads for the months to come.

Set 19, 11:33 pm

Well, Sandy, I'd say that *Roswell* certainly counts as a comfort read. My favorite though is Doomsday Book in which an Oxford student/time traveler is mistakenly landed in rural England during the Black Death. It's not a comfort read, but it sticks with me, and I've reread it several times.
It's lovely to see you back here!

Judy, I remember your disliking *BUB*. I didn't enjoy it the last time I watched it as much as I had remembered, but I didn't actively dislike it. I surprised myself by actively disliking *Woman of the Year*, which I don't think I'd ever seen before. CW seems to write either madcap romps or books like *Doomsday* and *Lincoln's Dreams*. I can see how a person would like one type and hate the other.

Set 20, 12:32 am

Happy New Thread, Peggy! Many good reads ahead, I hope. Glad you enjoyed your visit with your cousins.

Set 20, 1:17 am

>334 SandyAMcPherson: >335 LizzieD: I can attest to the excellence of The Doomsday Book, as well a it's more serious nature. I'd say my favorite is To Say Nothing of the Dog, but have a soft spot for Bellwether. Connie Willis is an author with range.

Set 20, 10:08 am

>332 LizzieD: I am so glad to see that you enjoyed the book!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, P.A.!

Set 20, 10:10 am

Good morning, Deborah and Susan! I'm happy to have you both here and wish I had more in the way of reading to show you. I'm maybe trying to finish my ARC from May, I think, before the month is out. Like the Appearance of Horses is good so far but more demanding than CW or the Ish books. I have a hard time concentrating when the TV is on, and the TV is always on.

Wordle 823 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, stare, spare, cinch, snare I should have sorted my consonants sooner, but that would have given me the word only one step sooner. Got it, so I'm fine.

Set 20, 10:15 am

Hey, Stasia! You sneaked in while I was speaking to Deborah and Susan. I LOVED the book! I didn't mention how much fun it is to follow CW as she revisits old Westerns and skewers pop culture. I was also entranced/repulsed by Lyle, the UFO crazy, who is an exemplar of the MAGAts. He has an answer for every objection anybody makes and ignores "That's a movie," every time Wade nails him. Lyle is a true believer, and ...... Everybody else just has to read the book!
Thank you, Stasia.

Set 20, 12:12 pm

Hi Peggy, and happy Wednesday!

>330 LizzieD:. Brava.

>332 LizzieD: I’m glad this book worked for you. I love Bringing Up Baby and am proud that I’ve watched it with my 30-year old, who now loves it, too.

>335 LizzieD: I unfortunately read To Say Nothing of the Dog first, the second in the series of which Doomsday Book is first. DB is on my shelves, and I will get to it eventually.

>339 LizzieD: I ran into alphabet soup with today’s Wordle, but got it in 4.

Set 20, 6:19 pm

Hi, Karen! Don't think you've missed anything by reading *Nothing/Dog* first. I suppose the net set-up is a bit clearer in *DB*, but otherwise, the two have nothing to do with each other.

I have remained glad all day that you called Bobbie!

Set 20, 11:33 pm

>339 LizzieD: Wordle took me 5 today as well. It took 4 guesses using the same pattern before I got the right word. I wish I had thought to use cinch like you did; I could have solved it in 4 if I had.

I don't care for Bringing Up Baby. It's odd that I don't, since I like both Katharine Hepburn and screwball comedies. But her character in that movie is too annoying. On the other hand, I do like Woman of the Year. Did you know they changed the ending of the movie? The original ending would hold up much better today. But it didn't go over well with the preview audiences, apparently, so they re-shot it to make the scene where she was trying to make breakfast and failing miserably. I wish footage of the original ending still existed, so we could see it as it was intended.

Set 20, 11:58 pm

That's interesting about *WotY*, Irene. Thanks for telling me. I may have to rewatch just to see what I think.

As to Wordle: 5 is not 6, and 6 is not a skunk. I'm good.

Set 21, 9:54 am

As to Wordle: I am very, very good, and I can't quite believe it.

Wordle 824 2/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, stone

Set 21, 10:59 am

Hiya Peggy. I'm glad you enjoyed the Willis book so much. Light and fun are often in short supply in my reading, so permaybehaps I'll get to that one.


Set 21, 12:56 pm

Good afternoon, Richard. I think enjoyment of *Roswell* entirely depends on your taste for CW's brand of fun. It suits mine.

