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Katie’s Reading - Chapter 16

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For anyone new to my thread, I’m Katie: reader, wine drinker, food appreciator, shenanigan-ator, and non-sufferer of fools. I live outside New York City with my husband, "The" Wayne, our cat, Leonard, and our dog, Nuala/Noodles.

My reading varies widely - I love genre fiction (romance and crime), contemporary and historical fiction, and narrative nonfiction. I try to balance my reading in all these areas. I also use my thread as a bit of a life journal, which mostly means I talk about what I’m cooking, eating, drinking, watching, doing, and avoiding doing.

Thanks for being here!

Currently Reading
(Print) (Print) (Audio)


Books Off My Shelf: 57
Books Off My Kindle: 12
Books from Audible/Chirp: 27
Library Loans (print/e-books/audios): 52
Friend Loan: 1

149. Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat?) by Brittany Gibbons (Audio) (3 stars)
148. Benny & Shrimp by Katarina Mazetti (3.5 stars)
147. Stickle Island by Tim Orchard (3.5 stars)
146. Naughty in Nice by Rhys Bowen (audio) (3.5 stars)
145. The Lady Most Likely by Julia Quinn et. al. (3 stars)
144. Planes, Trains, and All the Feels by Livy Hart (audio) (4.25 stars)
143. My Antonia by Willa Cather (4 stars)
142. Oksana, Behave! by Maria Kuznetsova (audio) (4.5 stars)
141. The Breakaway by Jennifer Weiner (3.75 stars)
140. Nora Webster by Colm Toibin (4.5 stars)
139. This Other Eden by Paul Harding (audio) (4.25 stars)
138. Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy by Karen Foxlee (audio) (4 stars)
137. Jasmine by Bharati Mukherjee (4 stars)
136. All the Sinners Bleed by S.A. Cosby (4 stars)
135. The Lost Letter by Mimi Matthews (audio) (3.5 stars)
134. The Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae by Stephanie Butland (audio) (4.25 stars)
133. Middletown, America by Gail Sheehy (3.5 stars)
132. Just Your Type by SKye McDonald (3.5 stars)
131. Sunset in Central Park by Sarah Morgan (3 stars)

Did Not Finish (YTD)
A Stolen Tongue by Sheri Holman
Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore by Matthew Sullivan
The Celebrants by Steven Rowley
Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery
Enchanted August by Brenda Bowen
The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy
Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Under Our Roof by Madeleine Dean and Harry Cunnane

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130. State of the Union by Nick Hornby (3.5 stars)
129. Bootstrapper by Mardi Jo Link (audio) (2.5 stars)
128. The Sweeney Sisters by Lian Dolan (3.75 stars)
127. The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai (4.5 stars)
126. The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen (3 stars)
125. Congratulations, the Best is Over! by R. Eric Thomas (audio) (4 stars)
124. The Farming of Bones by Edwidge Danticat (3.5 stars)
123. The Road to Lichfield by Penelope Lively (4 stars)
122. Marilou is Everywhere by Sarah Elaine Smith (audio) (4 stars)
121. These Days by Lucy Caldwell (4.5 stars)
120. The Sentence by Louise Erdrich (4.5 stars)
119. Ramona's World by Beverly Cleary (audio) (3.5 stars)
118. Her Royal Happiness by Lola Keeley (audio) (3 stars)
117. Heat and Dust by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (3.5 stars)
116. Prom Mom by Laura Lippman (4 stars)
115. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (4 stars)
114. Anonymous Sources by Mary Louise Kelly (4 stars)

113. California by Edan Lepucki (3.25 stars)
112. Ramona Forever by Beverly Cleary (audio) (4 stars)
111. Maeve in America by Maeve Higgins (audio) (3.75 stars)
110. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (4.5 stars)
109. Not the Girl You Marry by Andie J. Christopher (audio) (4 stars)
108. Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen (3.75 stars)
107. Ghost of the Innocent Man by Benjamin Rachlin (4.5 stars)
106. Browsings by Michael Dirda (audio) (3.75 stars)
105. A Very Typical Family by Sierra Godfrey (3.5 stars)
104. Royal Blood by Rhys Bowen (audio) (3.25 stars)
103. Little Chapel on the River by Gwendolyn Bounds (4 stars)
102. Larry's Party by Carol Shields (4.5 stars)
101. Summer Reading by Jenn McKinlay (audio) (3.5 stars)
100. Old Baggage by Lissa Evans (4.25 stars)
99. Black Butterflies by Priscilla Morris (4 stars)
98. Mapping the Edge by Sarah Dunant (4.25 stars)

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97. The Not So Nice Girl by Skye McDonald (3.5 stars)
96. Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary (audio) (4.5 stars)
95. Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick (4 stars)
94. Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks (audio) (3.25 stars)
93. The Bride by Julie Garwood (3.5 stars)
92. Husband Material by Emily Belden (audio) (3 stars)
91. Our Kind by Kate Walbert (4 stars)
90. The Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrick (4 stars)
89. I Am, I Am, I Am by Maggie O'Farrell (audio) (4.25 stars)
88. The Librarian by Salley Vickers (3.5 stars)
87. The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers (4 stars)
86. The Dutch House by Ann Patchett (5 stars)
85. The Swallows' Flight by Hilary McKay (audio) (3.5 stars)
84. The Victorian Chaise-Longue by Marghanita Laski (3.25 stars)
83. Bereft by Chris Womersley (4.25 stars)
82. All That Is Mine I Carry With Me by William Landay (3.25 stars)
81. Death Is Hard Work by Khaled Khalifa (3.5 stars)
80. Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams (3.75 stars)

79. Home by Toni Morrison (4 stars)
78. Where the Line Bleeds by Jesmyn Ward (3.75 stars)
77. Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier (3.75 stars)
76. To Dwell in Darkness by Deborah Crombie (4 stars)
75. Happy Place by Emily Henry (3.5 stars)
74. Ramona and Her Mother by Beverly Cleary (audio) (4 stars)
73. American Ramble by Neil King, Jr. (4.25 stars)
72. Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner (3.25 stars)
71. Salvation in Death by J.D. Robb (3.75 stars)
70. It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey (4 stars)
69. Gross Anatomy by Mara Altman (audio) (3.5 stars)
68. The Last Remains by Elly Griffith (3.75 stars)
67. The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman (3.5 stars)

66. Ramona and Her Father by Beverly Cleary (3.5 stars) (audio)
65. Factory Girls by Michelle Gallen (4 stars)
64. Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary (audio) (3.5 stars)
63. Nemesis by Skye McDonald (4 stars)
62. Agatha of Little Neon by Claire Luchette (audio) (4.5 stars)
61. Black Girl/White Girl by Joyce Carol Oates (3.5 stars)
60. Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld (3.75 stars)
59. The Secret, Book and Scone Society by Ellery Adams (audio) (3.25 stars)
58. The Art of Losing by Rebecca Connell (4 stars)
57. The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson (4.5 stars)
56. The Reader on the 6.27 by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent (4 stars)
55. The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams (audio) (4 stars)
54. Shopgirl by Steve Martin (4.25 stars)
53. Beloved by Toni Morrison (4.5 stars)
52. Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey (4 stars)
51. The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo (audio) (4.5 stars)
50. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (3.25 stars)

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49. Call Me Maybe by Cara Bastone (audio) (4.5 stars)
48. Royal Flush by Rhys Bowen (audio) (3.5 stars)
47. Off the Record by Skye McDonald (3.75 stars)
46. The Father and the Foreigner by Giancarlo De Cataldo (3 stars)
45. The Salt Path by Raynor Winn (3 stars)
44. Little Criminals by Gene Kerrigan (4.25 stars)
43. All the Feels by Olivia Dade (audio) (4 stars)
42. Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman (4 stars)
41. Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary (audio) (3.25 stars)
40. Before We Visit the Goddess by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (audio) (3.5 stars)
39. I Have Some Questions for You by Rebecca Makkai (4.5 stars)
38. Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez (audio) (3.75 stars)
37. The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton (3.5 stars)
36. IQ by Joe Ide (audio) (4 stars)
35. Doc by Mary Doria Russell (4.25 stars)

34. The Rocky Road to Romance by Janet Evanovich (audio) (2 stars)
33. Rachel to the Rescue by Elinor Lipman (3.5 stars)
32. A Very Punchable Face by Colin Jost (audio) (4.25 stars)
31. Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade (audio) (4 stars)
30. We the Animals by Justin Torres (4 stars)
29. Five Tuesdays in Winter by Lily King (3.5 stars)
28. A Room with a View by E.M. Forster (audio) (5 stars)
27. Darling Jim by Christian Moerk (3.5 stars)
26. Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare (4 stars)
25. His Favorites by Kate Walbert (audio) (3.75 stars)
24. Sam by Allegra Goodman (4.25 stars)
23. The Alchemy of Us by Ainissa Ramirez (audio) (4 stars)
22. The Hollow Land by Jane Gardam (3.5 stars)
21. Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Jill Mansell (audio) (4 stars)
20. Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquival (3.5 stars)
19. The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry (3.75 stars)
18. The Last Chance Library by Freya Sampson (audio) (3.5 stars)

17. Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary (audio) (3 stars)
16. Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn (4.5 stars)
15. Murder at an Irish Wedding by Carlene O'Connor (audio) (3 stars)
14. I Came All This Way to Meet You by Jami Attenberg (4.25 stars)
13. Prejudice Meets Pride by Rachael Anderson (3 stars)
12. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (audio) (4.5 stars)
11. The Mammy by Brendan O'Carroll (4 stars)
10. I'll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa De los Santos (audio) (3.5 stars)
09. My Last Innocent Year by Daisy Alpert Florin (3 stars)
08. A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie (audio) (2.75 stars)
07. Now Is Not the Time to Panic by Kevin Wilson (4 stars)
06. The Duchess Hunt by Lorraine Heath (3.75 stars)
05. The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy (audio) (3.5 stars)
04. The Lost Garden by Helen Humphreys (4.5 stars)
03. Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner (3.5 stars)
02. Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law by Mary Roach (audio) (4 stars)
01. Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (audio) (3.5 stars)

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My Ratings (revised, once again, as I continue the fruitless search for the perfect scale...)

