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Lynda's (Carmenere's) Reading Room #4

Editado: Ago 29, 5:45 pm

Hi fellow readers!

Above are my planned reads for the next couple of months. There are some spooky season books in there and some are for book club and others,just cause I have the urge to read them right now.
I'm also currently listening to In Ascension from the Booker long list.

Ago 29, 10:26 pm

Happy New Thread, Lynda! I have heard that In Ascension is a front runner for the Booker Prize . This from a you tube Book Vlogger , but a prominent one , so as anything , take it with a grain of salt .

Ago 30, 1:01 am

I love your inquisitive cat! This is the one of the very few times in my life when I do not have a dog. Most recently, I was contacted by a breeder who has one four month old Austrialian Sheep Dog puppy..already trained, the cost is $500.00. I am so tempted, but know that with only one income vet bills may be difficult.

Plus, Kayla is no longer living here full time and I'm taking care of her ferret and cat. I'm fond of both. Adding a dog to the mix might be too much. But honestly, I am so tempted. I didn't go to visit the puppy because I know I would bring him home.

How old is your beautiful cat?

Your planned reads look good. I wish I could plan books to read and stick to it. But, I am not that organized. I admire your dedication and commitment.

Ago 30, 1:06 am

Happy new thread, Lynda - that moggy needs audio books!

Ago 30, 3:20 am

Happy new thread, Lynda!

Ago 30, 9:24 am

>2 vancouverdeb: Hi Deb! Thanks for being #1 visitor to my new thread! Haha a grain of salt, for sure. Each Vlogger seems to have their favorite.

Ago 30, 9:29 am

>3 Whisper1: Ooooo, Linda, that is a lucrative offer. An already trained pup is a prize! It is a huge decision though and they are a lot of work but offer so much in return. Good luck making your decision!
Awe, I'm sorry Kayla is only with you on a part time basis. These kids have to spread their wings, however and of course, that's what we've taught them all along to do.
Lev and his sister Lia are both 3 yrs old.
I hope I can stick to my planned reads. Fingers crossed!!

Ago 30, 9:31 am

>4 PaulCranswick: Greetings, Paul. My brain is not a huge fan of audio books. It just can't keep characters and plots in order. However, in the case of Booker lists, it's really my only choice. Sigh

Ago 30, 9:32 am

>5 FAMeulstee: Thank you, Anita!

Ago 30, 9:34 am

Happy new one!

Ago 30, 9:38 am

Happy new one!

>1 Carmenere: looks like you have a great reading plan :)

Ago 30, 10:42 am

Happy new thread, Lynda! I will be very curious to see your thoughts on In Ascension. I have it here to read, I just have not gotten to it yet.

Ago 30, 12:10 pm

Happy new thread!
I have my pile of TBR for the next few months stacked up too :-D

Ago 31, 7:26 am

Wordle 803 4/6


Ago 31, 7:29 am

>12 alcottacre: Thanks, Stadia! I'm enjoying In Ascension so far. I'm only 35% through, however. Fingers crossed.

Ago 31, 7:30 am

>10 drneutron: thanks. Jim!

Ago 31, 7:32 am

>11 figsfromthistle: Thanks. Anita! I hope I stick to the plan

Editado: Set 1, 7:39 am

>13 mstrust: Thanks Jennifer! I hope organizing your TBR stack was as enjoyable for you as it was for me

Editado: Set 1, 7:41 am

Woohoo! Going to the county fair today which always has a large book sale booth from the county library. It going to be a spectacular weather day here too.
My menu today is stringy fries funnel cake and for dessert, candy apple. Yummy!

Set 3, 9:29 am

Wordle 806 5/6


Set 3, 11:21 am

I found only 3 books at the county library sale at the fair. That's what happens when you go the second day and not the first.
Anyway, I'm pleased with my finds: The Chalk Pit. I love this series
Lethal White I have the first 2 in the series but have not read them
Never Let me Go Seems I should have read this years ago.