Another thing that suits mine is Mick Heron's *Slough House* series. Here's a bit from #5, London Rules. The First Chair of the secret service is talking to the PM. He makes a fatuous comment after the PM asks him a question that would serve if he were in front of cameras, but they're alone in a room. The PM says, "... we'll get the grammar police onto her first thing. Do they have actual powers of arrest, do you think? Or will they just hang her from the nearest participle?" Jackson Lamb doesn't get all the good lines.

I'm also reading Like the Appearance of Horses. This is an image that will stay with me. A young widow is nursing her infant and wondering whether the baby can taste the bitterness in her milk. This is darker reading than I want right now, but I owe ER a review, and Krivac can really write.

I'm also reading a bit of The Lost Bookshop, recommended by Tui and promoted by Amazon right now. Who knows? It may push them both aside.

Set 21, 2:58 pm

>340 LizzieD: No problem. I am ecstatic that you enjoyed the book so much!

Set 21, 10:35 pm

>344 LizzieD: I learned my lesson from your example yesterday, and used a word in Wordle today to eliminate a bunch of possibilities. It took me 4, but I avoided the guessy, guessy thing this time.

I got to meet karenmarie at the book sale today, which was fun! Of course, she was working as cashier, so I didn't get to talk to her as long as I wanted to, but it was so nice to meet another LTer in person! Hoping we can get together sometime soon, but my DH and I are going to have to head out of town for a couple of weeks in October, so my schedule is a bit messed up right now. I posted the items I picked up at the sale on my thread.

Wishing you a good weekend, in spite of the rain that we're going to get.

Set 21, 11:42 pm

>348 alcottacre: I did, Stasia, I did. You knew I would.

>349 atozgrl: Irene, I'm so happy that you and Karen got to meet for even a little bit. Y'all can get together when you are both able to easily. I envy you your time at that book sale, and I'm going to trot over to see what you found.

Glad that Wordle strategy worked for you today. Sometimes there are just so many possibilities that it doesn't work, and then you've used a turn without placing any letter correctly or getting a new one to work with.

Set 22, 10:00 am

I can't say that Wordle strategy worked for me. My 4th guess was idiotic. Oh well. Streak continues.

Wordle 825 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, crisp, trust, brusk (!), brush

Set 22, 10:52 am

>350 LizzieD: If only all my gifts worked out as well :)

Have a fantastic Friday, Peggy!

Set 22, 11:09 am


Set 23, 10:06 am

*smoochiesmoochsmooch* right back, Richard!

---and a spectacular Saturday to you, Stasia! I've never known your gifts to be less than fabulous.

Wordle 826 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, roach, canto, carol Average for me in thought and results, given 3 letters in my first good word.

Set 24, 10:00 am

Wordle 827 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, right I love to get it in 3!

Editado: Set 25, 9:50 am

‘Morning, Peggy! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Back from the book wars – I think I won. *smile*

>347 LizzieD: I had several people mention the Slough House series at the book sale. I have the first in the series on my shelves.

>349 atozgrl: I loved our brief and over-a-table meet up, Irene!

>350 LizzieD: I’ve posted what I got at the sale across all 3 days, and I got some good’uns, a few for friend Karen, most for me. *smile*

Wordle took me 4 today, with a bit of help from my spreadsheet.

Set 24, 5:47 pm

>355 LizzieD: Three for me today too!

>356 karenmarie: I loved our brief meet-up as well! We'll definitely have to plan something after I get back from Mississippi.

Have a great week, Peggy!

Set 24, 5:50 pm

Happy Sunday, Peggy me lurve. *smooch*

Set 25, 9:54 am

'Morning, Peggy!

Stupid mistake: Put in 'adieu', went to check my mail, came back, and immediately typed in 'adieu' again without remembering that I'd already put it in. Sigh. So 4 instead of 3.

Puffy and wispy white clouds floating by, only 68F. We're getting there...

Set 25, 10:08 am

We are getting there indeed, and GOOD for us! Enjoy your day!

Oh boo to Wordle not rejecting a duplicate! Looks like that would be awfully easy to code. I'm saying you did it in 3. Took me 4 today, my average and mean.

Wordle 828 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, worry, rocky

Set 25, 10:57 am

Morning, Peggy me lurve. Spend a lovely one basking in your streak lengthening.

Set 26, 5:24 am

Early morning greetings, Peggy. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Sigh. Yup. Insomnia.

