SqueakyChu is going FRUITY in 2023 - 4th Quarter

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SqueakyChu is going FRUITY in 2023 - 4th Quarter

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Hi Folks!

This thread is continued from here.

Here are my ongoing stats for 2023:

More Stats:
Total pages read this year: = 8,228
Reading rate: decreased to 26 pages/day
Books on Mount TBR: increased to 397
BookCrossing books in my possession: decreased to 2,026

In appreciation of our very own pawpaw tree that has had an astoundingly productive year in 2023, this thread continues to be dedicated to FRUIT! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Photo of pears by Ivan Radic - Flickr CC/A
What to make with pears? Estelle Jacob's Kugel

1. Bookcrossing Meetup in the courtyard of Panera in Alexandria, Virginia - Fun as always!

36. Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe - TIOLI #11: - Read a book with 300 pages or more (515) - 2023 BIG FAT BOOK CHALLENGE - 515 pages

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Photo of figs by Sarah Stierch - Flickr, CC-A
What to make with figs? A Fig Dutch Baby!

1. BookCrossing Meetup in Maryland - Venue TBD

37. Democracy Awakening - Heather Cox Richardson - TIOLI #2: Read a book where the title completes the phrase, "I am thankful for..." - 256 pages

38. Yesteryear - Stephen G. Eoannou - TIOLI #16: Read a book that has either "yes" or "no" in the title - 10/305 pages = 3%

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Photo of mangos by Ines Hegedus-Garcia - Flickr, CC-A

1. BookCrossing Annual Holiday Party - Venue TBD

None yet.

39. Monday's Not Coming - Tiffany D. Jackson - TIOLI #1: Read a book with a word, phrase, clause, prefix or suffix of negation in its title (not) - 0/435 pages

Set 26, 10:48 pm

Happy new thread Madeline!

Set 26, 11:05 pm

>5 quondame: Thanks, Susan. This year is just flying by!

Set 26, 11:12 pm

Happy new thread, Madeline.

October sees you featuring pears which are my daughter, Belle's, favourite fruit.

Set 26, 11:29 pm

>7 PaulCranswick: Thanks, Paul. My favorite fruit this month has been the pawpaws from my tree. I've made pawpaw ice cream this month, and I'm planning to try a recipe for pawpaw cheesecake. I can't wait! I'm also enjoying some green (but ripe) figs from a tree in our neighborhood. My husband has been picking the fruit from that tree with permission of the homeowner. The ones he picked were eaten so quickly by family and friends that I have none left with which to bake!

Set 26, 11:46 pm

>8 SqueakyChu: I did catch a glimpse from your last thread. I am a lover of figs and we had some lovely sweet ones in the garden I had in Alexandria back in the day.

Set 26, 11:50 pm

Happy new thread, Madeline!

Set 27, 12:19 am

>9 PaulCranswick: I have grown to be a lover of figs recently as well, Paul. Both my younger son and my daughter each has a fig tree in their gardens. I have no room for another tree in my yard. :(

>10 atozgrl: Thanks, Irene.

Set 27, 2:30 am

Happy New 🧵, Madeline!

Set 27, 2:44 am

>12 vancouverdeb: Thank you so much, Deborah!

Set 27, 4:29 am

Happy new thread, Madeline.
Aren't figs fussy trees? I seem to remember seeing that somewhere.

Set 27, 7:20 am

Happy new thread!

This was a perfect pear season where I live. I have a small pear tree and it had over 150 massive pears on it.

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>14 Helenliz: Thank you. Gee, Helen. I don't know. I've never had a fig tree, but my daughter reports that hers is not doing too well. My son's fig tree is fine and producing fruit.

>15 figsfromthistle: Thanks! That is so cool, Anita! What did you do with all of the pears? Next year I might have to count the pawpaws. We had soooo many, and the tree is still producing.

Set 27, 1:26 pm

Happy new one, Madeline!

Set 27, 2:06 pm

Happy new thread, Madeline!

Set 27, 4:58 pm

Happy new thread, Madeline!