That's all. The fair was delightful! cute baby animals, handsome horses and 4-H kids doing their thing. I brought home my candy apple covered with peanuts and a funnel cake which I had for breakfast again today. The veggi stromboli was a decent lunch but sadly I didn't get my stringy french fries. Waaawaawaa

Set 4, 8:53 am

Wordle 807 5/6


Set 4, 1:11 pm

I wish our fair had a book sale too! Glad you got most of your favorite fair foods. Are stringy French fries like shoestring fries?

Set 4, 8:21 pm

>23 mstrust: Yes, exactly! If they're not drooping over the sides of the cone/cup they're not for me

Set 4, 10:21 pm

Nice haul, Lynda . I’ve made a few acquisitions , but unfortunately at full price . Books are so tempting.

Set 5, 8:12 am

>25 vancouverdeb: Oh Deb! I know that temptation!!! I only wish I could read them as fast as I obtain them!!!!!!!!

Set 5, 8:12 am

Wordle 808 3/6


Set 6, 8:26 am

Wordle 809 X/6



Set 6, 2:46 pm

#30 The Road to Roswell
Connie Willis

This was a crazy, crazy book but oh so fun to read!
Francie arrives in Roswell, New Mexico to fulfill her duties as Maid of Honor at her former roommates wedding.
As a level headed woman she is taken aback of the fuss made of this weekend's extraterrestrial festivities which just so happen to co-inside with the wedding and the bridegrooms passion for all things related to aliens.
She just may change her mind once she is held hostage by an alien who has a problem of his own.
Sometimes, the story seems repetitive but all in all, a good time and a good way to escape from earthly problems and worries.

Set 6, 3:00 pm

#31 Modern Crochet Style
Lindsey Newns

Super nice book with approximately 15 crafts to expand your knowledge of crochet. Personally, as a beginner/intermediate, I found some of the ideas way too complex for me. That said, It still is a great book to refer back to when I want to accept the challenge and try something new from one of the four season sections.

Set 6, 7:10 pm

#32 To Walk on Moonbeams
Shelby Marie
Spotted on Library New Shelf

Break-up poems. They are meaningful if you’ve broken up with your lover. I was looking for something else and some of these poems delivered but, for me, most of them did not.

Set 6, 7:18 pm

#33 Forget me not
Nancy Van Laan
Stephanie Graegin
Discovered this book from Allison Paiges book vlog

A little girl struggles when her beloved grandma becomes so forgetful she can’t take care of herself any longer.

Set 7, 8:18 am

Wordle 810 6/6

Wow that was close

Set 8, 7:55 am

Wordle 811 4/6


Set 9, 9:17 am

Wordle 812 4/6


Set 9, 9:20 am

So excited! I'm attending my first OSU football game today!!! Should be great weather
Look for me on TV, I'm the one in a red T-shirt. ;0)

Set 9, 10:25 am

Have fun!

Set 10, 8:12 am

Wordle 813 4/6


Set 11, 4:16 am

Forgive my ignorance, Lynda, but what is OSU football?

Set 11, 8:11 am

Wordle 814 5/6


Set 11, 8:12 am

>37 mstrust: we had a blast!

Set 11, 8:18 am

>39 PaulCranswick: My apologies, Paul. College football, in this case, Ohio State University, (Buckeyes) played Youngstown State University (Penguins).
OSU should have blown YSU away but as it turned out OSU won by only 31 points.

Set 11, 8:20 am

Only 31 points? Isn't that quite a lot already?

Editado: Set 11, 6:25 pm

Hehe, yes it is. However, It should have been a blow out when facing a team like Youngstown who are not known to be a championship team.
Since OSU allowed them a touchdown it probably brought OSU down in the rankings.

