One of author names turned into ID after combination


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One of author names turned into ID after combination

Ago 6, 6:37 am

Author in question
The name is "Akihito Tsukushi"
The name that was combined with it is "Акіхіто Цукуші", the same name but in Ukrainian. It's used here

After I combined them the author's page looks like:
"Includes the names: 3282493271, つくし あきひと"
when it should be something like this:
"Includes the names: Акіхіто Цукуші, つくし あきひと"

I have no idea what caused this and how to fix this. Any help please?

Editado: Ago 6, 7:41 am

There is no problem. URLs for author pages are normally the straight latin letters of the name, not including diacriticals. If the author name cannot be turned into a latin letter URL, instead a number is assigned. Cyrillic letters don't work. If you look at the link on your author name on the book details page, it shows the number.

The interesting point here is that the Japanese name comes through, instead of a different number. Perhaps a canonical name was set, and is still active?

Ago 6, 8:03 am

But I combined author names like that before this, and had no problems every time. Few recent examples:
And a lot more. Each time I got "Includes the names: _proper_cyrillic_name_" and no numbers.

I'm talking about a small grey string at the very top of the author's page, right under the "Author of X" string.

Ago 6, 11:32 am

I separated the author 3282493271 and recalculated it, which changed it into Акіхіто Цукуші, and then recombined into Akihito Tsukushi.

Ago 6, 11:36 am

Thanks a lot, Nevov. Was probably just some bug, I'll try your method if it reappears.