Set 27, 8:27 pm

>17 drneutron: >18 Kristelh: >19 FAMeulstee: Hi Jim, Kristel, and Anita. Welcome to my new thread, and thank you!

Set 29, 1:42 pm

Happy new thread! I look forward to seeing what you harvest next!

Set 29, 2:06 pm

>21 mstrust: Thank you! I can tell you. It's going to be sweet potatoes, bell peppers and peanuts. Of course, they don't grow on trees. :D

Set 29, 10:36 pm

Nearly finished a jig saw puzzle, Madeline. I've been so busy reading, that I've neglected my jig saw puzzles! It is this one - https://eeboo.com/products/seaside-harbor-1000-piece-puzzle

Set 29, 10:44 pm

>23 vancouverdeb: Cool! I’ve never seen nor done that one before!!

Set 29, 11:07 pm

>22 SqueakyChu: Ooh bell peppers! I am a huge fan of these wonderful things. x

I like the green ones best.

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>25 PaulCranswick: That’s funny, Paul, because I planted only the ones in other colors—black, red, and yellow!

Out 1, 2:36 pm

>22 SqueakyChu: Wow, you grow peanuts?! That's an unusual crop for a home gardener and I like the unusual.
I have a very full bell pepper that has finally begun making blooms. And several basil plants that are big enough to start picking, plus several garlic that will be ready to pull soon. I have lots of little carrots and lettuce tops that will be many weeks still.

Out 1, 2:50 pm

>27 mstrust: We have one pepper plant. I think a squirrel buried a peanut, and it grew. My husband recognized the plant so we let it grow. I did plant a peanut plant once in the past and found it fun to harvest the peanuts at season's end.

My biggest sweet pepper is being eaten by something prior to its turning red. :(
Out of three basil plants, only one has thrived. I have no idea why the other two didn't do well.
I never do carrots as they don't do well in our soil.
I forgot to harvest our mesclun lettuce and it's still growing. I'm surpised it hasn't bolted. I need to pick it and eat it.
Yesterday I pulped some more pawpaws and made it into pawpaw ice cream. My two grandchildren like, it but their mom says it tastes weird! :D So...less for her!

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36. Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe

TIOLI #11:
Read a book with 300 pages or more (515 pages)

I was very impressed by this book, both by the story itself and its abolitionist pleas. I read this book as an adjunct to Ibram X. Kendi's book Stamped from the Beginning. I feel this book is probably most effective as a read for someone who, like myself, is trying to understand the issue of slavery better rather than as an assigned read for an English literature class. I found it interesting to finally "meet" Uncle Tom and Simon Legree in this book because I'd heard their names all of my life, but I had no idea who they were or what they did.

I thought this book gave a pretty clear picture of how slaves were treated diffently depending on their owners, but it painted the life of slaves, at least at the beginning of this book, a bit rosier than it probably was. The dreadful and distressing practice of tearing apart black families by selling each member to different white owners located at great distances from each other was highlighted in this story.

The only issue I had a problem with was its overly heavyhandedness on Christian theology. I know this was a big issue for blacks as they were trying to educate themselves, but I couldn't buy into the preachiness of the author's theology. I also found one reference to Jews very offensive in this book. Nevertheless, I am glad I put the effort into reading this classic story, and I hope the author's persuasiveness helped guide former slave-owners into rethinking their positions about slavery.

Ratung - 4.5 stars

My master! and who made him my master? That's what I think of—what right has he to me? I'm a man as much as he is. I know more about business than he does; I am a better manager than he is; I can read better than he can; I can write a better hand,—and I've learned it all myself, and no thanks to him,—I've learned it in spite of him; and now, what right has he to make a dray-horse of me?

Out 9, 1:02 am

>26 SqueakyChu: I'd still happily come and pay visit, Madeline!

My heart is more than a little broken today looking at the news in the Middle East.