2 stars = Whyyyyyy?
3 stars = Eh, ok.
4 stars = Definitely worth the time.
5 stars = Perfect *for me*

(Anything below 2 stars is unlikely to be finished)

Set 16, 12:17 pm

Next one's yours!

Editado: Set 16, 12:52 pm

>6 katiekrug: And I'm TAKIN' it! *waves*

Set 16, 1:22 pm

Happy new one, Katie. You are going to hit 75 x 2 soon! Impressive.

Set 16, 1:47 pm

New 🧵 orisons, Katie. Enjoy the lovely day and the renewed pleasure of your companion being home.

Set 16, 1:58 pm

Happy new thread, Katie!

Set 16, 2:57 pm

I just noticed the 130 up there!! Wow, very good! and a happy new thread to go with it :)

Set 16, 4:19 pm

Started a new thread and then left the house... oops.

>7 laytonwoman3rd: - Hi Linda!

>8 BLBera: - Thanks, Beth. My reading numbers this year are due to not doing anything productive, like working on my own writing... *sigh*

>9 richardderus: - Thanks, RD! We ran some errands and got lunch out, and it was nice to just chat and be together :)

>10 curioussquared: - Thanks, Natalie!

>11 RebaRelishesReading: - Thank you, Reba. As I said to Beth, the number of reads just mean I'm not doing anything much else... I'm actually hoping to read less next year :-P

Set 16, 5:10 pm

Happy new thread!

Nora Webster Looks to be a great read.

Set 16, 5:38 pm

Hi Katie. I've had Nora Webster on my TBR shelves for a long time. Toíbín is one of those authors whose oeuvre id like to complete.

Happy new thread, by the way!

Set 16, 5:59 pm

Happy new thread, Katie!

Editado: Set 16, 6:27 pm

Happy new thread, Katie. Glad you're having some excellent quality time with TW this weekend.

Set 16, 7:25 pm

>13 figsfromthistle: - Hi Anita! It was a terrific read - I finished it a bit ago.

>14 EBT1002: - Nice to see you, Ellen! Do nudge NW up the TBR pile a bit. It's a lovely, quiet novel.

>15 Familyhistorian: - Thanks, Meg!

>16 MickyFine: - Thank you, Micky. I do love me some TW :)

Editado: Set 16, 7:28 pm

I had forgotten I won an ER book last month - What We Remember Will Be Saved: A Story of Refugees and the Things They Carry. It came today, and it's a gorgeous hardcover, not a flimsy ARC. I love when that happens.

Set 16, 9:11 pm

Happy new one!

Set 17, 6:44 am

Hi Katie, somehow I never made it over here yesterday. Bad Laura. Nice to see all is well in your world and that you and TW are now happily reunited.

Set 17, 7:33 am

>19 drneutron: - Thanks, Jim!

>20 lauralkeet: - Hi Laura!

Set 17, 7:39 am

Happy Sunday! There's quite a chill in the air this morning, and I am here for it! Yesterday was beautiful, so here's hoping for more of the same. The Wayne and I ran some errands yesterday and then chilled out. We had lunch while we were out and didn't feel like dinner, so the only cooking was TW making some sauce from harvested tomatoes. We had a quiet evening.

This morning, I need to hit the grocery store. After that, I'll watch some football, and then we are leaving around 3:30 to head to my second cousin and his wife's house in Langhorne, PA for dinner. It's about an hour and a half drive each way, which is kind of annoying, but they are lovely people, and I'm sure it will be a nice evening.

I finished Nora Webster yesterday and really liked it. I've now started The Breakaway. I didn't have any audio book time yesterday, but I am eager to get back to Oksana, Behave!.

The Wayne put on his favorite movie - The Hunt for Red October - while he was making sauce, so I watched a bit of that. In the evening, we watched an episode of 'Only Murders in the Building.'

Set 17, 10:15 am

Your day sounds like an excellent mix of relaxing and fun. I hope the sportsball is good and dinner is better!

Set 17, 11:11 am

I saw your dental woes from the last thread - I also had a crown problem, mine fell out. They told me to wait 2 weeks until my scheduled checkup for them to look at it, haha. Then they said "go home and wait for a letter from the insurance company saying how much they're willing to pay, then come back and we'll schedule an appointment to fix it." 💀

Set 17, 11:18 am

>18 katiekrug: This sounds interesting, Katie.

Set 17, 11:33 am

>23 MickyFine: - Thanks, Micky!

>24 ursula: - Oof, that's annoying. They were able to tell me right there what insurance would cover and how much I was responsible for. I hope you can get it taken care of tout de suite!

>25 BLBera: - I'm going to try to get to it next month, Beth, so I'll let you know :)

Editado: Set 18, 2:31 pm

>12 katiekrug: Now there's a statement I don't often hear (and not only around here)

Glad to hear you're having a lovely weekend -- enjoy

Set 17, 9:08 pm

I hope you get a chance to see highlights because this game was w-i-l-d.

>18 katiekrug: oh beautiful! I love when that happens too and you remind me that I have slacked off and not reviewed the last two books I won 😂

Set 18, 8:53 am

>27 RebaRelishesReading: - LOL, Reba. Yes, it's an odd statement, I admit :)

>28 bell7: - We were listening to the first half in the car on the drive to PA, and I said to TW, "I'm glad we'll be there soon so I can stop listening to this." HA. I *gasped* when I looked up the final score when we left my cousins'...

Set 18, 8:58 am

Happy Monday! It's rainy here - has been since last night. Our drive home wasn't a ton of fun, but we made it. We had a very nice visit and dinner with my cousins. They live in an 18th c. farmhouse (like Laura! Hi Laura!) with some more modern additions. It was beautiful. We had dinner on the back patio, which is partially covered, so could hear and smell the rain and it was lovely. We got home around 10:30pm, in time for The Wayne to see the last quarter of the Dolphins game.

I was going to squirrel away inside today because of the rain, but I need to go to CVS to pick up a prescription for TW, but I think that's the only thing I need to do out of the house. I'll take care of the laundry and do some tidying and spend quality time with the books. Spicy chickpea and quinoa bowls for dinner tonight - I'm back cooking!

The Breakaway is an enjoyable read so far. I'm about a third of the way in. Still no audio time, but I *will* have some today.


Set 18, 9:32 am

Sounds like perfect rainy day plans, Katie (except for the pharmacy trip). Is dinner a new recipe? It sounds good.

Set 18, 9:41 am

I'm so glad the Giants made you happy-gasp after the suffering they put you through.

New-Sunday *smooch*

Set 18, 9:50 am

>31 MickyFine: - It is a new recipe! It's this one: https://www.eatyourselfskinny.com/spicy-chickpea-quinoa-bowl/

(I hate the name of this website, btw...)

>32 richardderus: - Thank you kindly, sir!

Set 18, 10:59 am

Happy new thread. Glad TW is back, less glad the crown fell out.
Hope Monday lives up to expectations.

Set 18, 11:00 am

>33 katiekrug: That's how I feel about skinnytaste.com but her recipes are genuinely delicious, lol, so I put up with it. Enjoy your mostly squirreled-away day!

Set 18, 12:10 pm

Hi Katie! Happy new thread. Happy Monday, too.

>18 katiekrug: Yay for a hardcover ER book.

>30 katiekrug: We had some rain overnight, it sound gentle and lovely on the skylight.

I’m glad you had such a nice visit with the cousins, sorry about the travel time and rain.

Set 18, 12:26 pm

>34 Helenliz: - Thanks, Helen! So far, Monday is behaving itself.

>35 curioussquared: - Ha! For some reason, Skinnytaste never bothered me the same way. Weird. I do love her recipes...

>36 karenmarie: - Hello, Karen! I do love the sound of rain. We had the windows open, and it was lovely.

Editado: Set 18, 12:29 pm

Oooh, an 18th c. farmhouse in Bucks County! When you said Langhorne I thought of a) I-95, b) Sesame Place, and c) suburban sprawl. But it sounds like they might live outside all of that hustle and bustle?

ETA: I'm intrigued by the chickpea recipe. Please report back!

Set 18, 12:31 pm

This Other Eden by Paul Harding

This is a beautifully written, short novel about an isolated community on an island off the coast of Maine, early in the 20th century. The island is populated by the descendants of former slaves, Irish immigrants, and other marginalized people, who have all inter-married (some very closely within their family) and created a tight-knit community of outsiders. There are, starting with the title, a bunch of Biblical references (and probably even more that I missed), and the narrative has the feel of folklore about it. I listened to the audio, which allowed me to really hear the rhythm and cadence of the writing, which added a lot to my experience of the book. It's sad but beautiful at the same time.


Set 18, 12:36 pm

>38 lauralkeet: - Hi Laura! I think there is wider Langhorne and then Langhorne Borough, which is smaller and older? I'm unclear and the internet has not helped. But to get to their house, we passed through a rather cute little village-y area with several old buildings. So at least that corner of Langhorne is nice :) Their immediate neighborhood is very quiet, with a golf course across the road on one side (they have a corner lot) and an old farm that was saved from development a while ago (Pat and Betsy are very involved with open space and historical preservation efforts) ont he other. Anyway, now I want to live there.

I will definitely report back about the recipe!

Set 18, 12:44 pm

Nora Webster by Colm Toibin

Set in the late 1960s-early 1970s, Nora Webster is a character portrait of a widow in her 40s in the years immediately following her husband's death. Nora is consumed by grief, but still responsible for her four children, two of whom are still young and living at home. In their small village in Ireland, Nora feels both isolated and spotlighted, always conscious of what people are thinking of her, how they might be judging her, but unable to connect with anyone in the community over her grief, including her own children who are also suffering. As she begins to take steps to determine how she will live now without Maurice, with whom she had a happy marriage, Nora discovers a well of strength and determination within herself. It's a lovely, quiet story with superb writing. The whole thing has a very serene quality to it, and what could have been intensely boring (it's really just a quiet, domestic story) was ultimately an incredibly satisfying read, full of notes of grace and beauty among the sorrow and uncertainty.

4.5 stars

Set 18, 1:39 pm

Hi Katie, just passing through and catching up. Sounds like things are going well with you.

Set 18, 2:15 pm

>42 DeltaQueen50: - Can't complain, Judy! Nice to see you :)

Set 18, 2:40 pm

>41 katiekrug: I read that back in 2018 (says my LT record) and gave it 4 stars -- sadly, I remember little about it but perhaps that is good because I could probably re-read and enjoy it all over again.

