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Author combination

Set 10, 1:02 pm

Thomas MacKay 3 ( is actually Thomas MacKay King ( (

Can someone merge the two properly, please? As it's a split author, I hesitate to touch it. Yeah, I know, I was the person who split the entry for Thomas MacKay but that was before I noticed the incorrect author name for The Singapore Werewolf.

Set 10, 1:04 pm

>1 Maddz: we cannot merge them, they can be aliased though. Would you want me to do it or do you want to try (same place where you assign works to the split parts - there is a second tab there that allows aliasing).

Set 10, 1:18 pm

>2 AnnieMod: Would you mind doing it? I can edit the division, but I'm not too sure about aliasing.

I only picked this up as I'm working on the Fudge RPG and ran across the Thomas MacKay entry (1 RPG supplement, a number of economic texts, the one that looked like paranormal romance, and biography of a judge). It didn't look right to me!

Editado: Set 10, 2:12 pm

>3 Maddz: Done. Look at the top of the screen where you assign the splits on the split author and click on the second tab to see how I did it. :) If you still have questions, just post back (if you want to know more - if not, all is good).

Set 10, 2:31 pm

>4 AnnieMod: Thanks Annie.

I might try myself when I'm not so busy with a sick partner (and hot - we've had a 30 degree heatwave in the UK over the past week and I've been limiting my computer time over the weekend).

Besides, what I'm working on at the moment gets tedious really quickly.

Set 10, 2:49 pm

>5 Maddz: I hope your partner gets better. I just flew through London yesterday (spending a night as usual) and yeah - it was muggy and hot for UK.

PS: I live in Phoenix these days - we call 30 “where is my cardigan?” Weather - it is usually our lowest of the day temperature this season if we are lucky - it does not always go that low (aka the 5 am temperature). But when I was not used to the weather here, 30 was hot so hopefully the heatwave breaks soon. In both places - it reached 46 here yesterday after I landed here. :(

Set 10, 4:07 pm

>6 AnnieMod: To me this is like being back in Greece. My late mother and I always used to go on holiday in September to the Greek Islands - it would usually be a shock landing back in the UK. Mum always reckoned it was cooler at night and not so crowded.

London would be murder in this weather - I thank my lucky stars I now largely work from home and don't have to commute (I live in Cambridgeshire). Although I have an in-touch day next week, I'm now part retired and can avoid travelling in rush-hour. Also fortunately I work for a North Central London borough, and the local mainline station stops at the nearest interchange (I still need to change trains, but it's only 2 stops or I can take the bus).

I don't recall this sort of weather in September before - earlier in the week it was cool and misty in the morning, only heating up by midday. Fortunately I think the weather has broken; we had the start of a storm after lunch today (a few rumbles, a gust front and some fat splashes of rain), and late afternoon we had a proper shower. Things have cooled down a bit; we'll see what it's like tomorrow.

Himself is getting better - he got home on Thursday and was throwing up most of the evening. I think he may have had mild heat exhaustion although he didn't believe me (might have been food poisoning from something he ate at the office). I spent a couple of nights on the sofa in case he was infectious, but I was back in the bedroom last night. It should be cooler tonight.

Out 20, 8:11 am

For the author Risto Naatanen, I merged several names that were wildly misspelled. Unfortunately they all wanted to go under one of the misspellings. The correct spelling of the last name should have umlauts over all three of the “a”s and I don’t have a keyboard that will support that. Can anyone help fix? 🙏

Out 20, 8:41 am


Out 20, 9:32 pm

>9 MarthaJeanne: merci beaucoup!