Set 12, 7:57 am

Wordle 815 4/6


Set 13, 7:58 am

Wordle 816 3/6


Editado: Set 13, 12:25 pm

#34 In Ascension
Booker Long List

A dreamy, sci-fi ish, novel. The story involves Leigh who grew up as an abused child but her adult years are filled with scientific explorations and discoveries.
I thought it a tad too long but felt it was very well written, often the prose is down right beautiful.
This novel was available to me on audio, which seemed rather slow paced to me. I look forward to reading a hard copy when I see it in my area.Personally, I think this novel would make a very good movie.

Set 14, 1:38 am

>47 Carmenere: Nice review of In Acension, Lynda. I look forward to it being available in print too. I'm not good at audible books.

Set 14, 8:01 am

Wordle 817 5/6


Set 14, 8:07 am

>48 vancouverdeb: "'I'm not good at audible books."
Same, Deborah!!! I'm glad it's just not me :0)

Set 15, 7:59 am

Wordle 818 5/6


Set 15, 12:42 pm

>46 Carmenere: I got lucky on that one and managed to get it in 2.

>49 Carmenere: I had trouble with that one too. It was one of those "Whew" ones. I almost had it by number 4 but I kept choosing the wrong middle letter.

Set 16, 6:54 am

Wordle 819 5/6


Set 16, 6:57 am

>52 thornton37814: some Wordles have been a challenge for me lately. I continue to be amazed by how many 5 letter words exist

Set 18, 7:41 am

Wordle 821 5/6


Set 19, 8:27 am

Wordle 822 4/6


Set 19, 11:05 am

Just stopping in to say hi and I hope you're having a good week!

Set 21, 8:01 am

Wordle 824 3/6


Set 21, 8:03 am

>57 mstrust: Thank you! Gorgeous weather here. Crystal blue skies and temps in the 70's. It's perfect for outdoorsy things.
Hope you've got great Fall days too!

Editado: Set 21, 3:33 pm

The Booker Shortlist is out.
Study for Obedience. Requested
Prophet Song. Not available in print or audio from library. I’ll check Amazon and Blackwell?/Blackstones?
The Bee Sting. Requested
This Other Eden *
If I Survive You *
Western Lane currently listening

*read or listened to

Set 21, 3:36 pm

After 25 year absence, I dusted off my golf clubs and went to the driving range with Will.
I wasn’t bad, exactly, just need to adjust my stance in an older body. Still lots of fun and great exercise. I’ll go back, in fact I have to I just purchased a new golf glove. My old one deteriorated. Haha

Set 21, 8:12 pm

>61 Carmenere: Glad your golfing experience went well. I've never been on a golf range and hope to try it. My cousin and his wife golf twice a week and love it.

Set 21, 8:32 pm

>62 figsfromthistle: I hope you get the chance to go be good a try. Anita. It's a wonderful sport.
Good for your cousin! What a great way to spend quality time with his wife.

Set 22, 1:31 am

>60 Carmenere: The Booker Short List is exciting, Lynda! You can get Prophet Song from amazon ca , with a shipping fee. I just purchased Bee Sting from amazon com , because amazon ca just ships it from the UK . And it is Blackwells, if that helps. I'll post you a link to Blackwell's .

Set 22, 7:33 am

>64 vancouverdeb: thanks, Deb! Much appreciated :0)

Set 22, 7:33 am

Wordle 825 4/6


Set 22, 8:04 am

I'm beyond excited!! I picked up Bernie Taupin'ns new memoir, "Scattershot" at the library yesterday!! I knew it was to be released soon but didn't expect Taupin's face to greet me on the the new books shelf so quickly!
I asked Santa to leave it under my tree but I'm sure he won't mind if I take a long look at the library's copy first.

Set 22, 8:18 am

Happy Friday, Lynda. How are things going? Keeping busy? Good luck with those Booker titles. I would like to read a couple of them too. I am also interested to hear your thoughts on "Scattershot". I loved EJ's memoir.

Getting quite a bit of rain here, so it is limiting my time outdoors.

Editado: Set 23, 7:56 am

>68 msf59: happy Saturday, Mark!! I've been very busy. Will's up from Columbus to help me with a few the ngs around the house. While I have him in my clutches, finding time for hikes games and getting back into golfing.