Your visit to your cousin sounds lovely. Since TW works from home I guess you could move :)

Set 18, 3:18 pm

>44 RebaRelishesReading: - I'm terrible at remembering most of the books I read after a few months, much less a few years!

We do talk about moving, for a number of reasons. Inertia will probably win out - at least until the next flood :-/

Set 18, 6:19 pm

>45 katiekrug: I understand the inertia part. Moving is a lot of work!!!

Editado: Set 19, 7:48 am

Happy Tuesday! The rain has cleared out, and it should be a beautiful day - mid-70s, sunny, light breeze... Perfection. I had a wonderful night's sleep snuggled under the quilt with all the windows in the bedroom open.

Yesterday, I took care of some little piddly things that needed to get done (errands, laundry, finding my electric toothbrush replacement heads, etc....) and then read and puzzled a bunch. The spicy chickpea and quinoa recipe (in >33 katiekrug:) came out very nicely. I did add extra seasoning, including Spanish paprika. The lemon tahini drizzle was delicious - the recipe says it's optional but I recommend it.

I have an eye appointment (regular annual check) this morning, and then I'll probably go to Trader Joe's since it's close by. Trivia tonight!

I read a big chunk of The Breakaway yesterday - I like it much more than some of Weiner's recent books. I also got some audio time in and am really enjoying Oksana, Behave!.

University Challenge (another blowout!) and a little bit of football.

ETA: Re: the recipe, if you have an InstantPot, making the quinoa in that was stupid easy and it came out perfectly...

Set 19, 8:46 am

Hi, Katie. I am back and very slowly trying to catch up around here. Ooh, I really want to get to This Other Eden. I hope to get to it in the coming weeks. I swear I thought I had read Nora Webster. I would have bet on it but no record of it anywhere. WTH? Hey, at least it is back on the list. Raining here this morning. It will keep me inside with the neglected books.

Set 19, 8:51 am

>48 katiekrug: Have a great time at trivia tonight! It really is a glorious day. I love this window in time, don't you?

Happy new-books day!

Set 19, 9:12 am

Thanks for reporting back on the recipe, Katie! I agree with you about UC being a blowout. It would be interesting to see the last two winning teams face off. I'm also intrigued by your comments on The Breakaway. I'm new to Jennifer Weiner's books, having read only Mrs Everything and That Summer. I follow her on Instagram and she's really gotten into cycling so I'm not surprised she incorporated that into a novel.

Set 19, 9:37 am

>49 msf59: - Hi Mark! I think you would like both This Other Eden and Nora Webster. The first was good on audio, but you really have to pay attention to it - I could do that while jigsaw puzzling but not so much while driving. Just FYI if you decide to go the audio route.

Enjoy your rainy, bookish day!

>50 richardderus: - I bet it's absolutely gorgeous by the water, RD.

>51 lauralkeet: - Happy to share about the recipe, Laura.

I don't think I've seen such high scores before (though I only started watching last season...).

I follow JW on Instagram, too. She keeps making me want to get a bike. I haven't loved her more recent stuff (I haven't read Mrs Everything yet and I do want to) but this one is pretty good. Solidly entertaining.

Set 19, 9:50 am

>41 katiekrug: Nora Webster sounds like it would resonate so well with me right now. I put it on my TBR list, and also requested it from the library. Thanks for the heads up!

Karen O

Set 19, 1:25 pm

>53 klobrien2: - I think it would resonate for you, Karen. I hope you can get to it soon(ish).

Set 19, 1:29 pm

My eye exam went fine. Minor tweaks to me distance and reading vision, so I ordered new glasses. I'm keeping my old prescription sunglasses because the doctor and I agreed the change wasn't big enough to justify a whole new pair.

I didn't go to TJ's afterwards because it was right about noon, and it's always over-run at lunchtime. The Pickle Pups will have to wait :D

A lovely LT friend sent me an invite code to BlueSky, so I've been setting up my account there, as Twitter continues to circle the drain. The nerve of even contemplating charging people to use an app/website that barely works anymore!

Off to read on the deck now...

Set 19, 1:32 pm

>55 katiekrug: My favorite reaction to the Twitter news is all the people who are like, PLEASE, PLEASE charge for this hellscape of an app so I will finally be free 😂

Editado: Set 19, 1:34 pm

>55 katiekrug: 🎶 Blue skies smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies do i see

Days are numbered at the bird site, methinks. Hard to believe it's not being done on purpose, which is disheartening and enraging. So much collateral damage.

Set 19, 1:48 pm

>41 katiekrug: I really enjoyed Nora Webster--a quiet little masterpiece.

Set 19, 1:53 pm

>56 curioussquared: - My tweet earlier today:

"Honestly, I hope the Musky Ox does start charging everyone for this broken-ass time sink, so I can finally break the habit. Set me free, Elmo!"

>57 rosalita: - He's such a dick.

>58 laytonwoman3rd: - Totally agree, Linda!

Set 19, 3:17 pm

Never used Twitter -- very, very happy about that now

Set 20, 8:13 am

>60 RebaRelishesReading: - It used to be fun...

Set 20, 8:16 am

Morning, friends! We didn't do so great at trivia - 7th out of 10 teams. But we still had fun :)

Another beautiful day here. I am meeting a friend at 11:30 for a walk, and then I need to stop in at the grocery store. Afternoon plans involve tidying up for Maribel and some puzzling/reading. Pasta for dinner.

I finished The Breakaway and started A Stolen Tongue. Still enjoying Oksana, Behave! on audio.


Set 20, 9:55 am

>62 katiekrug: Sounds like a perfect day. Fall walks are always the best.

Set 20, 2:24 pm

>63 MickyFine: - It was a beautiful, hour-long walk. The park is lovely, with ponds and streams and wetlands and grassy meadows. I will definitely go back. And catching up with my friend was pretty great, too :)

Set 20, 2:40 pm

Glad you had such a lovely day. What are you doing with your pasta for dinner?

Set 20, 2:57 pm

>65 RebaRelishesReading: - Cooking it.
Sorry, couldn't resist. TW made some sauce over the weekend, so I'll heat that up with some hot Italian sausage to go over the pasta.

Set 20, 4:27 pm

I've read about 45 pages in A Stolen Tongue and think I am going to DNF it. It's not engaging me at all.

Set 20, 4:54 pm

>67 katiekrug: I'm pretty sure that'd trap me if I just saw it standing alone under a streetlamp, so it's good to have the eye of an experienced reader to tell me it's just a honeytrap. TYVM indeed.

Set 20, 5:12 pm

>68 richardderus: - Glad to help out! It was one of those where I felt like maybe my patience would have been rewarded, but patience was in short supply :)

Set 21, 6:01 am

Happy almost Friday!

The spicy chickpea and quinoa sound delicious. I will have to peruse that website.

>55 katiekrug: Is blue sky the new twitter ( or x) ? I never sent a tweet before so no big deal for me....but it seems that the owner is trying to create chaos on purpose.

Anyhow Happy Thursday!

Set 21, 7:32 am

>70 figsfromthistle: - Good morning, Anita!

That was a really good recipe and easy to make.

Bluesky is similar to Twitter, yes.

Don't get me started on the whole Twitter saga... :)

Hope you have a great day!

Set 21, 7:36 am

Happy Thursday! We're expecting another day of great weather, which is nice. Maribel is coming this morning to clean and then in the afternoon, I will probably do some mowing. Exciting stuff! A new restaurant opened within walking distance of us and we are going there for dinner tonight. It's been getting great reviews, so I'm excited. Sadly, they don't seem to have a website, so I can't share the menu :(

After abandoning A Stolen Tongue, I started My Antonia, which I am enjoying much more. This was a favorite of my mother's but I've never read it. I have about an hour left in the audio of Oksana, Behave!, so I should finish that today.

We watched two episodes of 'Only Murders in the Building.' I think we have one left to get caught up...

Set 21, 9:18 am

.67, >72 katiekrug: I think that's the first time I've seen anyone mention A Stolen Tongue here. I abandoned it also, a few years back. Should have been SO much better, I thought.

Set 21, 9:23 am

>73 laytonwoman3rd: - I really enjoyed her The Dress Lodger when I read it way back when (pre-LT). I still have The Mammoth Cheese to try...

Set 21, 2:08 pm

>66 katiekrug: lol. I decided to make some baked pasta last night (in part because you got my mind thinking that direction) and I was most pleased with the result. It wasn't quite tomatoey enough for Hubby but he ate it without comment. I think I'll make (or urge him to make) some traditional spaghetti (which isn't my favorite by a long shot -- not a big tomato fan am I) then he'll have left-overs and I'll have left-overs :)

Set 21, 2:19 pm

>18 katiekrug: Oh, nice!

>39 katiekrug: I need to get to that one soon as it is on the Booker Longlist. Glad to see you liked it, Katie!

>41 katiekrug: Into the BlackHole it goes!

Happy new-ish thread, Katie!

Set 21, 3:34 pm

>75 RebaRelishesReading: - I love baked pasta! How do you make yours? I do one with ziti and sliced sausage and sometimes hide some spinach in it...

>76 alcottacre: - Hi Stasia! Hope you like both of those when you get to them.

Set 22, 4:16 am

I dipped my toe into Twitter and quickly left for Mastodon. Which is far more calm.

Hope friday treats you well. Sunny with a nip in the air here. Looks lovely out, but I was blowing clouds by the time I got back from town with bread.

Set 22, 4:35 am

>72 katiekrug: and then in the afternoon, I will probably do some mowing

Skimming through, I misread that as "some meowing".

Re: Twitter, I just want to be able to continue to follow people I'm interested in without the blue checks (and owner) ruining everything but I guess I'll have to wait till bluesky becomes public, I can't be bothered to track down a code for it.

Set 22, 8:23 am

Happy Friday, Katie. It looks like both the Bears are Giants are off to miserable starts. WTH? And the Bears play the Chiefs on Sunday. Groans...On top of that my Cubs are tanking in the playoff race. Another groan...

Have a good weekend, my friend.

Set 22, 8:30 am

>78 Helenliz: - I think The Wayne is on Mastadon... I haven't been tempted yet.