I got Wordle in 4 again today, my average. Inara is keeping me company here in the Sunroom, and the gingers zoomed outside when I opened up the kitty door a while ago.

Coffee, quiet, etc.

Set 26, 10:20 am

Good morning, Karen. I'm sorry about the sleep. I got 8 full hours Sunday night but not but 7½ last night. It's hard. Got Prolia yesterday, and my next mission is to get Mama and myself vaccinated if our doc has both vaccines.

Wordle 829 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, loyal I love 3 when I can get them!

Set 26, 10:37 am

Happy Tuesday, Peggy. It's still cloudy and drizzly here, so I still have the clearing-weather ouchies to look forward to....

Set 27, 8:25 am


Your mention of the Covid vaccines prompted me just now to write to my PCP to see when he wants me to get Covid, flu, and RSV vaccines.

Congrats on your 3 yesterday - I got it in 3 today.

Set 27, 10:08 am

Good morning, Good (((((Karen)))))! Today we are 3 Sisters! Fun and Game!

Wordle 830 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unite, smile

I just tried to call my doc and sat on hold for too long, so I'll try again later.

Heh. I watched R. Maddow interview C. Hutchinson Monday night. My friend has Enough and I'll get it soon! I can't love her politics, but I love her ability to speak the truth under intimidation.

Set 27, 12:25 pm

Hunh. No COVID vaccine here in the county yet. So much for getting it soon.

Set 27, 12:33 pm

>367 LizzieD: Really? I am very surprised by that! I hope it arrives soon!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Peggy!

Set 27, 5:58 pm

Hi, Stasia. Our county health department hasn't gotten it either, nor do they know when they may get it. Sheesh. WW to you too!

LONDON RULES by Mick Herron

Oh boy, this was another good one. I'm really happy to have Catherine Standish back among the slow horses of Slough House. This one begins with a slaughter by terrorists of a small village in Devonshire. The early key to the identity of the terrorists is, unbelievably, Roderick Ho, Slough House's self-deluded computer genius. We see a lot of J.K. Coe and Shirley Darden with less of our usual focal point River Cartwright. We do get a lot of Jackson Lamb and Lady Di Taverner.

That paragraph is a come-on for people who have read at least one of this series. Beginners should start at the beginning with Slow Horses. Spy Series for the 21st century!!!

Set 27, 6:55 pm

>369 LizzieD: I think Rod Ho has the single most hilarious name of all the slow horses.


Set 28, 10:00 am

Morning, Richard. Poor Roddy Ho, Richard. If I had to work with him, I'd want to kill him as much as the other horses do. We know why the rest of them are in Slough House. In Ho's case it may be that he was intolerable at Regent's Park too. *smooch*

Wordle 831 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, poach, coach Could have been 3, but I didn't want to waste a spot repeating a letter since I didn't really have a clue.

Set 28, 10:37 am

>369 LizzieD: I’ve got Slow Horses requested at the library. Sounds like a good series! Thanks!

Karen O

Set 28, 12:56 pm

Hi Peggy! I hope you're having a good day.

>367 LizzieD: Walgreen’s doesn’t have the new Covid vaccine yet – that’s who Bill uses. The local pharmacy I use for vaccines doesn’t have it yet either.

Wordle in 4, time for lunch and reading more of The Running Grave.

Set 28, 1:46 pm

Yo, Peggy! You here today?

Set 28, 2:28 pm

>369 LizzieD: I really need to get to some Mick Herron books at some point.

Have a thunderous Thursday, PA!

Set 28, 5:10 pm

>366 LizzieD: I tried to order Enough from Amazon yesterday, but it's already out of stock, with no estimated shipment date, so I cancelled that order. (I don't want it coming in while we're out of town.) I'll reorder later.

We've been on the waiting list at our pharmacy to get the COVID shot since it came out, but so far they haven't gotten it, so we're still waiting. I hope they get it in soon so we can be vaccinated before we have to leave for Mississippi. My DH already got his flu shot; he got it when he had to do a pharmacy run for some supplies. I'll probably get it when I get my COVID shot.

Editado: Set 28, 11:31 pm

Hi, Irene. I was really hoping that we could expose ourselves only once (not to mention the hassle of getting Mama out and around) for both vaccines. If COVID shots don't come in soon, I guess we'll go ahead and get the flu one.

Yes, Stasia. You really, really do need to read the Herron books.