The Booker that has affected me most to date is If I Survive You. I really felt for the author who was searching for his identity.

I've been a fan of both Elton and Bernie since I was 11 or 12. I already know quite a bit from being a crazy fan and Scattershot gives just enough background then tells you what you didn't know. It's great!
No rain here, it's been absolutely gorgeous!!

Set 23, 7:56 am

Wordle 826 6/6

Good grief!

Set 24, 6:02 am

Wordle 827 6/6



Set 25, 7:32 am

Wordle 828 4/6


Set 26, 9:21 am

Wordle 829 5/6


Set 27, 8:45 am

Wordle 830 4/6


Set 27, 9:00 am

#35 Circe
Madeline Miller

Banished to live on a deserted, uninhabited island for eternity, Greek goddess, Circe uses witchcraft and her intelligence to hold off the likes of Athena and deprived sailors. Through a brief stay on the Island, Odysseus father's her child who she raises on her own and keeps safe from the clutches of Athena. Some of the most tender moments of the story comes from their relationship.

Set 27, 9:06 am

#36 An Uncommon Reader
Alan Bennett
New group read group with neighbors and friends

This was a reread for me and, again. I loved it.
With this read, I found it to be somewhat prophetic. The Queen asks, why would anyone care that she's a reader and more so what she is reading. Today, there are many influencers that tell people what they're reading. Including HRH Queen Camilla.

Editado: Set 27, 9:17 am

Lately, I've, once again, gone to the driving range, began cleaning the utility side of the basement, yuck,, attended a bird walk with Will, hiked a bit, worked in the yard and hosted a reunion with two of my besties from the 70's. So fun!! Will enjoyed the antics we were up to back in the day.

Working at church library today then purchase new book shelves for the books I'm moving upstairs from the basement Rec Room. That way most of my books will be together and more visible. Hopefully this will stimulate my hope and desire to read more books off my shelf in 2024.

Set 28, 9:20 am

Wordle 831 4/6


Set 29, 9:13 am

Wordle 832 5/6


Set 29, 9:23 am

One bookshelf has been assembled, one to go.

A mouse in the house!!! Yes it's that time of year. Thank goodness Will is still at home and took action setting traps.

We continue to clean out the basement of 35 years of stuff.

Reading, We have always lived in the castle and The house of Seven gables

Set 30, 9:25 am

Wordle 833 5/6


Out 1, 8:47 am

Wordle 834 4/6


Out 1, 8:49 am

How to organize my new bookshelves. I'm leaning towards reverse alpha .

Out 1, 8:52 am

BotM's picks for October are less than stellar. Not quite sure if I would renew. Thinking thinking thinking.about it

Out 1, 9:20 am

Happy Sunday, Lynda. Glad to hear we are both enjoying this stellar weather. May it continue. You have me interested in If I Survive You. I will add it to my obese list. Anything happening at your feeders? I had robins and a grackle the other day. I don't see either very often.

Out 1, 2:32 pm

You're reading Shirley Jackson? Niiiice! I've attempted House of the Seven Gables twice but haven't gotten far. Not giving up, just need to buckle down at some point. Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown is a favorite though.

Out 2, 7:48 am

Wordle 835 4/6


Editado: Out 2, 8:04 am

#37 Murder in the News Four Cases of Hercule Poirot
Agatha Christie
1 on the spooky season meter

Just meh. A lot of Sherlock Holmes vibes in this little novella. Hercule Poirot, with his "egg-shaped head and large, military -looking moustaches...." sees and sniffs beyond the obvious to solve a murder posed as a suicide.

