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Set 23, 2023, 2:28 pm

Forgive me if this has already been discussed (and feel free to lock/delete/move/banish to the nether sphere).

Does anyone here use Atticus? I have been using Apache Open Office for my word processing, but when it came time to format, I cast around for software that could handle the task. I am aware that there are guides on doing formatting, table of contents generation, and etc. for MS Word, but I wanted an option that would allow me to use my existing (comfortable) program....

I have been quite pleased with the functionality of Atticus and the ease of use for turning .ODT files into ePub and PDF. One handy feature it provides is a previewer for various types of eReaders. It can also be used as a straight word processing software, which I may do if I ever get caught up from my existing manuscript files. Additionally, it generates TOC and has templates for front and back matter (copyright, dedication, about the author, etc.) There are a number of built-in styles for chapter headings and fonts as well.

So... anyone else? Or do you use a different program or a service or some completely other method of turning your scribbles on the back of a grocery list into real, live books?

Nov 23, 2023, 4:49 pm

>1 stuartperegrine: New here and am using Atticus for my next book. Previously had used Word, HTML export and a lot of cleanup using programs like Sigil and Calibre. So far finding it useful though there are some quirks in the epub files if you look at them in those programs. Have been able to do one source with variant versions of certain pages and mark them as ebook only or paperback only rather than having to maintain two different versions as I had to do with the former process. Also have an ebook template and a print template which is applied as appropriate when exporting. So pretty pleased with it so far.