Hey, Richard! I spoke to you this morning here, but I guess you missed it since I didn't take time to refer to your last comment. I'm not here much though.

Karen, I'm sorry that we're not getting the vaccines in abundance. My friend in Asheville hasn't seen an available there either. At least I know now that RobCo isn't being picked on.

Karen, I hope that you turn out to be another Slow Horses fan. If they sound good to you at all, I think you're bound to enjoy them.

Off to bed with a mild headache and a Tylenol!

Set 29, 9:57 am

'Morning, my dear.

I hope your headache is gone by the time you read this.

Wordle in 3 for me.

Set 29, 10:05 am

3 Sisters! That's what we are, Karen. I was cock-a-hoop to solve this one in 3, and I'm tickled to share the fun with you. I did sleep the headache away and its accompanying high pressure almost-sore throat. Our niece and husband/nephew are coming for the weekend today (not staying with us!) to take some of her mother's furniture home with them (and to get a bit out of our attic!). We're going to walk this afternoon, and I look forward to it.

Wordle 832 3/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, alure, azure This is why I can't dump my first word.

Set 29, 10:53 am

More *smooch*ings, Peggy...may the weekend have only pleasant surprises.

Editado: Set 29, 10:34 pm

Here in Canada, we are not getting the new Moderna Covid vaccine until October 11th or so. The Pfizer will be a little slower, as it was just approved by Health Canada. Of course, you can always get an older version of Pfizer of Moderna. I had my last vaccine in June, so I won't qualify for a new vaccine until 6 months after my last vaccine.

I enjoyed Slow Horses when I read it several years and I enjoyed a couple of the sequels ,Peggy.

I purchased The Lost Bookshop last week, but I'm not sure when I will get to it.

Set 30, 12:20 am

Thank you for good wishes, Richard, and take them away for yourself from me!

Hi, Deborah! I've just discovered that our pharmacies have the new COVID vaccine(s). Can somebody explain to me why drugstores get them and doctors and the health department don't? I'm not taking my mama into that environment, but if we can't get them at either doc or HD, I will go into a retail druggist for a jab.

I hope that you enjoy *Lost Bookshop*, Deborah. I mostly like it a lot although I get a bit impatient with it from time to time. I guess I've read about half of it. I intend to read all the *Slow Horses* if for no other reason than to see who survives through the series.

Set 30, 12:27 am

>377 LizzieD: The meds are also said to be extremely effective too these days, Peggy. We don't have any of them readily available here, I'm afraid. Hope that one way or another your fears are assuaged by drugs and/or shots becoming available. x

Set 30, 6:56 am

>382 LizzieD: Peggy, I'm glad the vaccines are available in your area now. I'm sure that's a relief!

Can somebody explain to me why drugstores get them and doctors and the health department don't?
A couple thoughts on this. Up to now, the vaccine rollouts were managed by the government (by a 4-star General, no less, who ran it like an effective campaign)*. Because the "public health emergency" ended earlier this year, efforts formerly overseen by the government were turned over to the private sector. Covid vaccines are now being managed just like flu and other vaccines, i.e., through pharmacies, insurance companies, etc. There's no longer a general in charge, and things are not running as smoothly as they should.

I had my annual primary care visit this week and got my flu shot. I asked our doc if he would be getting covid vaccines and he said no, because the vaccines need to be frozen and, once thawed, have a short shelf life. He said he'd have to administer 50 vaccines a day, and his practice doesn't have that kind of volume, where pharmacies do.

This doesn't really address how to get shots to vulnerable individuals, and I'm very sorry you're having to deal with that.

* You might be interested in this Substack piece: Vaccine rollout is a mess today, but wasn't during the pandemic

Set 30, 10:08 am

Thank you for all of that, Laura. I understand about an individual doctor's office not getting them. My doctor's clinic, however, is managed by the local, regional hospital (in fact, it's in the same building as the hospital's vaccine clinic), and the health department sees at the very least 50 patients a day. Brownie, my doc, expected to have them by now. I understand about insurance companies too. Our niece and nephew had to cross the street to a second pharmacy because the first they tried was not in their insurance plan. Grrr.

Wordle 833 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, haply, faddy, daddy I'm not happy with this, but at least my streak lives on, and I was lucky.

Set 30, 10:51 am

I'm glad yet again that I live where I do...we got vaccine doses spot on time and, since I'm okay with the CVS trip, I'm glad to report that it was as easy as could be to get scheduled and jabbed in a matter of a day.