Oooh, I'm a little jealous of your "nip in the air." It's not cold enough here yet to see our breath :)

>79 ursula: - I leave the meowing to Leonard :)

I've found a pretty good number of my Twitter follows on Bluesky. As soon as I get some invite codes, I'll send you one if you'd like. The interface is very much like Twitter, which I like. Old dog, new tricks, etc...

>80 msf59: - I would point out, Mark, that the Giants have at least won one game ;-) And my Yankees are a big disappointment this year, so I feel your pain!

Set 22, 8:34 am

Glad to hear that the Giants won! That is better than 0-3, which the lowly Bears are expected to be. ☹️

Set 22, 8:39 am

TGIF! Yet another nice day here, before the rain moves in. It's supposed to rain all weekend... Fingers crossed for a basement that stays dry...

We had an excellent dinner at the new place last night. We shared a sausage and pepper crostone, while enjoying cocktails (some sort of vodka, lemon, and thyme thing for me which was delicious, and a "cini-tini" for TW which had a pepperoncini garnish and some hot sauce or something? It was weird, but he liked it). We shared a bottle of wine with dinner - I got flounder francaise with charred broccolini while TW got chicken vodka parm. The dessert was amazing - it was billed as a strawberry shortcake, but it was really more like 4 mini sweet buns with mascarpone and strawberry gelee. Delicious. Next time, I have to try their pasta. We are going again on October 5 with some friends, so... The same people are opening a coffee and dessert bar next door, and considering it's only a 5 minute walk from our house, I may be in trouble :-P

Today, I'll be running some errands - CVS, TJ's, wine store... I should also finish mowing, but I only have the back of the back yard to do, and I may skip it because no one can see it and Nuala doesn't care. Probably leftovers for dinner.

I am loving My Antonia. On audio, I finished Oksana, Behave! and started Planes, Trains, and All the Feels, but I only got one chapter in.

Some terrible football.

Set 22, 8:39 am

>82 msf59: - They won on Sunday, lost last night *sigh*

Set 22, 2:02 pm

>83 katiekrug: Happy Friday! The cini-tini sounds good to me but there's no telling without sipping...a thing I just daren't risk doing. Meds interact poorly with boozeohol, sadly.


Well, they make mobility devices these days for the horizontally ample persons who can not say no. I'd be in one about a week after they opened. The only walking-distance dessert place near me is Dunkin' Donuts, which is eminently resistible for me.

Enjoy the remaining pretty hours. The rain's gonna be somethin' if the weather guessers are even half right.

Set 22, 2:35 pm

Hiya Katie, your dinner out sounds lovely, especially that dessert. I support your lawn mowing decision. It can wait until after the rain passes through ...

Set 22, 3:15 pm

>85 richardderus: - I agree DD is very resistable! I hope the rain isn't as bad as expected, or else I'll be fretting all weekend over flood potential... *sigh*

>86 lauralkeet: - Thanks for the validation, Laura!

I'm looking forward to getting that dessert again, for sure.

Set 22, 3:27 pm

Drooling over your dinner description. Yummm.

Set 22, 6:27 pm

>77 katiekrug: I had never made it before but googled and found this recipe
https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/11758/baked-ziti-i/ . I made a half recipe and filled a bread loaf-pan to the top with what I find to be a yummy concoction :)

Set 22, 6:41 pm

>88 curioussquared: - It was SO good. I can't wait to go back and try some other things.

>89 RebaRelishesReading: - Sour cream! That's interesting. I think this is the recipe I use most often: https://www.skinnytaste.com/baked-pasta-with-sausage-and-spinach/

I always add more seasoning, though.

Set 23, 3:53 am

Desert sounds delish! When I go out for dinner, I always start at the desert menu and work my way backwards, deciding what to have to ensure room for pudding!! Restaurants that provide their desert menu on a separate page are not helpful in this regard.

Set 23, 8:02 am

>91 Helenliz: - The dessert menu was conveniently located on the same menu with the drinks, so I saw it first thing :)

Set 23, 8:06 am

Happy Saturday! We're supposed to get rain the next two days but it hasn't started yet. I'm planning on a thoroughly lazy day - books, puzzle, maybe some TV/movies during the day. Not sure what's for dinner, but I bought a few easy things at Trader Joe's yesterday, so we have options.

I should finish up My Antonia today. Not sure what's next... After a bit of a ho-hum start, I am now really enjoying Planes, Trains, and All the Feels on audio. I should have some good listening time today as I work on my current jigsaw puzzle.

Caught up on 'Only Murders in the Building' last night.

Set 23, 8:10 am

Haven't had a 2 in a while!

Wordle 826 2/6



Editado: Set 23, 9:47 am

Congratulations on Wordle in 2, Katie! I'm jealous.

The rain started here around midnight. It's been steady, but not too heavy, and is supposed to keep up through tomorrow morning. I'm sure it will reach you at some point ... I agree it's a good excuse for a lazy day and I'm planning to make the most of that.

Set 23, 9:50 am

>94 katiekrug: I took all six because I forgot I had the vowels in the right spots already and guessed CORAL before CAROL hahaha.

Enjoy your lazy Saturday!

Set 23, 10:45 am

>95 lauralkeet: - I've had such a string of 4 and aboves that I was quite pleased with a 2!

It's raining gently here now. No wind (yet?) so it's actually rather soothing.

>96 bell7: - Oops!

Thanks - so far so good :)

Set 23, 11:17 am

>97 katiekrug: We're in the splatters-but-no-wind-yet space, too.

My latest read was pretty darn great. I've had so many ~meh~-minus ones lately that I can't quite believe my luck. Rewatching The Almighty Johnsons on Freevee with Rob...New Zealanders do some strange TV. Fun, though. Freevee is pretty annoyingly ad-filled, but they've got stuff that's not elsewhere.

Set 23, 1:16 pm

>98 richardderus: - It picked up a bit here for a bit but we are in a lull now...

Glad your latest read was good and that you're enjoying the show with Rob!

Set 23, 1:16 pm

Snagged an appointment for my COVID booster for next Friday!

Set 23, 1:48 pm

>90 katiekrug: That one looks yummy AND more nutritious. I've copied it and will use it next time. Hubby still won't like it but I've decided I'll let him make his spaghetti (which I don't like very much) and I'll make the baked and then we'll both be happy and have lots of left overs :)

Set 23, 5:53 pm

Set 23, 6:32 pm

>94 katiekrug: Well done!

Set 24, 8:55 am

>103 rosalita: - Back to a boring 4 today...

Set 24, 9:00 am

Morning, all! It's still dreary here, with more rain expected. I was, as planned, very lazy yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it :) Today might be more of the same, unless The Wayne decides he wants to go out to watch the Dolphins game somewhere. If not, it'll be another at-home day, possibly with a small break to go to the grocery store. I don't need anything urgently so it could wait until tomorrow. We'll see.

I finished My Antonia and started The Lady Most Likely, a historical romance. Still enjoying Planes, Trains, and All the Feels on audio.

I turned on Pride and Prejudice (2005 version) while making dinner.

Set 24, 9:14 am

>105 katiekrug: Enjoy your quiet rainy day, Katie.

I'm guessing the water has stayed out of your basement, thankfully?

Set 24, 9:18 am

>105 katiekrug: This is the perfect lazy fall weekend, Katie, not going out unless one needs something urgently sounds like the only really fun plan to me. Hoping that's how it plays out.

Rewatched GBBO s5 and re-fell in love with Nadiya.

Set 24, 9:42 am

Happy Sunday, Katie. Sorry to hear about your dreary, rainy weekend. Lots of book time, right? It has been absolutely gorgeous here in Chicagoland. Perfect fall weather.

Set 24, 10:05 am

>106 MickyFine: - Thanks, Micky! Yes, so far so good on the basement front.

>107 richardderus: - Oh, sweet Nadiya! Can't wait to start the new season...

>108 msf59: - It's been a nice excuse to not do much, Mark, so I have no complaints :) Lots of book time, for sure.

Set 24, 10:24 am

I forgot to mention that I also watched S1E1 of 'Happy Valley' and liked it a lot. Thanks to Mark for the nudge on that one!

Set 24, 11:51 am

I'm way behind here, Katie, apologies.
Nice to see mention of Nadiya though. I have one of her cookbooks: I might go and have a look at the lovely pictures, see if I can get inspired try something new.

Set 24, 4:10 pm

We had drizzle this morning, meaning I'm very pleased we cleared the shed yesterday.
Cleared up this afternoon, sort of.

I will rely on you for GBBO updates, as I don't watch myself. >:-)

Set 24, 5:36 pm

>18 katiekrug: Nice!

>41 katiekrug: Sold.

>110 katiekrug: Oh, we love "Happy Valley" -- enjoy! We just finished the latest season of "Unforgotten," also a very good series.

Set 24, 9:26 pm

>111 charl08: - No need to apologize, Charlotte! Even if you didn't have the excuse of travel :)

>112 Helenliz: - Still rainy here and will be much of tomorrow, too...

>113 EBT1002: - I'll look up 'Unforgotten,' Ellen.

I do think you'd like Nora Webster...

Set 25, 7:59 am

Happy new week! Still raining here, but it's just been slow and steady and not particularly heavy. We did go out yesterday to watch the Dolphins game. They won big time and The Wayne was happy. We noshed on some appetizers during the game so skipped dinner.

Today, I'll be doing laundry and making a grocery run. I also want to inventory our spice cabinet because it's out of control and hard to find things. I'm going to make a list of what we have and pin it ont he inside of the door, so maybe I'll stop buying duplicates :-P Trader Joe's chicken piccatta for dinner.

I should finish The Lady Most Likely today. Not sure what will be next. I've still got Planes, Trains, and All the Feels going on audio.


Set 25, 8:25 am

Happy Monday Katie.
Dry here, which bodes well for Josh and the replacement shed.
I did an inventory of the spice cupboard. Ended up finding some jars that were the best part of 2 decades out of date, and had moved house about 4 times! Oops. Since replaced what i actually use and dumped the rest. I think that's where the delivered cook packs (Hello fresh is an example) make for a god idea (that that I've ever bought one). No more buying a jar of something for one meal.

Set 25, 8:42 am

Ooh, spice cabinet inventory! You know how to live, Katie. Don't forget to check the expiration dates while you're at it. Do you have a rack or something to organize it all? Our cabinet has a rack on the door but it doesn't come close to holding everything so I bought a 3-tiered thing that sits on the shelf. But even that isn't enough so there's overflow ...