Out 2, 9:12 am

>85 msf59: I hope you enjoy it when you get around to it, Mark.
My feeder needs replaced. It's way to easy for critters other than birds to get to the seed

Out 2, 9:15 am

>86 mstrust: both 7 Gables and Jackson are quite dense . It's gonna take me some time.
Ooo another SJ! I'll look into it

Out 3, 8:30 am

Wordle 836 3/6


Out 3, 8:37 am

Last night's new book group went very well. I think. Our local library has discussion kits. 12 books with questions for discussion.
Of the 12, many were from my development, two from marching band volunteer days and two new to me.
We read ,An Uncommon Reader which was liked by all. It amazes me the different ways readers interpret a book. That's why I love those groups.

Out 4, 7:59 am

Wordle 837 3/6


Out 5, 9:16 am

Wordle 838 3/6


Out 6, 7:52 am

Wordle 839 3/6


Out 6, 8:15 am

Happy Friday, Lynda. I just stepped outside for a moment and it is downright chilly out there. It looks like it will be a much cooler weekend, after such a warm week. More book time, I guess.

Out 7, 6:19 am

Wordle 840 5/6


Out 7, 6:24 am

>96 msf59: Brrr, Mark. The gray days and cooler days are upon us. My main task now is the falling leaves.
I dread hauling out the huge leaf blower. It's not self propelled so my tiny little muscles get quit a work out.
Bright side is warm apple cider and books afterwards.

Out 8, 8:46 am

Wordle 841 3/6


Out 9, 7:27 am

Wordle 842 5/6


Out 10, 7:47 am

Wordle 843 4/6


Out 11, 9:00 am

Wordle 844 3/6


Out 11, 9:15 am

Looks like the best day to give the lawn a final mow for 2023 so that's what I'll do.
After cleaning the basement, bringing up old yucky rugs and disassembling old musty bookcase we found out the garbage truck will only take things 4 feet long sooo while Will is home we'll cutge carpet and saw the bookshelves to size. Ugh,!! I didn't think cleaning house would be so exhausting and time consuming.
Bernie Taupin had to be returned to the library unfinished. It's an excellent memoir of his life and the music business in general. Not surprisingly its down right lyrical in nature. It will most definitely be on my letter to Santa.

I DNF'd old God's Time I was liking it but had to be returned to the library. Same with Western Lane also enjoyed what I read.

Picked up the door stopper Bee Sting and I'll give it a good effort.

Out 12, 7:11 am

Wordle 845 5/6


Out 13, 9:28 am

Wordle 846 6/6


Shwew! My streak survives

Out 13, 9:35 am

Tomorrow is my Thingaversary! I began on 10/14/08 and I'm busily shopping thriftbooks for 15 newbies to my bookshelf.

Out 13, 6:28 pm

The Book Ban Begins today!
After purchasing my Thingaversary books and finally finishing the new book shelves, I have no business bringing another book in this house until I read a huge amount of what I own.

Out 13, 9:35 pm

I really loved The Bee Sting , Lynda. It’s a chunkster, but well worth the read .

Out 13, 9:36 pm

Good luck with your self imposed book ban!

Out 14, 12:37 am

Puzzle #125

Out 14, 12:38 am

>108 vancouverdeb: It seems to read fast.

Out 14, 12:38 am

>109 vancouverdeb: Thanks! I’m going to need it!

Out 14, 3:20 am

Happy 15th Thigaversary, Lynda!

Out 14, 1:49 pm

>113 FAMeulstee: Thank you, Anita!!

Out 14, 9:59 pm

I was happy with the ending of The Bee Sting, yes, Lynda. It is definitely ambiguous and people will feel different things about that. After I finished the book and wrote my review, I watched a really interesting commentary on you tube, by Book Tube guy, Erik Karl Erickson. He had about 3 possible thoughts on how the book actually ended, and one that he favoured as most likely. I won't link you up with that right now, as it is full of spoilers. Happy Thingaversary! ( I can never spell that correctly).

Out 15, 8:20 am

Wordle 848 2/6


Out 15, 8:22 am

Happy Sunday, Lynda. Happy Thingaversary! Hooray for the 15 year Club! Still going strong. Well, it looks like the rain is moving out. We have had a good soaking the past few days.