Set 30, 1:02 pm

Hi Peggy! Happy Saturday.

Yay for 3 Sisters yesterday, yay for sleeping the headache/almost-sore throat away. I hope the niece/family visit went well in addition to getting stuff out of the attic. Walking, too… a good day for sure.

>381 vancouverdeb: My doctor has told me I can get the vaccines in this order: flu, Covid, RSV, two weeks apart.

I wanted to get the Covid as soon as possible, but in my response to Deborah above, I need to get the flu vaccine first. I guess I can get that early next week, then the new Covid two weeks after that. Sigh.

Arsenal won 4-0, so my days’ going pretty well so far, although it took all 6 for Wordle today.

Set 30, 3:32 pm

>385 LizzieD: Sorry Peggy, I took your question a bit too literally and without understanding your specific situation with healthcare providers. I hope you're able to get the vaccine soon.

Out 1, 12:11 am

>383 PaulCranswick: Paul, how could I miss you???!!! I am always happy for your visit however little I've deserved your time. I'm sorry that the vaccine isn't widely available. Of course, at the moment "widely available" isn't doing us any good. I'll work on it again Monday.

Laura, I found what you had to say helpful, and I thank you. I hadn't a clue except for the insurance companies cutting up about it.

Karen, I'm glad that it's good for you to get all three vaccines, but I'm frustrated with you that you can't get them in your preferred order and have to wait so long between each one. Bah.

Richard, you've had the new vaccine working in your system long enough for it to be effective, haven't you? GOOD for you!

I now have Enough in my hot little hands, and I'm curious. Will keep you posted! It looks like a quick read if only I will sit down and read it.

Editado: Out 1, 1:08 am

>389 LizzieD: Of course I snuck in at a strange hour, I suppose.

Despite always taking them as I feel with my medical background (asthma), age and body shape they will be a help to me, I do have some skepticism about the efficacy of the shots to prevent contraction - I don't refer to them as vaccines as they don't actually vaccinate, but I do believe that for those in the higher risk groups they greatly ameliorate any symptoms if the virus is contracted.

I hope you are able to track some down for your Mama as soon as possible.

Out 1, 8:26 am

Happy, sunny, pretty Sunday, Peggy! I'm looking out into the parking lot at a sound-stage and a small crowd gathering for purposes unknown to me, but whatever it is they're going to do, they've got a gorgeous day for it.

Out 1, 10:05 am

'Morning, Peggy! Happy Sunday.

It's gorgeous here, too, even though it will get pretty warm. Fall's on the way. *happy dance*

I got Wordle in 5.

Out 1, 10:28 am

Good morning, Paul, Richard, and Karen!!!! It is a gorgeous day here. I even wore a sweater when I came across to Mama's. I almost dare to say that Summer's back is broken and FALL is truly on the way!

Well, Richard, I can always hope that whatever is being put forth from that sound stage is pleasing to your ears or that you can get away from it.

You're right about "vaccine" being a misnomer, Paul, but it's a handy one. I have a right-wing cousin who took the initial shots in '21, got COVID, and has refused to take any boosters because "They promised that I wouldn't get it, and I did." Nobody ever promised that, but although I ask him to check reputable medical sites, he won't do it because he doesn't think they're reputable. I guess we mostly try to do our best with what we have.

Wordle 834 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, meter, beret Pronunciation made this one tricky for me.

Out 1, 11:23 am

>393 LizzieD: May the trend towards sweater weather continue apace, Peggy. I do so love the approach of weather where we have to work up a sweat instead of simply drowning in it.


Editado: Out 1, 12:00 pm

>389 LizzieD: Peggy, thanks for letting me know what I posted was helpful. I was worried that I came across as an annoying know-it-all, and telling you things you already knew at that.

>393 LizzieD: Re: vaccines: well stated.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Out 1, 5:36 pm

Happy Sunday, Peggy! I hope it works out for you getting your vaccines, and your mom too.

>390 PaulCranswick: I always thought the entire point of vaccines was to keep you from getting really sick, not to prevent you from catching whatever. That's certainly always been the case with the flu shot, and now with COVID. Maybe vaccines work as total prevention for things like smallpox, but I've never thought of flu shots that way. We have to get a flu shot every year, and boosters for things like tetanus, so the COVID shot becoming an every year thing was not a surprise to me.