Set 25, 8:45 am

Morning, Katie. Hooray for Happy Valley! Glad you liked it. S2 is very good too. I am trying to track down S3, without paying for it.

My Bears were a total embarrassment yesterday. Why do I even watch? The Wayne is a big Dolphin fan, right? He must have loved yesterday's game.

Set 25, 9:32 am

>116 Helenliz: - I know we have a bunch that are probably stale by now, so I look forward to clearing out some room. We did Hello Fresh for a while and always had to add more spices/seasoning, so that didn't help!

>117 lauralkeet: - I know! My life is so exciting... LOL. No rack because most of our jars are bigger Penzey's ones. At least they stack nicely. Our cabinets are kind of deep (and tall) so things get lost easily.

>118 msf59: - Morning, Mark! I have AcornTV, so all 3 seasons are available. I'm hoping to watch another episode or two tonight.

Yeah, the Bears are pretty bad. And so much drama! Yes, TW was very much enjoying yesterday's game :D

Set 25, 10:44 am

>115 katiekrug: I did a spice inventory back in the spring and it's really rewarding. Got rid of some of the spices that came with the rack when I bought it (over a decade ago) and replaced the contents and labels for spices we actually use.

I hope you squeeze some rainy day reading in there too.

Set 25, 10:53 am

Monday *smooch*

When they replaced the carpet earlier this year, I chucked out a lot of duplicate spices and made a list of things to replace...and that's where that ended. *sigh* Hell, good intentions, road....

Set 25, 11:25 am

>120 MickyFine: - I'm sure there will be reading, too, Micky! In fact, it'll be a miracle if the inventory thing happens ;-)

>121 richardderus: - Morning, RD! I know all about that road...

Set 25, 12:14 pm

The Breakaway by Jennifer Weiner

This novel is all about choices and the paths we take. It was a solid read, even if Weiner lacks subtlety in her messaging. She throws a lot into the story - body image, reproductive rights, mother-daughter issues, childhood trauma... It's a lot, but her characters are, for the most part, interesting even though occaisonally two-dimensional.

I'm not sorry I read it, as it was entertaining, but I can't whole-heartedly recommend it to my sophisticated reader friends here.


Set 25, 12:18 pm

Oksana, Behave! by Maria Kuznetsova

Oh, how I loved this one! Oksana is 7 when she and her parents and grandmother emigrate from Ukraine to the US in 1992. The novel is episodic, each chapter finding Oksana at a new time in her life. I loved the early chapters best, but the whole thing is a delight. Oksana is a difficult character to love, but I couldn't help rooting for her. The relationship between her and her grandmother, and later between her and her younger brother, were wonderfully depicted.

I listened to this on audio, and the narration was excellent.

4.5 stars

Set 25, 12:32 pm

My Antonia by Willa Cather

I am very glad to have finally read this classic American novel, which was a favorite of my mother's. I think an argument could be made for it as the Great American Novel as it encompasses so many American ideals and faults (and stereotypes): the pioneer spirit, individualism, immigration, xenophobia, seemingly limitless opportunity, greed...

The writing is beautiful, especially the descriptions of the landscape and wide-open country. I found the framing of the story interesting, as Jim, a childhood friend of Antonia, tells her story looking back over the passage of years. We see the effect of Antonia and his friendship with her on Jim, and through these two characters, we are given a view of two very different experiences of life at the time.

4 stars

Editado: Set 25, 12:34 pm

>115 katiekrug: Is the chicken piccata one of their not-frozen entrees? Hubby love chicken piccata and when I'm next at TJ's I may look for it.

I purged the spice rack when we moved -- of course that's nearly three years ago now :(

I have a couple of Audible credits available -- I think you just found a way to spend one for me :) (went right over to Audible and "the buy box is not available right now" wtf?

Editado: Set 25, 12:35 pm

>123 katiekrug: thanks for these comments, Katie. I've considered it, but I don't need to own a copy and have been reluctant to add my name to the 68 others who have requested it from the library so far. Now I can confidently keep me name off that list.

>125 katiekrug: Ooh, I loved that book too and have developed an overall appreciation for Cather's work.

Set 25, 12:41 pm

>126 RebaRelishesReading: - Yes! It's in the refrigerated section, near the produce (at least at my store). We've had it once before and it's pretty good for not being from an Italian restaurant :)

That's weird about Audible. I just checked and was able to add the book to my cart. Obviously, I didn't actually try to check-out though....

>127 lauralkeet: - Yeah, I don't think you'd have much patience for it, Laura. I appreciate the issues she highlights, and I wonder if the lack of subtlety has to do with her audience which I assume (bad me!) is more of the popular fiction variety. Ugh, I sound snobby.

The only other Cather I've read so far is Death Comes for the Archbishop, which I loved. I have several more on my shelf to get to.

Set 25, 12:45 pm

Thanks for TJ tip. We're having flu/covid/rsv shot on Wednesday and it's just down the street from TJ's so I'll make a note to stoop. Going back now to see if I can get Oksana.

Set 25, 1:45 pm

My spice cabinet could use some organizing; I definitely have a few expired items in there, but nowhere near the level of my MIL. Whenever I cook at their beach cabin I find stuff that's probably been there since the 70s.

Set 25, 2:40 pm

>128 katiekrug: I'll join you in the snob club, Katie. I had written off all of her books, sight unseen, until the night she joined one of my book groups in Philly. One of the members had invited her as a regular person--we didn't even talk about one of her books. She was so nice, and so fun, that I felt guilty for not having read her books. But they do fall a bit to far into the "popular fiction" category for me.

Set 25, 3:41 pm

>129 RebaRelishesReading: - I hope you (and especially Mr. Reba!) like the dish.

And I hope you like the book :)

>130 curioussquared: - We had that problem at my aunt and uncle's vacation house on Cape Cod - so much old stuff!

>131 lauralkeet: - She seems like a good person, and I agree with her on a lot of issues that she writes about. I'm glad she has such a big audience because maybe it will change some minds...

Set 26, 4:11 am

Can's sleep tonight so I'm messing around on my computer and tried Audible again -- score!!

Set 26, 5:15 am

‘Morning, Katie! Happy Tuesday to you.

>62 katiekrug: tidying up for Maribel Substitute Esmerelda and Adela for Maribel and you’ve got me a week ago today.

>115 katiekrug: and >116 Helenliz: I did an inventory of the spice cupboard. Ended up finding some jars that were the best part of 2 decades out of date, and had moved house about 4 times! Oops. Since replaced what i actually use and dumped the rest. Sigh. I need to do that, too. I never use Dill, so why do I have an expensive, out-of-freshness jar of it? My problem is that I keep glass jars and old tins. I have a box of empty herb/spice containers in the pantry.

>123 katiekrug: sophisticated reader friends I’m the one reading MM romances right now, so from my point of view you’re allowed to read anything you want to read and love it.

>125 katiekrug: So nice that you read a book your mother loved. I have it on my shelves, and it’s the 3rd in The Prairie Trilogy, who knew? I’ve got all 3. Another book/series to try to get to, possibly next year. Possibly never…

Set 26, 6:02 am

>124 katiekrug: This is the kind of book I check out because of the cover! I'll see if the library has it.

Set 26, 7:31 am

>133 RebaRelishesReading: - Sorry about the insomnia but glad you got the book!

>134 karenmarie: - The Wayne likes to keep empty containers, too, but he doesn't do anything with them and they sit around, taking up space. Drives me bonkers!

Of course anyone can read anything they want and love it. I just don't think that particular book would be particularly enjoyed by a lot of my reader friends :) I'm more tolerant of mid-brow stuff, and of course, I read lots of romance. I finished two yesterday - a historical and a contemporary.

The Prairie Trilogy is connected by theme rather than characters, so they don't need to be read in a particular order.

>135 ursula: - It's a great cover, isn't it? And I think you'd like the book, too.

Set 26, 7:36 am

Morning, all! Still grey here, but no more rain. Maybe some later? I sure wouldn't mind catching a glimpse of the sun, though. This is day 5 without it.

I didn't get to the spice cabinet project yesterday, as I decided to focus on finishing up my current reads, which I did. I also braved the rain and went to the grocery store, and I got all the laundry done. Go me. Maybe I'll get to the spices today... I don't have much on the agenda, and it's trivia night so I don't need to worry about dinner.

I finished The Lady Most Likely on my Kindle, and Planes, Trains and All the Feels on audio. My next audio will be Naughty in Nice, the next in the Her Royal Spyness series for me. Last night, I picked up Stickle Island as my print read.

This week's 'University Challenge' and a little bit of football.

Set 26, 7:43 am

Morning, Katie. I hope to revisit Willa Cather one of these days. I loved everything I have read by her.

Set 26, 8:58 am

>138 msf59: - Hiya, Mark! I've only read two so far but liked them both. Still lots to get to...

Set 26, 1:12 pm

My grandfather, the only other "serious reader" in my family, gave me a gorgeous double edition of My Antonia and O Pioneers! that I read in college. I loved both of them! Our tastes don't always overlap (he's more of a non-fiction/history/classic adventure reader) but it's nice to share books when we can.

Set 26, 5:26 pm

>140 curioussquared: - My aunt and I used to share books. I miss that since she passed away last year.

I have some treasured books that were my mom's; that same aunt also gifted me the copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn that all three sisters had read as children.

Set 26, 6:15 pm

I blink and I am 60+ posts behind again! Arg!

I am glad to see that you enjoyed My Antonia. It is one of my all-time favorite books.

Set 26, 7:50 pm

I'm glad you enjoyed My Antonia. It is one of my favorite classic novels and maybe one of my favorites of all time.

Set 27, 5:38 am

>141 katiekrug: I was thinking that yesterday about my mum (I found a picture of her reading in the garden during lockdown - have been trying to clear out my digital photos a bit). It was nice to swop crime novels.

My Antonia is still on the list of books I will get to eventually (I hope!)

Set 27, 7:10 am

>141 katiekrug: My Mum and I used to share book taste (I'm less keen on the romances she gravitated to). On one occasion, we bought each other the same book for Christmas. On other occasions, I'd get a new book as a present and find a bookmark in it, that was how far she'd got before having to wrap it!

