Author separation


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Author separation

Set 22, 2:47 am

According to the disambiguation page (, "LAsse Åberg" is two people. That's not true - one of them is Lasse Berg. I can't find where to correct this information. As far as I can see, his author page says Lasse Berg everywhere ( as does the work page where I notised the issue ( - but that work page calls him Lasse Åberg.

Editado: Set 22, 3:14 am

It's a most unfortunate heritage of the way some systems used to code things by just skipping the "special" characters. Author names like Müller and Möller (&c) often get mixed up too. I'm afraid there is very little we can do, except leaving a disambiguation notice.

ETA : To my surprise changing the author's name under "other authors" helped a bit.

Set 22, 4:11 am

I separated the last three books. This was easy checking the editions pages.

Set 22, 9:09 am

Thanks so much for the help. I see that Lasse Berg is still listed on the disambiguation page as one of the Lasse Åbergs - will that always remain?

Set 22, 9:38 am

Yes, because they have the same author page URL.

Editado: Set 24, 7:12 pm

Can someone help with an author’s work.

The author James Glass needs to be split but I don’t understand how and don’t want to create a mess.
Currently books are gathered under names James Glass and James C. Glass.

I want to separate out 8 books for one James Glass as they are by Suzanne Madron which she has written under various names (see list below).
Title Series Author names used
The Murdered Metatron The Metatron Mysteries #1 James Glass, Suzi M., Suzanne Madron
The Dispossessed The Metatron Mysteries #2 James Glass, Suzi M.
The Rising Sun The Metatron Mysteries #3 James Glass, Suzi M.

Apocrypha of the Apocalypse Apocrypha of the Apocalypse Suzi .Xircon, James Glass, Mr. Ministry

Memories That Cost a Lifetime Ann Ominous, James Glass, Xircon Suzi M.

The Vampire of Plum Run James Glass, Suzi M.

Chats Over a Pipe James Glass, Suzi M.

Love Notes Suzanne Madron, James Glass, Suzi M.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

eta: made addition/correction to author names on The Murdered Megatron and tried to clean up the list a little.

Set 24, 8:49 pm

>7 Bettesbooks:

Okay, I think this is straightened out. I've split James Glass, and aliased Suzanne Madron's works to her page. I also combined that page with Xircon and Suzi M.

Please check to make sure it's okay.

Editado: Set 25, 8:28 am

>9 lilithcat: A bit weird, on it doesn't say "Also includes: James Glass (2)".


Oh, I think it's because it's been aliased to madronsuzanne instead of msuzi. Will change that.

Nov 25, 2:28 pm

I am trying to separate two authors each named John A. Herrmann. They are different people but I failed in getting the older one to show up separately. He wrote Retracing Genghis Khan 1937 but I can't seem to get him to show up when searching the site for that name. Just a newer guy with the same name. Can anyone help me?

Editado: Nov 25, 3:35 pm

John A. Herrmann

Retracing Genghis Khan

Well there is your problem. The work was listed as being by 'Herrmann, John A. And Cecil Robert Borg'

I have recalculated, and it now goes to the right page, so it should show up there soon. Until an author has a book listed on the author page, he cannot be divided.

You should confirm other author on the work page.

BTW, on the disambiguation page the authors will be listed by the number of copies there are of their works. If one author's book has 4 copies, and the other only one copy, it looks better to give the more copy author spot 1.

Nov 27, 4:53 pm

If anyone is interested in a challenge, William Fischer is obviously several authors, but it's not clear how the split should go. The LibraryThing author has been suspended for unusual activity, so checking his library doesn't help.

Editado: Nov 27, 5:26 pm

>13 prosfilaes:

I think it's a reasonable assumption that all the guidebooks to Prague are by the same author. Three others are William C. Fischer, William L. Fischer, and William E. Fischer. I've split and aliased. There are two other authors as well.

But it's not possible to tell which is the LT author.

Nov 28, 1:21 pm

>14 lilithcat:
The LT author wrote (was no current copies) – established this via: their LT profile got a copy made on the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine in 2011 and it included a link to a now-defunct homepage, as well as Shelfari/Goodreads/Twitter profiles. It only mentions writing the one book, and the LT profile had only that one book catalogued at the time. I've added a copy, assigned to a new split -7, noted them in the disambiguation note, and will add some scraps of CK to the -7 page since when I delete the copy of the book it will leave the -7 profile empty of works.