Series that need to be combined


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Series that need to be combined

Jul 9, 6:35 am is the same as

Sorry - my skills are not up to series combination.

I did notice a couple of others while checking my series, but forgot to make a note of them. Will post details when I find them again.

Jul 9, 4:49 pm

If the difference is publication order versus chronological order, those are still supposed to stay separate. I think there was discussions of problems with the UI when they were combined.

Otherwise, you go into the series. Go to the upper right hand corner where it says edit series. Click on Edit Series.
Click on Relationship/Combine.
Select the proper series and click combine beneath the proper series.

I'd do the first one, but I need to know if which it should go with: Publication or Chronological?

Not quire the same doesn't mean they should be combined.

The Talents Universe is already showing the Pegasus Trilogy as a subset and should NOT be combined.
Le vol de Pégase and Talents of Earth probably can be combined. Looks like the creator of the French version made a mistake.

Jul 10, 7:04 am

Thank you for that - I knew there are situations where things should not be combined, and was worried about making a mistake. I'll have a go shortly...