Adding My Antonia to the list, seeing people whose opinion I trust appreciate it.

Set 27, 8:25 am

>142 alcottacre: - But you're here now, Stasia :)

I'm glad I finally picked up My Antonia!

>143 EBT1002: - It's a good one, Ellen.

>144 charl08: - My mom loved a good crime novel, too, Charlotte. She'd check an armful out of the library every couple of weeks and keep the stack on her bedside table and motor through them.

>145 Helenliz: - That's funny about buying each other the same book, Helen! And my family often read the books we gifted to each other beforehand, too.

I hope you like MA when you get to it. It might be nice on audio.

Set 27, 8:29 am

>146 katiekrug: Do you have any plan to read her other work? She wrote some excellent stories.

Set 27, 8:30 am

Happy Wednesday! Breaking news: I am looking at blue sky and sunshine through my window right now! What a lovely change.

We didn't do so great at trivia last night - 8th of 15 teams. We did have one perfect round, which was nice.

Today, I'm making a grocery store run to get things for dinner for tonight and tomorrow. And I might tackle the spice cabinet but no promises. That's about all that's on the agenda for today. Probably some deck reading, too. I am also trying to get used to my new glasses (I picked them up yesterday) - the prescription didn't change much, but they are heavier than my old ones and the different frames take some getting used to.

I'm enjoying Stickle Island as my print read, and I listened to a chunk of Naughty in Nice yesterday.


Editado: Set 27, 8:32 am

>147 richardderus: - I have several more of her novels on my shelf, but I don't think any of her stories. I'll look out for some.

The novels I have:
Alexander's Bridge
One of Ours
The Professor's House
My Mortal Enemy
Lucy Gayheart
Sapphira and the Slave Girl
Song of the Lark

Set 27, 8:40 am

Oh my heck!! You have my favorite Cather that isn't Death Comes for the Archbishop! There are far too few who've read My Mortal Enemy in this world...such a dark, sinister, bitter look at life as a married woman. Gorgeously written and will wreck you forever.

...maybe I'm not selling this to the happily-married lady...but really, it is excellent.

Set 27, 8:46 am

>150 richardderus: - I do have DCftA but I've read it already (and loved it!).

I like dark and sinister, so I've made a note about MME :)

Set 27, 8:57 am

I love Cather, and you remind me that I do have some of hers that are unread.

Oksana Behave sounds good. I will look for that one.

Set 27, 9:14 am

Hi Katie! Happy Wednesday to you.

>136 katiekrug: TW and I are alike in that, alas. I have gotten rid of all the yogurt and flavoried ice containers, all the TP rolls, and etc., but have a hard time with the herb/spice containers. Egg cartons get saved then taken to our local food pantry.

>137 katiekrug: You got a lot done yesterday, congrats.

>146 katiekrug: My mother was reading Perry Mason and Bertha Cool/Donald Lam when I was 11, and it seemed a natural progression from Nancy drew to Erle Stanley Gardner. My 6th grade teacher was not pleased and called my mom, who told her that I had her permission to read them.

Set 27, 11:36 am

>152 BLBera: - I am looking forward to reading more Cather, Beth.

I think Oksana, Behave! would be a good one for you.

>153 karenmarie: - Happy Wednesday back, Karen!

I finally broke him of the habit of saving every single shoe box that came in the house... small victories :)

It didn't feel like much of a productive day, but I guess it was enough.

My mom got me into Agatha Christie after I finished all the Nancy Drews in the library. She never restricted what I could read and from there I went to GOthic romantic suspense like Victoria Holt and BArbara Michaels and then into historical romance, lurid covers and all.

Set 27, 11:39 am

Grocery shopping is done. It's a beautiful day out there, so I think I'll go for a walk. Or I might go a little later - the hour or so before I start cooking dinner always seems to drag, so a walk would help pass the time. Dinner is German lentil soup in the InstantPot with whole wheat ciabatta rolls.

Set 27, 11:44 am

>155 katiekrug: Congratulations on the beautiful day! It is not too bad here either and I do not think the temp is even going to get up to the mid-90s today.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Katie!

Set 27, 11:53 am

Happy Wednesday and glad you are having nice weather! We are in the midst of an "atmospheric river" here in the PNW... it's a little bit wet.

Set 27, 3:28 pm

>156 alcottacre: - A veritable cold front, Stasia!

Hope you're having a good day, too.

>157 curioussquared: - "Atmospheric river" sounds so ominous...

I was very glad to see the sun this morning :)

Set 28, 7:49 am

Happy Thursday, friends! Yesterday was a good day, topped off with a yummy dinner. I made this recipe (with some adjustments) and it was very hearty and delicious: https://www.fivehearthome.com/instant-pot-german-lentil-soup-pressure-cooker-rec.... It makes A LOT, so I might halve it next time, as that would still provide some leftovers. We had whole wheat ciabatta rolls with it.

This morning, I have my first ever appointment with a dermatologist. My PCP and I agreed that since I'm so fair-skinned and have had my share of sunburns in my life, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have an annual check with an expert. So that's the main thing on my agenda. I'll probably run a couple of errands afterwards and then the afternoon will be reserved for the books.

I'll finish up Stickle Island today and probably start something short to fit in before the end of the month (I have a weird thing about not liking to carry over books month-to-month). I may also finish Naughty in Nice on audio.

This week's episode of 'Only Murders in the Building' and S1E1 of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' because The Wayne's co-workers encouraged him to give it a try. The first episode was pretty funny.

Editado: Set 28, 8:17 am

That soup sounds delish, Katie. You've reminded me to dig out my "hearty soup" recipes now that the weather is becoming more autumnal.

Good luck with the dermatologist. I had my first-ever a while back and it was pretty easy/painless. I should make a return visit in the next year or so.

Set 28, 8:44 am

Happy Thursday, and may the dermatologist offer only good advice and boring news.


Set 28, 8:59 am

>160 lauralkeet: - Laura, was it you last winter who needed ways to use up ham? This recipe would be a good one!

>161 richardderus: - Thanks, RD. I certainly don't expect anything more than advice and no news.

Set 28, 10:50 am

All's well as far as the dermatologist could see. I love when I behave like a responsible adult and am rewarded with an easy and painfree result :)

Set 28, 12:32 pm

>162 katiekrug: I'm thrilled to be remembered for that, Katie. LOL. But yes, you are right!

Set 28, 12:47 pm

Yummm, I love a good lentil soup.

Set 28, 1:13 pm

>164 lauralkeet: - I'm just amazed my garbage memory recalled that :)

>165 curioussquared: - This one was really good. I just finished up a bowl of leftovers for lunch. Next time I make it, I'm going to add some paprika, I think. Also, if you do make it, the little splash of apple cider vinegar at the end really works.

Set 28, 1:36 pm

Ah yes, fair skin, living in So. Cal. much of my life ... doctor did remove a little something she thought was suspicious from my nose last visit but I probably should go see a dermatologist ...

Set 28, 1:54 pm

>159 katiekrug: I have a weird thing about not liking to carry over books month-to-month I have that same weird thing :)

I hope all goes well with the dermatologist!

I love Lentil Soup, but make mine vegan, please.

Set 28, 2:39 pm

Glad to see all is well in Katie-land.

*waits for romance novel reviews*

Set 28, 2:42 pm

>163 katiekrug: Excellent reward for doing adulting.

Set 28, 2:45 pm

>167 RebaRelishesReading: - It certainly can't hurt to go see one, Reba. Though for a 10 minute visit, the $60 co-pay seemed a bit excessive to me :)

>168 alcottacre: - *fist bump* for weirdness!

All was fine, thanks.

I liked this recipe because it was so easy in the pressure cooker. No soaking the beans or anything. And it could easily be made vegan.

>169 MickyFine: - Oh, my. I am behind on reviews! And I just finished two more books...

>170 Helenliz: - *shines Adulting Badge*

Set 28, 2:53 pm

>171 katiekrug: I never soak lentils anyway. Other beans, yes, but not them. I have also been known to cook unsoaked beans in the Instant Pot.

Glad to hear that everything was fine!

*fist bump*

Editado: Set 28, 3:05 pm

>172 alcottacre: - TBH I couldn't remember if soaking lentils was even a thing :)

Editado: Set 28, 3:09 pm

The Lady Most Likely by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway

This was fine - a pretty standard historical romance, though on the slightly boring side. I think the conceit of having three authors write three stories but put it together like a novel instead of three novellas was kind of silly. It would have been more interesting if they had weaved them together into a single narrative, but other than framing chapters at the beginning and end, it was basically one story at a time and none of them were all that interesting.

3 stars

Set 28, 3:11 pm

>174 katiekrug: Well, I do not do it. No idea what anyone else does though!

Editado: Set 28, 3:17 pm

Planes, Trains, and All the Feels by Livy Hart

Cass and Luke first meet, and argue, in the parking lot at the airport. They are both trying to get home to California to deal with family stuff, but nothing goes smoothly. They end up sharing a rental car, and when that explodes (!!!), they get on a train together, and when that proves a bad idea, they are back to sharing a car. The forced proximity allows them to open up to each other and to fall in love. And they live happily ever after, because duh, it's a romance.

I first thought this was going to be another throw-away rom-com with the awkward meet-cute and constant bickering. It turned out to be a really good, heartfelt, and fun romance. The family drama/angst on both sides was believable, and the chemistry between Cass and Luke was well done. I also appreciated the intelligent humor. All of this raised PTaAtF a notch above much of the genre currently being published.

I can't remember who I have to thank for putting this one on my radar (Micky? Natalie?), but I'm glad she did.

4.25 stars

Set 28, 4:39 pm

>176 katiekrug: It wasn't me, but you've added it to my list. :)

Set 28, 4:59 pm

>153 karenmarie: The same scrutiny was applied by our local librarian, but my father was standing right behind me and said I could read anything I wanted. Yay.

Katie, I have to get used to using my Instant Pot. For some reason, I let it sit on the counter doing nothing. Yesterday I finally made more hard-boiled eggs (they came out a little more done than I'd like -I found a guide online to cook them as I like them). Your lentil soup(?) sound really easy and I should do more with beans and stuff, vary our menu. I used to use my pressure cooker rather frequently, so I should be able to handle the Instant Pot, electronic menu and all.