Out 15, 8:26 am

>115 vancouverdeb: I'm glad to read that, Deb! I sometimes like open-ended conclusions it keeps the story running in your head.
I watch EKE too. I clicked off when he was about to express his thoughts. Hehe I already feel I know too much

Out 15, 8:35 am

>117 msf59: thanks, Mark! I can not believe it's been 15 years!! My reading life has grown so much since those days!
A soaker here too. Autumn has certainly arrived and I'm loving it!

Out 15, 1:20 pm

>116 Carmenere: wow!, indeed! Great first word, whatever it was !

Karen O

Out 15, 1:29 pm

Hi Lynda. I love your thread topper. Yay for ginger cats!

>116 Carmenere: Wow is right! I'm curious about what your first word was although I can probably guess.

Good luck with the book ban. Hahahahaha. (Wink)

Out 15, 2:23 pm

>120 klobrien2: it’s funny, I just looked out the window this morning and just used what I saw.

Out 15, 2:25 pm

>121 EBT1002: Gingers are the best, but I wouldn’t say that to my tortoise shell. Haha
Thanks, Ellen, I’m going to need a lot of luck!

Out 16, 8:10 am

Wordle 849 4/6


Out 16, 8:11 am

I received my Fifteener Badge this morning!!
I'll post my fifteen Thingaversary books when they arrive.

Out 16, 12:11 pm

Happy Thingaversary! Time here goes by quickly, doesn't it?

Out 17, 8:11 am

>126 mstrust: Thanks, Jennifer! Doesn't it!? Time well spent, for sure!

Out 17, 8:11 am

Wordle 850 5/6


Out 18, 7:50 am

Wordle 851 5/6


Out 18, 8:03 am

#38 We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Shirley Jackson
Library book discussion group

This wasn't the supernatural/paranormal read I thought it would be but instead mental illness and surprisingly, unconditional love.
Seen through the eyes of the Narrator, Mary Katherine, the reader feels her phobias and isolation.
Just enough creepy vibes to make it into spooky season category.

Out 18, 10:24 am

Definitely counts as spooky, but yes, I expected more supernatural too.

Out 19, 4:18 pm

>131 mstrust: A tad disappointed but that's my fault for expecting something that wasn't. In any event, Merrikat was quite a piece of work. And Uncle Charles didn't play his cards right.
My library group had a good discussion over it.

Out 19, 4:18 pm

Wordle 852 3/6


Out 20, 8:57 am

Wordle 853 3/6


Editado: Out 23, 9:19 am

Here’s a pic of my new bookshelves. This is only a portion of the books I own but the ones I hope to read in the nearish future.

Out 21, 7:48 am

Wordle 854 5/6


Out 22, 12:53 am

>135 Carmenere: Unfortunately I cannot see the picture of your new bookshelves and the books. Frustrating! I'm not good at posting pics either.

Out 22, 8:28 am

Wordle 855 5/6


Out 23, 8:07 am

Wordle 856 4/6


Editado: Out 23, 9:19 am

>137 vancouverdeb: I'm working on fixing that, Deb :/

ETA: it's blurry but it's up :|

Out 24, 7:29 am

>135 Carmenere: Nice corner you have there!

HAppy Tuesday

Out 24, 8:13 am

>141 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Anita. When I'm finished it should make a cozy reading corner.

Happy Tuesday to you too .

Out 24, 8:31 am

Well the temps should be around 70f today so one more mow if the lawn and mulching of leaves. We had our first frost Monday morning so it should've ended the growing season. Sigh

Here are my Thingaversary books recd, purchased right before my book ban went into effect:
1. The Bookshop
2. My Brilliant Friend
3. The Penelopiad
4. The Secret Garden
5. Death on the Nile
6. Prophet Song. Yes. It finally arrived!!
7. In a Dark, Dark Wood
8. Invisible Man
9. The Mists of Avalon
10. The Anxiety Phobia Workbook having so many books to read makes me anxious, in a good way.
11. Demon Copperhead
12. Assistant to the Villain
13. Verity
14. Cutting for Stone
15. Time Shelter

Am I supposed to add one to grow in? Let me know.
If I am, I may have to suspend ban to purchase something from Claire Keegan

Out 25, 8:34 am

Wordle 858 3/6


Out 27, 3:18 pm

Wordle 860 4/6


Nov 12, 9:53 pm

One for each year on LT and then, of course, one for good luck!! ; ) Nice book haul!!