Our local (small) pharmacy has still not contacted us to say they've got the COVID shot yet, so we may have to go to one of the big chains instead. We really need to get it before we head to Mississippi next week.

Out 2, 12:04 am

Irene, I wish us both COVID shots working in us this week! I know you need to get yours as soon as you can.

Laura, I can't imagine anybody finding you "an annoying know-it-all"! So there.

I wish us both an uneventful, cooling fall, Richard. I'm ready! You've had your very wet weather event, and I hope that we don't have one. Hope. Hope. Hope. *smooch*

Out 2, 3:44 am

>396 atozgrl: Yep the flu shots aren't vaccines either per se in that they don't provide immunization but I am not decrying their usefulness at all - take 'em myself.
I guess it is the variants of flu and COVID that make it difficult to provide absolute immunity and that also means that the regular modified shots are important IMHO to activate the body's defence against variants.

>393 LizzieD: Only the politicians ever claimed that the COVID jabs would prevent you catching COVID, Peggy, not the medicos as far as I know.

Out 2, 6:50 am

'Morning, Peggy! Happy Monday.

Early start, a bit of LT, then reading and some errands today.

Wordle in 4, par for the course.

Out 2, 9:49 am

Hoping your week-ahead's reads are good ones, Peggy. *smooch*

Out 2, 10:19 am

Many thanks for visits, Richard, Karen, and Paul. I'll speak better later!

Wordle 835 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, leery, berry, merry Not my best; not my worst by far. I wish I had tried doubling the R first, but never mind.

Out 2, 10:45 pm

>397 LizzieD: My DH checked with the pharmacy again today, and they still don't have the COVID vaccine yet. We finally gave up and looked elsewhere. We were able to get appointments Wednesday at the Publix pharmacy, which is close. I looked at Target, but the one in Apex didn't show up in the list with available appointments. We'd have to go to Holly Springs, or Fuquay, or later in the week, Raleigh.

>398 PaulCranswick: Exactly right, Paul! Flu and COVID mutate constantly, so the vaccines are never a perfect match. So it looks like we're going to have to get a vaccine for COVID every year, just like the flu, unfortunately.

>401 LizzieD: Wordle took me 5 today as well. I had thought of berry, but I had already eliminated the B. I don't know why it took me so long to think of merry.

Editado: Out 2, 11:45 pm

I'm glad you're finally in line to get your shots, Irene. My doctor's office said that they would call all the patients when and if they got the shots. The woman I talked to promised to ask whether I should try to take Mama into a drugstore to get hers or wait for him and said she'd call back. She didn't, of course, but I'll keep checking. I think I'll go get myself taken care of. My DH got both shots today without an appointment. I expect I'll try for Wednesday too.
Wordle! I'm no longer surprised when I stare at what I have and nothing comes to mind.

DOUBLE SHARE by Nathan Lowell

I decided that since I had read 9 of the Ishmael books this year, I'd go ahead and read the other 3. Besides, I want to. Fun and games for me!

Out 2, 11:54 pm

Hi Peggy. Simply letting you know I passed on by. Sad state of affairs that both the USA and Canada are very poor at organizing immunizations.
Our province has no vaccines of either 'flu or Covid so far.

We're told to check back after the end of next week. And that's not to get immunized... And authorities complain that people lag with vaccine uptake. Hello? It's called being totally fed up with the inefficent bureaucracy.

Good luck with your vaccination plans and then you can concentrate on your mama.

Out 3, 9:38 am

'Morning, Peggy!

Based on what my doctor told me to do via mychart message, I'll get a flu shot today and then a Covid booster in two weeks. RSV two weeks after that.

Have you gotten hold of a copy of The Running Grave yet? Worst case, you can break down and get it on Kindle. By the end of the year I'll have hardcover, audio book, AND Kindle. Sigh.

Wordle in 3, with a little help from my spreadsheets.

Editado: Out 3, 10:32 am

Good morning, Sandy and Karen. I was just reading an article from Axios saying that the COVID vaccines should make it into doc's offices and nursing homes in another couple or 3 weeks. I guess if I go ahead and get it at a pharmacy now and we don't let anybody in to see Mama, that she should be OK until our doc has it.
Honestly, Sandy. If you and I can see that a problem might arise with the distribution, why are the experts not on it before it happens??????