Set 28, 5:52 pm

>177 MickyFine: - Pretty sure it was Natalie then. I think it would be your cuppa, too, though :)

>178 ffortsa: - I always do hard-boiled eggs on the 6-6-6 method (6 minutes high pressure, 6 minutes natural release, 6 minutes in ice water), and they come out just how I like them. But of course preference varies. 5-5-5 is also okay for me - it gives a slightly softer but still fully cooked yolk...

I love doing soups in the IP because it's so fast but the pressure gives it the flavor of a long-simmering soup.

Set 28, 6:46 pm

>179 katiekrug: It wasn't me, but it looks like a good one!

Set 28, 7:48 pm

Gah! Now I want to know who it was!!!

Set 29, 8:24 am

It's very rainy here again, but Happy Friday anyway! We are once again on flood alert...

The only thing on my agenda today is an appointment this afternoon for my COVID booster. Hopefully, the roads won't have washed away! Other than that, I'll be spending quality time with the books. I didn't make dinner last night, as The Wayne wanted to go out, so I guess cooking is also on the agenda. But, a quiet day overall.

I finished both Stickle Island and Naughty in Nice yesterday and started a new print read (Benny & Shrimp) and a new audio (Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat?)).


Set 29, 8:38 am

Still waiting for my preferred arm sticker to get a supply of the new booster, but I'm hoping that happens sooner rather than later. I got last year's /flu shot combo on my birthday, so that may be the plan again this year.

Also, we finally meet in LearnedLeague on the penultimate day of the season. I wish you luck — but not too much! :-)

Editado: Set 29, 9:11 am

>183 rosalita: - I had to wait for a place near to me to get Moderna in stock. I know it doesn't matter, but all my jabs have been Moderna and I'm superstitious ;-)

Oooh, LL fun! I hadn't looked yet. I will probably not do well. I started the season off really well, and it's been downhill from there...

Set 29, 9:01 am

>182 katiekrug: hoping the water stays where it is supposed to. I grew up in a village on the coast with a mill pond. It regularly flooded on the spring tides. I can remember paddling on my way to school. This might be why we now live on top of a hill.
The amusing one was the houses most liable to flooding had storm sills. And I get that they're annoying, but they were there for a reason and they work. The incomers would usually take them out. They usually went back in the following summer...

Set 29, 9:02 am

>185 Helenliz: - Now I have to go look up storm sills!

My next house will be on a hill. But not too big a one because snow/ice.

Set 29, 9:07 am

>186 katiekrug:. Well I've always called then storm sills, but that's not what's coming up...
assume your front door faces the mill pond. On the outside of your doorframe you'd have a second frame that goes to ~ knee height. into this you slot a board when there's a flood predicted. It acts as a barrier in front of your front door, stopping the water coming in quite so readily. They involve a step so that you, in effect, have to step over this everytime you go into the house.
Some of the houses also had them on the garden gate as an additional protection.
If I find a picture that looks like what I remember them looking like, I will share.

Set 29, 9:11 am

>187 Helenliz: - Oh, thanks for that! I wasn't having any luck with a Google search.

The wayne has investigated something similar, but ones that are removeable, so you just slot the barricade into place when you want/need to (or expect to...). They also make them for windows - we have some small windows in the basement that are at ground level, so rather vulnerable.

Set 29, 9:25 am

>183 rosalita: / >184 katiekrug: - Never mind..... *walks away whistling*

Set 29, 9:32 am

Happy Friday, Katie. I hope you are enjoying those current reads. Ooh, I had not heard of My Mortal Enemy. I will have to get to that one. Tell The Wayne that we are doing a blind bourbon tasting event tonight at my pal's house. I think there will be 6 participating. We each bring a bottle. This is our second time doing this and it is a lot of fun, plus you discover some new and exciting "sippies".

Have a great weekend.

Set 29, 9:38 am

>189 katiekrug: Uh-oh ... I might be in trouble!

Set 29, 9:45 am

>190 msf59: - Hiya, Mark! Do report back on the bourbon tasting. TW has his monthly whisky club gathering tomorrow night - they don't do a blind tasting, but everyone brings a bottle and "presents" it and they all have some.

>191 rosalita: -

Editado: Set 29, 10:14 am

>185 Helenliz: I think what you're referring to are called "door dams" these days. https://www.tmhardware.com/Flood-Barriers-Door-Dam/ A bit more elaborate, and not for stepping over, but the idea is similar.

Set 29, 10:45 am

Hoping you're going to join ye olde GBBO-watching team today....

Set 29, 11:15 am

>193 laytonwoman3rd: - Thanks for that link, Linda. I think TW was looking at a company that does custom installation (so $$$$) but maybe that's not necessary. I'll send him the link. Supposedly, our flood insurance will reimburse for some of the cost of any mitigation measures we take...

>194 richardderus: - Planning on it for tonight!

Set 29, 11:26 am

Rain is torrential here at the moment - your backyard doing ok?

Set 29, 12:01 pm

>196 vivians: - So far, so good. We're in a lull right now with no rain. My bargain with the deity I don't believe in is that the back yard is welcome to flood, just not the house :D

Set 29, 1:25 pm

>176 katiekrug: Adding that one to the BlackHole. Thanks for the recommendation, Katie!

Have a wonderful weekend, Katie!

Set 29, 1:43 pm

>193 laytonwoman3rd: that's the kind of thing. Only on the cottages I'm thinking of, think wooden & older.

Set 29, 1:45 pm

Sending all the good will that the river stays in its bed and out of your basement!

Set 29, 2:15 pm

CVS cancelled my booster appointment. I have a feeling they ran out of doses. Oh well. At least I don't have to go out in the rain!

Set 29, 2:16 pm

>198 alcottacre: - Hope you like it, Stasia. Have a great weekend yourself.

>199 Helenliz: - I've passed along all the information to TW. He;s intrigued by an "off the shelf" option.

>200 MickyFine: - Thanks, Micky! So far so good! The water table level hasn't even tripped the sump pump yet...

Editado: Set 29, 2:53 pm

>201 katiekrug: Oooh...I hear there's been a lot of that. CVS and Walgreen's were offering appts. for the Pfizer vaccine, but Rite-Aid had nothing when we looked into it last week. My husband and I were both able to get ours at CVS this week.

Editado: Set 29, 3:11 pm

Esta mensagem foi removida pelo seu autor.

Set 29, 3:19 pm

>203 laytonwoman3rd: - Yeah, I'm not totally suprised. I'll just try again next week!

>204 rosalita: - Oooh, mysterious!

Set 29, 3:20 pm

The Wayne discovered that our sump pump is kaput. Luckily, the water level was still well below the basement floor, and he has an extra pump he can use for now. It's always something...

Set 29, 3:27 pm

>205 katiekrug: As I was writing it, I had a nagging feeling I had already posted it (about covid booster availability here) but I couldn't find it so I posted anyway. But then I scrolled up a little higher and there it was at >183 rosalita:. So I deleted this one. :-D

Set 29, 3:32 pm

>207 rosalita: - Ah, that makes sense!

Set 29, 3:34 pm

>206 katiekrug: Ain't it just...the hallway flooded and the ceiling started dripping!

Set 29, 4:00 pm

I was reading about the flooding in NY and came over to see how you were doing. Glad to see things are OK (at least for the present). Sending good vibes to keep it that way.

Set 29, 4:13 pm

>209 richardderus: - Ruh roh! Hope you're warm and dry.

>210 RebaRelishesReading: - Thanks, Reba!

Set 29, 11:36 pm

>206 katiekrug: So happy you discovered the sump pump problem before it caused issues.

Set 30, 8:32 am

>212 MickyFine: - Me too!

Set 30, 8:41 am

Happy Weekend! Still a bit damp here, but we escaped any negative effects of the rain, so win! We are going out to breakfast this morning and to run some errands. The Wayne has whisky club tonight, so I'll drive him there and then have the evening to myself. I think I'll watch some Happy Valley. He'll get an Uber home, so I don't have to worry about picking him up.

I'm enjoying Benny and Shrimp and will probably finish it today. It's pretty short. On audio, Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat?) is fine - no great shakes and not as funny as her previous book. I'll probably finish that one today, too, so it's a Double Book Turnover Day!

Episode 1 of the new GBBO/S, and we really enjoyed it. There were some funny moments, and the bakers all seem likeable. I was mad about who went home, though. I wanted Dana to go because Amos seemed more interesting. Sigh. Also, the whole thing had me craving cake :)

Set 30, 8:48 am

^These were the bottles presented last night. This is also my preferences from left to right. The Oak & Eden was my bottle and it was picked number one by at least 3 of us. The Whiskey Acres was a nice surprise. My first time having it. I hope you can share this with The Wayne and I hope he can share a couple of his favorites from tonight's tasting.

How far along in Happy Valley are you?

Set 30, 8:52 am

>215 msf59: - I will definitely show him the picture and your comments!

I've only watched the first episode so far, so it's early days yet, but I really liked it.

Set 30, 2:52 pm

Naughty in Nice by Rhys Bowen

A fun entry in the series, with Coco Chanel playing a supporting role. Not enough Darcy O'Mara for me, but it was nice to see a relationship developing between Georgie and her mother.

3.5 stars

Set 30, 2:54 pm

Stickle Island by Tim Orchard

This was a cross between a comic novel, a crime novel, a caper, and a noir. I mostly enjoyed it, but it got a bit boring in the middle. I did love the beginning, though, and I thought the ending was well done.

3.5 stars

Set 30, 2:57 pm

Benny & Shrimp by Katarina Mazetti

Translated from the Swedish, Benny & Shrimp is the story of two people who meet in a cemetary and maybe should have taken that inauspicious beginning as a warning. The book alternates chapters between Benny's and Shrimp's (real name: Desiree) perspectives, as they begin a relationship that both need but neither quite understands.

This was a fast, fun read but I found the ending kind of disappointing.

3.5 stars

Set 30, 3:41 pm

>214 katiekrug: I'm happy to say warm and dry is me...so you thought the leaver shouldn't've left? I thought his tendency to plow straight ahead making the same errors was a death knell. Dana will go soon enough, probably next week I predict, because her ideas are so blah, and her execution is the baking equivalent of greige.