Nov 13, 8:58 pm

Hi Kim, Thanks! I thought that’s how it went. I’ll report back soon with #16.

Nov 13, 9:04 pm

#39 The Surgeon of Crowthorne
Simon Winchester
Spooky season read

Not the frightening book I was hoping for but’s it was a quite interesting book. A madman actually played an integral part in developing one of the first concise dictionaries, from an insane asylum/prison.

Nov 13, 9:10 pm

#40 How High We Go in the Dark
Sequoia Nagamatsu
Library book club

This was one of the saddest books I have ever read. At one point, I thought I couldn’t take it any more. Much will be revealed to the reader you stays with it to it’s conclusion at which point you may want to read the book all over again

Nov 14, 12:41 am

>143 Carmenere: Great bookhaul, Lynda. I have read several books from your haul and can recommend them. Cutting for Stone, Demon Copperhead, The Secret Garden, Death on the Nile and Prophet Song. Im glad that finally arrived!

Nov 14, 7:58 am

>150 vancouverdeb: Morning, Deb! I just added #16 to my haul, Let Us Descend. I love Ward’s writing so this is high on my TBR stack. I also picked up an ARC of How to Say Babylon. It was free so besides the purchase of #16 Thingaversary book, Book Ban remains in effect.

Nov 14, 8:04 am

Just broke open, Prophet Song this morning to find paragraph pages! Ugh, for me that’s a negative, we’ll see how it works with this story.

Nov 15, 10:14 am

>143 Carmenere: Nice Thingaversary haul!

Nov 15, 12:56 pm

Happy belated Thingaversary! Book hauls are fun!

Nov 15, 7:07 pm

>153 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita! And thank you!!

Nov 15, 7:08 pm

>154 mstrust: Thank you, Jennifer!! Unfortunately, my book ban is now in effect so no more book hauls for me for awhile.

Editado: Nov 28, 9:04 pm

I am enormously grateful to have received the audio version of Scattershot written by lyricist and self admitted “story-telller’, Bernie Taupin. What a fun read!
Taupin, as most will know, is and has been the guy whose words Elton John has put to music for the past 50 years. It’s no surprise that it is well written and Taupin mentioned in a recent interview that he wrote it without the assistance of a ghost writer.
This memoir contains many amusing, informative and down right laugh out loud episodes in his life. Name dropping? Well sure. Taupin’s life is the music business, why not share the memorable moments experienced with other artists such as John Lennon, Salvador Dali and Cher, just to name a few.
As Elton’s lyricist, Taupin has certainly lived a charmed life. To find your life’s work, using your passion for writing at the age of 17 is utterly remarkable and somewhat inspiring.

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher and author for affording me the opportunity of listening to the ARC on audio. Narrator, John Lee was outstanding and the author’s note read by Taupin himself was a welcome addition.

Editado: Nov 22, 1:07 pm

Dear Lynda

I am grateful for your presence in the 75 challenge group. While I haven't posted as much as usual, I hope to visit your thread more often in '24. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Nov 22, 7:27 pm

Dear Lynda,

Happy Thanksgiving from an appreciative non-celebrator.

Nov 28, 1:44 pm

>158 Whisper1: >159 PaulCranswick: Thank you, Linda and Paul! I spent Thanksgiving in Orlando Florida. Had a lovely time with Will, his girlfriend and her family. Also had time to visit Epcot and Disney World.
I’m grateful everyday not just T-day because of friends, family and Librarything buddies like you two!