I'll have *Running Grave* soon, Karen. YIPPEEE! I have to go to your thread to see how it's going. Meanwhile, I'm finding the Cassidy Hutchinson book interesting and peculiar. Her family background is not what I would consider normal........ Her father made her watch him shoot up a big snapping turtle he had trapped because he wanted her to be a warrior (my word, not hers - I can't remember hers). She was five years old. Her mother didn't trust doctors or hospitals and delivered both her children at home. She was away for the weekend when Cassidy had appendicitis as a teen. She told C. to call her father when C told her about the pain. Her father dismissed it. Friends took her to the emergency room, and she had surgery. Her mother was furious at her for going to the hospital. Yikes!
I didn't mean to get into all that. What I meant to say is that it's chilling and unsettling to read about the first impeachment from a Republican insider's POV. I'm now reading about the pandemic, and she does say that while any leader would have made mistakes early on, Trump was the least able person to deal with it because of who he is. More later.
I've also barely started The Warburgs, an early Chernow. Fascinating stuff!!!!!

Ooops. Almost forgot to show that my streak continues.

Wordle 836 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unite, chide, while --- I actually tried -ile in guess 3 but didn't stick with it long enough to see the obvious.

Out 3, 7:51 pm

Howdy do, Peggy. A bit late in the day, sorry...I have had this niggling sense of something being off all day long and it turns out to be not visiting earlier.

Happy habits need attention, no?

Out 3, 11:43 pm

Awww, *smooch* Richard!

Out 4, 10:35 am

I would never have gotten this in fewer than 4 guesses.

Wordle 837 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, strut, spurt

Out 4, 2:00 pm

>409 LizzieD: It is a weird choice indeed. Not a word I see used too terribly much.

Be well today! *smooch*

Editado: Out 4, 3:13 pm

>409 LizzieD: and >410 richardderus: Ugh. A word that sounds as gross as moist.

Oh. Hi Peggy!

Mock Apple Pie made and cooling, I'm off to read/doze in the hammock for a while. I'm up to page 355 in The Running Grave.

My friend Rhoda's already finished it, although she's been home with pneumonia and all she can do is read and watch TV. She's lost 10 pounds she didn't have to lose. I hope she's able to come to the post-book sale meeting next Tuesday.

Out 4, 11:56 pm

Greetings to you both, Karen and Richard! I wasn't here at all today after I posted my Wordle results.

I did get my shots. The flu shot hurt going in and that arm has ached all day. The COVID arm has no idea it was jabbed. Sinus headache all day. How can they be stopped up when they're draining like somebody turned on a tap??? And an aching back from washing and cutting a good spinach salad for lunch. I'm going to bed and hoping to be less irritated and irritable, not to mention irritating, tomorrow.

Mock apple pie? Is that the Ritz Crackers one?

To bed!

Out 5, 7:11 am

Hi Peggy! Glad you got the shots, sorry your arm has ached and that you had a sinus headache.

Yup, the Ritz Crackers one. Very sweet, will go good with a cup of black unsweetened coffee.

Wordle in 3 for me today.

Out 5, 9:57 am

Good morning, Karen! Wordle in 3 is impressive to this 5er. I could easily have gotten lost in alphabet soup, so I can't complain.

Wordle 838 5/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, chunk, hunch, bunch

I know that I need to start a new thread, but I just can't seem to make myself do it.....

Out 5, 10:24 am

Checking in on you, Peggy. It rained here last night and it is cooler today. I am hoping that it stays this way - but I take leave to doubt it will.

Have a thunderous Thursday!

Out 5, 12:12 pm

>414 LizzieD: “I know that I need to start a new thread, but I just can't seem to make myself do it.....”

I was wondering about that…your thread doesn’t load slowly or have problems, though.

My Wordle today looked a lot like yours—nothing from the first word, same fourth word, solved in 5. Not a lot of fun today!

Karen O

Out 5, 12:32 pm

Hey there...Thursday *smooches*

Out 5, 7:59 pm

Well it’s been far too long, Peggy. My life has changed dramatically, and I’ve not been around LT much for longer than I remember. Except to log new acquisitions:)

I hope you are well; I see your reading life is in good order, which is not unexpected but nonetheless is a comfort for many reasons - not the least because of its contribution to the illusion of consistency about the world (!)