But how about bitty pweshus Saku? What a fun personality! And pretty good flavor profiler, too...but that sea turtle! Stunning looking if very fondant-y. I hope Abbi keeps up the foraging additions because that's so off-the-wall unusual. She with her environmental awareness and Tasha with her BSL interpreter, add some perspectives not usually seen.

Better reads ahead!

Set 30, 3:52 pm

phew for the dry feet and discovering the sump pump issue before it became a problem.

Set 30, 3:53 pm

Katie, I was thinking about you and the house and all in this very wet week. So glad you didn't have more flood damage!

Set 30, 4:41 pm

>220 richardderus: - Yes, I liked big, sweet, loves his mama Amos. Oh well, them's the brakes. I agree with your other comments, too.

Glad you are warm and dry!

>221 Helenliz: - Phew indeed!

>222 ffortsa: - Thanks for thinking of us, Judy. I was thinking of all those garden apartments in Brooklyn and Queens... Yikes.

Out 1, 9:03 am

Happy Sunday! And we have sun! It's going to be a beautiful day, but I'll spend most of it inside, watching the Dolphins game with the NYC Dolphins fan club at their official pub in Midtown :-P #supportivewife

Yesterday was pretty relaxed - we went out for breakfast and ran a few errands, then I chilled out most of the day. I drove TW to his whisky club and came home and watched TV, after making a stop at the new dessert bar down the street. Oh my. I am in trouble. So good, and so close!

I finished my two books yesterday but haven't started another audio yet. I did start American Salvage, which I have out from the library, and read the first two stories. I like to break up my short story reads, so I also started Sleep, Pale Sister, which is historical fiction with a Gothic bent. Seems appropriate for October...

A few episodes of 'Happy Valley,' and man, is it good.

Out 1, 9:53 am

Sounds like a fab Saturday, dessert & the TV remote to yourself. Perfect day!!

Out 1, 10:30 am

Hi Katie! Happy Sunday.

>154 katiekrug: Sounds like our mothers got us on similar tracks – adult mysteries immediately after Nancy Drew. I also read Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt and, along with my high school friend Lori, Barbara Cartland. I know, I know… we used to always crack up when we found the place where ‘he drew her soul from between her lips.’ Gwen Bristow, too, as I recall. Yay for open-minded moms.

>163 katiekrug: Glad the news from the dermatologist was good. Adulting with no downside!

>184 katiekrug: Mine are Pfizer, same superstitious need to get the same one.

>214 katiekrug: Heh. Double Book Turnover Day. I like it.

>224 katiekrug: Enjoy your #supportivewife efforts. Bill’s watching Premier League soccer, but if it’s not Arsenal, I’m pretty much not interested this early in the season. I told Jenna about creating a free Arsenal App login on her cell phone, and she’s happily watching the women play Liverpool.

Out 2, 8:15 am

>225 Helenliz: - It was a pretty good day, for sure!

>226 karenmarie: - Happy Monday now, Karen!

My mom was a school librarian for much of my childhood, so I'm sure that had something to do with it.

Yay for adulting!

Thanks for the reminder to put booking another appointment on my To Do list for today...

DBTD is my favorite :)

Sadly, TW's team lost, but it's always fun to watch surrounded by like-minded fans.

Out 2, 8:22 am

New week, new same old me... Heh.

Yesterday's day out was fun, despite the Dolphins getting blown out. It was also the Pulaski Day Parade in the city, which we didn't realize, so we had to wind our way to the pub, as much of 5th Avenue in Midtown was blocked off. The pub is on 36th Street, which was used as one of the staging areas for the parade, so it was full of people in traditional Polish dress, polka bands, little kids in red and white. The pub finally stopped trying to prevent people from using the restroom, so the bar was super crowded with red and white and aqua and orange (the Dolphins colors). Anyway, it was fun, even though I ended up having to kneel on my stool to see the football action because tall people kept standing in front of me.

We picked up a pizza on the way home from the train station, so that was dinner.

And now it's Monday, and I have a lot to do - laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, admin stuff... I might take a little nap in the afternoon, so I can stay up for the Giants game tonight. Normally, the nap wouldn't be necessary, but I have to get up on the early side tomorrow...

Chili for dinner, I think.

I didn't do much reading yesterday, but I managed about 20 pages in Sleep, Pale Sister. I'm not sure what I think about it. I'll read more today, but if it doesn't grab me, I might DNF it.

Still haven't started a new audio, but I expect I will today.


Out 2, 9:16 am

Good morning Katie! I had to look up Pulaski Day Parade since I hadn't heard of it before. I learn something new every day around here. Sorry TW's team lost, but glad the evening was still fun.

Good luck with your busy day!

Out 2, 11:25 am

>229 lauralkeet: - Thanks, Laura! And glad I could enlighten you about Pulaski Day. I had to look it up myself...

Out 2, 11:50 am

Glad your outing was fun. Sounds like a quiet, productive day at home today - nice :)

Out 2, 12:12 pm

Editado: Nov 1, 9:50 am

September in Review
(Numbers in parantheses are YTD)

Books Read:
19 (149)

9 (97)
10 (52)

Male authors: 4 (30)
Female authors: 17 (122)

New-to-me authors: 10 (75)
US/UK authors: 16 (134)
Other: - 5 (18 - Ireland (4), Italy, India (2), Denmark, Mexico, France, Australia (2), Syria, Canada, Germany, Haiti, Sweden, Ukraine)

Print: 5 (62)
Ebook: 6 (32)
Audio: 8 (55)

General/Popular Fiction: 3 (22)
Literary Fiction: 2 (27)
Historical Fiction: 2 (12)
Romance: 5 (27)
Crime/Thriller: 3 (21)
Juvenile/YA: 1 (13)
Classics: 1 (5)
Speculative: 0 (2)
Nonfiction: 2 (20)

New (2022 or 2023): 5 (29)
2010-2021: 10 (67)
2000-2009: 1 (22)
1980s-90s: 2 (16)
1950s-70s: 0 (10)
1900-1949: 1 (3)
19th c.: 0 (2)

Re-reads: 0 (12)
DNFs: 1 (8)

19 books is the most I've read all year. The number was helped by a relatively high number of audio books, and some fast-reading romances. I'm pleased that I read 5 non-US/UK authors. My favorite book of the month was Nora Webster; there weren't any really bad ones, but I was disappointed by Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat?).

On to October!

Out 2, 12:28 pm

Casimir Pulaski is a big deal in Illinois. When I was in seventh grade (1977) Pulaski Day became a public holiday and a day off school (woo-hoo) but only if we hadn't used up all of our allotted snow days by then (which was never). But it's celebrated in March, his birth month, not in October.

I think the October date is the federal holiday, but I'm not totally sure about that.

Out 2, 1:25 pm

>234 rosalita: Yes, same! I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and we always got Pulaski Day off of school in March.

Out 2, 2:27 pm

>234 rosalita: / >235 japaul22: - Yeah, when I looked up what the deal was with the parade, a lot of history of the celebration mentioned Chicago/Illinois being a center of it.

Out 2, 2:30 pm

Happy Monday! I only know about Pulaski Day from my college boyfriend, who, you guessed it, was from Chicago :)

Out 2, 3:01 pm

>237 curioussquared: - I'm sensing a theme here.... :)

Out 2, 3:36 pm

Don't quote me on this, but I believe at one time at least Chicago had the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw. So you can see why this would be a popular holiday there. :-)

Out 2, 4:17 pm

What Julia has been saying, Katie. I didn’t know about Casimir Pulaski until I moved to Chicago. Huge Polish population in the city. I still remember coming upon a large church in the city’s Bucktown neighborhood that had a big sign out front written in Polish, English and Spanish.

Out 2, 5:07 pm

US Rt 40 is named Pulaski Highway in Maryland and Delaware. I lived in that region for years and never once thought to look it up!

Out 2, 5:34 pm

>239 rosalita: - I'm pretty sure I've heard that, too, Julia.

>240 jnwelch: - I found the number of Polish youth groups participating in the parade interesting - lots of kids learning the language and culture, apparently. Also, I heard a ton of Polish being spoken, which was fun.

>241 lauralkeet: - And then there's this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulaski_Skyway.

I know of the Pulaski Highway from all my trips south and the exits for it off the interstate :)

Out 2, 5:41 pm

>233 katiekrug: Excellent reading month! September was a good one for a lot of us, it seems.

Is it Friday yet? Need my Saku fix....

Out 2, 9:13 pm

Pulaski Day isn't a holiday around here, but there is a monument to the man on Courthouse Square in Scranton.

Out 3, 10:52 am

>243 richardderus: - Here's hoping for more of the same this month!

Saku hasn't quite captured my heart as she has yours, but it's early days yet.

>244 laytonwoman3rd: - He's here! He's there! He's everywhere! Just like Roy Kent (Ted Lasso reference...)

Out 3, 10:55 am

>245 katiekrug: He IS everywhere. He was killed in Savannah, and he's buried there, so...

Out 3, 10:57 am

Morning, all! Late check-in for me, as I had to go to the dentist this morning to get a crown. Home now and trying to sort out my day. I should probably do some mowing before it rains again later this week. Blerg. I was very productive yesterday and got my whole To Do list cleared. And I made a giant batch of turkey chili which came out great. Leftovers for lunch most likely. Trivia tonight!

I'm enjoying the stories in American Salvage, grim though they are. I've settled more into Sleep, Pale Sister after reading a chunk yesterday. And the audio of Let's Call It a Doomsday is good so far.

The abysmal NY Giants.

Out 3, 10:59 am

>246 laytonwoman3rd: - Apparently, there has been some dispute over the details of his death and burial, but regardless, the man got around!

Out 3, 1:35 pm

Rather fascinated by the discussion of Pulaski... I'd never actually heard of him, but there's a large Polish population in my area of the country, and there's more than one Pulaski Park that, sure enough, was named after him.

Sorry about the dentist and the Giants, but hope the rest of the day is a good one. Your plan sounds lovely - and good luck at trivia!

Out 3, 2:45 pm

>247 katiekrug: Enjoy the chili, and best of luck on the trivia tonight.

I'm hoping Saku doesn't screw up too soon!

Out 3, 3:11 pm

>249 bell7: - You've reminded me that there is also a Pulaski park in my town. I assume it's named after the same guy.

The dentist was much less painful than the football game :)

>250 richardderus: - Thanks, RD!
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