Lord of a Shattered Land / Penric's Labors


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Lord of a Shattered Land / Penric's Labors

Set 2, 12:55 pm

I guess this is a combiner thing? I have no idea.

I added "Lord of a Shatterd Land" 978-1982192723 to my library a week or so ago.

I noticed today in my "recently added" there was a cover of "Penrics's Labors" 978-1982192242 showing up, which I know I don't own (though oddly, I have read the component volumes).

The two seems somehow mixed up. I get both if I search for the former title, but the one that looks right (At least as far as the cover) says its not found if i try to add it.


Set 2, 1:08 pm

Check now. It looks as though Lord of a Shattered Land got combined with Penric's Labors. I've separated them, so it should be okay.

Set 2, 5:37 pm


Set 8, 2:40 pm

>2 lilithcat: The book description is still the wrong book on the Lord of a Shattered Land page. (Not the editable field.) Is there a way to fix that?

Set 8, 2:47 pm

>4 Cathery:

You can downvote the wrong descriptions, and also flag them as "belonging to some other work" (click the flag icon and you can choose the reason). This won't eliminate them altogether, but will alert folks to the error.

Set 8, 2:48 pm

>4 Cathery: This should be fixed. I went to the Descriptions page, flagged two Penric descriptions as belonging to some other work, and upvoted the Lord of a Shattered Land description. Then recalculated.

Set 16, 1:49 pm

Thanks to you and lilithcat!