For the record, my favorite Connie Willis is the duology Blackout and All Clear

The bare bones is that I have relocated. I am originally from the Philadelphia metro area, and I have moved to an area straddling the suburb/exurb/rural borderland to the extreme northwest of the region. I never considered myself a New Yorker, more of a stranger in a strange land, and it is most welcome to be here. It’s fabulously beautiful, full of horse farms, serene, peaceful, lovely. And near family and old friends.

One of the more exciting parts of this is that my long tenure in the ultra-expensive NY metro area made it possible to trade for a place that doesn’t exist there, and would be prohibitive if it did. Actually that’s not the most exciting part. Here it is:

I have twice as much space as I did, and I have a beautiful corner room just begging to become a dedicated library. I have painted the walls a classic library dark green, and have engaged a woodworker who specializes in bookcases to build built-ins of dark wood. This is a dream for me, and it’s no wonder that I look at the future library and imagine!

Oh one thing to add from looking through your many visitors’ guestbook ledger (skip boring lecture if desired):

Vaccines are substances that stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. They help protect you from disease. Very few of them provide what’s called “sterilizing immunity”, meaning they defeat the invader completely preventing any possible illness. The ones I can think of in this category are measles, mumps, smallpox (let’s hope we never need that vaccine again!) and HPV. I’m probably missing a few. Most vaccines wane in protection to some extent over time, and help fight disease but don’t absolutely prevent. So the Covid vaccines and boosters are very much vaccines. I do hope that at some point new technologies will prevent the virus from taking hold at all. That’s not yet, unfortunately.

Nice to check in, I love knowing what you’re reading and up to when I do visit, and I wish you sweetness and health!

Out 6, 12:27 am

Oh! Post 419 here! I didn't realize your thread had gotten so long, Peggy. Well, it loads fast and I didn't notice until just now. Happy Weekend ahead!

Out 6, 8:16 am

Friday-morning *smooch* from Outrageland.

Out 6, 10:01 am

*smooch* back, Richard, from WHATNEXT(DON'TTELLME)land.

Hi, Deborah. I really have to do it. I like to have 4 threads for the 4 quarters. I guess I'll start one and decorate it later. Meanwhile, you're most welcome on this one.

Friend Rex! I am more than delighted to hear from you, and to know that you don't forget LT and me, and most of all to find you well and in a good place which will afford you your dream library soon! Your new home sounds idyllic. I'm sending you JOY as a housewarming gift.
I'll trot over to your place soon to say a bit more about my situation. In fact, I prowled there and 30,000 feet recently and missed you. I also miss our friend and am appalled when I see how long it's been since we spoke.

Wordle 839 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unite, while, chime Hmmm. No yellow squares.

Out 6, 5:29 pm

>412 LizzieD: Hello, Peggy! I got both shots on Wednesday as well, and it looks like we had similar experiences. The flu shot really hurt, more than any I remember in quite some time. I wound up putting a cold pack on it in the evening, and that helped. My COVID arm hurt a little, but not as much. I was very fatigued yesterday, couldn't do much, but going better today. Both arms still have slight soreness, but I only feel it when I raise them up high. I am glad to have the shots done before we leave town.

Wordle in 4 for me today too.

Out 6, 5:43 pm

Happy Friday, Peggy!

Out 7, 9:56 am

Hi Peggy!

I hope you're doing well today. I'm still trying to wake up, looking forward to 42F tonight.

Wordle in 4.

Out 7, 10:25 am

Hi, Irene. Yeah, that flu shot. I finally took a Tylenol since I had other nagging aches. I'm glad we're this far along in our defensive stance though. Just heard that another friend has tested + for COVID though. He's the business manager of a retirement community here, and I'm really, really hoping that he picked it up somewhere else.

Good morning, Stasia, and a Fabulously Fruitful Friday to you too!!!!!!! I need to pop into your thread to see how you're doing. I know you're getting excited.

Morning, Karen! I wish you a good day too. Oh boy! Oh boy! A night in the 40s sounds really, really, really wonderful. 4 for me too....

Wordle 840 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 arose, unity, valid, viola Bot says that I had only the one solution left after my second guess, but I just couldn't see it. I'm happy to be a little better off than "not skunked."

Out 7, 2:30 pm

>425 LizzieD: I know you're getting excited. Oh, definitely! I am going to get to see some new faces this year as well as some old ones!

Out 8, 10:20 am

Good morning, Stasia! Come on over to my new, bare walls place!
Este tópico foi continuado por 2023*4 LizzieD: Still here. Still reading..