Blank Author Name in Series


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Blank Author Name in Series

Set 7, 5:13 pm

Question - I noticed that this series page:
does not list the author name nor is it associated with her author page.
Books 1 -4 show her name on the series list, however, Books 5 - ... do not show the author's name even though it is attached to the work page of the actual book. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Set 7, 6:37 pm

Yes. Go to the detail page for the book. There should be a link in the lower right to recalculate the author and title.

If this does not wotk, there are other things to try.


Set 7, 6:38 pm

I went into those works which were missing the "by..." on the series page, cancelled the confirmed primary author name, then reconfirmed it. That made the items on the series page show "by Jane Perky" on all of the works.

However it still showed Series author: blank at that point, but I seem to recall some talk about it reacting if a new book is added (to recalculate the series author), so I removed/added book 6 and now it shows. :-)

Set 7, 8:16 pm

Thanks, I will remember and do those things should I run across this again! :)