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>30 PaulCranswick: I am so devastated at what is going on in Israel. I found out yesterday that my cousin’s kibbutz took a direct hit by a Hamas missile. She’s okay, but she and some more of our family went to stay with relatives farther north. The additional fright is that the army reserves (meaning: my family and friends) in Israel are being called up now in great numbers for a long, difficult, and protracted war. The numbers of dead and injured are horrifying.

Out 9, 4:43 am

>31 SqueakyChu: I hate to say it, Madeline, but the West's policy of frankly pandering to terrorist organisations coupled with a provocateur in charge in Jerusalem/Tel Aviv and poor intelligence has brought us here.

I pray your family will be safe, Madeline, and that the resolution results in no civilian casualties although I am not sure how that will be avoided with the indiscriminate nature of the attacks and the fact that Hamas tend to use Palestinian civilians as shields.

I am a fervent advocate of Israel's right to exist and have a great deal of faith in their ability to both sustain and overcome.

Out 11, 6:44 am

>31 SqueakyChu: Sorry to hear that your family and friends are involved. Hope that the situation eases soonest.

After which, saying that 100 jigsaw puzzles arrived feels a little banal. 3 large boxes, one small. I can't see my dining room table any more. Fortunately we've been taking orders in advance and have already sold 3/4s of these. Another order already placed!

Out 11, 8:56 am

>33 Helenliz: Wow! That looks so cool. What a fun project this has been for you, Helen!

Out 16, 12:21 pm

I'm sorry to hear of the danger your family is in. Wishing you the best in this very bad situation.

Editado: Out 16, 3:33 pm

>35 mstrust: Thank you. Every message of support helps ease my fear and sadness a tiny bit as the days ahead will be fraught with uncertainty. Today I learned that an IDF soldier who had been a dear friend of my rabbi, had been killed by an incoming Hamas missile.

Out 16, 8:33 pm

>36 SqueakyChu: How dismaying. I am sorry for you and your community.

Out 17, 11:39 am

>36 SqueakyChu: More devastating news every day for Israel and the civilians of Gaza, as we wait for hostages to be freed.

Out 17, 12:15 pm

>37 quondame: Thank you for your support, Susan.

>38 m.belljackson: :(

Nov 8, 10:38 am

37. Democracy Awakening - Heather Cox Richardson

Read a book where the title completes the phrase, "I am thankful for..."

I never really understood the great effort that went into Conservative polarization of the United States population following the civil war. I see now that it was much more than simply two parties which disagreed, and the division in our country has always been more pronounced than I ever believed.

I don’t particularly like reading about politics, but I have always felt reassured by Heather Cox Richardson’s method of framing current events in a historical context. For that reason alone, I was eager to read this book. Most of the information was what I already knew to some degree, but she did have a way of teaching me details that I did not already know. I find her to be a credible source of information.

What I’m realizing is that things that happen in politics which enrage me now are really old tropes which previous generations also had to deal with. It definitely helps to clarify democracy in the United States for me by seeing its progress and its regression through the lens of history.

Rating - 4 stars

Appointing unqualified figures is a key tactic of authoritarians, who turned to staffers who are fiercely loyal because they are not qualified or talented enough to rise to power in a nonpartisan system. They recognize that without the leader who elevated them, they will never again be in power—and sometimes will be in prison—so they will cleave to him to the end.

Nov 22, 8:02 pm

Dear Madeline, a deep breath to give thanks in another tough year. This has been a troubled decade but at least this group perseveres.

Happy Thanksgiving from an appreciative non-celebrator.

Nov 22, 11:08 pm

>41 PaulCranswick: I like your cartoon! I needed that laugh. Following the news from Israel is tearing me apart. I am also so thankful for this group. It is my lifeline and my sanity. Thank you for your good wishes, Paul.

Nov 25, 11:30 am

Beautiful Reunions.

Impossible not to remember all those gone as Hamas followed the edicts of its hate filled prophet.

Nov 25, 11:48 am

>43 m.belljackson: Truly beautiful reunions. I write to my Israeli family often just to see how things are and to be sure everyone is staying safe. It's so hard. I grieve for all innocent victims of this terrible war that didn't even have to happen.